Rice Seed Production Scenario in India

Y. Yogeswara rao,
Executive Director Vikky's Agrisciences Pvt. Ltd.

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For more Information contact: Visit Rice Knowledge Management Portal http://www.rkmp.co.in Rice Knowledge Management Portal (RKMP) Directorate of Rice Research, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad 500030. Email: naiprkmp@gmail.com, pdrice@drricar.org, shaiknmeera@gmail.com Ph: 91-40-24591218, 295 Fax: 91-40-24591217

hybrid seed and transgenic varieties tolerant to pests etc. About 85 percent of the hybrid rice seed marketed in the country is produced in Andhra Pradesh.75 lakh qtls of hybrid rice seed was produced in Andhra Pradesh during Rabi 2010-11. This will help particularly for increase of area under hybrid rice in the country. The increase in rice production can be achieved through quality seed. 295 Fax: 91-40-24591217 . To popularize the usage of quality seed.Abstract The growing population of India along with its changing food habits needs around 130 million tonnes of rice by 2025. In the absence of quality seed. the Government of India should allow subsidy under different schemes for all popular hybrids without insisting for notification and release. the investments made on other agricultural inputs such as fertilizers. Seed is the basic and critical input in crop production. “Quality seed is a must”. Andhra Pradesh which is popular as “Seed Hub of India”. It is necessary to provide quality seed on time. Thus.rkmp..5 to 3. It is estimated that nearly 3. ICAR/SAUs to provide the seeds of latest varieties/hybrids of rice to public and private sector seed companies on liberalised terms of MOA. The usage of farm saved seed is to be reduced and farmers are to be encouraged to use quality seed to increase productivity levels. Rajendranagar.com Ph: 91-40-24591218. Hyderabad 500030. for raising the productivity levels in crops. Private sector is playing a key role in seed production in Andhra Pradesh. shaiknmeera@gmail. ViZ. in adequate quantities near the door steps of the farmers. can produce required quantities of quality seed of varieties and hybrids on indents to various states. Seed is the basic and critical input in crop production.co.org.in Rice Knowledge Management Portal (RKMP) Directorate of Rice Research. The public sector research organisations. pdrice@drricar.com. besides meeting its own requirements. Email: naiprkmp@gmail. Page | 2 For more Information contact: Visit Rice Knowledge Management Portal http://www. pesticides both under rainfed and irrigated conditions will not give desired yields.

Hyderabad 500030.The current population of India is 121. pdrice@drricar.5 151.org. about 300 million tonnes of foodgrains including 130 million tonnes of rice will be required by 2025. 295 Fax: 91-40-24591217 .8 162. PER CAPITA AVAILABILITY OF FOODGRAINS AND RICE IN INDIA.9 45.44 2001 69.1 41.0 43.49 1991 80.08 1981 72.com Ph: 91-40-24591218.24 1961 73. shaiknmeera@gmail.9 186.4 171.02 (2011 Census) crores.1 to 162. It is estimated that the population is likely to increase to 138.rkmp. the growth in rice and foodgrain production is needed (Table 1).0 to 68.44 Source: Agricultural Statistics at a Glance 2010: Department of Agriculture & Cooperation.75 2009 68. In view of the increase in purchasing power and increase in population.89 crores by the year 2025. Rajendranagar.com.3 171.1 42.in Rice Knowledge Management Portal (RKMP) Directorate of Rice Research. against the current production of 234.1 40.2 43.1 kg per year during 1951 to 2009 while the rice availability increased from 58. Email: naiprkmp@gmail.0 144. (kg. The per capita availability of foodgrains increased from 144.89 1971 70.co. GOI Page | 3 For more Information contact: Visit Rice Knowledge Management Portal http://www. To meet the requirement of growing population and changing life style.1 42.50 and 94. per year) Year Rice Foodgrains Percentage of Rice to Foodgrains 1951 58.8 kg per person per year.01 million tonnes of foodgrains and rice respectively during 2010-11.2 166. Table 1: Per Capita Net Availability of Rice Vs Foodgrains (per annum) in India.

13 -10. 295 Fax: 91-40-24591217 . pdrice@drricar.01 million tonnes of production contributed to 40. Hyderabad 500030. Rajendranagar. Department of Agriculture & Cooperation.1 2010-11* 94.01 +5.4 Source: Agricultural Statistics at a Glance 2010: Department of Agriculture & Cooperation.1%. Table 2: India-Rice Production During 2006-07 to 2010-11 Production Year (Million tonnes) Increase/Decrease in production over previous year (%) __ 2006-07 93. Thus in general it shows the need for further increase in rice production and also stabilisation of production during aberrant weather conditions.co.4% except in 2009-10 which was -10.69 +3.com.5 2009-10 89.2011. During the year 2010-11. Email: naiprkmp@gmail. the growth in rice production ranged from 2.18 +2. GOI During the past five years.36 2007-08 96.org.5 2008-09 99. Rice is the staple food for nearly 70% of the Indian population.5 to 5. GOI *National Conference on Agriculture for Kharif campaign .5% of the total foodgrain production of the country (Table 2).rkmp. rice with 94.com Ph: 91-40-24591218. Page | 4 For more Information contact: Visit Rice Knowledge Management Portal http://www.in Rice Knowledge Management Portal (RKMP) Directorate of Rice Research. shaiknmeera@gmail.The targeted foodgrain production can be achieved by vertical growth in crop production particularly in crops like rice and wheat.

com Ph: 91-40-24591218. 3. As per the demand projections of National Seed Plan (NSP). Email: naiprkmp@gmail. Promotion of best management practices in rice production.in Rice Knowledge Management Portal (RKMP) Directorate of Rice Research.87 lakh qtls. Rajendranagar. a total quantity of 321. To encourage usage of short duration hybrids in Northern India (both Notified and Non-notified) to enable sowing of wheat and other crops on time in rabi season and long duration hybrids for kharif in coastal areas. dealers and distributors. pdrice@drricar.rkmp.com. Quality seed of location specific improved varieties released by ICAR/SAU’s/ Private sector. Currently 25-30% of the total seed requirement of the country is being met from organized seed production while rest of the seed requirement is met from farm saved seed. INDIAN SEED INDUSTRY Indian seed industry comprising of both Public and Private Sector companies is well poised to meet the specific seed demands of farmers. During the year 2010-11. of seeds of all crop varieties / hybrids.org. the quantities of seed produced in cereals.co. 2. Farmers are to be motivated to use quality seed obtained from organized seed production rather than using farm saved seed. oil seeds. 4. shaiknmeera@gmail. pulses. 295 Fax: 91-40-24591217 . potato and other tubers were higher than the requirements proposed under National Seed Plan (Table 3) Page | 5 For more Information contact: Visit Rice Knowledge Management Portal http://www. Hyderabad 500030.The rice productivity and production can be improved by using: 1. Seed Requirement and Availability in India During 2010-2011. Development and adoption of transgenic rice varieties/ hybrids tolerant to insect pests as in China. the country needs nearly 258.36 lakh qtls of seeds of all crops was available in the country.

shaiknmeera@gmail. The details of Seed Replacement Rates in rice during 2008-09 to 2010-11 are given in Table 4.in Rice Knowledge Management Portal (RKMP) Directorate of Rice Research. Email: naiprkmp@gmail. Rajendranagar. Bihar.57 All Crops 258.82 All Fibers 4.60 66. 295 Fax: 91-40-24591217 .88 20.05 lakh qtls. Department of Agriculture & Cooperation. The seed production of required rice varieties / hybrids can be organised during rabi season in semi-arid areas of different states to get good quality seeds. Seed Requirements of India as per National Seed Plan (NSP) and Seed Availability in 2010-11.31 All Pulses 23.44 Potato and others 4. Quantity: Lakh qtls Crop Group Seed requirement as per NSP Seed availability 2010-11 All Cereals 184.rkmp. Page | 6 For more Information contact: Visit Rice Knowledge Management Portal http://www. Orissa.2011.36 3.87 321.75 lakh qtls. the rice seed availability was 64.Table 3.co. Jharkhand and West Bengal.77 201.36 Source: National Conference on Agriculture for Kharif campaign . Hyderabad 500030.com Ph: 91-40-24591218. pdrice@drricar. against the requirement of 62. GOI During kharif 2011. Seed Replacement Rates (SRR) in Rice The Seed Replacement Rates in rice are comparatively low in the states of Madhya Pradesh. Chathisgarh.org.com. Haryana.26 25.90 All Oil Seeds 41.

09 100.42 2010-11 42.69 37.81 21.92 19.36 4.93 3.83 18.00 44. shaiknmeera@gmail.45 1.41 40.72 2.76 11.51 15.98 1.65 36.rkmp.60 73.53 3.2011.44 13.08 21.00 100.13 32.62 5.com.39 100. Ministry of Agriculture.07 23.07 13.66 1.69 2.19 Seed Replacement Rates (2008-09 to 2010-11) 2008-09 32. DRR 2010 The states with comparatively low SRR can meet their requirements by entering into agreement for seed production with Public sector (State Seeds Corporations(SSCs)) / Governmental agencies / Cooperatives / Private sector organizations in the surplus seed producing states like Andhra Pradesh.in Rice Knowledge Management Portal (RKMP) Directorate of Rice Research. Department of Agriculture & Cooperation.00 46.42 30.org.09 17. Email: naiprkmp@gmail.13 28.73 1.86 28.40 26. GOI *Rice Almanac India.27 20. Tamil Nadu.77 31.61 28.45 Source: National Conference on Agriculture for Kharif campaign .05 61.00 42.39 19.ha) * 2006-07 Karnataka Gujarat Madhya Pradesh Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh Maharashtra Chathisgarh Punjab Haryana Uttar Pradesh Bihar Orissa Jharkhand West Bengal Assam 1.70 2009-10 38.79 25. Karnataka.31 70.52 28.05 14.00 42. etc Page | 7 For more Information contact: Visit Rice Knowledge Management Portal http://www.39 0.85 37.00 32. U. pdrice@drricar.32 15.02 20.92 3.62 1.95 22.Table 4: Seed Replacement Rates (SRR) in Rice in Major Rice Growing States of India During 2008-09 to 2010-11 (SRR in percentage) State Area (m.P. 295 Fax: 91-40-24591217 . Maharashtra.39 27. Rajendranagar.com Ph: 91-40-24591218.03 22.04 5. Hyderabad 500030.co.

to trade the licensed hybrid/variety. the seed packet should contain a visible statement “This hybrid is produced by using the parental lines licensed by Page | 8 For more Information contact: Visit Rice Knowledge Management Portal http://www. All popular hybrids of public sector/ private sector for which there is demand from farmers.PRIVATE . Modifications Needed in MOA of ICAR/SAU’s Clause No. if desired by the company.in Rice Knowledge Management Portal (RKMP) Directorate of Rice Research. Rajendranagar. the following changes are needed in the MOA being adopted by ICAR/SAU’s currently (Table 5).org.0 %.com. In the absence of this. To enable the farmers to have access for the latest varietal / hybrid seed of public sector research organisations (ICAR/SAU’s). This goes a long way in making available the seeds of latest rice varieties/hybrids developed by public sector to the farming community which ultimately helps to increase farm incomes. 5 The Licensee agrees that it would In case the Licensee wants to use any market the seed under the same exclusive denomination (brand name) name as given by the licensor.co. Email: naiprkmp@gmail.7 of SMTA of CGIAR.This goes a long way in agreement commercializing public bred varieties. shaiknmeera@gmail. the farmers will be denied of getting the benefit of the popular hybrids.PUBLIC . irrespective of their notification and release.PARTNERSHIP (PPP) IN SEED PRODUCTION The public sector research organizations (ICAR/SAU’s) need support of public and private sector seed companies for popularizing the high yielding varieties / hybrids of rice developed by them.com Ph: 91-40-24591218. to be made eligible for subsidies. 295 Fax: 91-40-24591217 . 4 Existing clause Modification suggested The Licensee agrees that it would use The parents of the hybrids particularly the given parent line(s) only for the ‘R’ lines to be permitted for marketing purpose of commercial seed as a variety. Table 5. Hyderabad 500030. pdrice@drricar. production and sale of the said hybrid The royalty for such varieties is to be and its marketing as per this paid on par with Article 6.1% or 1. which is about 1.rkmp.

pdrice@drricar. and the licensor will not be responsible for any complaints/litigation.org. Not to insist for specific permission from licensor.es) including farmers/ farmers organization/court decisions etc. This will help to avoid unhealthy companies. The Licensor if required. Hyderabad 500030.co.rkmp. of the said variety/hybrid.com. since they may Page | 9 For more Information contact: Visit Rice Knowledge Management Portal http://www.com Ph: 91-40-24591218. The middle level and small companies will be at a disadvantage.Clause No. competition among 9&10 The Licensee agrees not to sublicense to produce/multiply/market the seeds of the said variety/hybrid to any other company including its own subsidiaries/associate companies operating in India or abroad. when marketed through its subsidiaries/ associates companies.lakhs at the time of signing the MOA. In case the Licensee desires to further sub-license the seed multiplication and marketing or any other use. 12 The Licensee agrees to be fully responsible for any complaint made /liability claimed by any affected party (i.in Rice Knowledge Management Portal (RKMP) Directorate of Rice Research. This will help for sale of large volumes of seed. the Licensee agrees that it shall be done only with specific written permission /agreement with the licensor. Existing clause Modification suggested ICAR/SAUs”. 14 The Licensee agrees to pay upfront payment of Rs…….. Some of the big national companies having share holding in other companies are selling popular products through all their associate companies. 295 Fax: 91-40-24591217 . On payment of above mentioned amount by the Better to increase royalty instead of upfront payment and royalty. shaiknmeera@gmail. Email: naiprkmp@gmail. Licensee to be permitted to sub-license the product to its subsidiaries/associate companies operating in India. to depute scientists to inspect the fields under complaint and to give the feedback to the company. Rajendranagar.

Clause No. of R line) Modification suggested not be able to pay upfront.5 kg. pdrice@drricar. of A line. Email: naiprkmp@gmail.com Ph: 91-40-24591218.rkmp. 17 The Licensor and the Licensee agree that this agreement is valid initially for a period of …….which is mandatory. Hyderabad 500030. On payment of the above mentioned royalty every year by the Licensee .lakhs at the time of signing the MOA and will pay royalty @4% on the total amount of net realization value [Net realization value =(Invoice price-Dealers discount)] of sale of hybrid seed produced subject to a minimum payment of Rs……lakhs every year starting from the third season (second year) during the period under which MOA is in force. and thereafter.years from the date of signing the agreement. it is renewable for any further period on mutually agreed terms and conditions. Page | 10 For more Information contact: Visit Rice Knowledge Management Portal http://www. Rajendranagar.com. shaiknmeera@gmail. Agreement period to be valid for five years uniformly. 295 Fax: 91-40-24591217 . To encourage the above two categories of companies.co. the Licensor will supply 30 kg. of B line and 5 kg.in Rice Knowledge Management Portal (RKMP) Directorate of Rice Research. it is better to charge royalty only. the Licensor will supply the seeds of parental lines of the hybrid(10 kg. Existing clause Licensee.org. seeds of the variety or The Licensee agrees to pay upfront payment of Rs……..

295 Fax: 91-40-24591217 . Tech Ltd.PARTNERSHIP IN RICE. J. Kaveri Seed Seeds. Ltd.PRIVATE .. MOU / MOA in Rice with Private Seed Companies Public Sector S. New Delhi Pusa RH-10 India Foundation Seed and Services Association.. Pratham Biotech Limited.. Namdhari Amareshwara Seeds Agri.Ltd. Research Organizations 1 DRR. the private sector seed companies have entered into MOU/MOA with the following ICAR organizations / SAU’s (Table 6). Hyderabad DRRH-2 Sampoorna Seeds. Page | 11 For more Information contact: Visit Rice Knowledge Management Portal http://www.Ltd. Ltd.K. Zuari Seeds Limited. pdrice@drricar. 2 DRR. Ankur Seeds Pvt.com. Hyderabad 500030.com Ph: 91-40-24591218. Shakthi Seeds Pvt Ltd.PUBLIC . Table 6. Neo Seeds. Nath Biogene (I) Ltd. Ltd. Email: naiprkmp@gmail. shaiknmeera@gmail.. Bio seed Research India Pvt.in Rice Knowledge Management Portal (RKMP) Directorate of Rice Research.Agri Genetics. Yashoda Seeds Pvt.. Ltd.... Rajendranagar. Advanta India Limited. Ganga Kaveri Seeds Pvt.No. Charoen Pokphand Seeds (INDIA) Private Limited.Ltd. Hyderabad DRRH-3 Devgen Seeds & Crop Techonology Pvt. With a view to make available the seeds of rice hybrids developed by public sector research originations (ICAR / SAU’s) to the farming community in different states.rkmp.co. and India Foundation Services Rice Hybrids under MOU/MOA Private Sector Seed Companies entered into MOU/MOA Association. Pvt.. Vikky’s Agrisciences Pvt. Devgen Seed & Crop Technology Pvt. Ltd 3 IARI.org.

Karnataka. is concentrated Sahyadri-1 JRH-4. Annapurna Seeds. Andhra Pradesh share in hybrid rice seed production is around 85 %. Uttar Pradesh.N.. Chathisgarh. Cuttack PSD-1& PSD-3 CORH . Hyderabad Namdhari Bangalore. Khammam. Maharashtra. Bidadi.C. Kurnool and Mahabubnagar districts of Page | 12 For more Information contact: Visit Rice Knowledge Management Portal http://www.org.. pdrice@drricar. Uttarakhand and West Bengal.. Ltd.co. Karimnagar. 295 Fax: 91-40-24591217 . the SSCs / Governmental organizations of these states can enter into agreements for seed production with their counter parts and Private companies of the states. Pune. Seeds Pvt. B. Hyderabad 500030.com. Ltd.Bhavani Seeds Pvt. et-al 2011 RICE SEED PRODUCTION a) Varietal Rice Seed Production : Varietal seed production of rice is mainly concentrated in the states of Andhra Pradesh .Coimbatore CRRI. JRH-5 KRH-2 Syngenta India Ltd.in Rice Knowledge Management Portal (RKMP) Directorate of Rice Research. Pantnagar TNAU. Tamil Nadu. Karjat JNKVV. 4 5 GBPUAT. Syngenta India Ltd..3 Ajaya. T. Hybrid rice seed is also produced in Chathisgarh. Madhya Pradesh. Ltd. Rajalakshmi 6 UAS. Rasi Seeds (P) ltd. shaiknmeera@gmail. Jabalpur 9 Source: Viraktamath. b) Hybrid Rice Seed Production: The hybrid rice seed production mainly in Andhra Pradesh. Rajendranagar. which can produce more quantities of seed over and above their state requirements. Warangal.rkmp. Pune..com Ph: 91-40-24591218. Orissa. Hyderabad. Punjab. Where ever there is shortage of rice varietal seeds. Email: naiprkmp@gmail. Karnataka and other states. Vikky’s Agrisciences Pvt. Vikky’s Agrisciences Pvt. Mandya 7 8 BSKKV. Attur.

org.5 to 3. shaiknmeera@gmail. Email: naiprkmp@gmail. pdrice@drricar.com. Rajendranagar.co. Hyderabad 500030. This will help to achieve the hybrid rice seed targets set under National Food Security Mission (NFSM).75 lakh qtls of hybrid rice seed was produced in the state. There is ample scope for producing required quantities of hybrid rice seed in Andhra Pradesh due to congenial climate prevailing during rabi season in northern Telangana region of the state. However. two hybrids in medium slender grain category were released viz.in Rice Knowledge Management Portal (RKMP) Directorate of Rice Research. There are more than 40 companies producing hybrid rice seeds in the state. State Seeds Development Corporation Ankur Seeds Ltd Advanta India Ltd. Andhra Pradesh is one of the important states for production of hybrid and varietal seeds of rice. also supplies seeds to many other states through APSSDC & private seed companies functioning in the state. So far.P.com Ph: 91-40-24591218.No 1 2 3 4 Name of the Company A. 295 Fax: 91-40-24591217 . 27 are from public sector and 16 are from private sector. there is a need to develop still more hybrids in this category for southern India. which ultimately helps to make available hybrid rice seed at a reasonable price. We have to concentrate on developing rice hybrids with synchronous flowering parents which are less sensitive to weather aberrations for getting higher seed yields.RICE HYBRIDS RELEASED IN INDIA Till 2010 a total of 46 rice hybrids were released in the country both from public and private sector.. Sl. Out of these hybrids.rkmp. This will help to make hybrid rice seed production more profitable. The following are the major companies involved in production and marketing of hybrid rice seed in India (Table 7). DRRH-3 (DRR) & 27P11 (Pioneer) on par with grain quality of BPT 5204 (Samba mashuri). The state in addition to meeting its own requirements. It is estimated that during 2010-11 rabi season an approximate quantity of 3. RICE SEED PRODUCTION IN ANDHRA PRADESH. Annapurna Seeds Page | 13 For more Information contact: Visit Rice Knowledge Management Portal http://www.

Page | 14 For more Information contact: Visit Rice Knowledge Management Portal http://www.Ltd. Devgen Seeds & Crop Technology Dhaanya Seeds Ganga Kaveri Seeds Pvt. Kaveri Seeds Company Ltd Krishidhan Seeds Ltd Maharashtra State Seeds Corp Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Ltd.No 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 Aadhaar Seeds Pvt. Nirmal Seeds Pvt.com. Siri Seeds (India) Pvt. Rasi Seeds (P) Ltd.rkmp. Karnataka Agricultural University J. Ltd M & M Seeds Nath Bio Gene(India) Ltd National Seeds Co-operation Nidhi Seeds Pvt.com Ph: 91-40-24591218.org. Name of the Company Bayer Bio Science Pvt. Rajendranagar. 295 Fax: 91-40-24591217 . Syngenta India Ltd.Ltd. pdrice@drricar. Sriram Bioseed Genetics India Ltd. Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd PHI Seeds Ltd.Ltd. Delta Agri Genetics Pvt.5 Sl. Hyderabad 500030.Ltd Bioseed Research India Pvt. Agri Genetics Ltd.Ltd.Ltd. Email: naiprkmp@gmail. Super Seeds (P) Ltd Spriha Bio-Sciences Pvt.K. shaiknmeera@gmail. Indo American Hybrid Seeds-India Pvt Ltd. Manisha Agri Bio Tech Pvt.Ltd.in Rice Knowledge Management Portal (RKMP) Directorate of Rice Research.Ltd.Ltd.co.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Agency NSC Ltd APSSDC Ltd Seed Village Program Seeds Farms NAFED Ltd MSSC Ltd SFCI Ltd Co-operatives Private Companies Total Source: APSSCA 2010 942948 14. Zuari Seeds Ltd. NSC. During the period from 2007-08 to 2009-10 the quantity of certified rice seed produced in the state ranged from 9.co. Rajendranagar. APSSDC.in Rice Knowledge Management Portal (RKMP) Directorate of Rice Research.R Seeds Pvt. pdrice@drricar.84 to 14. Victory Seeds Vikky's Agrisciences Pvt Ltd V. During 2009-10 certified seeds of 49 rice varieties were produced in the state.N.74. Vibha Agritech Ltd. Page | 15 For more Information contact: Visit Rice Knowledge Management Portal http://www.rkmp.33 34 35 36 37 38 U S Agri Seeds (India) Pvt. SFCI and State Seed Corporations Viz.No. Hyderabad 500030.org.760 Quantity Certified 92615 348027 771 159 37003 47802 1090 4345 From the above it is seen that National Seed Oraganisations Viz.74 lakh qtls. 295 Fax: 91-40-24591217 . shaiknmeera@gmail. Table 8: Agency wise Certified Rice Seed Production in Andhra Pradesh during 2009-10 Quantity in qtls Sl. (Table 8).Ltd.com. Ltd. MSSC and Co-operatives and Private Seed Companies have taken up certified seed production of rice in Andhra Pradesh. Email: naiprkmp@gmail.com Ph: 91-40-24591218. Source: Information collected from production centers CERTIFIED SEED PRODUCTION OF RICE IN ANDHRA PRADESH.

low value crops also.org. The share of India in commercial seed market is 4. the share of private seed companies in certified seed production of rice in Andhra Pradesh was 63. Table 9: Domestic Seed Market in Top Ten Countries (March 2011) Value: USD million Country USA China France Brazil India Japan Germany Italy Argentina Canada Value 12000 6000 2400 2000 2000 1400 1261 780 600 550 Page | 16 Source: International Seed Federation (ISF). 000 crores by 2015. VALUE OF INDIAN SEED MARKET: India with nearly 2000 USD million ranks 4th along with Brazil in domestic seed market in the world.com Ph: 91-40-24591218. pdrice@drricar. Email: naiprkmp@gmail. During 2009-10.9 percent.9400 crores) in 2011. 2011 For more Information contact: Visit Rice Knowledge Management Portal http://www.co. Rajendranagar. registering an increase of 33. 295 Fax: 91-40-24591217 . Hyderabad 500030. Thus the private sector seed companies are playing great role in seed production of high volume . shaiknmeera@gmail.com.76 percent.3% in a span of three years.15.in Rice Knowledge Management Portal (RKMP) Directorate of Rice Research.This shows that there is ample scope for production of certified seed of required rice varieties in Andhra Pradesh to meet the seed requirements of various states and thereby increase their Seed Replacement Rates. (Table 9).rkmp.The domestic seed market of India had increased from 1500 USD million in 2008 to 2000 USD million (Rs. The domestic seed market value of the country may easily reach Rs.

New Delhi. 2011.Indian Seeds and Planting Material. Anonymous. 2. Muthuraman P.Meera.. India. B.C. Government of India. Prasad. Rajendranagar. Viraktamath. Ministry of Agriculture. 295 Fax: 91-40-24591217 . and Shaik N.S. The value of seed exports can be increased considerably by increasing export of hybrid seeds of rice and maize etc.2. Department of Agriculture & Cooperation.co. Sailaja. References: 1.Meera. Bangaladesh. 2010.. to Vietnam. Prasad. 4(2). B. Viraktamath.PrivatePartnership in Rice Sector: Present Status and Future Prospects.com Ph: 91-40-24591218. Rice Almanac India. and Hari Prasad. New Delhi. A. Hyderabad 500030.. B.R. Directorate of Rice Research. India. Hyderabad. pp 1.. A. The value of seed exports of field crops from India in 2009 was 15 USD million. Department of Agriculture & Cooperation. 2010. India.in Rice Knowledge Management Portal (RKMP) Directorate of Rice Research. National Conference on Agriculture for Kharif Compaign-2011. Government of India. National Seed Association of India. 2011. Email: naiprkmp@gmail.5(a). Shaik N. Philippines. New Delhi. Page | 17 For more Information contact: Visit Rice Knowledge Management Portal http://www. Indonesia and other countries. India.C. 57-67.The varieties/hybrids of different crops developed in India will be suitable for the Agro Ecological zones situated between 300 North and South latitudes.. Shobha Rani.org. 3. shaiknmeera@gmail. Anonymous. 4. Ministry of Agriculture.. Agricultural statistics at a glance: Directorate of Economics and statistics.. pdrice@drricar.. Rajendranagar.V. pp 49-55.rkmp.com. 4. G.6(a) &10. Public . N. Tables 4..S.S.

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