[Name of Company] [Name of Department [Name of Contact] [Contact’s Position] [Address] [Date] Dear [Name of Applicant], The first

paragraph should show that you have an understanding of the program, company, industry etc. Example: The paradigm of business is constantly changing, but one constant remains true; individual, corporate, and institutional clients will always need innovative financial solutions to develop, to improve, and to sustain their competitive advantage and wealth. I believe the work that HSBC professionals engage themselves in answers the call to the forefront thinking that is necessary to help clients achieve success in this ever-changing global business arena. It is this innovation, belief in value driven solutions, and personal relationship with clients that has interested me to pursue a career with HSBC. The second paragraph should talk about your qualifications. Example: For over the past four years I have been working for the Coastal Preservation and Development Foundation (CPAD), an international non-profit organization that I established in the United States and in Thailand. Prior to CPAD, I worked as a consultant for Boyden (Thailand) in their Leadership Capital Consulting practice. During my time with Boyden I worked on projects with our clients’ top executives on various business issues. I also had an opportunity to work with KPMG, Mercer Human Resource Consulting, and Baker & McKenzie on a mergers & acquisition seminar for our clients. My experience in managing CPAD has exposed me to many business issues that I believe your clients face. My insight on these issues has taught me the value of having a strong strategic partnership with financial institutions. It has also given me a broad perspective on the different types of financial solutions that are available to help individuals and organizations grow and succeed. The third paragraph should talk about the position you are applying to and how your qualifications apply to that position Example: Besides my strong background in management and strategic planning, I offer you over five years of regional experience and knowledge in three different industries. From overseeing the brand management of a regional FMCG in nine Southeast Asian markets, to working with clients’ top level executives on improving leadership and human capital, to planning and implementing the strategic direction and operations of an international non profit organization, I am confident that my diverse skills andexperiences will be a useful asset to HSBC. Although I do not have direct experience in banking, I am familiar with the industry and have the drive and desire to establish a career with HSBC.

The last paragraph is your conclusion and your contact information The attached resume summarizes my qualifications. Please evaluate my resume and consider my application for a position in HSBC’s Corporate Investment Banking & Markets (CIBM) division. You may contact me anytime at [your number]or via email at [your email]. I look forward to discussing with you how HSBC may best utilize my skills. Thank you for your time and consideration.