Retail Merchandising Gondola Dashboard

Gondolas units are in a variety of sizes and style across retail stores and their allocation to each store is done by retailer depending on the amount of space available and type of category, category they serve. Store gondola or fixtures not only helps in increases traffic and sales, but also plays an extremely important role in the image of retail store. Collaborative hiring improves the use of selling gondola and space thus enhances inventory productivity and extends space planning power so store managers can easily collaborate with associates, including category managers and vendors. So fixture hiring tops every retailer agenda.


Key Decision for merchandising 1. Which all vendors across category are participating in fixture hiring process?  Dashboard provides quick view of vendors with contract for space allocation, which are allocate d and non allocated so can take quick action for anomalies across category and induce vendor participation for fixture hiring. 2. What is the overall fixture occupancy status?  Dashboard provides view of all gondola across category and store which are occupied, reserved and available, which can viewed and drilled down to Sub Category, Fixture Type, and Fixture Location to fill the available gondola. 3. What is the rental revenues booked income and revenue gap?  Dashboard provides view of all gondola rental revenue analysis across category and stores, so merchandising can leverage potential fixture revenue across retail stores. 4. What are gondola revenue and occupancy trends?  Dashboard displays month on month trends across category, to take quick informed decision to maximize gondola revenue and occupancy. Which can be analyzed further at sub category, type of fixture and location? 5. What type of gondola is in demand by vendors and at which location?  Dashboard gives the insight which are the highest types of gondola and which location in different stores are in demand, merchandising can view category wise fixture hiring and can see liked KPI for sales analysis, thus merchandising can take decision regarding which all fixture type to be allocate to particular category as per vendor requirement and revenue maximization. 6. What is the category sales wise rental revenue index?


 Dashboard provides tabular view where merchandising can align which category to give how many gondola and type of gondola, so vendors are hiring more and hiring revenue can be efficiently increased in comparison to sales. 7. What is the impact on sales of category fixture hiring?  Dashboard provides sales insight for pre post and during fixture hire helps merchandising to decide which gondola to keep for how much time based to maximize sales and rental revenues. 8. What is the impact on category/category sales when it is displayed on gondola?  Dashboard displays quick Sales ,Margin and volume lift so vendor engagement can be maximized for category sales and rental growth 9. What should be the gondola locations to improve the shopping experience?  Dashboard provides quick view of productive gondolas there adjacencies; hot spots and where on floor space what all gondola are under-exploited. 10. How to maximum space productivity?  Dashboard provides quick view of space performance to make appropriate store-specific corrections for maximum space productivity. 11. What should be the gondola locations to improve the shopping experience?  Dashboard provides quick view of productive gondolas there adjacencies; hot spots and where on floor space what all gondola are under-exploited. 12. How to use vendor participation in fixture hiring for increase in sales of impulse products, new products and promotional sku?  Dashboard provides quick view for fixture location and type across category and stores which are used for impulse products, new products and promotional sku so sales lift can captured along with performing gondola type and location.


Gondola Dashboard helps to view information on fly for hiring process across multiple store to multiple category assortment and gondola types for actionable information and alerts. It combines graphical and tabular views with highlights on important information and drilling abilities. These dashboard shows basic rules of merchandising to follow for fixture hiring as well as key performance indicators that should be monitored to analyze fixture utilization, expected financial performance, actual sales results, and rank category and vendors accordingly for decision support. Gondola Dashboards helps in vendor participation in gondola hiring and generating revenues from booking and analyze sales, margin, volume and traffic lift. Retailer can take and review fixture hiring decisions through the help of intuitive dashboard. Thus gondola dashboard help in streamlining fixture hiring activities to allow retail teams – including vendors and suppliers – to work together more easily.

This sample type dashboard helps in building the capability to take quick informed decision for fixture hiring across all categories and stores which is essential to the optimization of space productivity vendor collaboration and consumer need satisfaction.


Sample Merchandising Gondola Dashboard

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