108 sentences from H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
* Cut out each card and place them upside-down in a bowl. * Every morning pick up one card and let Shri Mataji's words guide your attention during the day.

Life is a game - play it, enjoy it and love it!

You are a very special type of human race and beautiful patterns are showing in your life, in your lifestyle, in your behavior.

If a person is very much indulgent If you don't use your Kundalini When ego is there, you can not be and thinks so much of things power, she stops working! Use a witness. To make the ego which are not so important for your vibrations and give it to disappear, say the mantra of Shri spirituality, then Kundalini is everybody and everything who is Jesus. falling again and again. alive! How collective are you? How many people can you get along with? How many things can you laugh at? Learn through your introspection to improve yourself and to become a better and loving personality. The best way to stop your thoughts is to think: "What can I do for SY?" Then you will become thoughtlessly aware. However great a man may be in society, without love he will lack the force of gravity, the sweet fragrance of a flower. Kaalateet. Beyond time. Timeless. Everything happens just in the right moment. "I need this, I need that, I need that." We should know what other people need. What is their need? If your heart is clean you can see other persons clearly through and through. Innocence is such a powerful thing. You have to give realisation, to bring your light outside into the society. You have this responsibility.

Take help from the ganas, you Shri Mahakali is the power of your can become very intuitive. 50% of left side, the power of desire. If SY is based on intuition. You have your desire is pure than to develop a proper sense of Shri Paramchaitanya will act. Ganesha. A person who thinks she is very You have to clear your problems, exclusive and special should not face yourself and introspect. Then come to SY, you have to become the lotus that you are can spread. a part and parcel of the whole. Feel this beautiful peace and silence of your Spirit. Through silence you can feel God, the Paramchaitanya. It is an inside war. You have to fight the six enemies within yourself, then only can you rise and ascend in your spiritual growth. You have to be connected with me, then this feeling is so satisfying, so joy-giving, that you feel this joy for yourself and others. As soon as you decide to please others, the tongue becoes different. It becomes sweet, like honey.

Shiva loves everyone who is humble for truth.If you are the instrument of God Forgive everyone completely and All the drama is played to prove The only thing that will really give Almighty. sustains the family. You cannot hide things. love you. It binds. Putting one's attention on problems and having the faith that the Divine Power will work it out will solve all your problems. the work of transformation allow. Pray: "Give me natural humility. meditation. He cannot enjoy the fun of collectivity. Teach me how to avoid things balance! If you are in the center Allow yourself to grow by yourself. me happiness is that the way I Shakti. Negativity of the left side is very dangerous and it can lead to serious emotional and psychological problems. You all must clear your chakras every day. See to have fun. to enjoy. You might feel a little be cheated. Now you but Sahaja Yogis have to be have found reality. Allow your heart to be drenched in Let us pray to Shri Bhairava to Love is the life-giving force of the You are here to do the work of Adi your Mother's love. the instrument of Adi do not react. Put your right and your left side in By itself. A person who is left-sided cannot be collective. You have to have complete faith in yourself. You have to meditate and try to go into the state of thoughtless awareness! You have to count how many people you love. but you have to work it out! Pray: "Take away my thoughts. how much I love you. you love each other. Mahalaxmi principle. now innocent. All the Sahaja Yogis are in my heart. Sangam saranam gachami. you have to look after your a little bit dominated or disgraced." Why are you wasting so much time with trivial and unimportant nonsensical things? What is your destiny? You have found Sahaja Yoga thorugh your desire and you have gone through many lives before you achieved it. through introspection and attention. family." How does a tree grow? Chitta Nirodh. then you life will be full of reactions. that tempt me.the Kundalini . Just give us a sense to laugh. You must understand that angels are always around you and watch you. Where the women are respected and respectable." "Please keep me away from Ego. nourishes and Shakti. When you become thoughtlessly aware then you become completely peaceful within. I surrender myself to the collectivity. She . . the power of God. Introspect and let go of all the negative feelings inside the collective… and only feel love towards each other. by which I can penetrate into the hearts of people. you can progress. the truth. give me the witness state by which I can see the whole drama. of human beings. because He is the total source of pure knowledge. Keep yourself clean and auspicious. Ego itself has many the existence of that great power. that gives me the idea that I am superior to others. love and joy… beautiful. there resides the Goddess of our well-being. so you have to love God with all your heart! To become a great Sahaja Yogi. and that 'yourself' is nothing but innocence. that take away my than you are in the present. Establish your witness state.knows everything.

not the mistakes of others. Shiva. give me the sense of security of my SPIRIT. I surrender to the Nirmala Dharma in me. than Mother Earth. you are If you could make yourself is to bend down towards the happy. If you live a holy life in dharma. it's dangerous. just "Give me a sweet tongue by which smile at it and know it is for your I become communicative with good. that is your fortress. not the attention of others. Protect people who are good people and give them realisation. just face it. Don’t think too much. We have to be very humble to reach the Lotus feet of Shri Mahadeva. Pray: If there is a disappointment." Modesty will let you grow inside and you will become beautiful! We have to share." It is not necessary to become ritualistic and fanatic. because you are never stronger than your memory. you will enjoy this life! . I surrender myself to my SelfRealization. we are one body. be Sahaj! Ask in your prayer: "O Lord. comes only with innocence. disappointed. Devotion will bring you further on! The biggest thing one has to know When you are desireless. Your action should come from the heart. Shri Ganesha is the principle of innocence and purity. If you have done something wrong." A right-sided person doesn't allow anyone to enjoy collectivity.Be aware about yourself and about your action. not to be thought out." A strong center heart is the basis of a healthy personality. what sort of a your love and your knowledge to 'reflector' are you? others. Sahaja Yoga is to be worked out. nothing can possess you… Pray: Pray with your heart. Pray: "Let me see my mistakes. Use your introspection and ask If you are a compassionate person yourself: than you have the desire to give What is your level. Feel these qualities in yourself. Pray with your heart: "Please give me the strength so that I am genuine. Prayer The one who is not innocent is "Let me be a courageous person is a very great thing for a Sahaja never wise." We have to be tolerant with others and accept all the differences." The purpose of life is to worship God Almighty. No use feeling guilty. You have to have compassion for people who cannot understand! Let me be the witness and let me feel this witness state. Shri Hanumana was so devoted to Rama. others. Feel your spirit and enjoy this wonderful life… the life of a realised soul! Shri Durga Mata is giving you confidence in yourself! The best calibre of the subtlest form is just seeking union with God. Pray: "Give me the sense of my own dignity." Yogi. Your own attention is important. Be collective! Don't think that you are something special! In thoughtless awareness nobody can touch you. Buddham saranam gachami. part and parcel of the whole! Pray: "Let me see why people are not happy with me. Dharmam saranam gachami. Wisdom and feel Shri Durga in my heart.

Let your intuition. it's just there. throw it away! Love that is attachment cannot be love. Feel joy and let this joy spread through you. Just to perfect it is your job. . Respect yourself. and It is all myth that upsets you." Talk to everyone with an open heart. you are the reflection of God Almighty! Believe in yourself and your creative powers! "I am a Sahaja Yogi. You have all the power! Be patient with yourself and with others.Shri Laxmi is the principle of wealth and peace. your left side. May God bless you. Shri Adi Shakti is your Mother! Where is your attention now? Money cannot replace reality. act! Be a constructive and good person! Ascent is the aim of your life.

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