While they share a rich heritage, the Caterpillar and Cat brands are distinctly different. In the early years of Caterpillar's history, the term Cat was synonymous with Caterpillar. Both described dependable, industry-leading machines and the company that built them. In the 1950s, as the product line expanded, Cat emerged as a distinct brand in its own right. Thirty years later, the Cat logo was introduced, becoming the main identifier for products and services and the dealers that distributed them. Today, the Cat brand is one of many brands owned by Caterpillar, and it represents the largest and most respected family of products and services in earth-moving industries across the world. Backed by the unmatched support of a global network of Cat dealers, Cat products and services deliver superior quality and long term value, helping to accelerate the success of our customers worldwide.

For more than 85 years, Caterpillar Inc. has been making sustainable progress possible and driving positive change on every continent. With 2010 sales and revenues of $42.588 billion, Caterpillar is the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives. The company also is a leading services provider through Caterpillar Financial Services, Caterpillar Remanufacturing Services, Caterpillar Logistics Services and Progress Rail Services.

For more than 85 years, Caterpillar Inc. has been making progress possible and driving positive and sustainable change on every continent.


1930's | 1940's | 1950's | 1960's | 1970's | 1980's | 1990's | 2000's 1905 - San Francisco, California A Holt steam traction engine works on the construction of a section of San Francisco's cable car system. San Francisco's famed cable car system got its start in 1873. Over the next several decades, modifications were made to the system and new lines were added. Photos taken in 1905 show Holt Steam Traction Engine #37 being used to help lay new cable. This is the first documented instance of our machines in use on a public works construction project. 1906 - San Francisco, California A Holt steam traction engine is used during recovery efforts after the San Francisco Earthquake. The San Francisco earthquake ranks as one of the most significant earthquakes of all time. Photos taken following the quake and subsequent fire show Holt Steam Traction Engine #37 helping with the cleanup. This is the first known instance of our machines in use to aid in disaster recovery. 1908-1913 - California Holt's track-type tractors receive exposure on the Los Angeles Aqueduct Project. Twenty-seven of the first 100 Holt Caterpillar track-type tractors went to work on the Los Angeles Aqueduct Project, which provided a good proving ground for these machines. Because of contract deadlines, Holt's engineers were forced to quickly find solutions to mechanical problems. From this experience came solutions and technical improvements such as all-steel construction, three-speed transmissions, better spring suspension systems, better clutches and strengthened tractor parts. 1914-1918 - Europe Holt's track-type tractors play a support role in World War I. Even before the U.S. formally entered WWI, Holt had shipped 1,200 tractors to England, France and Russia for agricultural purposes. These governments, however, sent the tractors directly to the battlefront where the military put them to work hauling artillery and supplies. These tractors also provided members of the British army with the inspiration needed to design the tank. Colonel E. D. Swinton had seen Holt's Caterpillar tractors in action and borrowed their tracklaying principle to provide the tank with its form of locomotion. After the U.S. declaration of war, Holt placed its facilities at the disposal of the government. The Holt Manufacturing Company had advantages over other tractor companies due to the relationship it had developed with the U.S. Army Ordnance Department. In fact, bids from the Ordnance department called for specifications of the "Caterpillar type." Holt expanded factories to accommodate production of the large numbers of tractors the government required. Over 5,000 Holt tractors were produced for the U.S. and Allied governments during World War I. June 16, 1919 - Colorado A Holt 5-Ton Caterpillar Tractor climbs Pikes Peak. A Holt 5-Ton Caterpillar Tractor was the first tractor to successfully navigate the 20 miles up to the

VIIb trimotor monoplane known as the Southern Cross from the hanger to the runway at the airport in Oakland. a gasoline-powered Caterpillar Model Fifteen Tractor handled the plane at the which any tractor had ever been operated up to that point in time. The Soviet Grain Trust farming organization purchased 1.Europe Many Holt tractors and hundreds of Caterpillar machines help construct the Rhine-MainDanube Waterway.36 million cubic yards of concrete to build the dam. California Caterpillar machines help construct the Golden Gate Bridge.109 feet .U. California. This time. 1933-1943 . the Hoover Dam stands 726 feet high and 1. 1928 . A contractor working on the Mississippi Levee ordered one of the first Diesel Sixty Tractors that came off the assembly line. This sale helped to keep Caterpillar's factories busy during the Great Depression. Australia on June 9th . to Australia A Caterpillar Sixty Tractor pulls the Southern Cross to the runway in Oakland. 1934 .Louisiana Five Caterpillar Diesel Sixty Tractors work on the Mississippi Levee construction project. 1921-1992 .1940 . contractors used 19 Caterpillar tractors. it also established a new record by reaching the highest point .400 miles during the 8 ½ day journey. Once the largest hydroelectric producer in the world.S. Back to top 1930's 1930-1939 . For every one of a competitor's tractors in use on the Bonneville Dam. 1932 .Oregon Caterpillar machines help construct the Bonneville Dam.San Francisco. the Southern Cross landed in Brisbane. The dam formed Lake Mead.Montana Caterpillar machines help construct the Fort Peck Dam. Twelve of the first 25 Caterpillar Diesel Sixty Tractors (built during 1931and 1932) worked on this construction project.7 million cubic yards of rock and poured 4. Piloted by Australian avaiator Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and his crew.050 Caterpillar machines. to Australia. 1929 The Soviet Grain Trust purchases 2. On May 31.244 feet long.Nevada and Arizona Caterpillar track-type tractors help construct the Hoover Dam. to start the first ever trans-Pacific flight.300 Caterpillar tractors and 750 Holt Caterpillar combined harvesters for use on its large farm cooperatives. May 31-June 9. In doing so. 1931-1936 . . the Southern Cross then took off on the first ever trans-Pacific flight from the U. Sir Smith and the Southern Cross came back to Oakland for a celebration.S.covering 7. Contractors excavated 3.S. 1933-1937 . which backs up 110 miles behind the dam and is the largest man-made lake and reservoir in the U.Belgium Caterpillar tractors help construct the King Albert Canal. that he immediately ordered four more. 1928.14. a gasoline-powered Caterpillar Model Sixty Tractor pulled a Fokker F. A few years after that first trans-Pacific flight and with several other flight records to their name. California. He liked the performance of the machine so much.summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado. With only brief stops for fuel in Hawaii and Fiji.

For a year after the quake in Quetta. 1936 . 1937 . 1937 .Twenty-one times as many Caterpillar machines as all other makes combined were at work on the Fort Peck Dam. 1938 . India. set up windmills and performed other odd jobs around the islands.Wake and Midway Islands Caterpillar equipment serves on the Wake and Midway Island Air Bases. 1937 .Washington More than 20 Caterpillar machines help construct the Rosa Irrigation Canal.Washington Caterpillar machines help construct the Grand Coulee Dam. 1937 . Three Caterpillar diesel electric sets were in use on each island powering the lights. Caterpillar tractors also hauled airplanes and supplies. refrigeration units and radio equipment for the Pan American Airline bases. This project involved the relocation of several railroad lines and highways and the construction of 14 dams.Ohio Caterpillar machines help develop the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy district flood control project. and new buildings were soon under construction.New York Caterpillar machines and engines help construct the fairgrounds and buildings for the 1939 World's Fair. Maryland. After the government brought in Caterpillar machines. India Caterpillar machines clean up debris after a devastating earthquake strikes Quetta. people gathered debris by hand and used mules to haul it away.1941 . India. 1935-1938 . and Virginia Caterpillar machines help construct the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal.California Caterpillar machines help construct the Sepulveda Dam.Iraq & Palestine Caterpillar machines in large fleets are working on the Haifa-Baghdad Highway.Nova Scotia. 1934-1942 .1940 .Pennsylvania Caterpillar machines help construct the Pennsylvania Turnpike. 1937 . Canada Several Caterpillar machines aid a rescue operation at the Moose River Mine. 1938 . 1939 .Quetta. One hundred percent of the tractors used to construct the Delmarva Canal displayed the Caterpillar trademark. Caterpillar built 172 out of the 218 track-type tractors in use on the construction of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.California Nine Caterpillar tractors perform most of the leveling and landscaping on Treasure Island to .1980 Caterpillar machines work to build the Pan-American Highway that will link North and South America. 1938 . 1935-1938 . work progressed quite rapidly. an important link between the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf.Delaware. Contractors used 164 Caterpillar machines and a number of Caterpillar engines on the project. Caterpillar also built 17 of the 23 motor graders that contractors used on the project.

Caterpillar operated seven days a week.S. Today. Over 70% of the equipment used on this project during its original construction displayed the Caterpillar trademark.U.000 miles of highways throughout the United States. the U. The Alaskan Highway. The Canol Pipeline was the first long-distance petroleum pipeline system constructed in the Arctic region of North America. trained and sponsored enlisted men and built approximately 51. 1947 . 1946-1956 . A land route connecting the continental U.France Caterpillar machines help construct various phases of the Rhone River Project. government asked Caterpillar to increase production levels higher than the company had ever achieved before.S. The project was initiated during the early days of World War II when the military situation appeared critical. placed women on jobs in the foundry and assembly lines. With the help of its employees. Fearing that submarines would sink oil tankers bound for Alaska. Canada Caterpillar engines and tractors work on the Ottawa River Hydroelectric Project. Army Engineers and civilian contractors built the highway as a joint project in order to speed up the highway's construction.Montana .600 miles. 1944-1956 . originally known as the Alcan Highway. to Fairbanks. 1942-1944 . the Canol Pipeline still proved that construction projects on this magnitude could succeed despite the challenges provided by the Arctic environment. Caterpillar met and exceeded the challenge. 1946 . 1942 . to Alaska was built from 1942 to 1943. stretched from Dawson's Creek. the governments of Canada and the United States agreed to build the pipeline to provide a more reliable oil supply to the northern region.S.India Caterpillar machines help construct the Hirakud Dam. Back to top 1940's 1941-1945 Caterpillar provides support for the military during World War II. S. the 620-mile pipeline route was abandoned in 1945.Hawaii Caterpillar machines aid clean-up efforts following the Hilo Tidal Wave disaster.Ontario. doubled its workforce. Since the highway was seen as a critical military supply route.Holland Forty-five Caterpillar tractors work on the Zuider Zee Reclamation Project.Canada Caterpillar machines help construct the Canol Pipeline. the Alaskan Highway is still the only road that connects Alaska with the road systems of Canada and the rest of the continental United States. U. Alaska . Begun in 1942 and completed in 1944.000 track-type tractors for the military.a distance of around 1. in December 1941. From 1942 to 1945. manufactured special products.prepare it for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition. When war came to the U. 1948-1953 . 1947-1985 .Alaska Caterpillar machines help construct the Alaskan Highway. 1939 . Plagued with operation problems.S. British Columbia. Caterpillar machines help construct more than 70.

Contractors used more than 100 Caterpillar-built machines and diesel electric sets during the construction of the Bhakra Dam . and aqueducts.Greenland Caterpillar machines and engines help construct and operate the U. More than 300 Caterpillar track-type tractors.Canada Caterpillar machines help construct the Quebec North Shore and Labrador Railway. 1951-1952 . pipelines.India Caterpillar machines help construct the Bhakra Dam.England and Holland . tractors and scrapers play a role in recovery efforts following a disastrous flood. and a D9. seven power stations.Winnipeg. Over the years.amounting to around one-third of the equipment in use on the project. 1951-1953 . 1949-1974 . a D7.Caterpillar machines help construct the Hungry Horse Dam. motor graders. 1953 . Air Force Base at Thule. By the end of 1951.Ecuador Caterpillar machines clear debris following a major earthquake during which whole villages disappeared. Sixty-seven D8 Tractors were among the Caterpillar machines used to clear 300. 2 D8s. Consisting of 16 dams.South Dakota Twenty Caterpillar D9 Tractors were ordered for use on the construction of the Oahe Dam. The monument remains under construction. Back to top 1950's 1950-1954 . the monument's sculptors have used several models of Caterpillar track-type tractors. 1948-1963 . and wheel tractors along with over 100 Caterpillar diesel electric sets were in use at the Thule base.Ceylon More than 100 Caterpillar machines work on the Gal Oya Valley Irrigation and Power Project. Canada Caterpillar diesel engines.5-mile-long Autopista superhighway through the Andes Mountains.Venezuela Caterpillar machines help construct the 10.South Dakota Caterpillar machines are in use around the construction site of the Crazy Horse Monument.000 acres and construct a dam.S. and 225 kilometers of tunnels. the project took 25 years to complete. Contractors on this project desired to use nothing but Caterpillar equipment on the construction of this railway. 1949 . 1950 . Several hundred Caterpillar machines were used just on the preliminary work alone. including a D4. two D6s. 1948-1962 . 1948-present . The Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme was one of the largest engineering projects ever undertaken. 136 Caterpillar machines were in use on the project. Construction began on the Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota in 1948.Australia Caterpillar machines help construct the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme project. 1952 .

1954 . . For ODF I.S.Caterpillar machines help clear debris and reconstruct roads and seawalls after flood waters damage areas of England and Holland.343-mile water route from the Atlantic Ocean to Duluth.India Government officials purchase 93 new Caterpillar machines for a road development project in India. Caterpillar machines helped to restore communications. and divert streams back into their original channels. missions to Antarctica beginning in 1955. 1955-1956 .Rhodesia Caterpillar machines help construct the Kariba Gorge Hydroelectric Project. Minnesota.California Thirty-seven Caterpillar machines help construct the Dublin Canyon Freeway. Caterpillar track-type tractors were the only crawlers in Antarctica.Uganda Caterpillar machines help build the major dam and hydroelectric project at Owens Falls on the Victoria Nile.Melbourne. Sweden's Prince Bertil autographed a Cat D7 at the Autostradan's dedication ceremony. 1956 .Antarctica Caterpillar supplies specially designed equipment to the military for Operation Deep Freeze I.U. Caterpillar supplied 24 track-type tractors and 16 diesel electric sets specially built to survive constant temperatures of 65 degrees below zero. 1955-1957 . Most of these machines and engines were in use 24 hours a day. In addition. Caterpillar machines aid recovery efforts on the East Coast following Hurricane Diane. and Canada constructed a 2.Sweden Contractors use only Caterpillar tractors and motor graders during construction of the Autostradan highway. and Canada Caterpillar machines help construct the St. Caterpillar engineers specifically developed Low-Ground-Pressure (LGP) tractors for use in Antarctica.300 acres where the dam's reservoir was to form. Caterpillar machines cleared the 17. and Caterpillar products are still supporting the stations today. 1956-1957 .S. For the first several years. The entire town of Monticello (including its cemetery) had to be relocated. 1955 . the U. clean up debris. In fact. project contractors used many Caterpillar engines for various tasks around the job. 1956-1959 . Lawrence Seaway. rebuild washed-out highways and railroads. In a joint five-year effort. 1954-1959 .California Caterpillar machines help build the Monticello Dam and Reservoir. 1953 . 1955-1961 . Caterpillar built 75 percent of the crawler tractors and 80 percent of the motor graders used on the project. 1953-1954 .France Caterpillar machines help construct the Serre-Poncon Dam on the Durance River.S. Operation Deep Freeze (ODF) was the codename for a series of U.S. In preparation for the dam.U. The reason behind the first mission was a scientific collaboration between 40 nations to carry out studies of the earth's environment. The ODF missions set up the American research stations in Antarctica and kept the stations supplied. Australia Caterpillar machines prepare sites for the 1956 Olympic Games.

Reportedly. The 2. Dufek. Rear Admiral George J. Caterpillar built all of the new machines ordered for the project. The City of Peoria organized a special display of Caterpillar equipment built for the project. came to Peoria to inspect part of the shipment of Cat equipment and participated in several special events organized for the occasion. and carried snow to melting units in order to produce drinking water. 1956 . 1956 .Montana Caterpillar machines help construct the Noxon Rapids Hydroelectric Project. Caterpillar equipment worked around the clock to prepare the 500-acre site and approaching highways for the World's Fair.Antarctica Caterpillar supplies additional equipment to the military for Operation Deep Freeze II. and Hawaii ashore in the Hawaiian Islands. Eighty-eight Caterpillar machines and three Caterpillar engines helped construct a 160-mile canal from the Blue Nile in an effort to turn 300. Belgium Caterpillar machines help build the World's Fair at Brussels. Africa Caterpillar machines help construct the Managil Irrigation Project. kitchens. the interstate system has returned six dollars in economic productivity for every one dollar it cost to build. 1957 . It started as a 41. This time capsule was buried at the South Pole with the instruction that it was to be opened in the year 2000. By conservative estimates. hauled supplies.Canada Caterpillar machines help construct the Trans-Canada Pipeline. and the snow melting system for drinking water.800 miles.British Columbia. the Federal-Aid Highway Act authorized the biggest public works project in world history. Canada Caterpillar machines help construct the Trans-Canada Highway in Yoho National Park." Contest essays written by local school children and other Peoria-related items were placed in time capsule made from a Caterpillar D8 cylinder. 1957-1958 . 1957 . Caterpillar electric sets provided all of the power for heat and lights.000 acres of desert land into fertile fields.Brussels. 1957-1959 .000-mile project but expanded to 42. 1957-1961 .250-mile Trans-Canada Pipeline extended from Alberta to Montreal.Sudan. the U.S. which shifted and blanketed the area with more than ten feet of ice.USA Contractors use Caterpillar machines to build the Federal Interstate Highway System. In 1956. the construction of the . Total cost has been approximately $130 billion.Hawaii A Caterpillar D6 Tractor pulls the first undersea telephone cable between the U.Antarctica Caterpillar supplies additional equipment to the military for Operation Deep Freeze III. One order in 1957 was for 51 Caterpillar tractors and 23 Caterpillar diesel engines. radar and ground control approach systems. Commander of ODF.Germany Caterpillar machines help construct a section of the new Autobahn running between Frankfort and Nurnberg. 1956-1972 . dozed snow.All of the contractors on this project were extensive Caterpillar product users. 1956-1957 . 1958 . maintained airstrips and trails. Because of the importance of Caterpillar's efforts on behalf of this project. According to the Cat dealer in Belgium. communication systems. A C-124 Globemaster cargo plane came to Peoria to pick up a shipment bound for Antarctica and a special ceremony was held at the Peoria airport to christen the plane as "The City of Peoria.S. Attempts to locate the time capsule in 2000 were thwarted by the ice cap. Caterpillar machines helped construct roads and bases. interstate highway system.

Antarctica Caterpillar machines continue to support Operation Deep Freeze.Antarctica Two Caterpillar D9 Tractors helped the U. 456 Scrapers. 1959 . as well as to discuss future needs for the Operation Deep Freeze.Surinam.Greenland A Caterpillar D8 Tractor tows a C-47 cargo plane. No. 1959-1968 . Navy complete the first permanent airstrip on the Antarctica continent. 475 Caterpillar machines (out of 500 total) worked at the dam.fairgrounds required the greatest concentration of earthmoving equipment in the history of Europe (to that point in time). In 1963 alone. 1961-1966 .including D8s. Fifty-six new Caterpillar machines . DW20s Wheel Tractors with No. Back to top 1960's 1960 .Montana Caterpillar machines aid in emergency rescue and recovery efforts following an earthquake. 1959-1960 . South America Twenty-five Caterpillar machines build access roads for the construction of the Brokopondo Development hydroelectric project. 12 Motor Graders and No. D9s.Oregon Caterpillar machines help construct the John Day Dam.Canada Caterpillar machines help construct the South Saskatchewan Dam.California Several Caterpillar machines support the Winter Olympic Games in Squaw Valley.California Caterpillar machines help construct the Oroville Dam. Military officials visited Caterpillar to inspect additional equipment ready for shipment. 1961-1967 .S. wrecked in a crash landing. Caterpillar machines won out over Komatsu machines after on-the-job competitive demonstrations. 1961-1968 . one of the dams in the California . California. 200 miles over the Greenland Ice Cap. When contractors needed more machines for the project. 463 Scrapers .joined a fleet of older Caterpillar machines on a 180-mile railway construction project through a jungle in the province of Middle Congo. 1959 . 1959-1965 . 1958-1971 . 1958 .Africa Caterpillar machines help construct a railroad through an African jungle to open up mining opportunities in the region. Many of these machines were used later to mine manganese in the region. 1958 . Japan Nine Caterpillar machines are involved in the effort to push part of a mountain into the sea as part of the Kobe Bay Reclamation Project.Kobe.Pakistan More than 500 Caterpillar machines help construct the Mangla Dam. A total of 143 Caterpillar machines and engines were in use at the various bases on Antarctica by 1960.

Panama Several Caterpillar machines help widen sections of the Panama Canal. This project included three major dams. C.U. Canada Caterpillar machines help construct the Portage Mountain Dam / W.U. one of the dams in the California Water Plan Project. 1963-1964 . Around 800 Caterpillar machines help construct the 2.5 miles of tunnels and several hydroelectric power stations. 1963-1970 . 1963-1993 . The Indus River Basin Project also included the Mangla and Tarbela Dams.600-mile-long New York-Houston Pipeline. . Chile Caterpillar machines are the only machines in use on the construction of the La Paloma Dam.Thailand Caterpillar machines help construct the Sirikit Dam. 1963-1967 . nine smaller dams.S.California A fleet of 150 Caterpillar machines help construct the San Luis Dam.New Zealand Caterpillar machines help construct the Manapouri Hydroelectric Project. constructed underground powerhouses.South Africa Over 300 pieces of Caterpillar equipment are working on the Orange River Scheme project.India and Pakistan More than 450 Caterpillar machines work on one of the world's largest earthmoving projects . 1962-1977 .Venezuela Caterpillar machines help construct the Guri Dam / Raul Leoni Dam.Brazil Caterpillar machines help construct the Urubupunga Hydroelectric Complex. A. 1961-1977 . 1962 .Water Plan Project. Around 150 Caterpillar machines helped construct this complex.Santiago.the Indus River Basin Project. Bennett Dam for the Peace River Power Project.U. Caterpillar machines dug tunnels. 1963 .S.000-mile cable-laying project. Caterpillar machines aid recovery efforts after a flood covers areas of California. 1964 . It took contractors five years to complete the 4. including 40 D9 Tractors and 51 600series wheel tractor-scrapers. The Urubupunga Hydroelectric Complex contains two dams . 1963-1972 . 1963-1978 . 1963-1968 . and built access roads. A total of 129 Caterpillar machines worked on this project. 51. 1964 . Oregon and Washington.S.the Jupia and the Ilha Solteira.British Columbia. Caterpillar machines are used to help install the first coast-to-coast underground telephone cable.

In addition to working on the dams. Wyoming and Montana and Caterpillar machines assisted in the construction of hundreds of the launch sites. Caterpillar machines helped to relocate roads and railroad tracks and construct connecting waterways.Nigeria Caterpillar machines help construct the Kainji Dam. 1965 . The Blowering Dam was the second largest of the 10 dams constructed as part of the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme project.Philippines Fifty Caterpillar machines help construct the Angat Dam. This project included a 45-mile eight-lane freeway.U. 1966 . a 10-foot tall wheel scraper tire.Australia Caterpillar machines help construct the Blowering Dam. 1965-1968 . As many as 250 Caterpillar pipelayers. North Dokota.000 missile sites in Missouri. 1966-1968 . a 1673 Truck Engine and illuminated Caterpillar display sign .Italy. plus many Caterpillar engines worked on the 280-mile project at any one time. tunnels. 1964-1965 .California Caterpillar machines help construct the Castaic Complex's freeway and water system. France Caterpillar machines help the people of Grenoble prepare for the 1968 Winter Olympic . 1965 . the Pyramic Rock Dam.Grenoble.New York Hundreds of Caterpillar machines help construct the fairgrounds. and numerous reservoirs.Newfoundland.California Caterpillar machines work on the California Water Plan Project. The California Water Plan Project. track-type tractors and track loaders.British Columbia. which included the San Luis and Oroville Dams. 1964-1965 . tunnels and pipelines. Caterpillar machines helped construct several hundred launch sites for the Minuteman Missile System. 1965 . the Castic Dam. & Germany Caterpillar machines help construct the Transalpine Pipeline. and pipelines. South Dakota. a D398 Engine crankshaft. Around 185 Caterpillar machines and engines are at work at any one time during construction of the 1964-1965 World's Fair. 1965-1968 . stretched for 826 miles.all of which attracted a lot of attention from fair goers. canals. Contractors also installed over 150 Caterpillar diesel electric sets as standby power units for several of the sites.1964-1968 . buildings and highway improvements for the 1964-1965 World's Fair. Austria.S. 1966-1967 . The Minuteman Missile System had around 1. Canada Caterpillar machines help construct the Bay d-Espoir Hydroelectric Project.Canada Caterpillar machines help construct the Duncan Dam. lakes.Switzerland Caterpillar machines help construct the Mattmark Dam. 1965 . 1965-1967 . Canada Twenty Caterpillar machines help construct the Arrow Dam / Hugh Keenleyside Dam. Caterpillar also set up an exhibit at the fair which featured a 16-foot long D9 Tractor assembly.

1967 . Canada Thirty Caterpillar machines help construct the Duncan Dam. Canada Twenty-two Caterpillar machines and five Caterpillar electric sets work on the construction of Mica Dam. 1968 .Alberta. a 989mile-long natural gas pipeline running from Manitoba to Ontario. New York Caterpillar machines are used on the construction of the World Trade Center complex.Ontario.Games.British Columbia. Canada Caterpillar machines help construct and prepare sites for Canada's "Expo 67" World's Fair. Caterpillar engines were installed to provide a power source for the completed complex. prepare processing plant sites. In addition to the Caterpillar machines used on the construction phase of the World Trade Center complex. 1967-1973 . 1967 . and prepared building sites. Contractors ordered 54 new Caterpillar machines that were added to the Caterpillar fleets already at work on the 42-inch pipeline project. Canada Caterpillar machines work on the construction of the Kettle Rapids Station portion of the Nelson River Power Project. 1967-1968 . Canada Caterpillar machines help with the first major commercial production of oil from the Athabasca Oil Sands.South America Caterpillar machines and engines help construct the 193-mile long Trans-Andean pipeline. 1966-1973 . built and improved roads. 1967 .Labrador. South Africa Caterpillar machines are being used on a construction project that will result in a 117-mile long highway.Canada Contractors use Caterpillar machines to construct the Great Lakes Transmission Line.Nigeria. 1968 . 1967 . 1967 .Australia Forty-four Caterpillar machines and engines work on the construction of a 256-mile railroad between Mount Newman and Port Hedland.Manitoba. 1967 .Iran and Russia Caterpillar machines help build a 600-mile long pipeline running through Iran and Russia. an important link .British Columbia. 1967 . remove overburden from the oil sands deposits and build a 266-mile long pipeline and a 165-mile long pipeline.New York City. More than 150 Caterpillar machines worked to build roads. 1967-1971 . Canada Many Caterpillar machines work to relocate a section of the Welland Canal. Caterpillar machines reshaped mountain slopes. Canada More than 400 Caterpillar machines help construct the Churchill Falls Hydroelectric Complex.Montreal.

Peru Eighty-nine Caterpillar machines help construct the Chira-Piura Dam. 1970 .Mississippi Caterpillar machines aid clean-up and repair efforts following Hurricane Camille. Lawrence Seaway. but also hearing Neil Armstrong's first words from the moon would not have been possible without the power provided by Caterpillar engines. Caterpillar engines supply power for the Apollo 11 mission to the moon.Argentina Caterpillar machines help construct the Portezuelo Grande Dam. Not only were these communications vital to the safe landing of the spacecraft. 1970-1972 . 1970-1972 . 1971 . 1968 . Caterpillar engines supplied the power for communications between the Apollo 11 spacecraft and all of the NASA tracking stations around the world.Brazil Sixty-two Caterpillar machines help construct the Salto Osorio Dam. 1971 . 1970-1971 . 1969 .Australia Seventy-six Caterpillar machines work on a 60-mile extension of the Mount Newman-Port Hedland Ore Railroad.Pakistan Seventy-one Caterpillar engines and fifteen Caterpillar machines work on a 58-mile-long highway project in Pakistan. 1969-1972 .U.Alberta. Canada Caterpillar machines help construct the Bighorn Dam. Back to top 1970's 1970 . 1968-1976 .Ecuador Fifty-one Caterpillar machines help construct a 320-mile-long pipeline. 1971 . 1969 .Pakistan Three hundred Caterpillar machines help construct the Tarbela Dam. 1969 .on the St.Panama Fifty-one Caterpillar machines and engines help construct a new 20-mile expressway in Panama.Peru Caterpillar machines work on various reconstruction projects following a major earthquake and landslide that devastated areas of Peru.Panama .S.South Korea Contractors put 222 Caterpillar machines to work building a new highway from Pusan to Seoul.

Brazil A total of 216 Caterpillar machines play a key role in the construction of 2.760 miles of new highways for Brazil. Africa Sixty Caterpillar machines help clear the right-of-way for the Inga-Shaba Transmission System.formed a joint venture to handle sales and service of Caterpillar machines on the mammoth construction project. As of 2006.000 Caterpillar machines help construct the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline.Alberta. 1972 .Mexico A total of 420 Caterpillar machines help construct more than 660 dams as part of Mexico's Plan Benito Juarez.Zaire. 1972 .S. according to reports at the time. 1972 . At certain stages. Caterpillar built 80 percent of the machines contractors used on the project.Twenty-six Caterpillar machines help construct the Bayano Hydroelectric Project.Saskatchewan. lakes. wind and extreme cold with a minimal impact on the local environment and wildlife populations. The Trans-Alaskan Pipeline was one of the most difficult and costly construction projects ever attempted. 1974 . four dams. 1971-1972 . Canada Caterpillar machines are still in use for a variety of tasks at the Athabasca Oil Sands.Alaska More than 2. 1973-1978 . Canada Several Caterpillar machines help construct a 131-mile natural gas pipeline.N.U. canals. the pipeline had transported more than 15 billion barrels of oil.Switzerland Caterpillar machines help construct the Gotthard Road Tunnel. Machinery Co. 1972 .Brazil More than 50 Caterpillar machines help construct the Agua Vermelha Dam. One of these highways was the Trans-Amazonica Highway.C. 1974-1976 .1987 . 80 miles of dikes and 800 miles of roads. the pipeline was built to withstand earthquakes. Caterpillar machines and engines aid recovery efforts after devastating flooding following Hurricane Agnes. 21 spillways. 1972-1979 . six control structures. 1973-1978 . Germany Caterpillar machines prepare sites for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. a new 1.Munich. Running 800 miles from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez across three mountain ranges and 120 rivers and streams. 1974 .100-mile extra-high-voltage power line for Zaire.Hong Kong A fleet of 56 Caterpillar machines helps construct the High Island Reservoir. 1972-1977 . Canada Caterpillar machines work on the first phase of the James Bay Power Project. Two Caterpillar dealers . and Fabick CAT .Brazil Caterpillar machines help construct the Sao Simao Dam.Quebec. Contractors used Caterpillar machines to construct four powerhouses. 1971-1973 . which hit the East Coast of the United States. .

California Caterpillar machines work to relocate the 49-mile-long Coachella Canal. 1981-1982 .Iran Iran purchases 1. they immediately began work on phases two and three. 1982 .060 Caterpillar machines which will be used to improve the country's transportation and infrastructure systems. Tennessee Caterpillar machines are busy preparing the site for the 1982 World's Fair. By the end of 1984.San Francisco.1990 .France More than 70 Caterpillar machines help construct the Grand Maison Hydroelectric Project. Back to top 1980's 1980-1985 .Venezuela More than 350 Caterpillar machines help with additional construction on the Guri Dam / Raul Leoni Dam. 1985-1989 . which enlarged the size of the original dam and added an additional powerhouse. one of the largest hydroelectric projects ever undertaken. 1982-1984 . 1978-1986 . Indonesia Nearly 70 Caterpillar machines and six Caterpillar engines help construct an airfield near Jakarta.China .California A fleet of 45 Caterpillar machines help construct the Warm Springs Dam. 150 new Caterpillar machines were on the job and many more worked on the dam's construction before its completion in 1998. France More than 200 Caterpillar machines help construct the first lines for the new Linge a Grande Vitesse (high-speed train). When contractors completed the first phase of the project.Paraguay and Argentina Caterpillar machines help construct the Yacyreta Dam.S.Brazil and Paraguay Caterpillar machines participate in the construction of the Itaipu Hydroelectric Project.Canada & U.Turkey More than 450 Caterpillar machines help construct the Ataturk Dam.Paris. 1975-1984 . 1975-1983 . Indonesia.Knoxville.Jakarta. Caterpillar supplied 95 percent of the equipment on the final two construction phases of the project. 1982 .1975 . More than 325 Caterpillar machines help construct the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System pipeline. 1983-1998 . 1981 . 1985 . California Caterpillar machines are working on the complete renovation of San Francisco's cable car system. 1977-1983 .

Kuwait Around 700 Caterpillar machines help extinguish the 750 oil wells on fire in Kuwait.Denver. they were confronted with one of the world's worst environmental disasters. Colorado Several hundred Caterpillar machines help construct the new Denver International Airport.1991 . Canada Caterpillar machines help construct the Limestone Generating System on the Manitoba Hydro project. Construction began in 1987 and was completed in 1994. 1985 . accounting for 70 percent of all earthmoving equipment on the project. France More than 80 Caterpillar machines help construct additional lines for the Linge a Grande Vitesse.South Carolina Caterpillar machines help construct the Bad Creek Dam.2020 . Construction on this new 160-mile rail line began in 1987. more than 200 Cat machines worked on the first lines for the new Linge a Grande Vitesse (high-speed train) constructed between Paris and Lyon.Osaka.Paris. Due to concerns about noise pollution. Between 1977 and 1983. By early .Caterpillar machines help construct the Lubuge Hydroelectric Power Project. Iran and even parts of the Indian sub-continent. More than 80 Cat machines helped to construct this new branch of the line and its 300 overpasses and 21 tunnels. and took about two years to complete. dumping it in the bay to form a twosquare-mile island. work began to enlarge the island and build additional runways. Caterpillar machines were the principle tools in this operation.England & France More than 100 Caterpillar machines are used to help construct the Chunnel. More than six million barrels of oil had spilled into the sea off the Kuwait coast.Manitoba. Noxious black smoke hung over the country. When Coalition forces liberated Kuwait in February of 1991. it was decided to build Japan's Kansai International Airport as a marine airport approximately three miles offshore in Osaka Bay. building an airport and constructing a bridge to connect the island to the mainland. it was the first attempt to build an airport more than a stone's throw from shore. One of the largest earthmoving projects in the world. Back to top 1990's 1991 . The train quickly reached its full capacity. In 2003. 1986-1988 . The project required digging mainland soil.South Carolina Caterpillar machines aid recovery efforts following Hurricane Hugo. Caterpillar provided 100 percent of the new earthmoving equipment on the project. Japan More than 200 Caterpillar machines work on the first phase of the Kansai International Airport. Within days after the liberation. 1987-1989 . Raging fires were consuming five million barrels of oil each day. The operation's ultimate success resulted from the fastest and largest peacetime mobilization of people and machinery ever seen. 1987-1994 . In the oil fields nearly 750 wells had been set ablaze or were left gushing millions of gallons of crude onto the surrounding desert. creating the need for an additional line from Paris to Le Mans and Tours. filtering out the sun and turning day into night. Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) aided by Bechtel Group organized the toughest and longest well blowout and firefighting operation in the history of the oil industry. 1986-1993 . Prevailing winds spread air-borne pollutants throughout the region to fall as acid rain in Saudi Arabia. 1989 . 1989 .

Florida Caterpillar machines aid recovery efforts following Hurricane Andrew. 1995 .California .Boston. 1996-2000 . 1993 .China Around 300 Caterpillar machines help construct the Three Gorges Dam.Panama Caterpillar machines are in use on a Panama Canal widening project. Caterpillar machines and generator sets and local dealer employees are on the scene to provide assistance. a new 42-mile six-lane freeway around Toronto.California More than 70 different Caterpillar products help construct the Seven Oaks Dam. Oklahoma Within hours of the bombing of the Alfred P.Oklahoma City.Washington Ten Caterpillar machines are part of a fleet contractors are using to build the Spirit Lake Memorial Highway on Mount St. People battle the Mississippi River flood and its aftermath with the help of Caterpillar machines and engines. 1994 . 1992 . Norway Caterpillar generator sets provide primary and backup power for the 1994 Winter Olympic Games. Helens. This road connected several visitor centers and observatories built after the devastating erruption of Mount St. 1994-1997 . 1995 . Spain Caterpillar generator sets provide primary and backup power for the 1992 Summer Olympic Games.S.November.Brazil One hundred and four Caterpillar machines help construct the Paulinia-Brasilia Polyduct pipeline. Massachusetts Caterpillar machines are hard at work in Boston on a project known as the "Big Dig. Caterpillar machines and generators were an integral part of rescue efforts.Mexico Caterpillar machines help construct the Huites Hydroelectric Dam.U. 1995-1998 . 1995 . Murrah Federal Building. 1992-1998 . Canada Caterpillar machines help build Highway 407. and supplying power for everything from the medical examiner's tent to the elevator used to take rescue workers up the side of the building. dealers and employees.Toronto. 1992 .Lillehammer. 1993 . clearing debris." 1993-2008 . 1993 . Helens in 1980.Barcelona. 1994 .Hong Kong Over 300 Cat machines help build the new Hong Kong International Airport and 50 Caterpillar gen sets are later installed to provide ongoing standby power. a job which most people thought would take five years was completed.

Georgia More than 100 Caterpillar machines help with the expansion of the Hartsfield International Airport.Caterpillar machines work on the Eastside Reservoir project. the entire Maritimes & Northeast pipeline stretches for 653 miles.Canada Nearly 400 Cat machines help construct the 351-mile Canadian portion of the Maritimes & Northeast natural gas pipeline. 1998 . 1999 . 1999 Caterpillar machines aid disaster recovery efforts following several natural disasters that occurred around the world. the station utilizes a 307B hydraulic excavator.Antarctica Caterpillar machines are still providing base support for the American research bases established on Antarctica in the 1950s. Brazil Caterpillar machines help construct the Luis Eduardo Magalhaes Hydroelectric Power Plant. 2000-2005 . 1997 . Phillippines More than 200 Caterpillar machines and gen sets help construct the San Roque Multipurpose Project.U. 1998-2002 . The expansion of the Hartsfield International Airport included a new runway and terminal and a new monorail system.S. Back to top 2000's 2000-2003 . In addition to the gen sets. In the days following the attack.Nagoya. Japan More than 60 Caterpillar machines help construct an artificial island for the new Chubu International Airport. a T103 telehandler.Luzon. 2001 . 1999-2006 .Turkey Caterpillar machines help construct the Dalaman Akkopru Dam.Brazil Several hundred Cat machines help construct the Fernao Dias Highway.Salt Lake City. most of the equipment at Ground Zero was manufactured by . Utah Nearly 120 Caterpillar machines work to reroute Interstate 15 in time for the opening of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. 953 and 955 track loaders and D7H LGP and D6D LGP track-type tractors.Atlanta. Within hours of the terrorist attack on September 11.Antarctica Caterpillar supplies three new gen sets to Operation Deep Freeze for a new research base on Antarctica. a Challenger 55. 2001 .Tocantins. power and people for the rescue and relief efforts. 1999 . Running from Nova Scotia through New Brunswick and into Maine and Massachusetts where it links into another pipeline. Caterpillar joins forces with Caterpillar dealers to provide machines. 1997-1998 .

Between 1977 and 1983.U. Greece Caterpillar machines help prepare Athens for the 2004 Olympic Games.and mandatory rationing imposed by the Brazilian government .this was the largest electric power project ever undertaken by Caterpillar anywhere in the world to that point in time. 2002 .S.S.Paris. Caterpillar provides the majority of power generation and dealer support during the largest power outage in U. history (to this date). Contractors and their Caterpillar machines worked non-stop to finish construction of 36 Olympic venues. 2004 . 2002-2014 .Malaysia More than 100 Caterpillar machines help construct the Bakun Dam.Brazil Caterpillar ships 760 megawatts of electrical generating power to Brazil to help relieve power shortages in that country.South Korea and Japan Caterpillar generator sets provide uninterrupted power for the 2002 World Cup soccer match for the duration of the event. 2003 . Cleveland and Detroit to get them up and running again. 2002-2006 . more than 200 Cat machines worked on the first lines for the new Linge a Grande Vitesse (high speed train) constructed between Paris and Lyon. Cat machines once again played a role in the construction of France's high-speed rail network when contractors used more than 600 Cat machines to construct a 280-mile line from Paris to Strasbourg. 2003-2010 . 2003 . From 1987-1989.Caterpillar. 2001-2004 .Arizona & Nevada Caterpillar machines help construct a bypass highway near the Hoover Dam to replace the original highway that runs over the dam. More than 300 backup generators and two megawatt trailer units were trucked to cities such as New York.Iceland More than 100 Cat machines help build the Karahnjukar Hydropower Project under construction in Iceland. 2001 . In 2003. part of the AlpTransit Project.S. 2002 .Athens. along with its 300 overpasses and 21 tunnels. more than 80 Cat machines were involved in constructing an additional 160-mile rail line from Paris to LeMans. more than 120 miles of new and upgraded roads and 35 miles of light rail. France More than 600 Caterpillar machines help construct additional lines for the Linge a Grande Vitesse.Indian Ocean Tsunami Caterpillar machines and dealer personnel assist with cleanup and relief efforts after the . Nearly 220 Caterpillar machines help build a natural gas pipeline from Wyoming to Southern California.Switzerland More than 50 different Caterpillar machine models help construct the Gotthard Base Tunnel.U. Trading on Wall Street was uninterrupted thanks to Cat power. With 90 percent of Brazil's power coming from drought-stricken hydroelectric plants . a new airport. 2003 . Caterpillar shipped 760 megawatts of electrical generating power to Brazil as part of a massive one gigawatt distributed generation project to relieve electric power shortages.

2007-2014 . 2004-2010 . 2004-2008 . 2005 . Contractors used 75 Cat machines on just the first two phases of the six-phase project. The Entrega Pipeline was the first stage of the Rockies Express Pipeline. three-step lock system will allow the Panama Canal to accommodate vessels that are not currently transiting the waterway due to their large size.500-kilometer gas transportation system built in one of the world's most extreme climates.earthquake and tsunami that devastated the Asia-Pacific region. 2006 .S.U. 2007 . When complete. 2006 . When complete.Romania Cat machines help construct the 588-kilometer-long Transylvania Motorway. there are around 500 pieces of Caterpillar equipment belonging to 20 different companies working in the oil sands. 70 overpasses and 19 interchanges. Caterpillar and its dealer network respond with people. Canada Continuing work begun in 1967.the world's longest earthen seawall. products. the Transylvania Motorway will connect Bucharest with Oradea. The completed pipeline will utilize Solar's InSight System machinery management solution enabling real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance to maximize performance and minimize costs.100-kilometer Yamal-Ukhata pipeline.Alberta.Russia Cat machines help construct the 1. Caterpillar's involvement goes beyond construction equipment. Solar gas turbines. the 1. the new single-lane.S.Shanghai. Cat Financial services and 6 Sigma-enhanced strategic support planning were key elements of the project.U.South Korea Thirty-four Caterpillar machines help complete the Saemangeum Seawall . Caterpillar machines are still working in the Athabasca Oil Sands. Caterpillar machines play a major part in the construction of the 300-mile-long Entrega Pipeline. . China Caterpillar machines help build the infrastructure Shanghai needs to host the 2010 World's Fair and Exposition. 2005 . 2004-2014 .663-mile Rockies Express Pipeline will connect Rocky Mountain natural gas reserves to consumers on the East Coast. The world's largest fleet of 797 mining trucks (100 total) is working around the clock hauling oil sand to facilities for processing. Stretching from Wyoming to Ohio. Gas Caterpillar Motoren (GCM) compression engines (Entrega is the first new mainline pipeline to use GCM engines). and financial aid to help with recovery efforts in the Gulf Coast following Hurricanes Katrina.625 miles of a four-to-six lane highway known as the Golden Quadrilateral.Beijing. Rita and Wilma.India A fleet of 220 Caterpillar machines and gen sets works on the 3. China Caterpillar machines help construct different sites that will be used for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. Contractors used 135 Cat machines to construct just one 258-mile segment of the four-lane highway that featured over 300 bridges.Panama Cat machines help construct the expansion of the Panama Canal. 2005 . Russia's Yamal-Ukhta pipeline is part of a planned 2. At this point in time.

performance and governance policies.Saudi Arabia Over 400 new Caterpillar machines help construct a 2. 2008-2011 . who work to oversee the company’s actions.2008-2010 . These standards are guided by our board of directors and global management team. . Caterpillar’s corporate governance program ensures we serve the interests of stockholders and other stakeholders with the highest standards of responsibility.Dubai.400-kilometer rail line through the Nafud Desert in Saudi Arabia. integrity and compliance with all laws. United Arab Emirates More than 700 Cat machines help construct the 47-mile-long Arabian Canal through Dubai's Arabian Desert.

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