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PLEASE NOTE and be advised that while I, John "Eesawu" Kimmey, am not the author of this wonderful book I feel that it is important information and that the source is reliable and that I wish to facilitate its further distribution.

FROM THE BACK COVER AND INTRODUCTION We live in a prophetic time. The interpretation of holy texts, private revelations, and numerous prophecies, all point to our current period as a time of a great world transformation. This "Purification Time," as some call it, is when the deeper knowledge of our Earth Mother, and the process progressing us within our sun system are needed to help prepare us for this special period, when unexpected events, and fateful choices will arise for each of us. It also provides us a key to understanding the meaning of many myths, legends, and world mysteries, all of which connect with the end of our age, and the coming of the "New Heaven" upon the Earth. The dreams and visions of holy people across the Earth, and the prophetic signs now in the world, made it clear to them that the end-cycle of this age had arrived. To help prepare us for coming events, some members of the higher religious orders have begun openly sharing knowledge they've preserved pertaining to our Earth, and the Purification cycle we have reentered. Those elders that are responding to their visions, to the prophetic signs about us, and to their instructions concerning this period, know it is their duty to share this knowledge now as a giveaway to all of the Earth¹s children. To not speak of this knowledge would be a betrayal of their sworn duty to the Earth and Great Spirit. Without a shadow of a doubt, restoring the truth about our Earth and Purification Time-- the main focus of this book-- cannot serve any wrong purpose. To not speak of them now would be a "brevatio manus Domini" a foreshortening of the hand of God.

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breaking our covenants with the Great Spirit we call God." In the introduction the author describes his mentoring by holy elders and the message he was given to share with humanity for the coming times. Earth Mother E-Book.com) is the new non-fiction book published anonymously by an author using the pen name "Your brother. "Earth Mother Our Womb of Life" presents the viewpoints of 2 sur 3 06/04/2010 10:38 . Important Choices for Humanity BLOOMINGTON. Shiva.php PRESS RELEASE 'Earth Mother Our Womb of Life: and the Coming New Heaven': New Book Foretells Great Changes. http://www.. our prayers are received by our Father. who is the Heart of our Mother Earth."Earth Mother Our Womb of Life: and the Coming New Heaven" (published by AuthorHouse -. With this understanding. "Your brother" believes that human destiny depends upon following nature's course upon the Earth.dancingawakethefifthworld.www. part of Nature's purposeful cycles within creation which have been progressing life toward a final goal for ages upon the Earth. but is needed now and is being restored to us: After centuries of revising canonical books. nearly every trace of Earth Mother and her Immaculate Heart have been removed from Christian literature.Dancing Awake The Fifth World. Native Americ. The life and power of the Almighty Spirit are everywhere within Creation including our own Mother Earth.authorhouse. May 19 /PRNewswire/ -. Jehovah. We are part of the Universe. humanity's deep roots in it and the natural cycle that has returned bringing great changes and important choices to our world: "This returning. Ind.. If we sever our roots in the Earth we abandon Nature's plan.. Our age has forgotten the imminence of God in Nature. His message warns we will soon be deceptively lured to leave our world. but to the scholarly and discerning eye the Divine Earth and her Immaculate Core/Heart are very present. the Earth's birth pains." The author asserts that the true understanding of our Earth has been lost to this age. a message pertaining to the holiness of earth. There is one "Hidden One" and He goes by many names. among others. ancient season of Nature has been known by different names throughout history: The Day of Resurrection. Allah.com/earth_mother_e-book. and Judgment Day. "Earth Mother Our Womb of Life" presents this message given to the author. removing ourselves from our life-giving source and course. Purification Time. when we start a prayer we can do so with knowledge that whether we say God. or Amen. just when we are about to reach our crowning life with it: There is nothing mystical in Nature. Pachacuti.

" "Earth Mother Our Womb of Life" is divided into four main sections: an introduction outlining the concept of the book. AuthorHouse is the premier book publisher for emerging. The book features six diagrams illustrating the positions of the inner planets during different eras. EDITORS: For review copies or interview requests.com (When requesting a review copy.Dancing Awake The Fifth World." an overview of how these ancient principles pertain to the purification cycle and a section on time.) This release was issued through eReleases(TM). For more information. For more information.ereleases. please visit www. a summary of "Ancient Truths Preserved by Native Peoples.. 3 sur 3 06/04/2010 10:38 . please provide a street address. biology-evolution. http://www. and significantly affecting a host of other disciplines. self-published authors. Native Americ. geology.php holy elders and their beliefs in humanity's hallowed relationship to the living Earth..authorhouse. its truths are far-reaching.dancingawakethefifthworld.com. "Your brother" states: "The knowledge being restored connects religious and scientific truths. visit www.com/earth_mother_e-book. contact: Promotional Services Department Tel: 888-728-8467 Fax: 812-961-3133 Email: pressreleases@authorhouse. The information presented is not fictional in any respect.com. the southwest sunflower sand painting and a cutaway view of the earth showing its core heart. some yet to be discovered in this age. requiring revisions in our understanding of astronomy. Earth Mother E-Book.