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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Marketing Management Notes Brand Dominance Hidesign- India's fashion foray Tata Group- Diversification growth by retaining values FabIndia- Weaving Bharat into India Apple- A for Innovation Faze 3- Growth strategy The Dabbawallas of Mumbai Brand Management Notes (MBA 2009)

10. Nivea Sun- Segmentation 11. Nivea Deo- Positioning 12. Market Dominance 13. Peter England- Honest launch 14. McDonalds India launch strategy 15. Strategic Management Notes 16. Amul- A Taste of India 17. Bisleri- High On Water 18. PhD Thesis presentation 19. PhD Thesis Abstract 20. PhD Journey 21. Thyrocare- Life, Logic & Logistics 24*7 22. Global Pharma Strategy 23. Indian Leadership Traits 24. Big Pharma 25. Takeda- A Sumo Wrestles Into The West Oct05 26. Big Pharma M&A 27. Moov- Backache Baadshah 28. Case Writing (Washington Univ) 29. Case Study Analysis 30. Effective Case Analysis (Thomson Nelson) 31. Enhanced Google Search 32. PhD Thesis – Table of contents 33. Emerging Trends in the Global Pharma Market 34. Gillete- Hi Tech Edge

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