Country Road London

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I ------------ JI JII ------------- XII XIII ---------- XJIII

- Tom Iinds a home Tom sets oII on Tom Iinds a "home"
J with Allworthy. journey, on the road with Mrs. Miller.
O - Tom grows up. and homeless. He Mrs. Miller
U - Tom is banished does not meet reconciles him with
R Irom home by Allworthy in this Allworthy.
N Allworthy. section of the Tom goes home to
E novel. Allworthy and the
Y country and
establishes his own
home with Sophia.

- Sophia Ialls in Sophia pursues Tom Tom pursues Sophia
love with Tom. to Upton Inn. She through Lady
- Tom Ialls in love Iinds Tom in bed with Bellaston.
with Sophia. Mrs. Waters and Tom meets Sophia at
R - Tom and Sophia Ilees. Lady
O are separated Tom pursues Sophia Sophia Ilees
M by parents. to London. But Tom again because
A and Sophia do not his inIidelity with
N meet in this section Lady Bellaston.
C oI the novel. Tom and Sophia are
E reconciled by
"parents": Western,
Mrs. Miller, and
Tom and Sophia

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