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TO the launch issue of 'Bead', the UK's first eve r beading and jewellery magazine, a long overdue venture I'm sure you'Il ali agree! Having been a beader and jewellery maker myself for many years, I'm weJl aware of how nice it is to curl up on the sofa with a new copy of your favourite magazine, read all the articles, look at all the pictures and be inspired by the projects. Our aim is for every issue to provide something for everyone, whatever your taste in jewellery, preferred techniques or level of experience. We want to give you the information you need on the beads, tools and findings that you'll find in your local bead shop, as well as projects that make you want to reach for those beads. I'm sure you'll agree that we get off to a roaring start this issue with, among other items, the profiles of two UK designers, a jewellery maker talking about the fun she had at Harrow Bead Fair, and ten great projects. With an exciting mix of beading, stringing, wirework, chain rnaiile and PMC, we hope we'll open your eyes to all the wonderful techniques, tools and materials out there. The team behind the magazine have been working hard to bring you this issue and we look forward to working equally hard on all those to come. We also look forward to hearing from you. Let us know your ideas for projects and articles, as well as what you or your bead group are up to, and what you'd like us to feature. I know there's a thriving beading and jewellery making community out there in the UK and we want to make sure it's represented within these pages. ELCOME

Jean Power, Editor jeao@ashdown.co.uk

Regulars 3 Letter from the Editor Market Place Events & Classes Clubs and groups Reviews Classified Features 1 2 Take a closer look j san Power explores the wonderful world of drop beads and shows you different ways of using them 6 37 53 Spotlight on Findings Bracelets. one of the UK's leading wire jewellery artists.. about a career which has overcome many obstacles 5 5 From my toolbox There's a myriad of tools to choose from when it comes to beading and jewellery. .to create unique pieces.. split rings and key rings 70 72 34 Designer Spotlight We talk to Linda Jones. Weguids you through ths maze. necklaces and even keyrings . A beader's diary julie Smallwood reports on her experiences with friends at the Harrow Bead fair.jean Power shows you what you can do with jump rings. 6' 74 Designer Spotlight Clara Francis chats about how she turned a personal obsession with beads into a profitable business. Bead maker Spotlight Malaika Sacranie mixes traditional beadmaking techn ques with inspiration from her surroundin go.

5 .Projects 8 11 Daisy Drop Earrings Dazzling discs Christmas iDecoration Cards Carnival Necklace Chakra Ring Carnival Earrings Leather and Pearl lariat Decorative Key ring PMC Heart Pendant Fringed Lariat 8 20 25 31 38 40 46 48 67 40 DECEMBER 06 I JANUARY 117 • BEAD .

and distinctive wire mesh.co. stainless stesl and silver. The DVD includes sections on tools. these stylish beaded watch kits are a must for anyone interested in persohalising accessories. findings.'" """ sense of Golour and pattern. Time to bead! As seen on lTV's "This Moming" pmgramme.epbeads.co.co. design and marketing ideas . It's hard not to be enticed by the range and lustre of these wires. Always adding to their extensive range of enamelled colour copper wire. Wired and wacky! The Scientific Wire Com pany has been going since 1975 and continues to supply a selection of wire of BVery colour. 6 BEAD + DECEMBER 06 ! JANUA'RY 07 .35 includes the watch faDs. Io view the extensive range please visit the website www.beadsdireeteo.Once you've mastered the basics you're ready to experiment and the design possibilities are endless! Running time approx 18 mins. along with full instructions. To order a copy please visit www.uk 01509 852 187 for details.uk or call 0208 505 0002. Beads Direct also sell kits using hemane and silver beads. two colours of 4mm Miyuki square beads.M RK Here are some of the great new items we found whilst out and about. diameter and weave from just about every kind of metal imaginable. priced £15. titanium.wires. The kit. oreall Allison Ingh am has directed this instructional DVO. This kit provides a great project-based way to teach yourse~ square stitch and shows you how to develop your own Watch and learn What better way to relax than with a cup of tea and a soothing voice to guide you thmugh a series of simple Makil1g Jewelle . If you have any items you'd like featured on these pages please emailjean@ashdown.. to demonstrate key lips and techniques on how to maks1imeless charm bracelets and earring sets.uk. a clasp and needle. they have just launched thre8 flew shades including Charrpagne. nickel. Baby Pink and Green Chartreuse. that are made from copper.uk or call 01246 556 988. beads. proieets? Oesig ner Please visit www. Nymo thread.

West Sussex. tumbling and polishing of your finished ornaments I All you need to uo is follow the instructions. Bead Magazine. Shown in the picture are: The DelUxe Headers Tool Set (shown with blue handles) wh ich retails at £39. each plier is just 3 inches) this retails at £1995.thepmcstudio.. All th 8 tools feature comfortable foam grip handles for ease and comfort during prolonged use. 4 Piece Plier Set (shown with pink handles) that retails at £16. If you can't make the show you can buy them online from 13th November at www. Bead readers have the chan ce to win one of six sets of bo oks worth £28.com or call 08708500151. Ancient Ugllts. . HOT OFF THE PRESS Search Press hava rBG8n~y published two new beading books 'The Bead Selector's Bible' and' 100 Beaded Jewellery Designs' both of which are reviewed on page 71.Arundel.98.Julesgems. It's priced at £75 and comes packed in a Festive tin.GREAT TOOL KIT OFFER ON NEW SETS! If our tool articles and wirework projects have got you interested in updating your tOol kit. send your finished clay ornaments off and within a few days you'll receive back your fully finished.8g of PMC. or our heart pendant project has got you inspired. tools and equipment badger balm.lt contains all you'll need to make two silver snowflake omaments Oncluding 27. To see this kit and others please visit www. Simply send your nam 8 and address to Hot Off The Press Giveaway. Also new out areJulesqems brand new.com Dr call on 0845 123 5828. then these new pliers from Julesgems may be just what you're looking for.95. cubic zirconiums for added sparkle and full instructions) plus a voucher for free firing.95. Also available are the luxury gift boxes at £3 95 and festival Gutters specially designed for The PMC Studio. 7 Piece Miniature Tools Set (shown with red handles. but are worried about firing the clay. 19 River Road. h ig h-quality individual pliers with a colourful range of handlss. then this PMC Studio kit is for you . BN18 9EY All entries reoeived by 21st December 2006 will go into a draw and the first six names pulled:out of the hat will be sent book sets. GIVEAWAYI Let it snow If you've ever fancied having a go at PMC.Ashdown. solid silver ornaments.


1Thread a pearl onto each headpin. 2 3 Tie a double knot over the first knot. DECEMBER 06/ JANUARY 07 • BEAD 9 . Repeat with each pearl until all 32 are done. 5 Finish your lariat as you started. Thread three of th 8 pearls onto the end of the leather and knot them together. with 3 pearls knotted together and secured with a dab of glue. Let the glue dry. trim away the excess wire and make a turned loop above the pearl. 4 Now knot single pearls onto your pull it tight and dab some glue over the end to secu re it leather at 4cm intervals. then trim both ends right up to the knot You can wear this tied loosely around your neck or even coiled tightly on your arm.

4.uk make it a date in your diary 19 . Discover the addictive art of beading.make-it.craft ideas at Thorpe Park you'll be spoilt for choice at make it this January See the latest: materials. registered disabledand student door advance accompanied children U16 free of charge For group bookings (10 persons or more) call 01784 880894 how to book your tickets online at www.30 pm.make-itorg. Thorpe Park book your tickets in advance & save money One day adult pass £8 in advance / £9 on the door One day "concession pass £6 in advance j' £7 on the Three day adult pass £13. TV's popular craft duo. Meet Alan & Barry in person. scrapbooking and stamping. kits and techniques for card making.00 am . learn bow to design and make unique jewellery.10.21 January 2007. Enjoy a fun packed shopping weekend at the-largest craft show in the south.50 only available in advance Three day "concession pass £10.ukorour ticket hotline 08700 600100 small booking fee applies make it 19th-21st J_uary'2007 Thorpe Park .org.50 only available in "over 60'S. To find out more visit OIIT new website www.

If it was good enough for the Celts... it must be good enough for us! Continued next page . DECEMBER. 00 I JANUARY 07 • BEAD 11 .the art of coiled wire jewellery Rediscover the ancient craft of coiled wire jewellery.

. 12 BEAD.into a small circle using the tips of your round-nosed pliers.Bmm (20·gaugej 1 Working directly from a spool of wire.. making sure that Bachcoil butts up tight~ against the previous one. Beadstore . • Cylindrical dowel (or pen or pencil) 6 Using your flat nosed pliers.Bmm (20·gauge) copper or electrical wiJing. move the two ends just past one another a couple of times so that the wire springs back slightly and sits tightly in place.DAZZLING DISCS DESIGNnote If you haven't worked with wire before. Try to make this circle as round as possible. begin by curling the end. silver-plated wire . open the jump rings sideways (like a dDO~so that you don't distort th 8 shape and loop one end into the centre of one of the spirals as well as into th 8 top loop of another spiral. DECEMBER 061 JA'NUARY 07 7 To reinforce the strength of the jump rings and ensure that they don't spring open.O.8mm (20-gauge) gold-plated wire • Round-nosed pliers • Flat-nosed pliers • Wire ceners. as the rest of the spiral will be shaped around it 2 Grip the circle tightly in the jaws of your flat-nosed pliers and begin curling the wire around itself.O. . Cantinue connecting all the units together to form a chain. it's a good idea to practise with an inexpensive material such as O.

Reposition your pliers on the other side of the wire. Working directly a small cirele at the end us. Just wrap the wire around until you have formed a Goil with nine com plate circles. snip upward into the next row of the coil. you can create 'fish-hook' from the spool. leaving approximately 1Oem to form a spiral (as in steps land 2). just under this circle and cul the wire in the opposite direction around the wider part of the pliers to form the 'hook' . Snip the wire off the spool with your Gutters. Form this the projecting end of the wire into a circle in the opposite to the spiral. If you don't hav8 a dowsl.. Now link this clasp at the end of the chain with a jump ring and suspend a decorative spiral at the other end. Continue cutting each coil of the 'spring' in tum to obtain more jump rings. 8 Finally. leaving about 1em extending make nine jump rin gs. thereby cutting off a full circle. For a standard bracelet you will rsed about nine of nsede.ing the tips of your round-nosed pliers. form a clasp out of the same wire. these units. a suspension GU rlinQ loop.. Continued next page .3 When to form loop by direction the spiral is about 1 cm wide.. 5 Find the Gut end of the coil and snip the wire off the spool with your cutters. DECEMBER 06/ JANUARY 07 • BEAD 13 .Bmm (20-gaug8) wire aroun d a cylindrical dowel. 4 To connect the spirals together. use a straight pen shaft or ch unky knitting USing your wire cutters. These are formed by wrapping your O.

14 BEAD.ueing a ready-made ear post finding to the back of a spiral and suspending it with more spirals.Variations DAZZLING DISCS Go funky with bright pink wire or elegant with a mix of silver and gold SPI rals can be suspended all read~-made chains using two tones of Wire. DECEMBER 061 JA'NUARY Q7 . Earring lops can be created by gl.

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to large fat ones and everything in-between. The first figure is the width of me bead at its widest point. When buying drop beads you may be quoted a size. and pear drops are just some of the names given to this category of bead. Top drilled beads can be threaded or strung without the need for another bead at the bottom and are the style we will be looking at in th is article. but some best suit size 85 or even 65. In each issue we will bring you a different bead and give you some ideas on how best to use it In this issue we look at the world of drop beads. rather than down the centre. catalogues and websites are full of beads and materials we all like the look of but someti mes don't know what to do with.Take a closer ook By Jean Power Bead shops. Some drops match size l Is. whilst the name. daggers. TOP OR CENTRE DRILLED Size matters There are many variations on the drop shapes. for example 5x13. and the second figure is the length of the bead from top to bottom. The size can vary from style of bead to manufacturer and even colour so experiment with the combinations you want to make. However. dimensions and shape may change they're all designed to drop down or hang. and you want to keep the width of the piece consistent. from long thin ones. magazines. This means that the bead has the hole drilled across its top. Drop Beads Drops. then you need to use drop beads which closely match the size of your seed bead. Drops are ideal for experimenting with as they add texture and dimension to any work they're used in and come in a wide range of colours and finishes to match whatever else you're working with. can help you choose your beads when buying online or from a Top or Centre Drnted One term you may come across when buying beads is 'top drilled'. If you want to use a drop in your bead weaving. fringe beads One other size issue to bear in mind when using drop bead is the size of the beads base. This information catalogue. for example in a peyote stitch band. 16 BEAD + DECEMBER 00 ! JA'NUARY Q7 . pendants.

They're large enough that they can be a focal point on a chain or strung and often don't need much other accompaniment. If you see them under this name check to see if the hole is towards the edge. or huge drops that work well by themselves. Sometimes sold as lentil beads. are what reflect the light and catch everyone's eye. These are longer drop beads with a end. Disc drop beads These are flat. DISC DROP BEADS Dagger Beads Also sometimes called pendant flatter. One thing they all have in common is that they're the same basic pear shape. Less obviously 'drop shaped' these are more like size 6 seed beads with the hole nearer one edge than the centre. as they may not hang as you want them to. colours and finishes. Available in different sizes. You may find these sold as fringe beads. and therefore the many differen surfaces on these beads. from the fine more subtle ones in the left of the picture. DECEMBER 06/ JANUARY 07 • BEAD 17 . As well as adding shape and texture to your work these beads add a whole new dimension . Picture the end of a dagger blade and you will see where Pendants Put simply these are drops which are designed to be used by themselves as pendants. teardrops. Dmerent materials Crystals and Facets PENDANTS Magatamas Named after ancient curved Japanese beads (imagine one half of the yin-yang symbol) these are made exclusively by the Miyuki Bead Company. or paddle beads. similar to Magatamas in that their holes are near one edge. medium sized ones to add to a fringe. to the larger more dramatic ones on the right.SIMPLE DROPS MAGATAMAS Different shapes Simple Drops Simple drop beads come in all sizes. You can use these exactly as you would any CRYSTALS AND FACETS DAGGER BEADS Continued next page . round disc shaped beads. tiny drops or any number of other names.sparkle! Available in many variations the faceting. You can find tiny ones that work well with size 1] seed beads.. less rounded they get their name. Their main distinguishing feature is their size.. rather than through the centre or side. These are great for adding texture to your work and give a very different look to your usual drop beads.

flat or fat.• Projects using drop beads in this issue Carnival necklace and earrings on pages 25 and 38" Daisy drop earrings How they hang DOUBLE SPIRAL One important consideration when using drop beads is whether the hole is drilled from side to side.cH In peyote stitch (pictured Ileft) Mixing size 8 seed beads and Magatamas has given this peyote band added interest. The large brown one has its hole running from side to side so it can be threaded straight onto a hanging wire and the front of the bead will show. However. lina double spiral (pictured bottom left) Adding drop beads to this double spiral every three rows gives the piece more texture and colour contrast . HERRINGBONE Sm. one thing to be aware of is that d1e more work that goes into producing and cutting semi-precious beads. DECEMBER 06! JA'NUARY Q7 . the more expensive they will be. the facetted crystal bead has its hole running from on page 40. This can have a bearing on how the bead will hang and how you want to use it.GUS BEADS front to back so will need a jump ring or other attachment before it can be hung (otherwise it will be the side of the bead that faces out). Semi-precious beads Drops are a popular shape for semiprecious beads as their shape can often emphasise the colour changes available in a stone. 18 BEAD. Look again at the pendant beads. Available facetted or plain. In spiral rope (pictured above) This spiral rope neclJace has dagger beads every seven rows so that they hang down when worn.Ies linherringbone stitch (pictured left) Drops added to a herringbone rope give it texture. SEMI-PRECI. and the more waste materials produced. PEYOTE STITCH Using them in your work Not just for dropping Of course don't forget that although this style of bead is generally made for hanging down. or front to back. use them by themselves or with other tiny beads 50 you don't distract from them. So small facetted drops will be more expensive than plain drops in the same stone Examp.other drop bead or. you Canturn the beads on their head and use them for pointing up or out from your work.. However. as they often don't need much accompaniment. the material does not limit the choice of shape and size.

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why not have a go at making some yourself? 20 B'EAD • DECEMBER 06 I JANUARV 01 .gned for card making. hangers desi. Made using square stitch in delica beads. Materials • Beads. Search for the hangers at your local hobby or card making shop. as shown by each graph • Blank card • Metal hanger for deoorating Tools & equipment • Scisrors • Beading thread • Beading needle These versatile beaded ornaments can be used to decorate Christmas cards and then hung from your tree year on year. beael shop.Designed by Jean Power Sllppliers We got our hangers from Hobby Crall and our beads from o~r local. they're hung from cute metal. or if you have some experience in wirework.

.see note above for guidance. Pass the needs through all of the beads of the first nowand then all of the beads of the second row to pull your work tight sn that little or no thread shows betwsen your beads and your work stiffens. 3 Pick up the first bead you need for the n ext row and loop thmu gh the last bead' of the previous row. So for the first row read the chart from left to right then the second row read from right to left. 4 Take your needle and thread through your n 8W bead to fin ish attaching it and to be in position to carry on beading. This is simply a bead you have gone through a couple of times with your needle and thread. the next left to right. where each bead is sewn onto the bead in the row above it Be aware when following the chart that you need to aternate what direction you pick th 8 beads up for each row.. Ad d a stop bead if required. Once you've finished your beading. Make sure not to pull it so tight that your work buckles up or becomes wavy. continuing this pattern until the end. Make sure not to pull it so tIght that your work buckles up or becomes wavy. you can remove the stop bead'to firish DESIGNnote Step 2 The beading stitch you'll be uSing is square stitch. 3-4 until you have added all the bead s for the second row. Pick up the next bead shown on the chart.ign you want to use. go through the second to last bead added in the previous row and then back through your new bead.. taking Gars not to pierce the thread. Continoocl next page . pick up all of the beads for the top row. leaving at least 8 inches of thread at the end 2 Following the chart for the des. DECEM BER (]6 I JANUARY 07 • BEAD '21 . 1 Thread your needle with a comfortable working length of thread. 5 6 Repeat steps.DESIGNnote Step 1 You can use a stop bead at the start of your work to stop your beads falling off until you have secured them.

Now put your needle back OI1toyour old thread and weave this through your work as you did the new ons. taking the needle off and starting a new thread. Weave your th read through your work to secure. down the last to weave through the previous row and back rne added. Begin th is by ore 01 your top row beads small thread loop on the front stopping when your old thread is at least 3 inches long. until it is secure. then trim. then contin ua bead in g with your new thread.. Hook the hanger through the loop on your card and enjoy! 8 Rem ove your stop bead and add your needle to the thread at the beginning of your work . Continue looping over the hanger aad moving along one bead until you reach the en d of the row. Trim as close to your work as you can. of your card where you want the dscoralion to hang. 22 B'EAD • DECEMBER 06 I JANUARV 01 .0 Use your make a beading thread to on beading. Weave your endin g th read into your work to sscu re and cut as close to your work as possible DESIGNnote Step 7 You will need' to add new threads as you Garry 9 Attach by exiting your beadwork to the hanger 1.* CHRISTMAS DECORATION CARDS 7 Continue adding rows until you when you have have beaded all of the rows for your design. Weave this new thread through your work. and looping over the bottom of the hanger. crossing itself at least onte. until you reach when you stopped beading.. Go back into the bead you were exiting and weave through to the next bead along. remembering finished adding a row.

5 0.F .5 2.Black D(08203) .F -Transparent Dark Emerald • • DECEM BER (]6 I JANUARY 07 • BEAD 23 .FlarTIBRed CJ (0 B772) .Transparent Dark Emerald [OB654) .B .Opaque Maroon 654 203 767 265 86 86 1.Charts CHRISTMAS PRESENT Christmas Candle Delica Quantity 1 Appmx grams 10 43 203 722 751 767 Christmas tree Delica 34 5 250 12 26 446 Quantity 0.24kt Ligllt • • • Gold (OB767).A .Cream (0843) .5 0.2) .Metallic Dark Bronze [OB654) .5 CHRISTMAS TREE CHRISTMAS CANDLE D [OB203) .5 1 App rox gram s D [OB203) • • .B .E -Dpauie Yellow • (OB767) .5 0.Orange D (OB751) .5 1.D .C .B .5 2.F .Cream (08767) .Opaque Maroon (OB10) .5 Appmx grams 203 322 654 767 Christmas Present Delica 11 430 6 17 134 Quantity 0.Transparent Dark Emerald [OB32.5 0.Cream D [OB34) .C .5 0.5 0.5 0.B .B .B .

send three 2nd class stamps to:. G-Lon Threads and accessories. 061 JANUARY 07 . Suppliers of Cabochons. Be inspired by our luscious 80 page full colour catalogue (n. • PI'> Home of the celebrated Bead Traveller the essential work mat for beaders.Oak Tree Crafts The first name for quality Beading Kits and Instructions for all abilities. 80 Charterhouse Drive. ~e9. An incredible range.4 BEAD. DECEMBER. SoHhull.Je(1zd0U~ •. Miyuki Beads. Sterling Silver Clasps.Oak Tree Crafts.com 2.. Oak Tree House. 891 3FH www.oaktreecrafts. are all things that make Bead Exclusive the one stop shop for beacers.95 refundable) or our fabulous easy to use secure website For an illustrated catalogue. wonderful service and superb quality.

Designed by Jean Power NEC CE This necklace combines the jump rings talked about on pages 28-29. the techniques shown on pages 53-55. all with a quick and easy Chain Maille technique known as 'Shaggy Loops'. and the drop beads on pages 16-1.. 00 I JANUARY 07+ BEAD 25 . DECEMBER. 8. Continuoo next page ..

2986rnrnjump ri'ngs • 198 smal. 19 inch necklace . The chain itself is very tactile with lots of movement and as soon as you add some colour it's bound togst anentonl You can use any clasp of your choice. make sure you leave as little gap as possible. the attaching loop on one end of your clasp and close it.1 drop beads. Place a drop bead onto 198 rings and close these all tight YOLI 2 Place two of the rings with drop on 3 Then link this open ring through them onto one of your open rings. Materials DESIGNnote When closing all otthe jump rings. so for a. simply join it to the chain with one of rings. that no rings or beads can come off. approximately 11 g. Make sure the drop beads IH onto your jump nngs • Clasp 01 your cnoice TOOls & equipment • Two pairs of flat pliers 1 Open all of the ju mp ring s. will be left with 100 open rings. This is the beginning of your chain.CA a great new IVAL NECKlACE The simplicity of the chain means it's introductory piece for anyone to making Chain Maille Chains and the cornbinafion the plain metal with ths colour of beads is bound to appeal to anyone with a love of beads. The chain itself is very tactile with lots of movement and as soon as you add some colour ifs bound to get attention! 26 .

The chain can be made with no beads for an all-metal look. 5 Repeat step 4 until you have used up all but one of your jump rings. Shaggy loops have thedestinction of changing dramatically as soon as you lay It on its side.this open ring through the ring they are attached to. The necklace shown here uses large Jasper leaves hung from a Shaggy Loops chain. Shaggy Loops hangi ng vertical IV 4 Pick up another open jump ring and thread two of the rings with beads onto it Spread apart the two drop rings already part of your chain and link. More on Shaggy Loops Shaggy Loops is a modem Chain Maille chain that has the distinction of appearing to be a solid chain when held vertically but changing dramatical~ as soon as you lay it on its side.Variations Playing around with the chain You can also mix and match a range of beads on your jump rings to give a more random look that can be used to Goordinatewith large focal beads. Close the ring. Then use the last jump ring to attach the olher end of your clasp Shaggy Loops hanging horizonally BEAD 27 .

Precious metal rings are produced by cutting the is made out of. In this regular column we will shine a spotlight on a different finding each issue. OD and aspect ratios. clasps are attached with and earring's hung from coil with a fine jewellers' saw. they ate then tumbled to remove any burs.it Rings and Key Rings )r ") Types of How they're made Jump rings begin as metal wire which is coiled around a metal rod. This extra care is reflected in the price but is also reflected in the better. In jewellery making and beading we know them as the pieces we use to fasten. sizes and even types of wire. jump rings can come in many different metals. take a closer look and give you ideas on how to use them. Don't be baffled. This is reflected in their price and whilst these rings are perfectly acceptable will depend on the material the rings are made of.by an artisan. You can buy especially for this purpose or substitute mandrels them with knitting needles or any other metal rod you can find. The coil is then cut along its length so each loop of the coil turns into a jump ring. less sharp cut. colours. 28 BEAD. but also the quality of the finish Base metal and plated rings are usual] y cut whole new world of ill. 00 ! JANUARY 07 . finished price. These are l "'\i. perfect for replacing split rings in project so you get the security they would offer combined look of a plain ring. How OUt they're depends on what they're made of as well and affects not only their start buying jump rings you may enter a or not you come across ~ as the manufacturer achieved. Jump Rings These are the little rings of metal that chain rnaille to use you will find that when dosed the cut is more obvious and less secure. Which one you choose will depend on the project you're making. called a mandrel.Spot ight on Findings By Jean Power SPLIT •I ' t' Findings are defined as those small tools and materials used . more secure finish to your wade Types of jump rings As you can see in the picture (left). DECEMBER.. join and finish our work.".. which is quicker but gives a HbW they're made rougher. whether these terms with wire cutters. what you're going to use them for and the finished look you want You can also buy jump rings that have been soldered so there is no gap in the ring. with the o Buying Jump Rings Once YOLl ( _) Spl.

. When buying Sterling Silver or gold rings you'll find the sizes. Using one to attach your clasp instead of a jump ring means you can roll your bracelet on and off your wrist without the jump ring popping open. as shown here on the Garnival necklaoe.Rings made of base metals. whereas some measurement Diameter (ID). Above: For this bracelet Julie has.lh a bolt ring.. is not usually specified with these rings. article on pages 54·55 Here you'Il learn all about opening and closing rings.. these give a much more secure as they cannot be easily pulled open . SplU rings and Key Rings Split rings and key rings are the same item.Smrn gauge. add large seed beads to a chain of key rings and use a large clasp to secure. wearable belt. used exactlv the same technique as the one ab0ll8 but this time using all plain rings.thread your flexible beading wire through them as a clasp or bead onto them. or . or plated. instead the wire gets thicker and grows in proportion with the size of the ring. both of which mix jump rings and drop beads. It is important You Below: In this bracelet tile jewellery designer Julie Smallwood has linked together solid twisted jump ri nQs with plain rings that she has threaded Double Delica beads onto.ornm Using Jump rings If this has inspired you to use jump rings in your work. and this size is the Outer Diameter (OD).• DECEMBER 06/ JANUARY 07 • BEAD 29 . and therefore their Above: For a great modern. can vary a lot more with the wire gauge now being taken into account will also find that some sellers by the OD. split rings are available in different metals and sizes . TIle thickness of the wire. Like jump rings. So if you see a ring advertised OD and . 8 or lOmm rings. Which ones you choose will depend on the project you want to make and what you want to llse them for. learn more about them in our 'From My Toolbox'. You can also make wire loops around the coils to add drops or dangles . some of which have disc drop beads threaded onto them. finish Below: Split rings can even form part of the actual clasp. may find it is 6mm ID and . sell their rings sized by Internal sell them that you know what the seller is quoting as you could end as 6mm/ . just at different sizes. You can then move on to try our 'Carnival Necklace on pages 25·27 and the 'Carnival Earrings on pages 3S·39. So you may find yourself buying 6. See the project on pages 46-47 to see how this technique can be used to create a decorated key ring or bag charm. are generally sold simply by size. strength. Similar to jump rings. Combine them wi.Smm gauge. Because of their coils. lobster clasp or S-l1ook to finish your beaded or strung jewellery Using Spilt and key rings Split rings can be used by opening one end of a coil and winding items onto them .just as you would put keys onto a key ring.Smrn you up 'with a different size than the one you wanted. split rings can be used to add an extra element of security to a bracelet. and choices. or the gauge. but 'with more loops of a coil.

72·S Glass ~frld~.fpply b~th the t.We St.es in stock fj·i'1Mn~s. :Seed ~erlds.fcJini6re .MixfS.ts.lpdlltes ~f new (&"a e~~itin~ pr'!5dt...(5rti J. f-~f jel. 0.(I5.~t: WwW. 5JieU..\ieHerLf m"t:.. iflf6@jilll1~('u"s. We>~"(HId rfit.e( ~erlds... DECEMBER 061 JANUARY 07 . (he(k !5t..in~ "·na ~ther (r"tt pfojeds..fj~r [..1$24 4.12.i' l~be(A~S.fseft.f...l! ~.j. :Swrlrl5vs~i:Gftrlste>t"lfS.ffwe~5ite f~f fe~t. :Sprl.fef'a~h'9! t. • over 600 titl. 30 BEAD.Yld the ""'" . Have • the best selection anywhere! f~"'la·"d HappL..

Design by Lin. DECEMBER (]6 I JANUARY 07. The colours of the gemstones should harmonise your body's centres of energy! The gemstones retlectenergy centres as tollows: Rock crystal (higher CfDWri) Amethyst (crowri) Lapis lazuli (brol1} Turquoise (throa~ Rose Quartz (higher hea~ Malachite (hearf) Citrine (safar plexuS) Carnelian (sacral chakra) Garnet (base chakra) Hematite (Eartti) Continued next page ... BEAD 31 .da Jones CHAKRAjRNG Try this ring on for size and see if a sense of well being flows over you.

cal dowel or ring mandml • H'amm~r 6 Make jump rings by coiling O. Remove the coil from the pliers and cut it off from the spool with your wire cutters. 7 Find the cut end and using your wire cutters.6mm (24-gauge) wire • Strings 01 semiprecious chip beads [availllble in 40cm and 45cm lengths) • Round-nose pliers • Flat-nose pliers • Wire cutters • Cyll rldri. the coil will remain even and not tapered. so that there is a gap where the cascade of 'chips' can be attached later. thereby cutting off a full circle. 2 Wrap the short cut end around the coils to secure the ring shank as one unit and wrap the extended'wire around this shank. snip upward into the next row of the coil.. DECEMBER 061 JANUARV 01 .CHAKRA RING 1 To create the shank of the ring. curlinQ each coil just under each other. spacing the wraps apart to create interestingly shaped curves on the surface. leaving about 15cm extending.8mm (20-gauge) wire • O.8mm (20-gauge) wire around the same spot (half way up) of your round-nosed pliers. wrap O. Secure the end of the wire by binding it around the ring. Pull the coils off th e mandrel and cut the wire off the spool. This way. Continue cutting each coil of the 'spring' in turn to obtain between 8 and 10 jump rings 32B'EAD.O. Beadstore . Maks sure one of the wraps is made loose. mm (20-gauge) silver 8 wire three or four times around a ring mandrel that is one or two sizes smaller than the rin9 size your require.

l 3 Place the bound ring back on 4 Thread your chosen semi-precious 5 Place your round-nosed pliers by the mandrel and gently hammer IT all the way around. Take the ring off the mandrel.created with Amillhyst and Rose Quartz chips.'Chakra is the Indian word for wheel and relates to the centres of energy in our physical body. to ensure that th e wire is flattened evenly chip beads with O. Wrap the wire arou nd the base of the loop and cut off any excess with your wire cutters. flattening and spreading the wire. January: Garnet (d~~p red) February: Amethyst (purple) March: Aquamarine (paJe blue) April: Diamond (colourlesS) May: Emerald (greeri) June: Pearl (cream) July: Ruby (red) August: Peridot (pale greBri) September: Sapphire (pale blue) October: Opal (variegated) November: Topaz (yellow) December: Turquoise (sky blue) 1 Pus itive E ner!lY Rin!l. l' I' :I'¥'. the gap in the ring shank. and that you do not end up with one edge fatter than the other! 8 Link the threaded chips onto th e rings and Variations Birthstone Ring My birthstone is turquoise.-~ 'i..6mm (24-gauge) wire (or OAmm (28-gauge) if the holes are very smail). Wrap one end of the wire around the other end a couple of times to secure your bead. the wrapped wire and bend 900 before cu~ing it back around the circular shaft to form a loop.r¢. cornect one to another like a chain This chain can then be suspended from Use the key below to make your own birthstone ring. Each centre of enel-gy is represented by a colour and when each colour point is aligned] we should feel balanced and fulfilled. so I have created a ring for myself with turquoise chips. this '\ ring Is undoubtedly going to reward its wearer with positive energy! DECEMBER 06 I JANUARY 07. BEAD 33 . turn it upside down and replace it Now hammer again.

Desiglner Spotlight I ones Linda Jones is one of the UK's foremost wire jewellery artists with two books published on the subject. which she sold in galleries and shops. This later evolved into setting up Creative Wire & Bead Jewell ely classes at her local adult education centre. After completing a traditional 2 year sell her work at craft fairs. So she began to her jewellery making. Linda realised the need to support herself and has gone on If 11m ever at a loss for an idea or need instant inspiration I usually look to nature: the colour shaoes textures in plants insects fish and birds etc I to become one of the UK's foremost wire work designers Linda began her career producing a range of photo-etched mixed metal jewellery. writes articles and sells her finished work by commission. following her marriage breakdown what would to most people be event Rather than let the of her marriage put a stop to 9 years ago she had to rethink how to SUppOL1 herself and her two sons. she runs day and weekend courses from her studio in Kent. Currently. a devastating breakdown L indaJond completely jewellery career took a different turn following jewellery training at University. However. made one-off jewellery commissions as well as setting up jewellery making workshops for children's parties. She also runs classes. mainly in London and through an agent. DECEMBER 061 JANUARV 01 . she initially specialised in creating and designing enamelled and silver pieces. l l l l Linda IJehind her stand at Harrow Bead Fair 34B'EAD.

inspiration. The analogy is Ar. Linda has produced a huge range experienced Advice to others Her advice to anyone who is just starting out beading or making jewellery is simple . However.me: Linda's Far Eastern design necklace. of projects for and more both the beginner wireworker: Her work reflects different styles and tastes and when asked about her favourite design. etc. kitchen knife to cut vegetables! Ir is also important to learn some very basic techniques (such as threading beads with wire. their artefacts and handicrafts. yet effective design!' in cooking and using a cheap. BEAD 35 . you'll be amazed how easy everything else seems! '. textures in plants. Inspiration for her work When asked about her inspiration childhood Linda says: 'Initially came from my years spent in East my inspiration & West Africa and travels in the Far East. with a third 'Celtic Wire and Beaded Jewellery' due out in the spring of 2007 . which is created out of hammered curved wires. she replies: 'It's difficult to single one project out from another. This will get you used to your tools Once and materials and provide you with confidence. shapes. These [orrnative years definitely fuelled my inner creativity with colourful cultures. if I'm pressed into a corner. However.' DECEMBER (]6 I JANUARY 07. or need instant the colour. making jump rings and spirals) before you attempt anything too complicated.Books As the author of two hooks. I'm draIWTI to so that I can use it in a 2" abstract form.begin by buying a reasonable set of pliers. Nature: if I'm ever at a loss I usually look to for an idea. She says 'cheap hobby pliers will never produce good quality jewellery. her favounte piece from her book Left: A vanation on Linda's Eastern design necklace. I would have to say the 'Far Eastern' design necklace. insects. you've mastered these and are proficient with the essential basics. as they are all in there to provide a variety of techniques and to inspire and stimulate budding wire workers. purely because it is such a simple. fish and birds. I've learnt how to extract the essence or quality from something dimensional.

uk Tel: 01733 261011 you this fantast cCartmaking with a large selection incrediblespiral-bcund C reative Cardmaking I. this bookis it for a nyone wanti ng to get into the hobby. Beautifully illustrated. but will be yours FREE when yOll sobscrlbe.artsandcrafts.semi precious. and look forward to receiving your Cardrnaking Folder.>lder left).Bn taken over by a5.3..bli. Fax 01736 758301 E·maillnfa@gjb""ds. many at clearance prices. 7 The Cresset.uk sarah@alisandcrafts.co.. glass crystal. Czech glass. Subscribe today ana we'll send contains it Gc. as well as two books packed with ideas and projects. This specia] craft file norrnally sel!s for ( slide-out tray £20. ~t . Tools & Pliers Trade enquiries welcome. Powys. R{Jse·.30... bookis must-have packed with advice and hints from the experts on everylor any would-be rardrnaker.co. seed beads etc. Sy16 4LU or visit www.uk . e.•.co. pu.ca. Cornwall. Admission Free Our sales have 1000s of different beads. please send 3 x Ist class stamps to Daisy Chains. Peterborough PE3 SDX www.."~G'ous. Classes.s d of 00115 HO\Jse World. Kits. and is an id.he.cresset-crafts. Th reads a nd findings too.Thefolder of materials to get Jiou started in the hobby.co. The Project Book contains n card projects. TR27 6LP Tel 01736 751070. and they're ali graded (rom easy to advanced. Kerry. Call us (ree on 0800'43. a great chance for min iaturi sts to take a look at a challenging new hobby.. workshops & tuition Visit our St lves Store & the St EftI'! Warehouse Use our fast & friendly mail order service Please telephone for a colour catalogue 51 Eft. hdown.by. 'including many Beadsm ith products. Hoyle.uk . We also have a catalogue. mycardmaking. step photos.. nr Warwick 26th Bartestree Village Hall.30 . has jus! be. Industrlel Estats.e_alst~rting point or order securely SUBSCRIBE ONLIN www. oneline at www. Bohemian ~Iassfiowers & leaves Beading Looms.. There are also beautiful photos of the finished projects to inspire you. So subscri be today. Nr Wrexham 19th Hatton Village Hall.BIG BEAD SALES 2006 November November November December 12th Gresford Memorial Hall.s s 1!:?tt. uk seed beads & bugles. Nr Hereford 3rd Ludlow Assembly Rooms All sales are from 10. We have Indian glass. And that mean.5553. Newtown. The Twll.uk High quality Japanese www.S Beads Galore!!!! Probably the Biggest selection of Beads in East Anglia Saturday and Evening Classes available for all levels of exp erience. Bretton. Books.uk thing from folding and fixing to stamping ana paper tearing.gjbeads. with clear instructions and step. mycardmaking. Mfyuki Delicas Czech Fire Polished Beads..co. The technique.co.

uk or call 01375 383531 8th -11th March Z007 Other events & competitions 2nd December 2006 London Beading Day.uk or call 01628 621697 25th February 2007 Essex Bead Fair.5th February 2007 Essex Bead Fair.1st April 2007 Hobby Craft . For more details sse www.Newmarket For more details see wwwbeadwork.uk. With thousands of card making ideas and materials on display.net or call 01737 841 080. For more details see www.co.beadwork.26th November 2006 Rock and Gem show . semi-precious stones. get to grips with basic techniques. COMPETITION Precious Metal Clay Design Competition Tile PMC Studio are organising a competition to find a unique design in PMC. To see your event listed please email jean@ashdown.Go. a ch anes to see experts in action.uk 29th March .uk or call 01375-383-531 Below are some beading events we hope you'll find of interest.. For mors details see www. tools..Birmingham NEC.twistedthread.make~it. it's rewarding and it's very addictive.com or call 020 8692 2299 25th . you a great opportunity to create the perfect all-round gift.Go.uk or call 01425272711 23n:l March 2007 Spring Bead Fair.co. For more details see www. crystal beads. you'll have a ball. 19th-21st January 2007 Thorpe Park Learn how to make it personal at Thorpe Park for show information and advance tickets visit our website www. For more details see www. For more details see www. What better way to add a truly personal touch? ~ you've already discovered beading. The deadline is 1st March 2007 and more details can be found at www. Glasgow SECC.thepmcstudio. threads.eo.4.26th NDvember 2006 Knitting and Stitching Show..Birmingham NEC. shapes and textures.uk or call 020 8959 1545.uk oreal! the ticket hotline an 19-21 January 10am .ukor call 01425272711.bsad'shows.1st April 2007 Hobby Craft. but a whole new world is about to open up in January when the make it exhibition throws the spotlight on beading.com or by calling 0870 8. All workshops are bookable in advance and details will shortly be available on wwwmake-itorg. explore designs & styles and learn how to create your own individual pieces. you won't want to miss make it Taking place on 19-21 January at Thorpe Park.org.beadwork.net or call 01737 841 080 29th Marth .ichf. design an d basic skills. 23rd March 2007 Spring Bead Fair. For more details 588 wwwgemnbead. you can make the present too. the exhibition introduoes you to the creative art of beadin g. An d remem ber.Harrogate.EVENTS Bead Fairs & shows 9th -12th NDvember 2006 Hobby Craft . beadshrws.co.beadinginlondon. If we've tickled your creative fancy and you're keen to find out more.uk or call 01425 272711 12th November 2006 Christmas Bead Fair .Brighton Racecourse. make it offers. For more details see www. hand-painted beads. That won't come as a surprise to those of you who are have already discovered this fabulous hobby.Go. chains and components.ichf.co.30pm 08700 600100 See ad in this issue for ticket prices DECEM BER (]6 I JANUARY 07 • BEAD 37 . BEADING UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT AT THORPE PARK NEXT JANUARY IT'S FUN. now makeit . Harrogate. For more details sse www. Dedicated beading workshops provide hands-on instruction on technique..ichf. For more details see www. Beading has to be the coolest craft in the UK today. make it offers a cut price 3 day ticket so you can book more than one workshop and come along each day to look and learn mora lt's an appealing hobby for kids too and you won't have to pay to bring them into the showl Beads can bri 9hte n up any G raft an d if you're a card maker or scrapbnoker you'll adore the fabulous sffects that can be created with beads an d will be inspired by the colours.uk or Gali 01425 272711 2. Not only can you make your own greeting card.co.Birmingham NEe. See thousands of orig inal beads from around the world.500151 Hobby Craft.uk Dr call 01425 272711 8th -11th March 2007 Hobby Craft-Glasgow SECC For more details see www. For more details see wwwichtco.net or call 01737 841 080 23rd . Absolutely everything you need to get started.ichf.Harrogate.

make sure these can f~ through the hole in yo~r da~ger beads • 2 dagger beads • Pair of earrings findings with attaching loop Tools & equipment • Two pairs 01 flat pliers 38 BEAD.Designed by Jean Power NGS If you like the look of the Carnival necklace on pages 25-27. 06 I JANUARY 07 . DECEMBER. then you'll love these earrtngs! DESIGNnote When closing all of the jump rings. SO that no rings or beads can come off Materials . make sure you leave as little gap as possible.20 6mmjump rings.

3 Pick. link the new open ring . and why not make them longer? For these earrings. closed rings onto it and: separating the dosed rings already attached. 2 Pick up 1 open ring. open ring onto the ring going through the earring finding. Separate the last closed rings you added and onto the ring they are attached to. place 2 closed 4 Pick up 1 open ring and thread a rings onto it and. attach this new ring to the last ring you closed. dagger bead onto it. DECEMBER 06 I JANUARY 07 • BEAD 39 . Thread this open ring through the attaching loop on your earrings findings. finishing the earring. Like th enecdace. making sure there's no gap. separating the dosed rings just added. 1 Open 8 jump rinqs and close 12. up 1 open ring. Close the ring.Variations You can also add beads to each hangin g ring did. we mixed plain gOld rings with twisted wire silver rings for a different look. with1he as we neddace. Close the ring. last 2 join this place 2 Pick up 1 open ring and place two closed rings onto it. 5 Repeat all the steps to make a matching earring.. the earrings can also be made with no beads.

then go through ths loop of your earrings findings. DECEMBER 061 JANUARV 01 . • Scissors 40B'EAD. at least 15 inch est 38cms long.r of earrings findings with an allac hnent loop TOOlS & equipment • Beading thread • Beading nsedlB 1Thread your needle with a workable length of thread. the design can be played around with to get a variety of different results. Knot th e two ends of the thread tightly togeth er to turn the heads into a ring. and 3 more drop beads. Pick up 3 of the petal drop beads.DAISY DROP EARR NGS These earrings combine a daisy stitch with the drop beads talked about on pages l' 6-18. Designed by Jean Power Materials • 12 drop beads in flower petal oolour • 2 drop beads in flower centre oolour • Pai. Whilst simple enough for beginners. Take your needle and thread through all of the beads again to secure and go through one extra bead so that your thread ends are both at different sides of a bead. 2 Slide them all to within 4 inches! 10ems of lhe end of the thread. Take your needle and thread through the drop bead 3 along from the one you're currently exiting. 3 Pick up 1 flower centre drop bead.

creativebeads.beadmag'azine. PROJECTS. READERS' GALLERIES..crystalinks.4 Go back through the centre bead and into the drop bead you were originally exiting. Drop in to SS8 bead makers give expert worksbops. creativebeads.htm If you enjoyed beading the Daisy Drop Earrings and want to bead more daisy chains then these insnuctlons will get you started. Make sure. www.co. lIIIWW. and club news to digITaleditions and chat rooms. however. beadmagazine. Repeat steps 1-6 to make a matching earring.html If the Chakra Ring has got you interested then visit this website for more information lin ehakras. Varlltlon These earrings use larger drop beads with a size 6 seed bead in th 8 centre for a bigger finish This project is great for beginners but you can aso experiment and dream up many wonderful variations Inspired by a project or article? Here are some websites for further information: www. BEAD 41 . CLUB NEWS.org Intrigued by Cbain Maille? This website is a: grsat starting point for more information and instructions. tv CHAT ROOM & MUCH MORE FROM YOUR FAVOURITE BEAD MAGAZINE DECEMBER (]6 I JANUARY 07.com/chakras.com/tutorial.tv Bead magazine is launching its own intersr1t TIJ channel..uk Bead magazine's very own website will be bringing you everything from projects. www. DIf~-t prJet . cut them as close as you can to finish. that you go through the bead so you again end up exiting the sam 8 side you were previously.bumblebeads.uk TV CLIPS.co.maillearlisans. www. 5 Again your thread ends should now be sitting either side of a petal bsad 6 Weave your ends into your work to secure and.

+ •••••• .eribe to Creative C. free. -. _" + •• Count~ _. . The techniques book is packed with advice and hints from the experts on everything from folding and fixing to stamping and paper tearing. The Project Book contains 12 card projects...• _.a'o:jm.akin9 Id. __ - o Cheque enclosed Charge my CAll FREE (in the UK): :t..SEi14· US 866 606 658110.. Send me mv fREE ._.. 01 want 1:0 sU!'hs..S.l craft . DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ~H1 HSSLJE NO..ALTE~~ni<E GIfT MAV BESUPPL'!ED payable to Creative Cardtnaking Ideas MASTERCARD' DVISA DAMEX o SWITCH Card No. Subscribe today and we'll send you this fantastic Cardmaking Folder (left]. H. . -.eat.UK ..Arundel.. 0800435553.ardmaking Ideas for one year.ive Cardmaking for two vearsat the lowest SUbscription rate.is nne of sever.co.-.eas . publishers of Bead. as well as two incredible spiral-bound books parked with ideas and projects.rd. projects and techniques.. OHW3 884988) hx: 01903 aa.a. ille. _.i . Beautifully illustrated. and they're aJI graded from easy to advanced.. West Sussex BN18 9EY Kasson.. So subscribe today.ABILrrr..produced by ashdown.1. - . S07 634 3'4~I. There are also b. (Start or order securely onellne at www.ghts.II.. 1~' Rilv'er:Roi!ld. .ei'lutiful photos of the finished projects to inspire vou. re:Hlve ca. Fax: 150716347691 01903884988 SUBSCRIBE OR RENEW ONLINE AT WWW.. but will be yours FREE when you subscribe.. ---'----~-.lrt.m.. this book is a must-have for any would-be cardmaker. .ssue_! £1.Mll HU'lIlI! 1rU '111m WIIH Dt.44 I1Uf UK OBIXJ 435553 [0. The folder contains a sl ide-out tray with a larqe selection of materials to get you started in the hobby. and is an ideal starting point for anyone wanting to get into the hobby.IE RW" :I" Town/City T~I __. Il:-mliil.- .OFFER sLl~1<CT TO A~'. with clear instructions and stepby-step photos. _.. Expirv_ OUTSIDETHE UK: 0800435553 Mail in Or cell envelope hotllne to. . _.The FREEfolder for subscribers contains two spiral bound books that are packed with ideas...uk o Guaranteed lowest subscription I YEAR $78 lSr. Anelent Li... . •• +. prices $15() 6170 £t32 issue_ ) First 'Name . Send me my FREE cardm akl n9 kit worth £20. . MN 56~. . Call Us free on C. mvcardrnakinq.. UK Creative Cardrneklng US 681:3·2 250th Ave. and leok forward to receiving your Cardmaking Folder. . . And that means a great chance for headers to take a look at a challenging new hobbv.'I.- Last name Address Pestcode . Ideas.magaz. This special craft file normally sells for f20... . ~ _ ...MYCARDMAKING..klng kit wort!> £20 I wantto suese ri:le·to Cr..CO.

magpiejewellery. lamp work and ceramic beads. NG1 6HY 0115 9588899 a.epbeads. 7 Market Street. Loyalty points for registered customers Secure online ordering and same day dispatch • • of all orders received before 1prn Monday to Eiriday and www. books. semi-precious.30pm.uk 0208 133 7858 gam Satur<. New products online every week! JvtagptkJe:weJleY(j Hundreds of Quality Beads and Findings JQ W Free UK Shipping City Centre Shop Open Monday to Saturday 9am-S. m Huge range of Swarovski crystals.co. and many other items. n ~ ~ Tel: 01:246556988 www. wood.magazines. Wide variety of beading workshops tncludtriq all day tiara workshops. delicas.www. Nottingham.epbeads.uk ~ d o ~ The Bead Shop (Nottm) Ltd.uk www.co.com lQ1 .epbeads.co. DECEMBER 06 I JANUARY 07 • BEAD 43 .lay. tools.

DECEMBER. WEB: WWW.UK TEL: 0845 6449343 EMAIL: SALES@PALMERMETALS. GOLD FILL AND CARAT GOLD .UK Subscribe today to Creative Scraptiooking DON'T MISS OUT ON 1HIS GREAT SUBSCRIPI10N GIFT Receive six sheets of scrapbooking.worth £10. 061 JANUARY 07 .PALMER METALS LTD SPECIALISTS IN PRECIOUS METALS.PAlMERMETALS.CO.00 CALL FI~EE (in the UK): 0800 435553 OUTSIDE THE UK: 01903 884988 44 BEAD.CO. SILVER AND GOLD SHtET AND WIRE CUt TO YOUR REQUIREMENTS.. a pack of embellishment and a bumper sized grab bag . WIDE RANGE OF FINDINGS IN STERLING SILVER.

a report on Harrogate bead Fair • Give-aways and special offers • Book reviews See page 75 to subscribe or visit the website beadmagazine.Coming soon in the February/ March 2007 issue of BEAD • Beaded Earrings • Pearl Hair Jewels • Spotlight on cords with two projects to match • A look at round nose pliers and sieve findings • A new wirework clasp with lots of exciting variations • Lots more projects • Reader's diary .co.uk DECEMBER 06 I JANUARY 07 • BEAD 45 .

1 spacer. We have used hollow metal beads because they are light and durable.ories tha. 1 round. elastic. necklaces. Readers are shown how to work with wire. Great to wear or to give as gifts. rings and brooches plus a range of exciting accessories such as hair and toe ornaments.sure to c. enables readers to and steps required for the versions of fashionable . written by Liz Thornton and Jean Power. watchstraps and key rings. you'll save fJ.The helpful. belts. with its step-by-step master the techniques pictures.reate and to wear. The projects consist of fashionable earrings.re a plea. 2 46B'EAD.ess. DECEMBER 061 JANUARV 01 . 1 spaGsr. leather and cord and a variety of different closings. B EADS MAKE fantastic looking jewellery and acc.DECORATVE KYRiNG This fun. Take one head pin and begin to thread beads onto it in the follO\Ning sequence: 1 mund.from chunky beaded cuffs to delicate chandelier exciting range of projects. To make the ring extra secure we have used the strength of the wrapped loop technique rather than a simple turned loop to complete each of the dangles.t a. techniques. modern project is taken from the newly published book 'Beading For Beginners'. it is possible to produce your earrings.£s and gain lots of satisfaction.1 round. stand-up format. 1 Make a wrapped loop (S88 pages 70-71) on top of the final beads and trim off any 8XC8SS wire. 'Beading for Beginners' makes it possible for even novices to achieve great results the first time they begin to bead .. 2 spacers. bracelets. Keep your keys secure and easy to find with this striking design that doubles as a decoration for your handbag. By mastering a few simple and using an assortment 0\1'11 of the many pieces types of beads widely available.

..3 spacers. 3 spacers. 1 em across • 20 go Id space r beads • 3 head pins. 1 em across • 4 bl-eone holl'ow metal beads 0.DE. 1 spacer. . 7 em long • 2 split rings • 1 key-ring...ow metal beads. beginning and ending WITha spacer bead. 1 disG.Design by Liz Thorntpn I.-Ifl. 1 disc..... Notions & Tools • Fl'at or snipe nose pli.- Materials • 3 round hollow metal beads.5 em across • 4 disc holl. You can also create fabulous key-rings using a mixture of inexpensive smaller beads and one or two special larger beads that really set the piece apart ...... Make a wrapped loop on top of the last bead 3 4 Take the final head pin and th read beads onto it in the following sequence: 1 spacer. . . t . 5 Thread the three beaded head pins onto a split rin9 and thread it onto the key-ring. Thread the last link of the chain of the attaching hook onto a split ring and thread' it onto the key-ring...iD~OOLi . 2... 1 disc... or personalize it by spelling out her name using alphabet beads. Make a wrapped loop on top of the last bead._. 3 spacers...ers • Round nose pliers • Wire culle rs "Theme" a key-ring as a gift for a friend.~". 1 disc.5 em across • 1 attaching nco k on chai n Take another head pin and thread alternating bi-cone and spacer beads onto it.pIi«" ._..ur.

How does it work? PMC is made from fine silv8r particles combined with an organic. non-toxic binder and water.9 per cent pure silver and handles just like clay. approximately 2-3mm thick • BUlan e gas torch (or good quality cook's torch) • Soldering brick (or heatproot torch pad) • Rubl18r block • Stainless steel (or suede) brush 48 BEAD. about without rocking the Gutter 6. knead it. Press it into your clay firmly on your work surface as well . acids and polishers .5mm) paper toguids you as you mil it out. think again! Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is 99. Roll it till it is. Put a little 1 2 Use a small heart cutter.you get to be a child again only this time instead of a sticky mess you end up with a gorgeous sterling silver heartl If you've always wanted to make chunky items out of silver but thought you had to be a silversmith to do it.Designed by Helen O'Neill • Token of Love ~ a silver heart pendarr Roll it. to create a perfect heart shape. N ow take th e clay out of the packet and roll about two-thirds of it into a ball in the palms of your hands.put together a little PMC starter pack and get rolling I Materials • 9gm pack of PMC 3 • 3mm hot pink synthBtiG corundum Tools & equipment • Badger bal m (or a drop of olive oil) • Round roller • Spacers (or playing cards) • Small heart cutler • Tweezers • Paintbrush • Plexiglas 'snake roller' • Rubber-tipped wipe-out tool' • Burnisher (lor a high shine) • Emery board Start by rubbing a small amount of badger balm or a drop of olive oil onto the palms of your hands. shape it . During the firing process the binder and water burn off and the silver particles fuss together forming a solid dense metal which actually has a higher silver content than sterling silveri So forget expensive tools an d m aterials. Replace the other third back in the pouch and seal it to stop it drying out. DECEMB ER 06 I JA'NUARY 07 .you can u S8a playing card for th is as it's a handy size an d texlu re.5cm wid8. Place the ball of clay onto your card and USB 'spacers' or strips of thick (1-1 .


Step 4

If you want the stone to really sparkle, sst the stone within a hole in the clay that so that light can shine through. To make the h 0113, insert a small straw in the clay and lift it out again. As you do th is, a circle of clay will come with it But make sure the straw is smaller than your stone: otherwise the setting won't be secure. Gently pssl away the excess clay. Store this back in the pouch


4 Setting the stone is easy although
a little fidd~. Pick your pink synthetic
corundum up with tweezers and carefully position it on the hBart. Use the tweezers to gently push it into the clay making sure it is level.

If you want the stone to really sparkle set the stone within a hole in the clay that so that light can shi1nethrough,

5 Put the heart to one side and start
on the ring attachment For this, take a quarter of the remaining clay in the pouch and roll it into a ball in your hands. Now place it on another playing card and start rolling it into a fine, 4cm length. Use the small roller or a roll the clay out with a Plexiglas roll-plate if you have one as this helps keep the 'snake' even as it grows.


SteiP 5

It's a good' idsa to moisten the clay

a damp - not wet - paintbrush

occasionally to make sure the clay doesn't crack.

Continued next page ...





'6 Carefully

lift your 'snake' off the

7 Retum to your heart and' gently turn
it over

8 Now you have to let your


card and start coiling it around a straw to form the loop. Coil it three complete times and leave a 'tail' at either end.

so the

stone is :facing down. With

dry. Either leave it overnight or use a hairdryer to gradually dry it. This process is vital because if any moisture remains inside the clay it will crack when you come to heat it. Th e way to check is to place the heart on a mirror. If, when you remove it, you can

the tip of your paintbrush, ligh~y moisten the top of the heart and position your coiled loop

so that

it sits n8a~y


top as shown. Use a rubber-1ipped wipeout tool with a touch of water to blend the tails of the Goil into the back of the heart. Remove any excess clay and wrap it in plastic to keep it moist for later use.

any con densation on the mirror,



continu 8 drying it.

9 When

you're sure it's oompletely

10 Let the

pendant cool down. At

11 Now go over your

pendant with a

dry, place the pendant on a soldering brick and gently heat the entire piece with a butane torch. At first there will be a few flames

th is point it will look more white than silver but don't worry about itl File away any rough edges with an emery board until the surface feels nice and smooth.

stainless steel or suede brush to make it shinier. The easiest way to do this is to put the heart on a rubber block before you start brushing it. The rubber holds the pendant in place so there's no risk of scraping your fingers along with the heart! Brushing creates a lovely

as the


binder bums off. The flames will then di8 down and after a little while the pendant will start to glow. Keep heating it for a further two minutes ensure the piece is fully fired.


matts silver finish. If you want

an even

shinier one, rub over the entire surface a rnetal tool known as a bumisher. That's it. All you n sed to do now is decide how you want to wear it. A leather cord is quick an d effective, but take a look at some other ideas next page.

DESIGNnote Step 9
Use a two-min ute egg-timer (as in kids'
board gam 8S) to make sure you heat your clay for the right length of time.

on the




A del kate necklace

and eem ng set made from Precious
Metal Clay and multi-coloured



Another more dramatic set made with PMC, smoky
quartz beads and

a variety 01semiprecious stones.




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In a regular feature we will look at a selection of the different tools available.zers and Pliers Around £4 • £5. with each promising to help us in new and different ways. ebayco. Split Ring TWee. as well as giving you ideas how they can help you and projects you can use them for. we're offered more to choose from. DECEMBER 06 I JANUARY 07 .From my Tools for opening: jump rings and split rings Tools for beading and Jewellery making are all around us. helping you to add items to them.50 These are shaped like regular tweezers or pliers but with a hook on one jaw that splits the coil of the split ring. With every shop we go into or every site we look at on the internet. Suppliers We got our lools from • Palmer Metals • Beadworks • Beads Direct • nttp://stores. ukl Beads-forBeaders TOOLS FOR SPLIT RINGS AND KEY RINGS Anyone who has ever tried to add a new key to his or her key ring knows how difficultthis can bel These tools are designed to help you with that task. but both methods are pictured. Small rings can be placed entirely within the jaws and opened Large rings can have their coils placed on the pliers Projects using jump rings. These are a real boon if you plan to open lots Of split ring s and will save time and nailsl You can use them in two slightly different ways. split rings and key rings 54 BEAD.

If not closed correGt~ jump rings . for example If you're making something in chain maille. as these will grip the rings better and leave fewer marks. pictured has a ring base that isn't closed. DECEM. meaning it can be wom by people with larger fingers. 1I18S8 are a worthwhile investment They're available in two different styles: both of which have a groove. where you plaGe the jump ring you want to open. Their jaws have slots that will take the ring to wear your thumb. and hold it steady for you. To close any gaps left bring your hand closer as though you want to close up ths circle other side. su ch as flat nose or chain nose. or you Jump ring pliers Around £7 These pliers are deSigned to hold your jump rings without marking them if you're planning on soldering lhemdnsed. the groove may so whilst 111BY are great for opening rings. you pull your domimnt hand as this will set !he ring up to be opened in the right position so you can thread it through whatevsr you need to. as. 3 To close the ring you want to reverse 4 Now repeat with each end on the 5 If you find one end of the ring sticks the procedure and bring your hands and the ends together again. For this you need two pairs of pliers with flat inner jaws. Make sure and closing jump rings you try not to distort ths shape of the ring by simply pulling the ends outwards to open. or slots.TOOLS FOR JUMP RINGS Jump ring openers Under £3 These handy tools are designed ybur non-dominant to be worn on a finger of hand so that you Gall open jump rings with one pair of pliers. Tnis adds tension and stiffens the ring so when the ends meet they will want to push past each other and any gaps will simp~ disappear! up higher than the Other then place them in your pliers as shown and gently press it down.can still open so you want to make su re you close all gaps and tighten the rings. You may find that ~ you want to open a lot of rings. the ring style it OIl is a basic ring shape wi1l1two different sized slots that will accommodate may have might not be as comfOrtable if you have larger finger::. However. However. much as possible 1 It is also important when opening 2 Instead grip 1I1e ring with your pliers and pull one hand towards you and push one away from you.. to close them it may be best to stick to the traditional pliers melhod shown below" not accommodate all the size rings you want The o1l1erstyle different sized rings.B£R 00 I JANUARY 07 • BEAD 55 . The drawback to both styles is that you may find it hard to get your rings closed Flat Pliers From £6 Despite the tools available to help YOu open and close jump rings the traditional method is still the one used most. The style nicely with no gaps.


'My father's family was originally from Gujurat in India and my mother is Dutch. Towards the end of my school years I felt I needed to get out of Africa . swimming in Lake Malawi .' Mala\vi is a country of contradictions. deep green foliage behind her. From childhood.ett: Despite the frequent obsteetes Sl18 has 10 overco m B. Continued next page . DECEMBER 06! JANUARV 07 06 • BEAD 51 . Indeed..' Malaika has harboured deep respect for all things beautiful... on the other it is known as 'the warm heart of Africa' because of the friendliness of the people. treating what jewellery she owns more as pieces of art than everyday objects to be wom. I suspect not many people can say that.I wanted to experience a world that was the opposite to the but found the one I knew. Malawians may transition from the tranquility and beauty of the African bush to the frenetic pace of a large western city really tough. a huge expanse of sparkling water in front of her and hills covered with lush. in many respects Malaika's early memories seem idyllic . with no running water or electricity might seem an unlikely place to find Malawis only glass bead maker. I was allowed to follow my a dreams. 'I wasn't particularly academic at school but I loved art and was at my happiest whenever I was painting or making things with my hands. All my cousins on my Dad's side have had to stick to quite a narrow path dictated by their culture and religion while I've always been given the freedom to become whoever I wanted to be. 'I feel incredibly privileged to have grown up in such an amazing environment. climbing rocks. I headed for Amsterdam shore of Lake Malawi.. famine and the constant spectre of AIDS. On the one hand it is crippled by extreme poverty. Malaika exudes a sense of happiness and peace that makes it difficult to and how imagine her anywhere else. My upbringing been pretty unconventional has too. Malaika's love for her work doesn't let tbesedeter her A SMALL HUT. but it suits Malaika Sacranie perfectly.rambling through the bush. l. This mix of influences engendered a philosophical approach to life in Malaika and taught her to really appreciate natural beauty . The greatest difficulty was being surrounded by people who had no time for others. Malaika's fish are full 01 oolour I feel incredibly privileged to have grown up in such an amazing environment.one thing that Malawi possesses in abundance. perched on a rock on the have nothing in a material sense but they always have time for a chat and a smile.Like all her beads. It is from this beautiful spot that she tells me about her childhood she developed a passion for working with glass. so I've always been a bit of an oddity here. Sitting in a shaft of sunlight.

she that she began to feel the tingles of creativity gradually began to rediscover her creative self. lost my self'. a present.the glass was so amazing.. I wanted to pursue my art but couldn't in what felt like such a hostile environment. DECEMBER 06/ JAHUARY 07 . blown and stretched. Every piece was a surprise. it was totally natural and yet could be twisted and shaped. It came from the earth. Malaika's interest in glass was sparked when she attended the Solar Eclipse festival in Zambia the throngs of people she in 2001. The only constant in my life is the ability to be creative. I felt I spied a woman sitting in front of a blowtorch.. a piece of art no friendly smiles. She was mesmerised flame the glowing molten glass into and sat watching for hours. You worked it until it was ready. Dllour and nature are rom mon threads in Malaika's work 58 BEAD. who just didn't care. There it was. WfJfting brightly coloured rods throughdle and transforming incredible beads. I knew immediately to learn about. then plunged it into its cooling medium Then the endless wait to see what came out. glowing bright orange. a present. eco-rourism to Malawi and started to live at the Lake Starting by painting large signs for the lodge where me was working. Through . .' that this was something I had It was only a couple of years later. When I lost mat. a piece of art.Every piece was a surprise. when Malaika returned returning. . 'I had never seen anything like it before .

and it was not until Malaika went to Australia in 2003 that she was able to take a beginner's course . She Malawi cl aims that 'being creative requires being at peace in a beautiful place' and her small hut in Malawi seems to provide that haven. Indeed. however.' Armed with from her course.' Obstacles And in terms of her work.. unique style. It is a wonderful feeling to get to know the medium and really learn how to work wrth it. Malawi is very much a third world country. some basic to equipment and a few books. Malaixa argues. any jewellery that Malaika makes must be taken by hand outside Malawi and posted from a safer country This doesn't act as a deterrent for Malaika. It is substance . there were none. the only country in Africa where there was the slightest chance of finding one. ninety-live live in mud huts. Malaika an intimate understanding gradually developed f1'0111 of the nature of glass and her own. their traditional the 'harshness' time everyone has for each other.. but I'm sure I've benefitted from the freedom to develop at my own pace in my own way' Through endless trial and error. 'I immediately an incredible fell in love with glass. one would not think that there was anything lacking. trips out of Malaika has to rely on her infrequent Left: Stunning views are part and parcel of livi. Among the obstacles that Malaika had to overcome is the fact that most suppliers refuse to send materials into the country because there is no guarantee that they wul arrive. the extraordinary and support of the local people make it a natural breeding ground for creative talents. part solid. Just look at all the amazing art that is coming out of Africa these days. It was worth the wait. watching Malaika work and seeing the beautiful pieces that she produces. I actually find that of Africa has generated artistic and creative people. 'I might have acquired the technical skills more quickly by learning others. DECEMBER 06 I JANUARY 07 • BEAD 59 . As a result.. Malaika returned what she had absorbed Malawi to set herself up as a bead maker.part liquid. Disease and malnutrition percent of the population are rife. she believes that everyone deep within themselves would like Continued next page . By the same token. without friendliness access to running water or electricity and yet.Despite her best endeavors to track down a lampworking course in South Africa. the unusually people we live with. 'The so-called negative aspects of the country pale in comparison to the daily interactions we have with the awesome values.ng on tbe shore or Lake the country and visiting friends to maintain her supplies. Indeed.

' Malaika makes necklaces. 'Someone asked me to make a necklace for a girl who loves earthy colours and 'took a really long time to get out of her teens but is going for it now It was this small detail that allowed me to create a gorgeous necklace in bold order a unique. she are :fish on her doorstep. to jewellery making is Malaika's approach will continue to make jewellery as and tong as she is able to sustain herself and remain happy. bracelets and hairpins . and enough comfort to meet her basic needs . A naturally empathic person.uk. Believe in yourself and let the universe take care of the rest. and lucky enough to have the support to be able to follow them.Far right: By mixing traditional bearl making tocnni:ques with inspiration from her surroundings Malaika's indiviclual styl'~ d eve lops to do the same and. Malaika's ambitions modest. 'I was enough to dream the wildest dreams unique. whilst keeping each piece personal themselves ridiculous unique. DECEMBER 06 I JANUARY 07 • BEAD 61 . Her advice to others is to believe in and stay true to what they want. In terms of the future. seeing her living in such an incredible setting . to As such.. piece from her.. she tries to gain a holistic sense of her client is so that she can tailor each piece to the person it is intended for. or ask her any questions. vegetables and russets and golds that the girl adored'. If you would like handcrafted co.with fresh fruit. she draws her inspiration from the tiny details about the person and ensures that every piece is truly individual.it is easy to understand why. earrings. an occupation that she loves. you can email her at mnsstyling@yahoo.

I never thought I'd do anything else. So how does one turn a personal obsession Into a profitable business and what drives people to make the ill the studio with Clara Francis. and silver pieces I couldn't believe it because it wasn't so much tiaras. She has created an accessories range for fashion designer from high and can even boast that ex Spice Tracy Boyd's catwalk collection. TopShop.gn is not an O~\.. this is what you'll be doing. "You know I didn't plan to do this. re-enacting her disbelief.ive." Despite Clara's it was a dose friend who propelled Clara into selling her jewellery and helped organise a weekend stall for her at Spitalfields. I would have said don't be utterly ridiculous. ery des. that's what I always wanted to do. I love the differem textures and the colour combinations . jewell. in Sitting at her work desk in her sunny top floor apartment north London. as does her lifestyle. really going to be that interested.In the studio with ara ranCIS leap? This month Rosie Sanders is I C reat. I love colour and I love beads. thank goodness for matinees or otherwise Clara Francis would never have ended up in The Bead Shop. I remember day. I want to be an actress. I thought someone had said to me ten years ago.Not bad for someone who made a hobby into a full time occupation! Effortless Clara's career transition seems so effortless. Clara explains. since starting her own business.'iOUS c. One of Clara's dramatic crystal. I first took my stuff to Harvey Nichols and then one of my friends said you've got to get a stall at Spitalhelds market. scene changes during theatre actress turned successful jewellery designer. girl Emma Bunton 'Nears her jewellery . self-doubt. Well. I thought nobody'. we are nibbling on Parisian chocolates from Clara's boyfriend and laughing at her dog's antics on the floor. I love the different textures and the colour combinations... who began making jewellery to pass the time in-between performan ces in London's West end. Harvey Nichols snapped up her first batch of tiaras and continues to stock her eclectic designs. received commissions street fasmon house. Over the past eighteen months. Bead heaven "We went together to the market and sold pretty much everything. Amazingly. "If and earrings and stuff like that. It really was vel}' organic. But I just didn't have the confidence. reer i a option. it was necklaces I took £500 pounds tbat 'Ovmy-god!' she says. 62 BEAD + DECEMBER 06 ! JANUARY Q7 . a pan of me that feels like I'm not for real and a bit of a charlatan. There's always a part of me that feels like I'm a bit of a fake because I didn't train as a jeweller. beading and. Clara has had work featured in Vogue and on the front cover of the Sunday Minor. in Covent Garden and started what is a glittering career in fashion jewellery. unintentionally I love colour & l love beads.

My friend came round and was like. 'My god. I'll look at bead work in books and find something incredible. if 1 can't be as good as that then there's no point. 'You're in 'beaverr'. then I'll be fine but 1 think acting knocks your confidence so much that I couldn't bear it if it was the same with the jewellery. like a parrot or something I'd seen. It tends to be rather blocky and square but 1 wanted to do shapes. tools and techniques from wire work tiaras. So I taught myself how to do off loom beadwork and just became quite obsessive about it. She said. thats what I always wanted to do. "I don't want to be rejected again. So as long as I'm making stuff that is fashionable. it's bead heaven!" Clara often coml]i rss small and large beads in her finished pieces Rejection Clara's perfectionism dearly lends itself to running a business but surely she must have transferred some of her acting ambition to making her jewellery a success? After a pause she comments. 1 don't know the easiest way to do it. 1 did it because 1 thought this is something 1 can do when I'm not acting and now its grown and this is what 1 do now fulltime". I'm not a skilled trader. she calls it 'beaven'. I'm not a silversmith. She tells me. Then it became like. all of which she learnt from books. you'll take a different route and 1 think that's why my jewellery is quite unusual. Initially. 1 mean 1haven't really faced any kind of rejection as a jeweller or had doors slammed in my face. to 100111 work. I would have sai'd don't be utterly rid culous. you are completely and utterly crazy'. But Clara's success isn't just a matter of effortless seren dipi ty. 1 suppose you have to just go on the journey that life takes you on. '011 1 have to teach myself all the stitches!' It's really worrying. It h as taken eight years to master :1 range of materials. "I'm very competitive with myself and very hard on myself. You don't take the direct route to a place. Clara's zeal for new materials and techniques took her further into the realms of the occult header! "I taught myself loom work but then actually fOlmd that doing loom work is quite restrictive. this is what you'll be doing. It's completely ridiculous!" Not content with making tiaras. 1 also like to organise my beads into colour coordination.If someone had said to me ten years ago. and then I think to myself. but I think not being skilled makes you work a little bit harder. 1 always think 1 should be doing more. I want to be an actress. is right for the moment." Continued next page ~ DECEMBER 06/ JANUARY 07 • BEAD 63 . I seem to have found a little niche that works for me.

but I'm really in doing the creative work. It's there in the blood. direct by Clara. bas an assistant called and an accountant. of Clara "I've got a lot of who works part time I don't like responsibilities!" Nikki She employs freelance home workers in China who were recruited by Clara's mother who works there. I'll faff around and put stuff off until about 4 o'clock but it suits me. I 'would rather employ other people to run the business and then I can just focus on 'what I think I'm good at. DECEMBER 06 ! JANUARY 07 '" is a businesswoman only interested and I suppose I must be to a certain extent. and are paid ethical Butterflies and crystals combine in these dangly earrings wages." . The real challenge seems to lie closer to home though" "Being an actress is a collaborative thing and that's something I miss. My mum i'. 64 BEAD. '" - So what are the biggest drawbacks having your own business? responsibilities. so it can be quite lonely.Francis Je reller. There are days 'when I'm working by myself.. The problem is when you work from home you'll work in the evening which is bad! I'm not disciplined. q l' -I '''I with Richard and Judy on the telly.

\ Emma Bunton's wearing her necklace! Your own style But what about people stealing your ideas? "I've had stuff copied. Lots of designers get overwrought and just go mental but I'm quite resigned to it now. When asked what the secret of her enigmatic philosophy is she replies. "I have only ever designed jewellery that I would like to wear." It's now 3 o'clock and we have exhausted my blank cassette tape to record the interview. Clara's work often features beaded images from the 11aturalworld DECEMBER 06/ JANUARY 07. That's the best way to deal with it.I'm learning all the time!" • Being an actress is a collaborative thing and that's something I miss" There are days when I'm working by mysel{ with Richard and Judy on the telly. BEAD 65 . $0 what final pearls of wisdom can Clara offer future designers who want to make some money out oftheir designs? "Have your own style and start slowly." Clara seems equally resigned to her good fortune and natural ability to produce fresh ideas despite the fact that she laments not being a fulltime actress any longer. so it can be quite lonely. At first it's incredibly frustrating. not to become defeatist about it. and then I realised it's going to happen so you have just got to keep coming up with new ideas.

. ".'t.

. trying not to pre-plan where the silver will sit Of course you can always use more silver or black beads to change the effect . Coming out of the end bead of the last row of the lariat pick up 1 cylinder bead and ladder stitch this to the bead you were exrting.. . . To obtain the random pattern effect. Make sure you finish by coming back through the new bead added • Needle • Scisoors DESIGNnote The black and silver beads are mixed together making a bead soup.FRINGED LARIAT Materials for 19 inch necklace • 2:0g size 11 cylinder beads . \ DESIGNnote Count out 176 of your cylinder beads and keep these back for the fringe.Matt black . working your way back through each bead mimicking the thread path you used for the ladder stitch. just pick up any bead from the soup as you work. Keep the rest of the beads for the main body of the lariat '~ . DECEMB ER 06 I JA'NUARY 07 .6 Thread back up the first fringe. 68 BEAD.Silver • 12 x 4mm fire polished crystals ToolS & equipment • Beading thread 1 Thread your nesdle with a comfortabls working length of thread and pick up 6 cylinder beads for your first two rows 2 Begin even count peyote stitch and continue beading with your bead soup until you have used up all the beads you kept for the body of the lariat 3 You're now ready to work each length of fringe off the last beads of the lariat using the cylinder beads you reserved for the fringe.10gsize 11 cylinder beads .

DECEMBER 06/ JANUARY 07 • BEAD 69 . reversing the pattern. 9' The last two fringes are worked with 14 and 18 beads. along with the crystal and cylinder bead as before. The next two central fringes have 12 frin g8 beads added. This will ensure the crystal will hang in a straight line on the fringe. pick up a crystal bead. along with crystal bead an extra cylinder bead as before. 5 Miss the cylinder bead and thread back through the crystal bead and into the opposite side of the 18th bead. With the thread coming out of the side of the 18th bead added.4 Continue ladder stitching on cylinder beads until you have added 18 new beads to create the first fringe. then a cylinder bead. Then repeat the fring 8 on the other end of the lariat in exactly the same way 7 Pass the needle throug h to the second bead on the end of the lariat The nextfringe has 14 beads added. a.

Three keen beaders give their thoughts on some of the latest beading books. Most of them are on stringing. including candles holders and a chandelier. from jewellery making to items for the home. The photos for the techn iqu8s all S88m nice and big and clear. but some of the finished project photos are soft-focus blurry which I didn't like as it meant I couldn't S88 how they r8al~ looked. repairing and recycling jewellery. Bead . which I don't really do. ISBN 1-74045-744-7. and the projects are all pretty designs that fit the style of the book. a lot m ore than that It has hundred of great colour photos of beads and findings as well as many projects. DECEMBER 06! JANUARY Q7 .. They cover a range of themes. so I didn't think it would be very useful. which got me If you have any items for review.uk really inspired to get out my beads and play with larger beads than I normally use. soft neutral relaxing colours. The whole book is done in very pretty. But once I started looking at it in more detail I realised it contains 70 BEAD. but there is a lot more in th 8 book than th at I thought the technique instructions were very clear and I found: I was able to follow it all easi~ I was really impressed by all the colourful pages on colour schemes at the back of the book. This is a very beautiful book that r8al~ makes you want to pick it up and buy it With 23 different projects for jewellery or pieces for your hom s. and there's even advice on buying those aU-important beads. So a~hough I wouldn't have originally gone out and bought this book I will definite~ be using it and would rsally recommend it Teresa Cummins At first I thought this book was just going to cover stringing. There is a very useful trouble-shoo1ing sec1ion at the back of the book. please email jean@ashdown. or would be interested in reviewing items. as well as information on storage. but they still look very nice. there may be something for everyone. Teresa Cummins REV:EWS Beaded Jewellery .co. which I haven't seen before.with designs from Elizabeth Bower Published by Murdoch Books. ISBN 1-4053-1569-5. Maya Brenner Published by Dorling Kindersley. I was a1SD disappointed that the projects I thought were going to be bead embroidery really involved gluing beads onto fabric instead. I can sse myself doing some of the projects from this book as they look so lovely in the photos. and includes information about cleaning.

Sarah Jennard a lot more about them. I on~ wish I had it before I went to my first bead show -I might have known a bit more about what I was buying. although the majority of the projscts are beading. and an easy to follow diagram. fJ. too. It also has a section on findings and even a bit on buying beads that made a good read'. stringing and knotting. th ree are based arou nd different necklace types . variety of beading techniques for each beads and colours have been used to ksep each project just that little bit different from the last and because of this. back I would recommend practicing the techniques first before making the pieces but overall I real~ enjoyed this book. I am new to beading and was getting confused by all the dtfferent bead s available so this book was great for me. what colours they come in and even what other beads you can mix them 100 Beaded Jewellery Designs . Each bead has such as how to USB a picture of that bead. bracelets and rings as well as earrings to match the n ecklacBs. It is split into four section s. The projects also inclu de brooches. The first part of the book covers a .Stephanie Burnham Published by Search Press ISBN 1-84448-189-1. I fo un d it a little tricky at first refs rrin g type of necklace such as different types of beading. choker and lariat. and learn with.ditional baader. size guides and information them. The design ideas are great for me as I'm still learning what beads go nicely together and I think this will help me in my designs. This seems a really good reference book for anyone to use to look up different beads. Julie Smallwood All the projscts are supported by a detailed techniques section. thers are a few pieces that are a little trickier (some involve a little bit of frseform peyote or bead embellishment) This book has really been thought about and it is obvious that a lot of time went into the planning to get it right.The Bead Selector's Bible .Elise Mann Published by Search Press.s a beginner I would definitely use this book and I think. even plastic ones and ones made from natural materials such as nits and hom.a classic length. and these Should keep the more advanced bsader interested. ISBN 1-84448-127-1. clear step-by-slep instructions. the book maintains a bright and fresh appeal that should suit a range of tastes from the younger audience through to a more tra. by shape or what they're made of for example. A whole range of different types of to the tecrn iqu es s ecuo n an d for s om 8 of the more dtfficu ~ proja tts. Each of the projects has a finished photo. that more advanced beaders would also find it useful as it has lots of information you will not know I really liked the fact that it includes all sorts of beads. Whilst most of it is aimed at beginners.

glass demonstrating makl ngglass beads by 74 BEAD.some dear glass stripes. It had already been open an hour by then! Below: Martin TLlffnBl1 of Tuflnell. there was still a long queue to get in. There were books. when we arrived at 12. silver beads. using tambour work. such as Buffy's Beads. But I did write down some website addresses so I can visit them online. crystals. and there was also someone showing how she decorates dresses hand.ess and the Brighton Bead shop as they were too busy and I couldn't get to the front. we had all enjoyed the show and were happy with our goodies. There were a great many of stalls at Harrow. I had to miss out a few stalls. The Bedford Beaders had some gorgeous necklaces on their stand. Eye candy over. I tried not to get carried away and was fairly strict on myself for 'what I could buy. from Stourbridge and Leicester .made glass focal beads and semi-precious stones all available. and persevering with the crowds was good practice for the Alexandra Palace knit and stitch show! • w at Harrow were opened at 00. This issue jewellery designer Julie Smallwood tells us about her trip to Harrow Bead Fair. mostly made from the tiniest of seed beads. dichroic glass. guilds and societies. DECEMBER 06! JANUARY Q7 . Crystals-ll. The stall holders had travelled from allover to be there. each issue we will see what one beader has been up to recently. \mJen I caught up with my friends later for a show and tell. Most of his glass pieces were donut shaped with candy striped colours running through them. and some recent magazines.even the bead shops from Brighton and Nottingham both had stalls. hand. beads with peppermint TI DOORS to the annual bead The show was selling pretty much everything you could ever need for jewellery making. The Polymer Clay Guild were demonstrating how to use a pasta machine. it moved pretty quickly and we were soon inside. It's such a popular show that Following on in the glass theme. Above: Tile Polymer Clay Guild stand were demonstrating using the clay and making beads. He made it look easy as he formed a round bead and then turned three little dots into a flower. I had images of handbags at dawn!! I decided to work against the crowd. that if I had been making them. I then visited Tuffnell Glass to watch Martin Tuffnell demonstrating how to make glass beads. \VitIl glass bead maker. they would have turned into showing some incredible pieces of eye candy.Reader's diary Sunday 8th October 2006 HARROW BEAD FA R With a world of beading events going on around us. But where to start? There was so much to see and it was pretty crowded. Thankfully though. it was time to get down to the serious business of shopping. so headed right and was immediately drawn to a stall of hand made glass pendants and beads by Patrick Stern. Som e of 0 ~r boo k slash! The queue lor the fair when we arrived. I stocked up on small glass focal beads for silver bangles. but I know from previous experience a lump of gloop! There followed a number of different beading groups. Well that made my first purchase fairly easy . seed beads. bought a couple of bead strings for necklaces.

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