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News from One of the Fastest-Growing Economies in the World


Brazil Hits Membership Milestone
What does this mean? Mr. Reis believes that Brazilians are viewing project management in a professional manner, organizations want to achieve business goals through projects and universities are preparing better professionals to fulfill the upcoming huge demand for those professionals who are able to work in project teams. According to PMI-sponsored research, there are a large number of investments in infrastructure projects with many new organizations coming to Brazil through 2016. The economy increased a record 7.5 percent in 2010—its largest increase since 1986. Helping to fuel this growth was Brazilian industry, which expanded over 10 percent last year. Brazil’s economic growth surpassed South Korea, Japan, Germany and the United States—and also exceeded the 5 percent world average for GDP growth. The construction industry is predicted to be among the fastest growing in the world over the next five years.

razil recently passed an important milestone with its 10,000th PMI member. Juliano Reis, PMI’s representative in the country, notes that since 2009, project management has grown impressively in Brazil, with a corresponding increase in PMI membership from 7,000 to over 10,000. Currently there are approximately 11,000 PMI credential holders living in Brazil. In 2010, 4,272 new Brazilian members joined PMI and started to take advantage of a large number of resources to advance their careers and develop themselves as better project managers. Also during 2010, 1,037 practitioners earned the Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential and 47 achieved the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® certification. All of these statistics are significant factors in PMI’s overall global growth.

Active Members, Active Chapters
There are 13 chapters in Brazil. More than 8,000 of the 10,000 PMI members in Brazil are also chapter members. The three largest chapters are in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. All but one Brazilian chapter have their own congress, with an average event attendance of 400. A national congress has been held in different locations each year, and attendance has gone up dramatically.

2006 Santa Catarina 2007 Bahia 2008 Rio Grande do Sul 2009 Belo Horizonte 2010 Distrito Federal

350 500 750 1,200 1,500

11,000 10,000 9,000 8,000 7,000 6,000 5,000 4,000 3,000

Brazil–Total PMI Members

Some initiatives have helped attract and retain members in Brazil, and spread the word about project management and PMI:



President and CEO welcome video for chapter events; Meetings by Mr. Reis and chapter officers with organizations interested in project management and PMI; and Presentations by Mr. Reis and chapter officers at chapter events, describing the benefits of PMI membership to attendees.

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Regarding membership increases and retention, Mauro Sotille, PMP, Brazil Region Mentor said “most of the credit goes to the chapter officers and other active volunteers who have worked consistently toward these goals over the last 10 years.”

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