TINIMBANG KA NGUNIT KULANG Synopsis: Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang is a film about a small town boy named Junior (Christopher

De Leon) as he struggles with his teenage life. He is the only child in a wealthy family, his girlfriend Evangeline (Hilda Koronel) is the prettiest girl in school and he has good set of friends. The story starts to materialize when Junior finds faults in his seemingly perfect life --his father, Cesar (Eddie Garcia) is a womanizer and his materialistic mother Carolina, often argue with each other. His girlfriend is forced to marry his friend Nitoy after they found out that Evangeline carries his child in her womb and further sees the hypocrisies of his townspeople: the women church devotees of his town are a bunch of gossiping fiends. As he starts to realize his town's faults, he finds acceptance and belonging in the marginal people of his town; the town leper Berto and the town idiot Koala. Despite their appearance and condition, Junior finds himself more attached to the two whom he finds better people than the ones in his town. As Junior becomes closer to the two, his father warns him to stay away from Koala. Junior discovers later on that his father is the man whom Koala loved before she became deranged after she aborted her child. The drama starts to happen when the women of the town found out that Koala bears the child of Berto, feeling they must intervene. Berto, despite his strong affection for Koala, chooses to submit to the orders of the people more prominent in his town, to stay away from Koala. The movie ends with both Koala and Berto died before the eyes of the whole town. Analysis: Characters: Junior: the protagonist of the story, (played by: Christopher de Leon) is a privileged young man living in a small, devoutly Catholic provincial town, son of Cesar. Junior is an innocent waking up to compassionate young man. Evangeline: played by Hilda Koronel junior’s girlfriend, she’s pretty and popular just like Junior and also belonged to a well off family, who eventually caught with another boy and summarily married off. Cesar: Junior’s father played by Eddie Garcia, who was the wealthiest man in their town, a ruthless man, an incurable lecher who’s involved into excessive sexual indulgence; a lascivious or shameless man.

After the unwanted abortion of her baby. Bertong Ketong (Mario O'Hara). a leper lonely for female companionship. Kuala wanders about in dirty clothes and with mangy hair. She finds her way to Berto's shack. and as the heat becomes more and more unbearable. The Asociacion de las Damas Cristianas is scandalized to discover Kuala is pregnant. her life was ruined. Junior has problems too with his girlfriend Evangeline (Hilda Koronel). In the next scene. but when Kuala sees the aborted fetus. she lost her sanity and became the “ baliw na taong grasa” of the town the town idiot Berto: the outcast town leper and lover of Kuala. As the movie returns to the present. Kuala used to be a very beautiful woman. the doctor's wife shouts for help. Mr. awakening the townspeople who rush to follow the fleeing pair. who flirts with her escort during a Santacruzan. she becomes disturbed. A group of policemen come to the doctor's rescue and shoot . Kuala experiences labor pains. at which point Berto rushes out to fetch a doctor. The jealous Junior leaves the procession and seeks the company of Milagros (Laurice Guillen). and promises to retrieve her after she has given birth. Before Berto and the doctor reach the shack in the cemetery. When the doctor refuses to help him. who resolves to help the pregnant Kuala make an escape from Lola Jacoba's house and lead her back to Berto's shack. who seduces him. Cesar Blanco.Milagros: played by Laurice Guillen. The abortion was a success. she tells him of his unhappiness. An herbolario (traditional/folk medicine practitioner) performs an abortion on Kuala (Lolita Rodriguez). When Berto makes a clandestine visit to Kuala. Some nights later. she walks in the middle of a grassy plain. Junior asks Berto's advice concerning his problems with an eccentric teacher. She is forced to live under the custody of the pious Lola Jacoba (Rosa Aguirre). Berto tells this to Junior. As Berto flees with the doctor. defying the prohibitions of his father. Berto takes him hostage but repeats he will not kill him. who has a crush on him. Plot: The story begins with a flashback of Kuala's past. the doctor escapes and a chase ensues. she becomes insane. however. She is pushed into a watering hole and almost drowns. Del Mundo (Orlando Nadres). sensual woman who would lured Junior into the mysteries of sex Kuala: is a homeless crazed woman. Junior (Christopher de Leon) makes friends with them. The townsfolk make fun of Kuala. the bastard child of the town’s mayor. Burto knows she will be taken away and returns her to Lola Jacoba. a lawyer and a failed politician. as Cesar (Eddie Garcia) watches her. clearly conceived to be a wordly. attracts Kuala with a rattle and takes her to his shack in the cemetery. However. but due to one man’s ruthlessness.

and in the end. from its straight-faced observation of the irrationality of everyday small-town life. Kuala then gives her baby to Junior. Kuala and Berto are fully realized characters. while in the novel's margins dance the unforgettable figure of a madwoman in search of her child. speaks ultimately of rebirth and maturity. Junior sees this and is shocked. Why treat Kuala like that? Can’t the “holy” people in the church genuinely . remember that "Noli" is about yet another dull young man who wakes up to reality. Theme: The story of a young boy growing up in a small town and the unusual friendship he develops with a leper and the village idiot.Berto. and even love. 4. and dies. The character of Cesar in the story feels unfinished. He walks near Berto's body and stops by. his parents. the town's most miserable inhabitants. In Tinimbang. he stared hard at the townspeople. treating them rudely. he holds Berto's dead body and cries in front of the whole town. and in her sanity she recognizes Junior and realizes that Berto has been killed. cruelty. calling them names. Junior then enters the shack where Kuala has successfully given birth to a baby boy. seems like something is left hanged and Junior’s character feels downright thin. she asks him why he killed their child. and the intense yet simply told story of love found at the bottom of the world. Shaming them. and from its excellent if imperfect characterization of Milagros and Cesar. Junior leaves the cemetery with Berto and Kuala's baby. Its power comes most of all from Kuala and Berto. Reaction: I strongly believe that the film’s telling us to be empathetic and to have a heart towards our neighbors. Their stories draw forth the true nature of hypocrisy in the small town and the boy bears witness and participates in the various emotions that throb under the seemingly quiet village life-prejudice. the film's strengths comes not from its center story but from its marginalia or from what are the substance of the story. The film is really stirring. forgiveness. revealing his secret. She also recognizes Cesar among the crowd. The defect may be in the filmmaker's approach than in the performances of the characters in the movie. “pandidiri” towards them should not exist if we are truly walking our talk as Christians. his former girlfriend and to everyone who were unkind to him. As Junior leaves the shack. It made me realize how we people can be so inhuman to our neighbors. but sends a message of hope for the movie. Criticism of the movie itself: Based on the movie. Brocka clearly shows man's limitations as a mortal being. to Berto and to Kuala. 3. Her thinking becomes lucid. as the people look on in silence. but the labor has made her weak. the so-called outcast in the story. They are the author’s version of Jose Rizal's "Noli Me Tangere" (Touch Me Not) with Kuala as Sisa.

.care for her? Why do they have to be the ones who are so judgmental? I strongly believe that this type of story still exists and is still within our midst.

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