Healthy Eating Plan
Michelle Rodgers
SCI 241
November 6, 2011
Lori Jumps

Healthy Eating Plan
I am a 35-year-old Iemale that has allowed my unhealthy eating to cause excessive
weight gain. Through this essay, I will develop a healthy eating plan. With this plan, I will use
the inIormation to change my liIestyle. According to my weight oI 185, I consume 2200 calories
a day. In this essay I will devise a plan to incorporate 1400 calories daily.
I have a sedentary liIestyle. I am able to do my daily chores, take care oI my children and
work. Evert chance I get I sit on the couch to watch TV. I am always tired. I would like to blame
my tiredness on hypothyroidism but my disease is being treated with medication. I am stressed
all the time. I typically have pain somewhere. I have arthritis in my knees that is aggravated by
being overweight. I have periodic edema and gastro esophageal reIlux disease. My current
medications include ZoloIt Ior depression, Xanax and Buspar Ior anxiety, Reglan to aid
digestion, Allegra Ior allergies, and Metro Gel Ior Rosacea. Through an eating healthy plan I
would like to be able to stop using some oI these medications.
My daily meals consist oI breakIast, lunch, and dinner. During breakIast, I have two
eggs, two pieces oI bacon, and two pieces oI toast with a tablespoon oI jelly. This comes to 315
calories. The bread is a whole grain, sugar Iree bread at 50 calories a slice. Lunch is typically
dinner Irom the night beIore. This may include beeI, pork, or chicken along with a starch. The
starch is pasta or potatoes. I also try to eat an apple with lunch. Lunchtime is when I have my
sweet Iix. A piece oI cake, ice cream, or doughnut is the dessert I chose. Dinner consists oI a cup
oI baby spinach, a cup oI iceberg lettuce, and assorted raw vegetables. I make a dressing oI 1
teaspoon oI mayonnaise, ketchup, and water. During the past several weeks, I have been unable
to eat a dinner salad due to stomach problems. I have been substituting with bland Ioods such as
mashed potatoes, rice, and toast.

My current eating habits have landed me at 185 pounds. I am 5`6¨ and thick around the
middle. When I disclose my weigh everyone says 'where, I do not see 185 pounds¨. I believe
this is because I walk a lot and have small legs as compared to the rest oI my body. I have been
overweight on and oII since childhood. AIter I had my second child, I was at the healthiest
weight Ior my age. I was breastIeeding, working, and eating a calorie controlled diet. My staples
were eggs, toast, and bacon Ior breakIast, a salad Ior lunch, and chicken, broccoli, and rice Ior
dinner. My oldest child would enjoy making Iruit and yogurt smoothies aIter dinner. The same
breakIast, lunch, and dinner only lasted Ior a year. When I stopped working and moved in with
my mom I began to eat whatever I wanted and whenever the children ate. I Iound everyone was
on a diIIerent schedule and I would join his or her meals.
The website Ior My Pyramid has suggested that I consume 6 ounces oI grains, 2 ½ cups
oI vegetables, 1 ½ cups oI Iruit, 3 cups oI dairy, 5 ounces oI protein and 5 teaspoons oI oil. The
Iollowing table will show how to consume these products. When consuming grains one will use
brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat Ilour, whole wheat cereals and crackers. Fresh
vegetables that are in season are the most cost eIIective. One can stock up on Irozen vegetables
Ior convenience cooking. The vegetables high in potassium are sweet potatoes, white potatoes,
white beans, and tomato products. Other vegetables to use include dark green leaIy, and orange.
Using a variety oI vegetables that are raw, or steamed will keep the Iood interesting.
The best way to incorporate Iruits is to add one to each meal. The Iruit can be Iresh,
Irozen, canned, or dried. One must chose a Iruit in 100 ° Iruit juice or water and not syrup. The
syrup adds extra empty calories. In addition, one can add Irozen Iruits to yogurt Ior a smoothie. I
preIer to use a blender Ior this. Adding a cup oI skim milk to each meal will meet the daily
recommendations Ior dairy. Proteins include meats, poultry, Iish, beans, and nuts. All meats can

be baked, broiled, or grilled. Boneless, skinless chicken is the best cut to chose. Pork can be in
the Iorm oI a tenderloin or ham. The best meat choices are round steak, roast, top loin, and chuck
shoulder. SeaIood is recommended twice a week. One should choose to consume lean
lunchmeats instead oI Iull Iat lunchmeats. Five teaspoons oI oil is suIIicient Ior a 1400-calorie
diet. The oils need to be natural such as, olive oil, saIIlower oil, and sunIlower oil. Butter and
other solid Iats need to be avoided.
The last recommendation Irom My Pyramid is to exercise 150 minutes a week. The
website suggests starting out slow and building up to the daily requirement. One will accomplish
this by Iinding extra reasons to walk. This will happen by parking away Irom the store, taking a
walk on a break, walking the dog, cleaning the house or car, driving less, and planting a garden.
Many beneIits are evident when eating healthy. The beneIits oI eating Iruits and
vegetables include reducing heart disease, and protection against some cancers. The Iiber in
these Ioods will reduce obesity, and the risk Ior type 2 diabetes. Potassium is Iound in some
Iruits and vegetables. This helps to lower blood pressure, reduce the risk oI kidney stones, and
decrease bone loss. Grains reduce heart disease, and help one maintain a healthy weight. The
health beneIits oI dairy are improved bone health, reduction oI cardiovascular disease, and type 2
diabetes. Dairy products also lower blood pressure.
An assortment oI vitamins and minerals are Iound in a healthy diet. Folic acid Iorms
blood cells and reduces birth deIects. Potassium helps lower ones blood pressure. Calcium
improves bone health. Iron oxygenates the blood. Magnesium releases energy Irom muscles.
Selenium protects cells and creates a healthy immune system. Fiber reduces cholesterol and
gives one a Iull Ieeling with Iewer calories consumed. Vitamin C aids in the growth and repair oI

tissue in the body as well as healthy teeth and bones. Vitamin B plays a key role in a healthy
metabolism and nervous system.
I consume a Iew nutrient rich Ioods. In my diet, I eat spinach, raw vegetables, apples,
chicken, eggs, and whole grain bread. The nutrient lacking Ioods oI my diet include all the
sweets. There is no nutritional value to a doughnut, cake, or ice cream.
Executing a healthy eating plan can be done by Iollowing several steps. First, one will
clean out all unhealthy Ioods Irom the kitchen cabinets and reIrigerator. In my pantry, I can Iind
75° oI the unhealthy choices in the kitchen. Second, one will shop on the perimeter oI the
grocery store. I always go to produce Iirst. Next is bread, meat, dairy, and Irozen Ioods. I have
Iound the center aisles oI the store contain processed, unhealthy Ioods. Third, one can Iamiliarize
their selves with nutritional Iacts. One can make a chart oI the most used items in the kitchen.
When you have the inIormation on hand, it is easy to Iollow the plan. Lastly, keep a journal oI
Iood intake, daily weight, portion size, and thoughts. When I see progress, I try harder to make
the numbers look good Ior the next day.
Another important point is not to make any Ioods oII limit. Using unhealthy Ioods in
moderation and keeping the portion size appropriate will alleviate a craving. An example is,
when I deny myselI a Iood I Iind I want it more. Instead, I will have a small portion occasionally
and be conscious oI what I am consuming.
My body type requires 1400 calories daily. I have consumed 2200 calories daily Ior the
last three years and have ended up overweight. Through this essay I have discusses the beneIits
oI a healthy eating plan and how to achieve the goal oI eating healthy. Daily exercise is also
suggested Ior the optimal outcome. One cannot go wrong when eating healthy.


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