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History of Boston Pizza:-

A Greek immigrant opened the first branch of Boston pizza in Edmonton (Alberta) in
1964. Till 1970 Boston pizza has 17 branches out of these 15 are the franchise of
Boston pizza in Western Canada. One of the first franchises was an RCMP officer
named Jim Treliving who was attracted by the popularity of Boston Pizza franchise in
British Columbia where he met George, a chatered accountant who becomes his
business partner. Within the next 10 years 2 men opened their 16 restaurants
throughout B.C. They become the role model for the further role of Boston Pizza.
n 1983, Treliving and Melville purchased Boston nc. (BP) and its chain of 44
restaurants from the owner Ron Coyle. They opened their 15 of their restaurants to their
individual franchise. Boston pizza becomes the worlds debuted pizza store in
Vancouver during 1986.
By seeing the remarkable success of Boston pizza in western Canada, Treliving and
Melville started to grow brand across Canada. They opened their first office in
Mississauga (Ontario) in 1997.The Chains first Ontario location opened in Ottawa in
1998. Today Boston Pizza has more than 80 restaurants in Ontario with 18 in Atlantic

Target Market:-
Boston Pizza has created two target markets as a result of its restaurant concept. This
allows guests to choose between the casual dining area and its sports bar.
Primary Target Market:-
The list below describes the primary target market who visits the casual dining area of
the restaurant:
O Suburban families; parents between the ages of 25 to 55 years old with two kids
aged 10 or younger.
O Parents juggling busy lives with not time to plan dinner.
O Annual average incomes are between $75,000 and $100,000.

Primary Target Market (continued):-
O Unpretentious people who are not interested in status symbols.
O Enjoy eating at local family restaurants.
O Kids are involved in a variety of activities in the community and at school.
Secondary Target Market:-
The secondary target market consists of guests who visit the sports bar. The following is
a description of this market:-
O Males and females between the ages of 18 to 34 years old
O Avid sports fans that enjoy going out for a drink and watching the game on TV
O Visit restaurants or pubs on a weekly basis to watch their home team
O Large sports teams that come in after a game to enjoy drinks and appetizers
O Adult guests who frequent the dining room with their families during the week as
well as on weekends with their friends.

SWOT Analysis:-
The SWOT analysis is a strategic evaluation tool used to define Boston Pizza's internal
strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats.
The following strengths have helped Boston Pizza establish itself as a respected
national franchise
O Largest casual dining player in Canada with over 300 locations across Canada
O Opened more than 100 new locations in three years
O Renovate every seven years results in increase of sales
O Strong brand positioning due to wide distribution channels
O Appeal to a wide target group with an average income
O Low food costs (pizza is 23-24 percent of food costs in comparison to ribs and
other entres )
O First chain to be trans-fat free in all menu items
The following outlines Boston Pizza's internal weaknesses that may hinder the
company's operational activities:
O Older franchisees are more resistant to change
O Difficulties in maintaining a unified brand image among all 300 franchisee
O Media budget is directly affected by percentage of sales from previous
O Lack of measurement on some promotional aspects
O Lack of "bench strength due to a junior marketing team.
O Does not research the explanations as to past campaign failures.
O No formalized marketing review process can lead to internal miscommunication.

There are numerous opportunities for Boston Pizza to expand its target market through
effective advertising and promotions. The following opportunities can help Boston Pizza
increase brand awareness and revenue:-
O ncrease in the awareness of take-out delivery.
O ncrease in healthy eating and wellness trends.
O ncrease in popularity for online food ordering.
Changes in the external environmental may present threats to Boston Pizza. Some
possible challenges are listed below:-
O Shifts in preference away from processed food items after the Maple Leaf
O ncrease in competitive landscape leads to smaller market share for Boston
O Global economic recession negatively affects the restaurant industry because
individuals will choose to eat at home.

Boston Pizza is the ndustry related to Food:-

A carnivore's delight created with our signature bolognese sauce, smoked ham,
pepperoni, seasoned ground beef, spicy talian sausage and mounds of pizza

Great White North:-
Signature pizza sauce, pizza mozzarella, cheddar and smoked ham.
Spicy Perogy:-
O Spicy
O BP Favourite

An inspired combination of sour cream, smoky bacon and BP's Favourite Cactus Cut
Potatoes with pizza mozzarella and cheddar, topped with green onion and a generous
dollop of sour cream.

oston RoyaI:-
O BP Favourite

A crowning achievement created with our signature pizza sauce, smoked ham,
pepperoni, shrimp, olives, green pepper, onion, fresh mushrooms and pizza mozzarella.
Rustic ItaIian:-
O Spicy
O BP Favourite
Signature pizza sauce, pizza mozzarella, cheddar, spicy talian sausage, red onion,
green pepper and herbs. Finished with fresh diced tomato and freshly grated parmesan.
Pepperoni, Black Olives, Genoa Salami, Mushrooms, Fresh Mushrooms, Smoked Ham,
Green Peppers, Smoky Bacon, Jalapeno Peppers, Tomatoes, Banana Peppers, Onions
Feta, Cheddar, Pizza Mozzarella

tra SpeciaI %oppings:-

Shrimp, Taco Beef, Anchovies, Seasoned ground beef, Chicken, talian Sausage, Spicy
talian Sausage, Spicy Chicken, Pineapples, Pineapple, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Taco
Beef, Red Peppers, Roasted Corn Medley, Spinach, Goat Cheese

%actics Used
Two direct mail tactics were used in the Designer Pizza campaign which consisted of
the following:
O Email Blast
O Sent to Airmiles collectors and Boston Pizza's database
O Sent two weeks prior to the start of the campaign
O Takeout menu
O Sent two weeks prior to the start of the campaign to 2.5 million homes
O Geo-targeted to houses within a 5km radius of Boston Pizza locations
Report On %rends In %he Industry
Boston Pizza cuts salt but only by a pinch
Another major Canadian restaurant chain has decided to cut sodium levels in a variety
of its menu items in advance of new salt-reduction guidelines from a federal task force.
Boston Pizza announced this week that it has lowered sodium in 75 per cent of its menu
But even with the changes, sodium levels in many appetizers, meals and even salads
still exceed the recommended daily intake for adults. n some cases, the sodium levels
even surpass the "upper tolerable limit beyond which the risk of high blood pressure,
cardiovascular problems and other health problems starts to increase.
New Technology Used n Boston Pizza
O mproving kitchen ventilation
O Reducing hot water use
O Stopped main entrance heating losses

Competitive AnaIysis
There are currently over 300 Boston Pizza franchises located across Canada. Their
competitors differacross regions and are divided among Western Canada (White Spot,
Red Robin), Eastern Canada (Swiss Chalet, Kelsey's, Montana's, East Side Mario's),
Quebec (St. Hubert, Le Cage Aux Sport, Scores) and Atlantic regions (Swiss Chalet,
Pizza Delight).Boston Pizza's main competitive advantage is their "two experiences
under one roof restaurant concept. This allows them to cater to both sports enthusiasts
and families. Boston Pizza's competitors only offer one experience which targets either
families, young adults, or sport enthusiasts.
Boston Pizza's food costs are lower because its menu items are predominately pastas
and pizzas. This generates a higher sales margin, allowing the company to invest in
other areas, such as marketing.Currently Boston Pizza has six Heart and Stroke Health
Checkfood items on their menu. Out of their ten main competitors, only two other
restaurants, Swiss Chalet and White Spot, have Heart and Stroke.

Pizza Pizza is main compititive:-
Some step with which they can improve more:-
By advertising new deal in newspaper and in the following methods:-
O Commercials ran from September 29 to October 26, 2008
O Aired on conventional (Global TV, CBC, and CTV's top 20 programming) and
specialty stations (TSN, Food TV, HGTV, W Network)
O Aired for two weeks
O 150 GRP's per week
O Aired on 85 stations across Canada, including CHUM and Corus group
O Placed in community newspapers
O Advertising template was personalized by each franchised location
O Franchisees were given a percentage of sales to purchase print advertising
space in local community newspapers
Some Recommendations:-
An increase in same store sales growth, traffic, and average cheque size shows that
Boston Pizza's Designer Pizza campaign was successfully executed. Therefore, the
next step for Boston Pizza to take is to create a new campaign.
Boston Pizza will benefit greatly by featuring their menu's healthy choices and
expanding their customer profile. Partnering with the Heart & Stroke Foundation
provides credibility to Boston Pizza's healthy menu choices, while also promoting
Boston Pizza's involvement with charity. Overall, the Healthy Choices campaign is the
right direction that Boston Pizza should take.