DATE: Page| 1 AIM: Introduction about Quick test professional (QTP) testing tool ABOUT SOFTWARE TESTING TOOLS

: Software testing tools are of immense use to develop quality software. As the software testing is done in different types i.e., manually and automatically. As manual testing is a time consuming, error prone & that requires lot of infrastructure & manpower. All these draw backs can be overcome if the testing process is automated. There are many advantages of these testing tools. Some of them are as follows. 1. Once the software is ready for testing, the functionality of the software can be tested repeatedly to improve the quality and reliability. 2. Testing process can be planned and managed effectively using these tools. 3. Test reports can be generated automatically for the later analysis and corrective activities. QUICK TEST PROFESSIONAL (QTP) QTP is a very powerful easy-to-use functional/regression testing tool. In addition to providing the facility to test various applications without writing any scripts. QTP was developed by MERCURY Corporation of HP’s Quality Center that consists of a number of software packages. FEATURES OF QTP: 1. QTP can be used to test a variety of applications, such as .net, J2EE, Web services, CRM and ERP etc. 2. It has the record/replay provision to record the user interaction with the application software. 3. In this it uses VBScript as the script in language. Since the syntax is very similar to VB. 4. It has Keyword –driven testing feature and Expert view as in keyword view it provides a facility to build test without writing the scripts, where as in expert view it shows the result in the form of script. 5. It provides the tests like a) Checkpoints option b) Synchronization of test case c) Object Repository Manager d) Auto-documentation 6. It supports Unicode and hence you can test applications written for any of the world languages. 7. QTP can be integrated with other testing tools like WIN-Runner etc. 8. It has Recovery Manager, in case of application halts due to an error, it will automatically recover. 9. In this by using special add-in modules, you can use QTP for testing a variety of applications, such as a. ERP/CRM package (SAP, Siebel, Oracle, etc) b. .NET web forms, Win Forms, .Net controls

J2EE & . Web services applications and protocols. In the record test it generates the test script for the actions performed. Multimedia applications.. QTP captures all the operations performed on the GUI (such as Keyboard strokes and mouse clicks). analog recording mode is used. For example. RECORDING MODES: In this there are two types of recording modes ANALOG Recording Mode: This mode is used when exact Mouse positions or Keystrokes play an important role in recording. In the recording mode. signature testing.Page| 2 c. WSDL. LOW-LEVEL Recording Mode: This mode of recording enables to record on the objects even if Quick Test Professional fails to identify the object. . then it displays the result. SOZP. such as RealAudio/Video and Flash RECORDING A TEST CASE: To test a application or any web page first we should start recording and run the application and then stop recording after certain action performed and then run the recorded test. This test script is in VBScript language. etc. in case of bitmap validations.NET d. including XML.

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