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AGM 30th November 2011 7.

30pm Scout HQ Minutes

1. Welcome & Introductions Present: Kester Sharpe, Susie Brown (Treasurer), Lesley Bowser (Secretary), Alan Monkman (Committee/parent), Paula Parker (committee/parent), Andrew Sharpe (Scout Leader), Ian Storey (Cub Leader), Ben Dixon (Beaver Leader), Mollie Stewart (Young Leader Beavers), Denise Hartley (ADC Cubs) 2. Apologies for absence Matt Fowler (Chair), Rodney Barton (DC), Neil Brown (Cub Leader), Dave Shaw (Explorer Leader), Claire Willey (Beavers/Cubs), Nick & Emma Snowden, McCaffrey family (Cubs/Scouts). It was noted that an invitation had been sent to all families in the Group. 3. Approval of minutes of previous AGM: Approved Alan Monkman Seconded Ian Storey 4. Group Annual Report (Chair on behalf of all sections) See separate sheet It was noted that this will be the final report from Explorers as they are now separate to the group. 5. Executive Committee report: See separate sheet Kester Sharpe thanked the Executive Committee for the role that they had taken on following her retirement as Group Scout Leader. There are ongoing changes at District level and there will be support coming forward. A special mention was made to Andrew Sharpe in recognition of his 28 years involvement in Scouting at 1st Molescroft. He had been nominated for and was presented with the Silver Acorn Award, attending the St Georges Day celebrations at St Georges Chapel, Windsor Castle in April this year. 6. Treasurers Report Approval of accounts, year ending 31st March 2011 Approved Andrew Sharpe Seconded Ben Dixon It was noted that under the Charities Commission, we still need to hold a fairly large amount in our reserves as a contingency fund for the building (for the future) and also to support ongoing activities. 7. Appointment of independent auditor, examiner or scrutineer. As the Groups income is below 25,000, we must have our accounts inspected by a Scrutineer. Andrew Sharpe and Alan Monkman agreed to look for a suitable person to fulfil this requirement. Both agreed to liaise with the Groups Treasurer. If this is unsuccessful, it was suggested to put out an appeal to all parents for a suitable candidate general accounting skills appropriate. Once identified, the scrutinised accounts information will be used to complete the annual online return to the Charities Commission.

8. Approval of nomination of the Chairperson & nominated members of the Group Executive Committee. Chair - Matt Fowler to continue Nominated Kester Sharpe Seconded Alan Monkman Any section Leader can opt in (not compulsory): Andrew Sharpe and Ian Storey were nominated by Kester Sharpe and Seconded by Lesley Bowser. 9. Election and Appointment of Office bearers a. Secretary Lesley Bowser Nominated Kester Sharpe Seconded Andrew Sharpe b. Treasurer Susie Brown Nominated Kester Sharpe Seconded Ian Storey 10.Election of members of the Group Scout Council to the Group Executive Committee Alan Monkman Paula Parker Nominated Kester Sharpe Seconded Lesley Bowser 11.Close of meeting Beaver Leader required from September 2012 Ben Dixon to provide a training session on setting up a Twitter Account for any section that requires one. The meeting closed at 8.10pm.

Item 4 Group Annual Report: Beavers The Beavers have welcomed new members and leaders/helpers too. The Pack has been really busy, with regards to badge work, and other colony related activities. Badges included the air activity badge, Creative challenge, Outdoor badge, a farm visit, experiment badge, the imagination badge and thinking of designs for our Pinewood Derby cars, the First Aid badge and a sleepover at the Deep. Beavers have linked successfully with our Cubs and local packs too. Our new Beavers colony has gone from strength to strength and in the age of computers, they are now on twitter! So watch this space. Cubs The cubs have been welcoming new members and the first Beavers to move up, been promoting Sixers and Seconders and enjoying a wide range of activities; a traditional evening of conkers including planting them to grow, a sleepover at Beverley Leisure centre and the Pinewood Derby which continued links with local packs. They have learnt new skills and have had lots of fun. The cubs have gained many badges, including Astronomers, making bat boxes, animal friend badge, Hobbies badge, Fitness challenge, DIY, Home help, chef, Collectors, naturalist, athletes, local knowledge, swimmers, map reader, martial arts, chef and Global Challenge. Community wise the group has helped the Beverley Lions tidy up after their huge Bonfire and excellent firework display. We enjoyed a trip to Rock City and our summer camp too and looked at road safety. What a busy year! Scouts Christmas Term 2010 the Scouts worked on the Community Challenge Award completing three activities , Fence Painting at the Molescroft Pavilion, Clearing up on the Westwood after the Lions Bonfire and Tree planting at the Molescroft Pavilion (In the snow!) We also completed the Beverley 20 with an overnight stay at Melton Scout Campsite. A big success and everyone returned safely (or nearly only one boot almost lost in the banks of the Humber !) Spring Term Scout numbers increased to 27. We moved the Scout meeting night from a Thursday to a Monday (and managed to keep all the Scouts in the process), a big change for some of us who have been meeting on a Thursday for years! We had an evening climbing at Rock City part funded by the donations we received from the Community Challenge activities we had done previously. Summer Term we held a weekend camp at Raywell in May. Summer Camp this year was at Beaudesert, we had 15 Scouts with us and the week was a great success I think we got the only dry week of the Summer. We did many activities on site and had a couple of days offsite visiting Cadbury World and Tamworth Snowdome where the Scouts had a full day swimming, tobogganing and ice skating. Winter 2011 Term this term we have had a visit to the local Police Station which included one of our leaders being apprehended and handcuffed before being bundled in to a Police Van and taken to the cells. Explorers

This year we have had 6 new young people join Explorers, George Hodgson-Garret, Hannah, Isaac, Josh, Daniel and George Wood. We have also had to say Good-bye to Richard & Alex. 2011 has been an extremely busy year for the Explorers, starting with a Ceilidh night in the midst of the snow and ice; this was our main fundraiser for the Holland trip. The very active evening involved Explorer Leaders, members, parents and friends and included lots of dancing, fun and laughter and a very welcome hot supper. This was followed by our 1st formal Christmas meal. We arranged a fun night hike walking approx 8 miles, with a sleepover in HQ. Dave & Sandra met the Explorers at several check points along the route, and in the dark the sounds of laughter could be heard before the head torches were seen! We had a bag pack in February, followed by another one later in June. Also in February, we had our 1st taste of caving at Ingleborough, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. April was the 1st Apex challenge of the year this is always enjoyed by the Explorers such a huge competition & such fun. A survival camp was held at Bailwood in June this was superb as the Explorers catered for themselves on the whole, maintained the fire and were self sufficient for the first time. July saw a 2nd canoe session at North Cave, followed by a family BBQ at HQ. It was lovely for parents to mix with the youngsters and also get to know us a bit better. This was a great success. Later in July we embarked on the chill out camp at Rosedale, in the rain. A great time was had by all, wet/dry!! August saw some of the group travelling to Holland for a cycling/camping trip. The outcome was a fantastic experience learning about different cultures abroad. September saw the wedding of Dave & Sandra, followed immediately by Apex Extreme at the end of the month. We entered 3 teams this event, the most to date, with fantastic results. By popular request another night hike was planned, with the now regular sleepover! Bowling was arranged for November, this wasnt competitive at all!! Our next event is caving again this coming weekend. We will conclude this year with a Xmas party and look forward to exciting events in 2012. Item 5 - Executive Committee report: 2011 has seen the formation of an Executive Committee, whose main purpose is to deal with the administration of the group to ensure that the leaders main focus can be the young people. The Executive Committee is still in its infancy but has already helped take a lot of the administrative burden previously placed on the GSL role. The Committee aims to meet once a month to discuss any pertinent matters which require our involvement and to discuss the on-going planning of fund raising, financial management, building upkeep etc.

One major step forward has been the signing of a partnership agreement between the Scout group and 1st Molescroft Explorers unit. This has enabled Explorers to become far more independent, whilst still maintaining a close working partnership with the group. There are three executive roles in the Committee they are Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, other members are classed as elected members who can be voted in by different means but all fulfil the same role of supporting the group, volunteers are always welcome to help the committee, your involvement only needs to be as much as you can spare, we are all volunteers and understand that in this day and age free time is hard to come by. One of our biggest aims is to have more people available to vote in decisions made as the more people we have on the books the fewer burdens are placed on any one individual to attend every committee meeting. In 2012 we aim to sustain the good work of the leaders by working more closely with them to help relieve any of the administrative pressures that often arise when trying to organise days away, fundraising events etc.