LTE Project Management Process Mapping


Program Management

Design & Planning




Operations & Optimization

Project Close Out

Key Activities

Project Schedule Project SOW Risk Mgment Plan Com. Mgmnt Plan Financial Mgnt Plan Governance Model

Gather Requirements Site Readiness & Prep. High Level Architecture High Level Design Low Level Design Test Object List

EF&I (Rack+Stack) Configuration Basic Testings

Execute Integration Plan Integrate all Cisco Gear Integrate non Cisco HW Integrate Customer Gear

Execute Unit Test Execute Inter-Op Test Conduct Network Test Conduct Services Test Conduct End-to-End Test

FOA CFS, Site, Execute Define Migration Develop Training Reqs. Formulate Support Plan

Project Schedule Project SOW Risk Mgment Plan Com. Mgmnt Plan Financial Mgnt Plan


Program Mgnt. Plan

High Level Design Doc Low Level Design Doc Test Object List Doc Integration Plan

Implementation Document

Systems Integration Doc

Final Test Results Document

FOA Plan Migration Plan Training Plan Support Plan

Program Mgnt. Plan


Signed Customer SOW

Detailed Customer Req. (Business & Technical)

Detailed Design Doc – (Cisco & Non – Cisco)

Detailed E2E Integration Plan (Cisco & NonCisco)

Detailed E2E Testing Plan

Detailed Support Plan

Customer Acceptance

ns & Vendor Risk & Finan. Needs.LTE Program Management Phase Scope & Schedule Review Signed Customer SOW Review Historical Project Data Create Initial Project Schedule Assemble Project Develop Project Charter Formalize Master Project Schedule/ PMP Communicatio Governance. Matrix Create Detailed RACI Matrix with Vendors in Mind Review HL RACI Matrix with Partners Formalize Project Staffing Plan Finalize Communications Plan Update Master Project Schedule/ Plan Project KickOff Create Initial Draft for Internal Project Kick-Off Hold Internal Project Kick-Off Meeting Schedule/Confirm Customer Kick-Off Meeting Update Project Kick-Off Doc. Define Governance Model Identify Potential Project Risk Create Preliminary RAID Tracker Review Project Budget & Update OP Create Initial MPP/CPC Site Update Master Project Schedule/ PMP Define Comm. Create Comm. For Customer Meeting Hold Customer Kick-Off Meeting Develop Initial CDR Framework .

LTE Design and Planning Phase Requirements Gathering Schedule Follow up Req. Network. Apps. Integration Req. from Customer/ Partners Finalize HLD + Secure Customer Approval Create LLD. form Customer/ Partners Finalize LLD with Customer Approval . & Call Flows Review & Update LLD with Rec. Gathering Meeting with Customer Define CSF/TOL Develop Customer Requirements Document Review CRD Internally with Partners Review CRD with Customer & Update base on Recommendations Finalize CRD with Customer Approval Site Readiness Schedule & Review Site Requirements with Customer Execute Site Survey along with Partners/ Customers Develop & Review Site Readiness Report Confirm & Finalize Site Readiness Design Create HLD. LTE/EPC Review & Update HLD with Rec.

Test Results.LTE Implementation Phase EF&I Carefully Review BOM with ProjectTeam Schedule/Confirm EF&I dates with Customer/ Partners Compare BOM with Equipment on site Execute EF&I – Rack/Stack/Power Conduct Basic Install/ Functionality Tests Document Install Test Results/ Pictures/etc Configuration Ready Network Devices for Configuration Apply Configurations to Network Devices Conduct Base Testing Update NIP with Config Specifics General Clean up Customer Site Schedule Customer Walk Through Deliver Document (Photos. etc.) .

Integrate Cisco Cisco Gear Gear Review and Update Cisco Integration Plans Execute Cisco Gear Integration Conduct Initial Systems Functional Testing Schedule meeting and review results with customer Review and Update Non-Cisco Integration Plans Execute NonCisco Gear Integration Conduct Initial Systems Functional Testing Schedule meeting and review results with customer General Update Integration Plans Cisco & Non-Cisco Gears Schedule Customer Review Meeting Hold Customer Review Meeting with Key Stakeholders Secure Customer Sign-Off and Approval .LTE Integration Phase Planning Update Systems Integration Plan Schedule a half day Systems Integration Workshop Conduct Systems Integration Workshop Create Detailed Plan of SI Activities Update SI Plan and Gain Approval Integrate Non.

LTE Testing Phase Planning Update Test Object List Schedule meeting to review Testing Criteria/TOL Conduct Meeting with key stakeholders review TOL Create Detailed Plan for Testing Objectives Update TOL Gain Customer Approval Execute Test Cisco Conduct Unit Testing on each Cisco Device (HW/SW) Conduct Full Network Testing (L1 – L3) Schedule meeting and review results with customer Update Network – TOL with results Execute Test Non-Cisco Conduct Unit Testing on each Non-Cisco Device (HW/SW) Conduct Full Service Testing (L4 – L7) Schedule meeting and review results with customer Update Services – TOL with results Execute E2E Test Conduct E2E Solution Testing LTE/EPC Document E2E Testing Results/ Findings Schedule meeting and review results with customer Finalize E2E Solution Testing Results Secure Customer Sign-Off and Approval .

With Customer Approval Migration Develop Traffic Migration Plan Review Migration Plan with Customer/Get Approval Schedule Maintenance Window with Support Execute Migration & Corrective Action Document Migration Results/ Review with Customer Gain Customer Approval & SignOff MCC Support Plan & Execute TOI for Local Staff Contact SAM/SSM to Validate Support Model for New Cisco Gear Conduct Workshop Introduce Support Team to Customer Officially Transition LTE Solution to Support Team Review Support Plan with Customer Gain Customer Approval & SignOff MCC .Operate and Optimize Phase Planning Work with Client to Identify FOA site Conduct Readiness Site Assessment Report Assessment Gaps to Client Finalize Site Readiness with Client Define Critical Success Factors with Customer Document CSF with Customer Approval Execute FOA Update Site Project Management Plan Customize Design Solutions for FOA Customize Implementation Plan for FOA Customize Integration Plan for FOA Customer Test Object List for FOA Finalize and update FOA Docs.

Project Close Out Phase Planning Finalize All Project Documents with All Customer Approvals Schedule Project Close Out Meeting with all Stakeholders Review Project Close Out Collaterals Internally Update/Finalize Project Close Out Collaterals Project Close Out Collateral Close Out Meeting Conduct Project Close Out Meeting Close Out all outstanding issues Tech & Non-Tech Send out Walker Survey .CSAT Customer Acceptance/ Finalize MCC Submit Project Close Out Collateral PROJECT CLOSE OUT COMPLETE .