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The Real Story of Adam And Eve By Anthony Seth Templar Founder of the Knights Templar Perpetually and

Eternally Valid Perpetual (C)Copyright and (P)Patent by Anthony J. Fejfar, and Neothomism, P.C. (PA) and The American People and The People of God and Those who are Wise. The Nature of Reality is the Dao of Good and Evil. Prior to God is the Dao, then the Tao, then the Trinity. Soon the Dao of Good and Evil became the Dao of Good and good. And Reality began to evolve such that soon there was the Tao of Being, Logos, and Substance, and in fact, The Tao of Being, Logos, and Substance was Always Already Perpetually Manifesting just out of frame, along different Timelines, wher the Dao which precedes the Tao, was the Dao of Being and Substance and at another place in Reality, Substance and Logos, and at another place in Reality, Being and Logos. Now, on the Eden Metaphysical Plane where Adam and Eve manifest, known in the Book of Genesis as the Garden of Eden, the reality there was the Dao of Good and Evil. Thus, in the Garden of Eden there is both God, representing The Good, and the Serpent Satan, representing Evil. Adam and Eve start out, respectively, as having Wisdom ordered towards The Good. But, Eve was not satisfied with this. Although God warned Adam and Eve not to eat of the Fruit of the Tree of Wisdom ordered towards Evil, Eve did so anyway. At this point, Adam and Eve had their Firstborn Child, Seth, who was born in the Garden of Eden, on the Earth Plane, with the result that had Wisdom ordered toward the good or the practical, that is, Practical Wisdom. Soon thereafter, Eve tricked Adam into eating of the Fruit of Wisdom ordered towards Evil, and this

resulted in a metaphysical fall from Grace, both for Adam and Eve, and for all their children (except Seth and his descendants), and for Reality in General. You see the hermeneutic effect in conjunction with Quantum Physics, resulted in reality and the material universe to be flawed. Thus, for the material universe itself, and for humanity, as a general rule, there was a propensity for the choice and reality of evil, which is known as Original Sin. Now, the children of Seth, as it turns out, could shift back onto what is known as the Earth Plane or the Astral Plane, and they did better because those planes were curvelinear and could be developed and used through the use of Calculus and Intuition. When Adam and Eve were ejected from the Eden Plane, and found themselves on the material earth, they found lives of hardship and toil, and so did their children. Accidents happend, food burnt when cooked, simple machines broke down and often did not work right in the first place. At this time, the first two children born on Earth, after having many children themselves, died in disaster. Cain murdered his brother Abel, and then starved to death in exile. However, the children of Seth, also known as the House of Seth or the House of Greece, were able to use their practical wisdom and their ability to shift back and forth from the material earth to the Earth Plane and Astral Plane, in such a way that they, as a general rule, has the good life of human flourishing. However, as some point wars began because the Sethian Greeks were hated by the Babylonians and Persians and others, because the Greeks had better lives, even though they did not have to work as hard, and even though they did not engage in satanic sacrifices and practices. The good Gods Zeus, an Pan, and Mercury, and Apollo, and the Goddesses Athena, and Minerva, and Sophia, kept in check the evil god Hades, also known as Lucifer. On earth then, there are the Sons of Abel, who are good, but naive, who are the descendants of

Abel son of Adam, and there are the Sons of Cain, who are evil, but naive, who are the descendants of Cain son of Adam, and then there or the Sons of Seth, who are Wise, and have the talents or ability of Practical Wisdom, who are the descendants of Seth. Then, there are some women who are Daughters of Eve and some men who are Sons of Adam. The Daughters of Eve tend towards Wisdom which is Evil, namely irrational and evil Matriarchy, and the Sons of Adam who also tend towards the Wisdom which is Evil, namely irrational and evil Patriarchy. If all chose the Rule of Law, the Rule of Reason, the Law of Logic, and the Allegory of good Wisdom, then the earth and universe flourishes. But if they do not, this brings about an Interregnum and the End of the material world comes about and is reformed while what is left of humanity shifts temporarily onto one or more metaphysical planes, and then shifts back to the material earth again. At this point the material earth and the Material Universe are bound by the Laws which were chosen and developed and created during the Interregnum, for at least the next 100,000 years. It is guaranteed that the earth which manifests afer an Interregnum will be no

worse than that earth of Adam and Eve, of toil and suffering, found just after the Fall of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, that is the Eden Plane. Only the children of Seth can return to the Dao of the Garden of Eden, also known as Paradaise. The children of Adam and the children of Eve have the biggest dose of Original Sin, that is, the propensity to choose evil. The children of Cain and the children of Abel have a lesser dose of Original Sin, which is the propensity to choose relative evil over relative good. The children of Seth have the propensity to choose relative good over relative evil. Jesus of Nazareth started out as a Son of Abel, and taught the good, and was crucified for it by the children of Cain, just as Cain had murdered Abel. Over time, however, the Sons of Seth allied with the Sons of Abel and developed the Christian Church and soon the Sons of Cain joined this alliance as well, doing battle with the evil of the Sons of

Adam and the Daughters of Eve. This is why there is Original Sin in the World, and why some persons are destined to do better with the good and some are destined to do worse, on earth or in Hell, for choosing evil as their end. Only the Wise can save the Sons of Adam and the Daughters of Eve, but only voluntarily, and only by being well paid for this, and having an Upper Middle Class or Affluent lifestyle with enjoyable and fulfilling lives and existences. Jesus Christ brings all the Grace needed to combat Original Sin and Evil in their lives, but only for those who seek such Grace in Good Faith. Finally, it must be noted that at some point, Antony son of Seth son of Adam, son of God, founded the House of Antony Fitzgerald Fejfar Caesar, The House of Rome.