Aphairesis for 2 singers Leo Svirsky “...

that we are punished much as those were who once upon a time, when they had fallen into the hands of Etruscan robbers, were slain with elaborate cruelty; their bodies, the living with the dead, were bound so exactly as possible one against another: so our souls, tied together with our bodies as the living fixed upon the dead.”1 The 2 singers are facing each other. (lying on the ground ad libitum.) Between each word, mentally recite all the preceding words. In this way the pauses between words will gradually increase. Each word is sung slightly higher and softer than the one preceding it, beginning at a comfortable middle range, both in pitch and dynamics. The largest interval should be less than a semitone. As the pitch rises, more breath should be included in the tone. (from human to ghost) Try to gradually achieve unison. If the text is not memorized, it should be written on transparent paper, and then attached to the bodies of the singers, so that they must read the text off of each other.

Quoted by Cicero from Aristotle in Hortensius. Also see Saint Augustine Against Julian (Writings of Saint Augustine, V. 16), (Washington, DC: The Catholic University of America, 1957). Augustine uses the same quote from Cicero. quoted from Reza Negarestani in The Corpse Bride: Thinking with Nigredo in Collapse IV.

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