Operation: Overslept Written by Adam Peacock Produced by Cheeky Peacock productions

Plot summary: This film is an action comedy film. The plot summary is: With a leader bent on revenge against the FBI, a criminal organisation manage to hack into the FBI headquarters system, sending all remote access in or out of the building into lockdown, and leaving everyone trapped inside. With communications of every type jammed and a signal being broadcast declaring a drill, nobody in the outside world is any the wiser about what’s going on, nor concerned. Even worse so, the criminals have managed to bring explosives into the building, threatening to detonate them to anyone who doesn’t comply with their devious plot. Luckily, Liam O’Gallegher, a vault transport safety consultant (VTSC) and retired FBI agent happens to be making a money delivery to the building that day, due to a last minute schedule change on his rota. Realising what’s really going on, and with nobody listening to him, it’s up to Liam to rescue everyone. Returning home, grabbing his old gear, he devises a plan to get himself into the building, and everyone else out, but will he succeed? After all, it’s been 3 years since he was involved in any more action than simple vault transport…

Character Profiles:

The “guy”/ Michael Strassenhousen: Once an FBI agent, working undercover in Germany in gang tracing and cocaine deal tracking, Michael was soon discovered by his fellow gang members and held hostage. Refusing to negotiate the terms of his release (as protocol dictated); The FBI had no choice but to leave him under the not so kind care of the German mafia. Beaten, Abused and tortured, Michael was dumped in an alleyway and left for dead. However, after successfully playing dead, he escaped with nobody knowing he was alive and vowed revenge on those whom had left him.

Michael is the mastermind behind the mysterious organisation known as “the vow”. He named this organisation (constructed of computer hackers, ex-army mercenaries and even escaped criminals) after his vow for revenge, and it is this sole factor that drives him every day. With no records following him since the time he was captured, he was pronounced dead, much to his partner Liam O’Gallegher distress. After being stripped of his clothing, Michael now always wears a suit to make him feel comfortable and to completely hide the scars he gained whilst being tortured.

Liam O’Gallegher: After his partner Michael Strassenhousen was captured during a stake-out in Germany, Liam retired from the FBI, unable to cope with his partner’s death, and his inability to save him. He took up a job in the VTSC, where he deals with the safe transport of money from place to place. Living a somewhat boring life compared to his career in the FBI, and being recently divorced from his wife, Liam’s hit an all-time low, feeling worthless in general. He still keeps his old handgun in his bedside draw, and he often dreams about returning to the force, but deep down something always stops him.

Being frowned upon by his old FBI work mates for leaving, Liam finds himself often being the pin point of their humour. Eventually finding that he is the only person who can save everyone, Liam weighs up the problem at hand, and decides to sort things out once and for all; not realising that the reason he quit the force has ended up being the reason he’s rejoining…

What will I need to produce my film?

I have managed to acquire most props that I will need, however I am in need of a few items for recording, as well as one or two prop items:

Props:  3 balaclavas

(£3.49 each on e-bay, £3.49 x 3= £10.47)

Recording equipment:    A video camera A tripod A microphone

As you can see, I am not I need of much equipment/props to complete my film, and so the production costs will be low. From this, the overall profit (net profit) will be much higher.

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