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Kasaysayan, The Philippine History Vol. 3

A-Z dIreC T mArKe TInG, InC.

The Spanish Conquest
Jose Arcilla, S.J. 250 years of Spanish rule from the arrival of the Spaniards through their Hispanization of the Philippines.

A-Z dIreC T mArKe TInG, InC.

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Kasaysayan: e Story of the Filipino People 10 Volumes / $260.00 per set This is the historical series unlike any other you have read: a work that describes, in careful detail and with uncompromising honesty, the travails and triumphs of the Filipino people. Full–color photographs and illustrations, many of them never before published in a work of this natureaccompany every volume, as well as insightful essays contributed by the country’s leading writers and experts. An integral part of every set is a handy onevolume timeline and general figures as well as samples of all Filipino languages and dialects. Published jointly by A-Z Direct Marketing, Inc. and Reader’s Digest, Kasaysayan combines the best of Filipino and global publishing expertise. It promises to be an indispensable feature of any respectable Filipino library- including your book shelf at home, at school, and in the office.

Kasaysayan, The Philippine History Vol. 4

Life in the Colony
Ramon Villegas, Ma. Serena, Phd. Examines Philippine trade industry and culture under Spain in the pivotal 19th century.

Kasaysayan, The Philippine History Vol. 5

Reform and Revolution
John Schumancher, S.J. Chronicles the tumultous birth of the Filipino nation: the execution of GomBurZa, the reform and propaganda movement, Rizal’s vision and death, Bonifacio and women revolutionists.
Kasaysayan, The Philippine History Vol. 16

Kasaysayan, The Philippine History Vol. 1

The Philippine Archipelago
Raymundo S. Punongbayan, Prescillano Zamora & Perry Ong Presents the genesis, the legends, the realities, the perils and the beauty of the Philippines Islands.

Under Stars and Stripes
Milagros Guerrero, Phd. Tackles the coming of Americans and the effect of their new form of colonialism on the Philippines government, economy, social justice, education and independence.

Kasaysayan, The Philippine History Vol. 2

The Earliest Man
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Fr. Gabriel Casal, Eusebio Dizon, Cecilio Salcedo & Wilfredo Ronquillo The coming of the prehistoric man to the Philippines; his first home, food, tools, education, indigenous culture and society, vanities and beliefs in the afterlife


Kasaysayan, The Philippine History Vol. 7

A-Z dIreC T mArKe TInG, InC.

The Japanese Occupation
Ricardo Jose, Phd. A sensitive and often painful but stirring account of a nation at war against imperial Japan.

Kasaysayan, The Philippine History Vol. 8

Up from the Ashes
Ma. Serena Diokno, Phd Charts the Philippines’ rise from the ruins of war and independence in 1946 to the advent of the Marcos years.

Kasaysayan, The Philippine History Vol. 9

A Nation Reborn
Alex Magno Recaptures the drama, the agony, and the joy of the Filipino journey to regain their freedom after two decades of decline into dictatorship

Kasaysayan, The Philippine History Vol. 10

A Timeline of Philippine History
Henry Totanes A convenient single volume overview of the developments of people ideas and climates; the milestones and the personalities which shaped Philippine history



Hukuman ni Sinukuan
Edited by Virgilio Almario Why does Pagong carry his house with him? Why does Martines build his nest on trees? Why does Lamok always fly near people’s ears? Who preserves the peace and harmony on Mount Arayat? Find out the answers in Ang Hukuman ni Sinukuan.

AdArnA House

AdArnA House

With a wide range of titles to choose from, Adarna House offers storybooks across various genres: from fact to fantasy, from whimsical to classic, from heritage to history. Classified according to their pedagogical value, Adarna House ensures that Filipino children are provided with educational and entertaining storybooks suitable for their age.

ISBN 971-508-264-5 $5.00

Ang Kamatis ni Peles Alamat ng Ampalaya
Augie D. Rivera This is an original story on the legend of the bitter gourd. The story excites the imagination of children and warns them against the evil of envy and greed. Virgilio Almario Early readers learn about days of the week as they accompany Peles, a lazy grasshopper, who decides to plant tomatoes and to wait each day for his seeds to grow into red, plump tomatoes!

ISBN 971-508-278-5 $5.00

ISBN 971-508-018-9 $5.00

Starting out in 1980 as a small publishing house, Adarna House became the country’s leading publisher of books for children, parents, teachers, and social workers. Our readers choose from a wide range of titles — all original publications that feature Filipino values, culture, history, and experiences. Created through an intensive book development process, our books have earned the recommendation of authoritative educational institutions and experts.

Alpabetong Filipino
Edited by Virgilio Almario A child’s first book on the Filipino alphabet featuring sample words beginning with each letter.
ISBN 971-508-248-3 $5.00 ISBN 971-508-255-6 $5.00

Ang Mabait na Kalabaw
Virgilio Almario The very good carabao should be emulated. It’s always in its best behavior. It is friends with its fellow carabaos. It loves truth, goodness, and beauty. Can you be like the very good carabao?

Ako si Kaliwa, Ako si Kanan
Russell Molina Magkasundo kaya talaga ang kanan at kaliwang tsinelas? Alamin sa nakatutuwang kuwentong ito na nilikha para basahin ng dalawang naghahalinhinan.

Ang Madyik Silya ni Titoy
Russell Molina Here comes Titoy’s magic chair! Watch it turn into a car, a plane, or a train and take Titoy to many wondrous places! Here is a heartwarming story about how a child’s boundless imagination helps him overcome his limitations.

Scout Torillo corner Scout Fernandez Streets, Barangay Sacred Heart, Quezon City 1103 Philippines Tel no. (632) 352-6765 Fax (632) 352-6765 loc 125 visit aDarNa.com.ph

ISBN 971-508-339-3 $5.00

ISBN 971-508-142-8 $5.00


Ang Mahiyaing Manok
Rebecca T. Añonuevo Onyok is a young rooster who cannot crow as good and as loud as the others so he spends most of his time sulking. How can a shy rooster prove his worth?

Dalawang Bayani ng Bansa
Rene O. Villanueva Rene Villanueva, beloved writer of stories for children, renders the heroic lives of Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio in this book. The two heroes’ experiences are retold sideby-side.

Just Add Dirt
Becky Bravo Miguel does not like taking a bath. Even if nanay keeps on reminding him, he runs off to play outside, not taking a bath. One morning, he wakes up to find little plants sprouting from different parts of his body! Will these plants ever stop growing?

AdArnA House

ISBN 971-508-074-x $5.00

ISBN 971-508-305-8 $5.00

ISBN 971-508-340-9 $5.00

Ang Tikbalang kung Kabilugan ng Buwan
Virgilio Almario At night, when the moon is full, what could a lonely tikbalang be doing? This story is a delightful glimpse at an often-feared creature of local mythology.

Haluhalo Espesyal
Yvette Ferreol Jackie has been sick for a week! Her mother has been giving her all the medicine she needs but nothing seems to work. Suddenly, Lola Itang comes to visit. Can Lola Itang’s enchanted kitchen restore Jackie to her healthy, happy self?

Lola Puti
Russell Molina How many minutes do you need to count all your hair? Designed to make learning math more enjoyable, interesting word problems are included in this humorous story about a boy and his visits to his Lola Puti.

ISBN 971-508-250-5 $5.00

ISBN 971-508-283-1 $5.00

ISBN 971-508-308-9 $5.00

Ang Tuta ni Noe
Virgilio Almario Dahil sa Dakilang Baha, matagal na palutang-lutang ang malaking Arka ni Noe na sakay ang iba’t ibang pares ng hayop. Inip na inip sila. Ngunit sa lahat, kakaiba ang kilos ni Tuta. Lagi siyang inaasikaso ni Noe, kaya’t inggit na inggit kay Tuta ang ibang hayop.

Ibong Adarna
Edited by Virgilio Almario The Adarna is a unique and wonderful bird in Philippine folklore. It can change the color of its feathers into more radiant and enchanting shades. Its song is so sweet that it can lull anyone to sleep. Find out what happens when three princes try to capture this elusive bird.

Manik Buangsi
Retold by Virgilio Almario From the Samals in the southern Philippines comes this story of undying love between a mortal and an immortal. Manik Buangsi, the handsome prince of the sky, falls in love with Tuan Putli, the daughter of a sultan. Can Tuan Putli pass the test of the gods?

ISBN 971-508-355-3 $5.00

ISBN 971-508-125-8 $5.00

ISBN 971-508-266-1 $5.00

Araw sa Palengke
May Tobias-Papa A young girl wakes up to a special day! She is going to the market with her mother. Who will she meet? What will she see? Is there anything in store for her?

Isang Mayang Uhaw
Virgilio Almario This ancient fable is about how a tiny bird drinks from a nearly empty glass of water. How does he do it? Will he knock the glass down? Then the water will spill and he will have none to drink. How will this thirsty sparrow do it?

Papel de Liha
Ompong Remigio This story honors the untiring love a mother has for her family. She works all day: cooks meals, does laundry, cleans each nook and cranny. All this work must make her hands as rough as sandpaper!

ISBN 971-508-317-1 $5.00

ISBN 971-121-175-0 $5.00

ISBN 971-508-023-5 $5.00


Paradise of the Animals
Virgilio Almario Here is a modern fable that speaks of the value of peace and tolerance.
ISBN 971-508-258-0 $5.00 ISBN 971-508-019-7 $5.00

Si Pilandok at ang Manok
Virgilio Almario Pilandok is a well-loved folk hero especially popular in the Muslim areas. His name is the Filipino equivalent for the mouse deer. In folktales, Pilandok is portrayed as a clever creature who loves to play tricks—and his tricks often land him in difficult situations!

Si Pilandok sa Pulo ng Pawikan
Virgilio Almario This fifth tale in the Pilandok series of adventures is not only a show of our folk hero’s trademark cleverness but also of his concern for the environment. Pilandok once again battles with the scheming Datu Usman who threatens the existence of the pawikan.

AdArnA House

ISBN 971-508-124-X $5.00

Sampu Pataas, Sampu Pababa
Virgilio Almario Do you know how many steps you have to take if you’re walking from your room to the kitchen? This is the story of Mak-mak, a boy who sees numbers everywhere.

Si Pilandok at ang mga Buwaya
Virgilio Almario Here is one of wily Pilandok’s adventures! In this folktale, Pilandok has to cross a river that is guarded by crocodiles. What will our hero do this time? Is this the end for our funny hero?

The Love of Lam-ang * new edition
Virgilio Almario The legendary tales about Lam-ang are popular in the Ilocos region. The oldest written story in verse is said to have been written by the blind poet Pedro Bukaneg. In this story, find out how Lam-ang wins the love of Ines Kannoyan.

ISBN 971-508-304-1 $5.00

ISBN 970-508-005-7 $5.00

ISBN 971-508-265-3 $5.00

Si Langgam at si Tipaklong
Virgilio Almario Tipaklong enjoys his lazy life and doesn’t understand why Langgam has to look for food all day. When the rains come, Tipaklong realizes the wisdom in Langgam’s industry and foresight.

Si Pilandok sa Kaharian sa Dagat
Virgilio Almario Datu Usman is a cruel and greedy leader whom our hero, Pilandok, always manages to outwit. What does the kingdom under the sea hold for our hero and his greedy foe?

Tominaman sa Rogong Becomes a Painter
Retold by Felice Prudente Sta.Maria This magical tale is inspired by the Maranaw mythical land of Bembaran. Datu Tominaman sa Rogong realizes that there is something missing in his life: color. In his search for color, he also discovers the art of painting.

ISBN 971-508-273-4 $5.00

ISBN 971-508-030-8 $5.00

ISBN 971-855-169-8 $5.00

Si Pagong at Si Matsing
Virgilio Almario Matsing is known for his intelligence and cunning but Pagong also has his wit and cleverness. When they both find a banana tree, the match begins. Find out who triumphs in this classic tale that has amused generations.

Si Pilandok, Bantay-Gubat
Virgilio Almario Pilandok took it upon himself to protect the forest against the abusive followers of his archenemy Datu Usman. Pilandok forbade the indiscriminate cutting of trees and this further angered the greedy ruler.

Wigan Becomes a Sculptor
Retold by Felice Prudente Sta.Maria Along with other Ifugaw farmers, Wigan farms on he highlands’ magnificent payyo. When his crops suddenly and unexpectedly fail, he asks help from the gods in heaven. It is through these gods that Wigan learns to create a bul-ol, and begins the art of sculpture.

ISBN 971-508-282-3 $5.00

ISBN 971-508-035-9 $5.00

ISBN 971-855-159-2 $5.00


Si Hinlalaki
Virgilio Almario Sa limang anak ni Inang Kamay, tanging si Hinalalaki lamang ang naiiba ang tabas. Ngunit lingid sa kaalaman ng kaniyang mga kapatid, si Hinlalaki ay may itinatago ring galing.

Si Diwayen, Noong Bago Dumating ang mga Espanyol
Augie Rivera Magkaibigan si Lunhaw at Diwayen. Ngunit Sadyang Magkaiba ang kanilang kapalaran: prinsesa si Lunhaw habang alipin si Diwayen. Makamit kaya ni Diwayen ang tunay na kalayaan?

AdArnA House

ISBN 971-508-381-2 $5.00

ISBN 971-508-108-8 $5.00

Rosa Albina
Virgilio Almario Napakaselang kalabaw ni Rosa Albina. Paniwala niya’y siya ang pinakamataas sa lahat, kaya naman wala siya ni isang kaibigan. Mababago pa kaya ang di kanais-nais na pag-uugali ni Rosa Albina?

Si Segunda, Noong Panahon ng mga Espanyol
Augie Rivera

Glenda Oris Paborito ng hanging si Ling-ling ang maglaro sa bundok ng Makiling. Pinagbabawalan man, sumama pa rin siya kay Paros sa lungsod, upang doon magsanay at maging malakas na batang hangin. Magustuhan kaya niya ang Maynila?
ISBN 971-508-109-6 $5.00

ISBN 971-508-368-3 $5.00

Ayaw na ni Segunda pumasok sa katekismo. Ang gusto niya’y matutong magbasa at magbilang tulad ni Felipe. Matutupad kaya ang nais ni Segunda?

Dalawang Dagang Bulag
Rodolfo Desuasido Bulag man ang dalawang daga ay kung saan-saan naman nakakarating. Matataas na bundok ay kaya nilang akyatin, malalawak na kapatagan ay kaya nilang bagtasin. Halina’t sundan ang dalawang dagang bulag sa kanilang paglalagalag.

ISBN 971-508-371-3 $5.00

Si Pitong, Noong Panahon ng mga Hapon
Augie Rivera Sa Tarlac lang umiinog ang mundo ni Pitong, ngunit dahil sa giyera napilitan silang lumikas. Sa pagdating ng mga Hapon, ano pa kaya ang magbabago sa kaniyang buhay?

ISBN 971-508-370-6 $5.00

ISBN 971-508-110-X $5.00

Luis P. Gatmaitan Pangarap ni Istet na sumikat sa buong daigdig. Tutuparin niya ito sa tulong ng isang mahusay na doktor mula Europa. Ngunit di tulad ng kaniyang nais, isang dayuhang kayumanggi ang bumili at nagdala sa kaniya sa Filipinas. Matupad kaya ni Istet ang kaniyang ambisyong maging tanyag?

Si Juanito, Noong Panahon ng mga Amerikano

ISBN 971-508-112-6 $5.00

Augie Rivera Nang dumating ang pagkakataon na magtrabaho sa Amerika, hindi ito pinalampas ni Juanito at ng kaniyang Tatay. Talaga kayang mas matamis ang asukal na nakukuha sa Amerika?

ISBN 971-508-369-0 $5.00


Si Jhun-jhun, Noong Bago Ideklara ang Batas Militar
Augie Rivera Mahilig si Jhun-jhun maglaro kasama ang kaniyang kaibigan, ngunit gusto niyang malaman kung saan pumupunta ang kaniyang kuya. Ano kaya ang ibang mga pangyayari sa lansangan ang kaniyang matutuklasan?

Virgilio Almario

AdArnA House


ISBN $6.50

ISBN 971-508-111-8 $5.00


Laman ng aklat na ito ang alpabetong Filipino. Bukod sa malalaki at maliliit na titik, makikilala rin ng mga batang mambabasa ang salitang nagsisimula sa bawat titik ng alpabeto.

The World Around Me (Red)




Figure This Out
Learn how to spot differences and match similar objects throught this fun and colorful collection of simple logic activities for kids.
ISBN 971-508-357-7 $4.00 ISBN $6.50

Here is a book perfect for the tiny fingers that will be holding and flipping its pages. Together with their children, parents can point to the pictures and name them: helping build their children’s first vocabulary. Through this book, children will be acquainted with everyday objects and words from the wonderful world they live in.


100 Questions
These and many other questions boggle the minds of Filipino children. From a survey of over 400 kids, here’s a book that mixes fun with fact, answering Filipino kids’ questions in the fields of science, history, and culture, art, and sports. Kids are also treated to some interesting bits of trivia and hands-on activities.

The World Around Me (Green)
Here is a book perfect for the tiny fingers that will be holding and flipping its pages. Together with their children, parents can point to the pictures and name them: helping build their children’s first vocabulary. Through this book, children will be acquainted with everyday objects and words from the wonderful world they live in.

ISBN 971-508-276-9 $35.00

Let’s Count
Learn how to count and identify numbers through this fun and colorful collection of simple math activities for kids.
ISBN 971-508-358-4 $4.00

101 Filipino Icons
Virgilio Almario This book is a comprehensive survey of people, places, things, and events that make Filipinos unique, 101 historical and cultural icons that all Filipinos should know. Each featured icon includes photographs, illustrations, information, trivia, and quotes.

Samahan ang mga kaibigang kalabaw sa librong ito sa pagtuklas ng iba’t ibang kulay sa ating paligid.
ISBN $6.50 ISBN 508-302-797-8 $35.00


AdArnA House

101 Filipino Icons Volume II
Virgilio Almario The first volume could not cover all. This sequel presents a comprehensive survey of the next 101 people, places, objects, institutions, and events that make Filipinos unique.

ISBN 971-508-348-5 $35.00

Regional Profiles
This book is about the 17 regions of the Philippines. Each of the regional sections contain essays,maps, photos, illustrations, statistics, and trivia on the geography, environment, history, industry, and people and culture of the region.

ISBN 971-508-349-2 $38.00

Buwan Buwang Bulawan
Virgilio S. Almario Mga tulang pambata ni Rio Alma.

ISBN 971-508-347-8 $15.00

Can We Live on Mars?
At the rate that people are exploring space, will it take long before we actually start living on Mars?
ISBN 971-508-337-9 $8.00


Selyo: Philippine History in Postage Stamps
Reynaldo Alejandro, Rosa Menguito Vallejo and Armida Vallejo Santiago



ISBN 971-272-603-3 2011 184 pages $40.00

ISBN 971-508-264-5 2000 164 pages $55.00

Re-Viewing Fil.Cinema
Bienvenido Lumbera Appears at a time when Tagalog movies in the 35mm format seem to have arrived at their twilight years. Independent movies in the form of digital films that the Cinemalaya Film Festival of the Cultural Center of the Philippines had proliferated since 2005, have ushered in new chapter in the history of Filipino movies.

This book, the first of its kind in philatelic history, presents historical events and important personalities in Philippine history through a selection of postage stamps. A Treasury of Stories-Com ED.
E. Arsenio Manuel This is a collection of thirty-three Philippine-Asian oral traditions that have come down from the remote past. It was written in the hope that a new generation, that is a last awakening to nationalism, may discover the charm, the depth, and the variety of these ancestral narratives.

ISBN 971-270-348-7 1995 239 pages $40.00

Anvil Publishing, Inc. is a nine-time Publisher of the Year as cited by the Manila Critics Circle. To date, it is the biggest and most progressive tradebook publisher in the Philippines. Founded and operationalized in 1990, it publishes and occasionally imports a wide range of books. To date, Anvil has put over 1,386 titles. 130 titles have won National Book Awards from 1990 to 2008.

Rizal Without the Overcoat-BP
Ambeth R. Ocampo Ambeth Ocampo’s essays found in the book are attempts to “translate” Rizal and our past to a new generation, and present a “new” Rizal that has been obscured by school myth. In this latest edition, the book has been pruned of the different prefaces except for the original 1990 preface...

ISBN 971-272-063-5 2008 220 pages $40.00

Meaning & History
Ambeth R. Ocampo When all the lectures and conference papers I delivered in the years 199398 were collated for this book, the text was estimated to run about 400 pages. To make the compilation more manageable, Dr. Lina Diaz de Rivera, my editor set aside lectures on monastic history, Philippine art and other historical figures...

Children of the Ever-changing Moon
Teng Mangansakan This anthology presents new voices that offer a glimpse into the life of a people whose opinion, history, and circumstance have somehow been stifled, giving them an important, distinct place in our national imagination.

Cacho Hermanos Bldg. Pines cor. Union Streets, Mandaluyong City 1550 Philippines Tel. (632)4774752 or (632)4774755 to 57 Fax (632)7471622 visit aNvilpUblishiNG.com

ISBN 971-272-523-4 2011 123 pages $15.00

ISBN 971-271-946-2 2007 136 pages $28.00


Heart in Two Places
Gemma Nemenzo Gemma Nemenzo’s essays are eloquent explorations of the Filipino American journey from various viewpoints – that of an expat, a woman and a mother; an active journalist still deeply concerned about the future of her homeland. This collection is a must-read for anyone

The U.S & The War on Terror in the Philippines
Patricio Abinales and Nathan Gilbert Quimpo
ISBN 971-272-061-1 2008 212 pages $52.00

Culture and History
Nick Joaquin Essays on Philippine Culture by National Arist for Literature and Journalism Nick Joaquin.
ISBN 971-271-300-8 2004 424 pages $44.00


ISBN 971-271-867-0 2007 200pages $40.00

This collection of essays explores the theme of the US and the “war on terror” in the Mindanao, southern Philippines, from various perspectives and level of analysis.

Looking Back
Ambeth R. Ocampo Hindsight is the lowest form of intelligence - except for historians. History is the collective memory of a nation but it has to be constantly rewritten. It is the historian’s interpretation of,more often than not, questionable facts.

The Joys of Dislocation
Patricio N. Abinales The peripatetic nature of the essays in this collection -- representing over a decade of commentary on the affairs in the three zones of Mindanao, the Philippines and the Southeast Asian region.

Days of Disquiet, Nights of Rage
Jose F. Labaca A compilation of on-the-spot reports on the First Quarter Storm first published in thePhilippine Free Press and the Asia-Philippines Leader, Days of Disquiet, Nights of Rage is a useful manual for mass media students and practitioners.

ISBN 971-272-336-0 2010 100 pages $7.00

ISBN 971-272-010-9 2008 216 pages $40.00

ISBN 971-271-297-4 2003 192 pages $15.00

Looking Back 2
Ambeth R. Ocampo To a people who are blind to the lessons of the past, Ambeth R. Ocampo is the one eyed king. Sure he has his critics, but all the time, he is entertaining, fresh and bracing, not stodgy or stultifying like some academics with their voluminous footnotes and explanations.

101 Stories on the Philippine Revolution
Ambeth R. Ocampo “Ambeth is such a delight to read. His wit, humor, keen observations and insights on Philippine history never fail to keep us entertained and informed.” - Benedicto “BenCab” Cabrera, National Artist for the Visual Arts.

Peace Warriors
Criselda Yabes This book is delightful read. It is, as far as I know, the first intimate look at everyday life inside the military camps. Yabes has given us portrait after portrait of soldiers and officers who fight the country’s internal warsin all their nobility and their flaws.

ISBN 971-272-436-7 2010 112 pages $7.00

ISBN 971-272-134-2 2009 332 pages $60.00

ISBN 971-272-528-9 2011 $28.00

Looking Back 3
Ambeth R. Ocampo The cause of history writing owes Ambeth Ocampo a great deal. By his extraordinary use of a relatively new genre, he has rescued history from the cold, forbidding halls of academe. He has made of history something amusing, entertaining... as immediate as a newspaper headline, as relevant as a rapper’s song .

The Boys from the Barracks
Criselda Yabes The post-Ramos coup attempts did not have the same political magnitude and intensity as those which went on during the years of Cory Aquino in power in the 1980s. This is partly why putting the pieces together felt like writing a post mortem account.

UG: An Undergound Tale
Benjamin Pimentel This book traces the unique, dramatic odyssey of the most intriguing figure of the First Quarter Storm and of the generation of young Filipinos who helped shape Philippine history.

ISBN 971-272-479-4 2010 106 pages $7.00

ISBN 971-272-236-3 2009 288 pages $22.00

ISBN 971-271-590-6 2006 284 $52.00


Phil. Literature : A History and Anthology
Bienvenido Lumbera & Cynthia Nograles Lumbares

Panitikang Pambata sa Filipinas
Virgilio S. Almario Isang malaking gampanin pa rin hanggang ngayon ang patuloy na edukasyon ng madla, lalo na ng mga magulang at guro. Nakasalalay ang higit na mabilis at malawakang pagsulong ng panitikang pambata.


ISBN 971-271-581-7 2005 $68.00

This book features English translations of the original edition of Philippine Literature: A History and Anthology available only in the Filipino language.

ISBN 971-272-401-5 2010 264 pages $30.00

Rizal Makata
Virgilio S. Almario Isang aklat na handog sa ika-150 kaarawan ng pambansang bayani na si Jose Rizal. Ang librong ito ay isang masinsing pagtalakay at pagsusuri sa mga piling tula ni Rizal na makaaambag sa higit na makabuluhang pagtingin kay Rizal bilang isang makata at manunulat.

Soledad’s Sister
Jose Y. Dalisay Jr. A tale of two individuals whose lives are redefined by the arrival of the casket bearing the body of a woman at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). The corpse, manifested as “Aurora V. Cabahug,” is one of over 600 overseas Filipino workers who return as corpses to NAIA every year. Shortlisted for the 2007 Man Asian Literary Prize..

Filipinos Writing
Bienvenido Lumbera & Cynthia Nograles Lumbera

ISBN 971-272-604-0 2011 198 pages $40.00

ISBN 971-272-083-3 2008 204 pages $40.00

ISBN 971-271-144-7 2010 536 pages $44.00

A comprehensive collection of works for those truly in love with Philippine literature. Comprised of contributions from writers all over the Philippines, the pieces unite in the spirit of the authors’ native tongues.

Eros Pinoy
Virgilio Aviado, Ben Cabrera and Alfred Yuson The first ever anthology of poetry and visual art on the theme of erotica, the book boasts of over 80 remarkable artworks and over 70 poems on love and passion from 101 well-known Filipinos.

Candido’s Apocalypse
Nick Joaquin He stood with right hand thrust into trousers pocket and eyes cast down; and when he finally looked up and at the people in the room, the three adults on the divan, who had, at his coming, multiplied the motions pouring out and drinking beer, just caught his blink of wonder.

ISBN 971-271-122-6 2001 138 pages $68.00

ISBN 971-272-416-9 2010 92 pages $15.00

Unang Siglo ng Nobela sa Filipinas
Virgilio S. Almario Ano ang epekto ni Rizal sa mga nobelistang Filipino? May kinalaman ba ang pananakop ng mga Amerikano sa pagsigla ng nobelang sentimental bago sumiklab ang Ikalawang Digmaang Pandaigdig?

Filipino ng Mga Filipino
Virgilio S. Almario A collection of essays and treatises on Philippppine linguistics by National Artist for Literature.
ISBN 971-272-202-8 2009 262 pages $52.00

ISBN 971-272-221-9 2009 244 pages $54.00


The Summer Solstice
Nick Joaquin Nick Joaquin, novelist, playwright, poet, journalist, historian, and biographer, has been the recipient of almost all of the prestigous awards in literature and the arts, including the National Artist Award for Literature, the highest national recognition...

Virgilio S. Almario Mula sa kasabihang “Estremelenggoles/Magkabila’y tulis,” nakatampok sa koleksiyong ito ang himig mapanukso at mapang-uyam sa pagtatanghal ng mga sakit ng tao at lipunan.




ISBN 971-272-584-5 2011 111 pages $15.00

ISBN 971-271-473-X 2004 96 pages $20.00

Nick: A Portrait of the Artist
Tony Joaquin and Gloria C. Kismadi Seven years after his death, Nick Joaquin’s legacy continues to live on. Through his prolific writings—both fiction and non-fiction—this National Artist for Literature awardee has left his mark not only in the Philippine literary and journalistic community...

The Manila We Knew
Erlinda Panlilio Fondly remembered in the pieces of this book are the elite enclaves of Malate, the elegant Escolta, the genteel suburbs of Quezon City and San Juan and the exciting birth of “new town” Makati with their recollections the women relieve family histories that bring back so vividly...

Virgilio S. Almario A collection of Filipino poems on various themes, National Artist for Literature Virgilio Almario (also known under the pseudonym, Rio Alma) is a superb example to students of writing and literature of a poet whose easy rhythm and vocabulary do not detract from the imagery and impact of his work.

ISBN 971-272-601-9 2011 149 pages $40.00

ISBN 971-271-859-5 2006 176 pages $28.00

ISBN 971-271-434-9 2004 $20.00

Filipina Artist in Diaspora
Thelma B. Kintanar Narrating their lives, the Filipina migrant artist in this book tell us what is means to live between two cultures: their indigenous culture and the culture of their adopted country They share with us their initial feeling of displacement or even alienation...

Great Men and Women of Asia
Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation 9 -volume biographies of the RAMON MAGSAYSAY AWARDEES. Asia’s Nobel Peace Prize.
ISBN 777-020-228-0 2004-2008 $680.00 ISBN 971-271-780-1 2006 440 pages $116.00

Pag-Unawa sa Ating Pagtula
Virgilio S. Almario A critical analysis of Philippine poetry by National Artist for Literature Virgilio Almario.

ISBN 971-272-556-2 2011 202 pages $40.00

May Day Eve
Nick Joaquin Nick Joaquin, novelist, playwright, poet, journalist, historian, and biographer, has been the recipient of almost all of the prestigous awards in literature and the arts, including the National Artist Award for Literature, the highest national recognition given to Filipino artists...

Virgilio S. Almario Ipinagdiriwang sa koleksiyong ito ang iba’t ibang matinding pag-ibig at pangungulila, gaya ng pag-ibig na karnal, pag-ibig sa magulang, pag-ibig sa kapuwa, at pag-ibig sa bayan.

Many Ways of Being Muslim
Coeli Barry This landmark collection brings together for the first time 22 short stories by nine Muslim Filipinos written over nearly seven decades, beginning in the 1940s. As the stories in this anthology reflect, there is no simple or complex way to capture the complex ways Muslims...

ISBN 971-272-585-2 2011 100 pages $15.00

ISBN 971-271-475-6 2004 100 pages $20.00

ISBN 971-271-943-1 2008 216 pages $52.00


Killing Time in a Warm Place
Jose Y. Dalisay Jr. This is a novel about growing up in the Philippines during the Marcos years. Told through the voice of Noel Ilustre Bulaong, the narrative travels through familiar social and literary territory...

Behind The Walls
Cecelia Manguerra Brainard and Marily Ysip Orosa What a fascinating collection of colegiala’s memories! It is interesting to note the nuances of language, the cultural forces, the forms of discipline, the passions and issues, that defined each generation of colegiala...

Flavors of The Philippines
Glenda Rosales-Barreto “The Flavors of the Philippines leads you on a culinary journey through the different regions of the country, from the bustling city of Manila to exotic Palawan as you encounter the refreshing halo-halo, a spicy kinilaw, the incomparable adobo and many many more...


ISBN 971-271-793-2 2006 216 pages $15.00

ISBN 971-271-492-6 2005 248 pages $25.00

ISBN 971-271-869-4 2006 112 pages $36.00

Vigan and Other Strories
Cecilia Brainard “This is a rich and generous collection of stories that spring from various sources-autobiographical, anecdotal and experimental. It entertains the casual reader, instructs aspiring and practising writers alike, and enriches the country’s culture.”-Paulino Lim

A Taste of Home
Edgar B. Maranan and Len S. Maranan-Goldstein A collection of Filipino expats’ reminiscences – especially during the writers’ growing-up-into-adulthood years – primarily of home and hometown, but having Filipino cooking as the unifying thread ...

Philippine Food and Life
Gilda Cordero-Fernando A book on food and Luzon countryside living. When talk zeroes in on what one has eaten and smelled simmering in the old provincial kitchens, it unravels threads of memories – how people knew then what good food was, how nature was provident, how life was good.

ISBN 971-272-443-5 2010 188 pages $22.00

ISBN 971-272-037-6 2008 276 pages $55.00

ISBN 971-270-232-4 192 pages $40.00

Angelica’s Daughter
Cecila Brainard, Erma Cuizon, Susan Evangelista, Veronica Montes and Nadine Sarreal “This collective and collaborative novel proves that writers share much more than just an interest in, as one of the authors puts it, ‘the idea of creating something of rare beauty out of nothing at all.”-Isagani Cruz

The Baguio We Know
Grace Subido Today, with the emergence of new, and concededly more titillating tourist destinations,many will admit that Baguio has “fallen from grace” from its once lofty position as “Summer Capital” of the Philippines...

Inter/ Section: Isagani Cruz
Dr. David Jonathan Bayot “To say that the Big Book is still being written is to express a conservative opinion. But knowing Isagani R. Cruz, I am certain that the Big Book will never be written (though I would be delighted to be proven wrong). He is, at core, a fervent believer with a simple faith...

ISBN 971-272-428-2 2010 246 pages $24.00

ISBN 971-272-274-5 2009 148 pages $32.00

ISBN 971-272-399-5 2010 548 pages $72.00

Essays on Phil Language & Lit.
Ruth Elynia S. Mabanglo and Rosita G. Galang With Essays of Virgilio Almario, Pia Arboleda, Josephine Barrios-Le Blanc, Aurora Batnag, Teresita Fortunato, Rosita Galang, Jose Lacaba, Bienvenido Lumbera, Nenita PambidDomingo, Lilibeth Robotham, Epifanio San Juan, Jr., and Rolando Tolentino.

The Cebu We Know
Erma Cuizon This is not a book of travel pieces that tell you what place to see and how get there. It was not intended to make you take the first flight to Cebu. This is biography of Cebu, from multiple points of view taken by writers who were born there...

The Anvil Jose Rizal Reader
Ani V. Habulan, General Editor “A Filipino must be just and foremost a good man, a good citizen, who will, with his mind and heart and if needed be, with his arms as well, help his country progress. “- Jose Rizal.

ISBN 971-272-378-0 2010 324 pages $62.00

ISBN 971-272-275-2 2009 204 pages $40.00

ISBN 971-272-605-7 2010 158 pages $30.00


Kulinarya Book
Glenda Barreto, Conrad Calalang, Margarita Fores, Myrna Segismundo, Jessie Sincioco and Claude Tayag


ISBN 971-272-108-3 2008 240 pages $65.00

Kulinarya’s team of six chefs, all of whom have made their own mark on Filipine cuisine, had made many lively arguments to distill the core principles of Filipino cooking from the huge diversity...


Festive Dishes
Nora V. Daza Without question-when it comes to recipes, Nora Daza’s books are the most credible and the best selling. We have been selling her cookbooks for the last 60 years! We even sell her books through Amazon!- Socorro C. Ramos, founder and general manager of National Book Store.

The Governor General’s Kitchen
Felice Sta. Maria The Governor-General’s Kitchen gathers interesting and little-known stories from historical sources about the Philippines’ culinary culture from 1521 to 1935.

New Vicassan’s Eng-Pil Dictionary
Vito C. Santos and Luningning E. Santos
ISBN 971-270-349-5 1995 1636 pages $144.00

ISBN 971-272-522-7 2011 201 pages $15.00

ISBN 971-271-696-1 2006 320 pages $104.00

A user-friendly dictionary of more than 20,000 word entries for editors, writers, teachers, scholars, and students.

A La Carte: Food & Fiction
Cecilia Manguerra Brainard and Marily Ysip Orosa “A La Carte is a combination of stories and recipes that reveals Filipino culture in a unique manner, with each chapter introduced by a recipe. The book is like a menu, with categories of Breads, Appetizers, Salads, Soup, Rice, Main Dishes, and Dessert...

The Adobo Book
Reynaldo Gamboa Aleandro and Nancy Reyes-Lumen Most of the recipes in this book are “freestyle” and personally owned. The lively texture of the recipes shows it. – From the Author’s Note.

UP Cultural Dictionary
Thelma Kintanar The University of the Philippines Cultural Dictionary for Filipinos is the only dictionary of its kind in the Philippines. As such, it is a useful reference and guide for students, teachers, parents, supervisors, executives and leaders in different fields...

ISBN 971-271-877-9 2007 220 pages $20.00

ISBN 971-271-560-4 2004 232 pages $15.00

ISBN 971-272-243-1 2009 1096 pages $135.00

Food Tour
Claude Tayag ”...a pleasure to read and good to the last morsel.” - Ambeth Ocampo, NCCA Chair “
ISBN 971-271-832-8 2006 276 pages $50.00 ISBN 971-272-132-8 2008 $15.00

Nora Daza: A Culinary Life
Nora V. Daza Best-loved recipes by culinary icon Nora V. Daza.
ISBN 971-635-034-0 2011 1350 pages $135.00

UP Diksiyonaryong Filipino
Virgilio S. Almario Pinalawak pa ang saklaw ng mga lahok mula sa iba’t ibang wikang katutubo sa Filipinas at sa mga modernong wika ng daigdig.


Philippines, A Manfold Land
Jose Y. Dalisay Jr. A rich volume of photographs and essays by the country’s noted writers and photographers on the Philippines - its various and colorful people, places, history, tradition and culture. A creative testament that the country is a dynamic place - a manifold land.

Ang Hayop na Ito
Virgilio S. Almario National Artist for Literature Virgilio Almario collects 41 poems in Filipino about animals. The entries contain dates of first publications, “para makita mo,” says the author, “kung sakali, kung may pinagkatandaan ako.” Almario is also known under the pseudonym, Rio Alma.

Reportage on Crime
Nick Joaquin The thirteen narratives in this anthology of true crime stories transcend journalism by attempting analyses of character, motive, period and ambiance. What emerges is the picture of a fascinating decade: the 1960s.


ISBN 777-019-184-X 1992 256 pages $112.00

ISBN 971-271-432-2 2004 88 pages $20.00

ISBN 971-272-039-0 2009 256 pages $24.00

Fundamentals of Creative Writing
Cecilia Manguerra Brainard This book describes the “essentials” of creative writing, from a technical perspective. It also shows how creative writing leads us to imaginatively engage and act upon the world...

Mga Biyahe, Mga Estasyon
Virgilio S. Almario A collection culled from Rio Alma’s last ten poetry books that individually and invariably include a poem or a group of poems on places where the poet has traveled.

Showbiz Lengua
Jose F. Lacaba The problem with showbiz lingo is that it consists of words that usually have no dictionary existence. Take the word chuvachuchu, for instance..

ISBN 971-272-231-8 2009 112 pages $18.00

ISBN 971-272-042-0 2008 196 pages $30.00

ISBN 971-272-404-6 2010 148 pages $24.00

Mabuhay Jazz
Richie Quirino The second in a series of books on the development and evolution of jazz in the Philippines.
ISBN 971-272-067-3 2008 200 pages $60.00 ISBN 971-271-770-4 2006 468 pages $120.00

Makabagong Tulang Pilipino
Virgilio S. Almario A compilation of contemporary Philippine poetry as selected by National Artist for Literature Virgilio Almario


Kasaysayan Nena At Neneng
Ruth Elynia S. Mabanglo, Ph.D. A detailed study of Valeriano Hernandez-Pefla’s novel, Nena at Neneng.
ISBN 971-270-328-2 1994 286 pages $20.00 ISBN 971-271-518-3 2004 212 pages $48.00

Pinoy Jazz Traditions
Richie C. Quirino “This book recounts the achievements and challenges faced by the pioneers of Philippine jazz, Let it serve as a valuable document of what we have done to spread the love and study of jazz music, and to help it evolve into a legitimate and distinct art form.” – from the Foreword by Lito Molina.


Palasyo ng mga Duwende
Christine Belen




ISBN 971-271-895-3 2004 36 pages $7.00


Finding God
Cecilia Manguerra Brainard and Marily Isip Orosa This book is a collection of 18 essays about people’s true-to-life experiences of encountering God. Some writers are Catholics, some are Born-Again. Christina. All have written honestly about their spiritual encounter after the death of a family member...

Alamat ng Lamok
Christine Belen

Mga Tambay sa Tabi-tabi
Ang INK Tunghayan ang mundong ito na kaiba sa pangkaraniwan mong nakasanayan na. Maglakbay sa loob ng malikot at mapaglarong imahinasyon ng mga miyembro ng Ang INK.

ISBN 971-272-246-2 2009 168 pages $32.00

ISBN 971-271-504-3 2004 36 pages $7.00

ISBN 971-272-278-3 2009 64 pages $15.00

Ang Bb. Tumalo sa Mahal na Hari
Christine Belen

Ang Sultan Saif
Christine Belen

ISBN 971-271-663-5 2005 32 pages $7.00 ISBN 971-271-897-7 2007 32 pages $7.00

Curacao Cure and Other Stories
Paulino H. Lim Jr. This anthology gathers fifteen short stories, each with a heading that describes the incident, feeling or idea from whence it grew. It can be as innocuous as a fortune cookie message or momentous as a military helicopter strafing a jeep of rebels...

Ang Prinsipe ng mga Ibon
Christine Belen

Si Pandakotyong
Christine Belen

ISBN 971-271-584-1 2005 136 pages $36.00

ISBN 971-271-662-7 2005 32 pages $7.00

ISBN 971-271-666-X 2005 32 pages $7.00


Christine Belen

Ang Prinsipeng Mahaba ang Ilong
Christine Belen

LB: Ang Pitong Tanga
Christine Belen


ISBN 971-271-506-X 2004 36 pages $7.00

ISBN 971-271-664-3 2005 32 pages $7.00

ISBN 971-271-896-0 2007 32 pages $7.00

Parusa ng Dwende
Christine Belen

Ang Prinsipeng Duwag
Christine Belen

ISBN 971-271-505-1 2004 36 pages $7.00 ISBN 971-271-665-1 2007 32 pages $7.00

Plautin Ni Periking
Christine Belen

Anting- anting
Christine Belen

Aswang Inquiry
Frank Lynch, SJ A retelling for children of the researches of two respected anthropologists: Frank X. Lynch, SJ. and Richard Ares, SVD on the aswang myths in the Philippines.

ISBN 971-271-502-7 2005 36 pages $7.00

ISBN 971-271-893-9 2007 32 pages $7.00

ISBN 971-914-679-6 1997 32 pages $28.00

Ang Mahiwagang Biyulin
Christine Belen

Kapatid ng Tatlong Marya
Christine Belen

ISBN 971-271-503-5 2004 36 pages $7.00

ISBN 971-271-894-6 2007 32 pages $7.00




Reportage On Lovers
Nick Joaquin The best of Nick Joaquin’s reportage of Crimes of Passion.
ISBN 971-272-038-3 2009 176 pages $18.00


ATeneo de mAnILA unIVersIT Y Press
Established in 1972 by the University president, the Ateneo de Manila University Press is an auxiliary unit of the Ateneo de Manila. The Ateneo Press first made its mark producing high quality scholarly books on the Philippines in the humanities and social sciences and literary works in various Philippine languages, some of which have become classic works, and considered among the most influential in the region. It continues its tradition of publishing excellence as it expands its programs to include titles in various fields: archaeology, biography, cultural heritage, diaspora studies, governance and political change, law and society, leadership studies, Mindanao studies, science and society, theology and religious studies. The Press has also included textbooks and professional and trade books in its line-up.
Bellarmine Hall, ADMU Campus, Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines Tel (632) 4266001 loc. 4613 v i s i t W E b s i t E at E N E o p r E s s . o r G
ISBN 971-042-613-3 2010 260 pages $30.00


portrait of a generation that created the self-consciousness of the Filipino nation. It explores the historical conditions that shaped the emergence of a modern Philippine intelligentsia and the unfinished, strange and wondrous itineraries diverse intellectuals took in engaging Western knowledge and dealing with the local realities of the country from, of, and for which they tried or pretended to speak.

ATeneo de mAnILA unIVersIT Y Press

The Ateneo de Manila University: 150 Years of Engaging the Nation
Josefina Dalupan Hofileña The essays in this collection survey major landmarks in the Ateneo de Manila University’s 150-year history. But, rather than being a comprehensive history of the Ateneo as an institution, these essays are instead reflections of how the Ateneo’s own history has been closely intertwined with that of the Filipino nation on how it has sought to engage the nation towards the creation of a more just and equitable society in keeping with the goals of the Ateneo as a Jesuit, Catholic, and Filipino institution of learning.
ISBN 971-550-612-0 2010 262 pages $50.00

Figuring Catholicism: An Ethnohistory of the Santo Niño de Cebu
Julius J. Bautista Provides an innovative and challenging reading of the cultural beliefs and practices inspired by the Philippines’ most influential religious icon, the Santo Niño de Cebu.

Ilustrado Politics: Filipino Elite Responses to American Rule
Michael Cullinane Brings to light the early political careers of Manuel L. Quezon and Sergio Osmeña in the context of the changing colonial society and shows how provincial politicos rose to national leadership in the midst of influential American officials.

ISBN 971-550-439-6 2003 480 pages $48.00

Brains of the Nation: Pedro Paterno, T.H. Pardo de Tavera, Isabelo de los Reyes and the Production of Modern Knowledge
Resil B. Mojares
ISBN 971-550-496-6 2006 578 pages $58.00

Pasyon and Revolution: Popular Movements in the Philippines, 1840-1910
Reynaldo C. Ileto
ISBN 971-550-232-6 2008 ed 296 pages $36.00

Grounded in a detailed analysis of the lives and works of Pedro Paterno, T.H. Pardo de Tavera, and Isabelo de los Reyes, the book is a richly textured

Perhaps the single most important monograph to have appeared on modern Philippine history. Places the Philippine revolution in the context of native traditions, and explains the persistence of radical peasant brotherhoods.


The Philippines through European Lenses
Otto van den Muijzenberg The years covered by the photographs witnessed the increasing integration of the Philippines into the world economy, the 1896 Revolution, and the violent change of sovereignty from Spanish to American.

ATeneo de mAnILA unIVersIT Y Press


ISBN 971-550-567-3 2008 368 pages $50.00

The Women of Malolos
Nicanor G. Tiongson Evaluates the significance of a daring act of women of the provincial elite within the context of a society in political and social ferment
ISBN 971-042-614-0 2010 82 pages $32.00

Agenda for Hope: Connecting with Today’s Teens
Karina Galang Fernandez Adolescents today live in a fastpaced, quickly changing, mindspinning world. At the core of this new world is complexity, and with it come confusion and vulnerability. Adolescents then need much hope. Hope is not just about wishing for things; it includes knowing the world where they wish is a safe place. Parents want to help their children navigate through it all. But more than a sense of safety and security, parents want their children to be self-aware, self-assured, and self-propelling. Parents feel a need to support their children in a way that they might survive as well as soar. Parents best help their children by giving them hope.

The particular culture we are in offers us a menu of options with which to make sense of the various and disparate events in our lives. Culture therefore cannot be ignored for being “unimportant,” for, through it, the lives that we lead acquire a shape that gladdens us. In the heightened competition that characterizes globalization, knowing one’s culture and keeping in touch with its most intimate values and aspirations can give the individual plenty of needed comfort.

ISBN 971-550-467-1 2004 ed 510 pages $79.00


The Making of a Nation: Essays on Nineteenth-Century Nationalism
John N. Schumacher, S.J.
ISBN 971-550-019-6 2008 ed 276 pages $45.00

Represents thoughts of the author on key aspects of the processes by which the Filipino people formed themselves into a nation.

Ah, Wilderness!: A Journey through Sacred Time
Simeon Dumdum, Jr. An excellent book, a local publication at that gathers together pieces that have appeared Sundays in the Cebu Daily News, but have now been arranged into a personal pilgrimage. The faith-oriented essays are categorized under the different Christian seasons of Advent, Lent, Christmas, Easter and the gloriously phrased Ordinary Time, with the columns often started out thematically on the mark and then transcending the tag, all in precisely poetic language.

Agenda for Hope: Preserving and Transforming Philippine Identity and Culture
Paulynn Paredes Sicam and Remmon E. Barbaza
ISBN 971-042-608-9 2009 130 pages $27.00

ISBN 971-550-581-9 2008 270 pages $36.00

Philosophers tell us that all human beings seek to make sense of their lives and their circumstances.


Alitaptap sa Gabing Maunos: Mga Kuwento
Lamberto E. Antonio Contained in this book the “distinct and powerful use of language” of a poet who recreates the metaphor of life by him as the story-teller.

The Cardinal’s Sins, the General’s Cross, the Martyr’s Testimony and Other Affirmations
Gregorio C. Brillantes
ISBN 971-550-474-4 2005 336 pages $40.00

Mga Gerilya sa Powell Street
Benjamin Pimentel This is the Filipino veterans’ story of taking risks in America for the sake of their families. In Powell Street, San Francisco, the former guerrillas are waiting, bearing loneliness and the cold... dreaming of the day they can return home.

ATeneo de mAnILA unIVersIT Y Press

ISBN 971-550-624-3 2011 225 pages $18.00

Alyas Juan de la Cruz at Iba pang Kuwento
Placido R. Parcero Jr. This collection features the exciting story of love, travel, and hope that the characters demonstrate illusion of typical Filipino.

Collects forty essays, articles, reviews, and columns that were originally published in the Philippines Free Press, Asia-Philippines Leader, National Mid-Week, Philippine Graphic, and other journals.

ISBN 971-550-527-7 2007 232 pages $17.00

The Highest Hiding Place: Poems
Lawrence Lacambra Ypil Reading Ypil is meeting oneself in memory, that of the poet’s and one’s own, and in that encounter, affirm everything that one had gone through—pain, fear, lust, love . . .

The Critical Villa: Essays in Literary Criticism
Jose Garcia Villa First anthology of Villa’s essays written from the 1920s to the 1950s, which created a canon of Philippine fiction and poetry—essays counting as among the most significant in Philippine literary criticism in English. Includes the famed annual Villa selection of best short stories and poems, occasional critical essays and letters to the editor, and unpublished pieces. With extensive explanatory and bibliographic notes.
ISBN 971-035-838-0 2009 94 pages $16.00

ISBN 971-550-519-2 2007 220 pages $16.00

The Beauty of Ghosts: Five Voices, A Theater of Poetry
Luis H. Francia This book attempts to individualize the Filipino immigrant experience to the United States, and is made up of an idiosyncratic suite of poems the poet envisions as a theater of poetry.

ISBN 971-550-416-7 2002 364 pages $35.00

If I Write You this Poem, Will You Make It Fly
Simeon Dumdum Jr. It is work of imagination, work of art, and work of scholarship, all three! Most valuable for practicing poets, teachers, the general public with interest in poetry, bird lovers, environmentalists.

ISBN 971-550-608-3 2010 54 pages $12.00

Ang Bulkan at iba pang Kuwento
Bienvenido A. Ramos Stories that delve into gender, power, and the volcanic burst of emotion. Ramos’s stories are dark and disturbs the soul, behind which they aim to save and redeem honor, and to rise from oppression and poverty.
ISBN 971-550-451-5 2003 270 pages $25.00

Filipino Women Writers in English, Their Story: 19052002
Edna Zapanta-Manlapaz First of its kind in Philippine scholarship, this book chronicles the evolution of Philippine literature simultaneously in terms of medium (English) and gender (women), and proposes hypotheses regarding the whys and wherefores of this specific segment of our literature.

ISBN 971-550-610-6 2010 170 pages $31.00

Necessary Fictions: Philippine Literature and the Nation 1946-1980
Caroline S. Hau
ISBN 971-550-367-5 2000 332 pages $43.00

ISBN 971-550-592-5 2009 224 pages $16.00

Examines the connection between literature and nationalist discourse during the postwar period. Through close readings of the works of Jose Rizal, Amado Hernandez, Nick Joaquin, Edgardo Reyes...


Our Literary Matriarchs 1925–1953: Angela Manalang Gloria, Paz M. Latorena, Loreto Paras Sulit, and Paz Marquez Benitez
ISBN 971-550-229-6 1996 149 pages $27.00

Edna Zapanta Manlapaz Literary history that dwells on the personal lives of the first generation of Filipino women writers in English.

They illuminate the ongoing transformation and redefinition of the Philippine nation-state while highlighting the ways in which the individual and collective experiences, struggles, dreams, and aspirations of Filipinos serve to rethink and reinvent notions of belonging, sacrifice, learning, labor, and love that underpin the theory and practice of nation making.

Allan Popa Basta, is a work of clarity and stunning vision, and it is a vision that terrifies. Exiled from what makes him human, long subject to and of indignities, man is tethered back to his compulsions and is complicit. It is a complicity that contaminates every redemptive act, the sublimation of our impulses and sufferings, so that mortification of the flesh verges on its pornographic violation. The flagellating figure in the collection, the savior as sinner (and vice versa), may very well be a voyeur and an oppressor in his communion with the forsaken.

ATeneo de mAnILA unIVersIT Y Press

ISBN 971-035-839-7 2009 62 pages $11.00

Palabas: Essays on Philippine Theater History
Doreen G. Fernandez A collection of 15 essays divided into 4 parts: a survey of Philippine theater, the stages of development, texts and performances, and criticism.

Sugilanong Sugboanon: Cebuano Fiction Until 1940
Erlinda K. Alburo, Vicente Bandillo, Simeon Dumdum Jr, and Resil B. Mojares
ISBN 971-550-586-4 2009 222 pages $30.00

ISBN 971-550-188-5 2004 ed 284 pages $54.00

On the Subject of the Nation: Filipino Writings from the Margins 1981 to 2004
Caroline S. Hau Examines the critical interfaces between the personal and political that frame the utopian visions of Bai Ren’s fictional autobiography about the education of FilipinoChinese sojourners, Robert Francis Garcia’s firsthand account of the Communist purges, Cesar Lacara’s memoirs of a veteran revolutionary, Zelda Soriano’s feminist narratives, Peter Bacho’s novelistic dissection of Filipino-American identity crisis, and Rey Ventura’s ethnography of illegal migrant workers in Japan.

Modern prose fiction in Cebuano has its beginnings in the nineteenth century. In this respect, its emergence antedates the appearance of the first short stories and novels in much of Southeast Asia. Beyond this note of historical importance, however, Cebuano fiction is of value in itself, as a body of literary art, and for what it can reveal to us of Cebuano and Philippine culture.

Kathang-Isip: Mga Kuwentong Fantastiko
Rolando B. Tolentino and Rommel B. Rodriguez Stories of fantasy to the reality of our time: how we were convinced by the society and state to be complacent in the midst of turbulence. 

ISBN 971-550-471-X 2004 342 pages $39.00

Sugilanong Sugboanon: Cebuano Fiction 1941-2005
Erlinda K. Alburo, Vicente Bandillo, Simeon Dumdum Jr. and Resil B. Mojares
ISBN 971-550-587-1 2009 280 pages $33.00

ISBN 971-550-619-9 2011 154 pages $15.00

Kay Lalim na ng Gabi at iba pang Kuwento
Agustin C. Fabian Answered by the story of Agustin C. Fabian questions related to romance, family relationships, and love, and how a person’s personality is developed based on its findings, thoughts, and events in society.

Cebuano writing suffered marginalization in the scheme of a national literature and culture in the postwar years. In the work of some practitioners, many of them represented in this book, Cebuano fiction has acquired a more mellow, more confident voice.

ISBN 971-550-620-5 2011 250 pages $20.00


The Promise of the Nation: Gender, History, and Nationalism in Contemporary Ilokano Literature
Roderick G. Galam
ISBN 971-550-554-3 2008 339 pages $40.00

The Making of the Igorot: Contours of Cordillera Consciousness
Gerard A. Finin
ISBN 971-550-487-6 2005 $44.00

Palaspas: An Appreciation of Palm Leaf Art in the Philippines
Elmer I. Nocheseda Palaspas, a richly photographed book, begins with how the palm leaf has figured in our early history and culture, then highlights its myriad manifestations in the contemporary religious, social, and economic practices of our people in various communities all over the country. Enlivening the detailed instructions in creating the ephemerally beautiful forms are the stories behind the author’s encounter with each krus sa lukay, tipaklong, minais, manukmanuk, bolang dako, kinasing, patupat ti sinublan, and many more.

ATeneo de mAnILA unIVersIT Y Press

The Promise of the Nation, trailblazing in many respects, will be a yardstick for all other critical works to follow. Its virtue lies in its capacity to resist the onslaught of a scholarship that reads only the ‘nation’ and the ‘national’ from the vortex of a centralized political, economic, and cultural power. Irreverent and relevant, there is promise fulfilled in this work and the Ilokano people are richer because of its contribution to the critical production of knowledge in what we can now call Ilokano Studies.

The author illuminates how Igorots, or “Cordillerans,” during the 1980s and 1990s, articulated an image of oneness in resisting the Marcos regime’s dam and logging projects, and in subsequent calls for a Cordillera Autonomous Region similar to Mindanao.

ISBN 971-550-601-4 2009 342 pages $129.00


ISBN 971-550-618-2 2011 482 pages $79.00

Casa Boholana: Vintage Houses of Bohol
Erik Akpedonu and Czarina Saloma The book features residences built in the indigenous tradition as well as those from the Spanish and American era in the province’s more than forty towns, including Tagbilaran, Panglao and Dauis. As twenty towns in Bohol were burned down by the Americans during the PhilippineAmerican War, however, only a few Spanish-era houses remain. The study nevertheless includes sixteen houses from the post-Second World War period—one of which is the house of the Boholano president Carlos P. Garcia.


Bakwit: The Power of the Displaced
Jose Jowel Canuday A book that renders long overdue respect for the dignity and struggle of the bakwit—the people displaced by conflict and, at times, disenfranchised by aid.

Into the Country of Standing Men
Rey Ventura The illegal Filipino worker is permanently consigned to this neitherworld: he cannot leave ‘home’; he cannot go ‘home.’ This is the painful sensation you get as you leaf through this book.

ISBN 971-550-577-2 2009 228 pages $36.00

ISBN 971-550-507-9 2007 324 pages $25.00


Underground in Japan
Rey Ventura A book about ordinary life conducted under the extraordinary conditions of exile and secrecy. For all its deprivations, the migrant worker’s life has its seductive side, its own lure. A refined morality does not last long in Koto, but the somewhat battered outlook that does survive deserves such respect as it gets here.

Orthodoxy and History in the Muslim-Mindanao Narrative
Patricio N. Abinales This collection of essays challenges the prevailing academic and activist orthodoxy that sees the history and politics of the region as simply reflections of the unceasing resistance by Muslims against the Philippine state and the Christian Filipino majority. It lays out a number of revisionist arguments that highlight, among other things, the enduring interconnections between Muslims and Filipinos, the peculiar nature of state formation and economic development in Muslim Mindanao, the dilemmas of Muslim separatism, and the value of comparing Mindanao provinces, as well as Muslim Mindanao and equally marginalized areas like Okinawa.

Voices from Sulu: A Collection of Tausug Oral Traditions
Gerard Rixhon Political conflict and religious fundamentalism coupled with the advent of audio-visual media have made it difficult for traditional oral literature to remain in the popular consciousness, especially in Sulu. This volume is an attempt to preserve and present to a new generation some of the Tausug oral art forms that were recorded and collected over fifty years ago in the Sulu Archipelago.

ATeneo de mAnILA unIVersIT Y Press

ISBN 971-550-492-2 2006 $18.00

ISBN 971-550-600-7 2010 278 pages $33.00

ISBN 971-550-616-8 2010 446 pages $49.00



Ukkil: Visual Arts of the Sulu Archipelago Making Mindanao: Cotabato and Davao in the Formation of the Philippine NationState
Patricio N. Abinales
ISBN 971-550-349-7 2004 248 pages $33.00

Ligaya Fernando- Amilbangsa Shows what the fertile imagination of unheralded folk artists can accomplish with simple tools and indigenous materials within the context of their own cultural milieu, at once physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. A useful source of information on an impressive range of decorative motifs and designs, their usage as well as their probable connection with other living art forms within and beyond Southeast Asia.

Focuses on how local power was determined by state formation and how the state’s ability to establish its authority was mediated by mutual accommodation between strong men who controlled this frontier zone. Compares Cotabato and Davao to show the process of state formation and the shaping of local power from the American period (1900–1941) to the eve of the declaration of martial law by Ferdinand Marcos (1946– 1972).

ISBN 971-550-480-9 2005 296 pages $175.00

Self-Portraits: Twelve Filipina Artists Speak
Thelma B. Kintanar and Sylvia Mendez-Ventura
ISBN 971-550-322-5 2002 ed 230 pages $39.00

Pioneering anthology of interviews with Paz Abad Santos, Agnes Arellano, Norma Belleza, Imelda Cajipe Endaya, Araceli Limcaco Dans, Brenda Fajardo, Anna Fer, Julie Lluch, Impy Pilapil, Sandra Torrijos, Arlene Villaver, and Phyllis Zaballero. Narration and explanation of women artists’ experiences in their own distinctive voices.


Self-Portraits 2: Fourteen Filipina Artists Speak
Thelma B. Kintanar and Sylvia Mendez-Ventura Second volume that looks deeply into the interaction between the lives and works of another group of Filipino artists, ranging from the established to the not so well established , from the formally trained to the selftaught.

ATeneo de mAnILA unIVersIT Y Press

ISBN 971-550-452-3 2003 298 pages $47.00




Verbal Arts in Philippine Indigenous Communities: Poetics, Society, and History
Herminia Meñez-Coben
ISBN 971-550-583-3 2009 402 pages $48.00

Examines the centrality of verbal arts in social life and the dynamic roles of verbal artists as religious and political leaders, as guardians of tradition, as well as agents of cultural change. The subtitle highlights its emphasis on poetics and social change, poetics and gender politics, the poetics of violence, and of pacifism, tropes in social and historical contexts, and on colonialism, ethnic identity, and political power.


AYALA museum


AYALA museum
Philippine Ancestral Gold
Edited by Florina H. Capistrano-Baker This important book provides a great deal of material that is almost unknown generally outside of the Philippines. Scholars working on many other “topics will find it invaluable, “especially those tracing the various maritime trade networks that operated throughout the greater Indian Ocean system.

2011 Hardbound 971-855-172-1 $115.00 Softbound 971-855-174-5 $95.00

Makati Avenue, Makati City, Philippines Tel no. 757-7117 local 32 Contact Person Ellen Robles Email robles.el@ayalafoundation.org visit aYalamUsEUm.orG






This is a series of full-color children’s books with stories that have won some of the most prestigious literary contests in the Philippines. An innovation is the use of bilingual parallel texts (English and Filipino).

This is a series of books in Filipino based on stories telecast over the popular Batibot Educational-TV series. This show has been cited internationally. Illustrations are in color except for the Katuwaan sa Batibot Activity Book. English translations are included.

Two Friends, One World
by Ramon Sunico illustrator: Joanne de Leon Two friends, one blind and one sighted, tell stories of each other’s world and discover, in the simple act of sharing, a larger, more marvelous world where they both belong.

Si Inggolok at ang Planeta Pakaskas
Villanueva/Garcellano Welcome to a planet where everything is not only edible but delicious. It’s so delicious that its inhabitants can’t stop eating it up and only Inggolok is smart enough to know what will happen next.

ISBN 971-190-062-9 1990 20 pages $6.00

ISBN 971-190-000-9 1988 16 pages $5.00

Ang Unang Baboy Sa Langit
by Rene Villanueva illustrator: Ibarra Crisostomo (The First Pig in Heaven) Butsiki is a strange pig, born with a star on her forehead. She is also the cleanest pig ever. She teaches other animals the need for cleanliness only to be betrayed by her own kind.

Ang Pamilya Ismid
Villanueva/Serrano A family of snobbish pigs, proud of their lovely tails, discover the true meaning of help from the very neighbors they look down on.

ISBN 971-190-061-0 1990 20 pages $6.00

ISBN 971-190-003-3 1988 16 pages $5.00

Ang Inuwi ni Nanay (What Mama Brought Home)
Ramon C. Sunico This is an innovative picture book that tells a story and teaches children to count. Using the story of a mother going to market to buy the ingredients to cook sinigang, the author shows the child the various. . .

Sina Linggit Laban Kay Barakuda
Villanueva/Agulto Linggit, a small fish, teaches all the other small fish how to fight back against their favorite predator: Barakuda.

Pines Cor.Union Sts. Mandaluyong City, Philippines Tel no. (632) 631- 8361 Fax (632) 631- 5244

ISBN 971-190-217-6 2003 24 pages $6.00

ISBN 971-190-001-7 1988 16 pages $5.00


Ang Alamat ng Araw at Gabi
Garcellano/Mina/Escasa This is a retelling of a traditional Philippine creation myth: how the great god Bathala made the world more hospitable for the humans he created to be his friends.



Ayokong Pumasok Sa Paaralan
Rene O. Villanueva Paano naman si Bzzz? Isa siyang bubuyog na ayaw pumasok sa paaralan.
ISBN 971-190-177-3 1995 $3.00


ISBN 971-190-002-5 1988 16 pages $5.00

Katuwaan sa Batibot
Brown/Garcellano/Escasa/Clemente This is a very popular activity book in Filipino, full of puzzles, counting exercises and mazes.
ISBN 971-190-004-1 1988 16 pages $5.00

The 10 Batibot stories in this new Buhay Bata series were published for young children. Written in Filipino and translated into English, these stories were first shown on TV and written specifically to help children understand and solve issues and problems that arise in the first six years of life — everyday problems that are part of everyone’s growing up. These also help children understand their own bodies, their actions which lead to a better and healthier self-image. It would help if parents and teachers were to discuss these stories with their children to arrive at a solution proper and effective for each individual family. The simple but valuable life issues of children are discussed through the medium of children’s stories and thus prove to be useful aids to parents, teachers and other caregivers.

Kuya Ni Karina
Feny de los Angeles Bautista May kuya ba kayo? Mahal na mahal ni Karina ang kuya niya — kahit hindi siya makasalita o makarinig.
ISBN 971-190-182-X 1996 $3.00

Ang Patsotsay na Iisa ang Pakpak
Rene Villanueva illustrator: Duds Gamos In the world of winged creatures called Patsotsays, some individuals are born with only one wing. Everyone else laughs at them, but they prove their worth when through cooperation, they are able to fly to another world.

Nagsasabi Si Patpat
Rene O. Villanueva

Nasaan Ang Tsinelas Ko?
Rene O. Villanueva Tungkol kay Tanya na ayaw na ayaw magsuot ng tsinelas.
ISBN 971-190-176-5 1995 $3.00 ISBN 971-190-181-1 1995 $3.00

ISBN 971-190-094-7 1991 16 pages $5.00

Mabait na kuting si Patpat. Kaya lang, hindi pa niya kayang pumunta sa banyo nang nag-iisa. At naaabutan siya ng katakot-takot na disgrasya.

Kaibigan Ng Dilim
Rene O. Villanueva Takot ba kayo sa dilim? Si Anton natatakot din. Pero nalabanan niya ang kanyang takot.
ISBN 971-190-183-8 1995 $3.00 ISBN 971-190-179-X 1995 $3.00

Si Paula Oink-Oink
Rene O. Villanueva Biik si Paula Oink-Oink. Kaya na niyang kumain nang mag-isa. Ngunit may kaibigan siyang hindi pa alam kumain nang tama. Kawawa naman.


Gusto Ko Ng Pansit Ngayon
Rene O. Villanueva Maganang kumain si Diding ngunit mapili siya: kung pansit, panay pansit lang. Kung longganisa, panay longganisa. Mabuti kaya ito?




Enrique El Negro
Carla M. Pacis In this book, the country’s premier novelist for young adults, trains her imaginative talent and narrative skill on Magellan and the Philippines. Backed by solid research and a wealth of detail, she improvises on the persistent possibility that it was a Filipino who first circumnavigated the globe. The boy, Enrique El Negro, is bought by Magellan from the slavery he was sold into by pirates who killed the rest of his family. With Magellan, he travels all over the world until Magellan’s death on the sands of Mactan.


ISBN 971-190-175-7 1996 $3.00

Our series of Novels for Young Readers is intended for older children from the late intermediate grades to high school. They support children who have developed a love for reading local titles in their younger years and now look for more text-intensive works about the Philippine experience.

ISBN 971-190-215-X 2002 132 pages $12.00

Dagat Sa Kama Ni Troy
Rene O. Villanueva Malaki na si Troy ngunit lagi pa rin siyang umiihi sa kama. Kaylaking istorbo at kahihiyan! (Palangka Awards, first place)

Carla M. Pacis illustrator: Yasmin S. Ong In this novel, a large group of captive birds led by Manaul, a Philippine Eagle, and aided by unlikely creatures, try to engineer a daring escape from a private aviary in the city. Their aim is to find a mate and a companion for the latest and youngest captive of the aviary: a rare Sulu Hornbill. To achieve this, they must fly over a whole archipelago and return the endangered bird to her natural habitat. This is a rich novel that not only introduces the young reader to environmental issues and to the beauty of the many birds that make the Philippines their home, it also tells a story of friendship, unity and courage.

ISBN 971-190-178-1 1996 $3.00

ISBN 971-190-210-9 1999 132 pages $12.00

Adventures of a Child of War
Lin Acacio Flores Photos from Lopez Museum This is the second novel of Lin Acacio Flores, an award-winning writer of children’s stories. Here, she recreates the life of a teenager during the Japanese Occupation in World War II. She skillfully paints a picture of old San Juan and Mandaluyong, when these were still almost rural places. She weaves these into a story of conflicted friendships, hidden treasure and moral questions in a tale whose characters are both recognizable and endearing. Ideal for those interested in history, this novel includes actual photographs of life — and war — during the Japanese Occupation. These photos were culled from the extensive collection of World War II periodicals of the Lopez Museum, giving the young reader an accurate picture of life then.

Ang Prinsipeng Ayaw Maligo
Rene O. Villanueva Naliligo ba kayo araw-araw? Si Prinsipe Tsikiting, ayaw. Prinsipe nga siya, kaya lang ang baho!
ISBN 971-190-174-9 1996 $3.00

ISBN 971-190-214-1 2002 144 pages $12.00

Ang Prinsesang Ayaw Matulog
Feny de los Angeles Bautista Tungkol naman ito kay Prinsesa Aya. Ayaw niyang matulog kaya alalangalala ang kanyang mga magulang.
ISBN 971-190-180-3 1996 $3.00 ISBN 971-190-213-3 1999 180 pages $12.00

Carla M. Pacis illustrator: Felix Mago Miguel This is a story familiar to many Filipino families. A mother leaves her loved ones to work in Hong Kong, hoping to make a better life for her husband and children.


“I Hate My Mother!”: Magnetic Levitation, a Grain of Rice & 3 Women
Perpilili Vivienne Tiongson Photos by Ramon C. Sunico
ISBN 971-190-227-8 2005 146 pages $12.00

Ambition Destiny Victory: Stories from a Presidential Election
Chay F. Hofileña and Miriam Grace A. Go
ISBN 971-190-301-5 2011 276 pages $18.00


A bittersweet first novel that explores the dynamics of a young woman’s emotions as she tries to juggle the requirements of school, the emptiness of loss and the contradictions of a teenager’s life, the work manages to capture the confusion that attends a young person as she tries to assert her own identity in the face of her responsibilities as a daughter, sister and student.

A runaway bestseller for 2011! Written by two of the country’s most respected journalist, this is a collection of riveting backstories about the campaigns of now President Noynoy Aquino, Manuel Villar, Joseph Estrada, Gilberto Teodoro, now Vice President Jejomar Binay and Manuel Roxas II. It has been praised by critics for both the thoroughness of its research and the literary quality of its narratives.


Martial Law in the Philippines: My Story
Senator Aquilino Q. Pimentel, Jr. A crucial memoir of the Martial Law era by one of the major players in the opposition against Ferdinand Marcos, this book recalls “in the most vivid terms, the horrors of that period . . . when Filipino inhumanity towards Filipinos broke all records before and since . . .”

ISBN 971-190-222-2 2006 556 pages $55.00


Alaya Journal (Violet)

CenTer for KAPAmPAnGAn sTudIes


CenTer for KAPAmPAnGAn sTudIes
Holy Angel University
ISBN 0115-7361 2003 107 pages $8.15

ISBN 0115-7361 2006 284 pages $9.30

Alaya Journal (Blue)

Alaya Journal (Blue Green)

ISBN 0115-7361 2007 236 pages $9.30

Holy Angel University, Sto. Rosario Street, Angeles City Tel no. 045-888-8691, 888-2802, 6245277 Fax 8882514 Email kapampangancenter@gmail.com Contact Person Robert Tantingco rptmt@yahoo.com Myra Paz Lopez myra_paz@hotmail.com visit WEbsitE haU.EDU.ph
ISBN 0115-7361 2005 132 pages $8.15

Alaya Journal (Green)


Joel P. Mallari

CenTer for KAPAmPAnGAn sTudIes

971-0546-12-1 2011 134 pages $8.15

A Cofradia of Two
Erlita P. Mendoza This is the Story of a remarkable couple whose unlikely partnership helped build the first city of the Kapampangan Region – as told by their eight surviving children and two daughters-in-law. They started one of those larger-than-life family dynasties that have strengthened society in their respective regions and decentralized power from nation’s capital. But it was really unassailable family values, their love and their faith, their belief in their hometown’s capacity for greatness that will be the lasting legacy of this couple – the unforgettable Juan and his enigmatic wife Teresa.

Amidst Unsung Heroes
Daniel H Dizon An eyewitness account of World War II in Angeles and Porac towns in Pampanga, including the Japanese aerial bombardment of Clark Field and Fort Stotsenburg. Daniel H. Dizon was an 11-year-old boy on past his hometown and headed for the US military camp which they carpetbombed for nearly two hours.

971-0546-06-0 2010 $13.95

ISBN 971-924-172-2 2004 403 pages $15.00

Destiny and Destination
Robert P Tantingco Holy Angel University celebrates its 75th year. Its founders would probably not be surprised that the school they put up in 1933 has lived this long. What they never could have imagined is how big it has become and how faithful it has remained to their original mission.

An Epistle of a Friar Prosoner
Lino L. Dizon Written during the first month of 1900, the subject of this book is a memoir of Fr. Fernando Garcia, a Spanish Augustinian Friar who became a prisoner of the Philippine Revolution form 1898 until the last days of 1899. In an epistle format, it is a litany of his experiences and events that led to his eventual escape after 18 months of captivity in various places to Luzon, the Philippines. What makes it interesting is that it was written in Kapampangan (perhaps the only one of its kind on the Philippine Revolution), the language of his parishioners in Pampanga whom he had served with love and devotion until his incarceration,

Nick Joaquin Nick Joaquin’s last completed work, a biography of Abe Cruz: larger than life: cynical, romantic, intellectual, sensual, earthly, and epicurean.

971-93672-8-4 2009 299 pages $70.00

978-971-92417-0-5 2001 106 pages $6.98

971-92417-2-2 2006 200 pages $16.30


and whom he would once again afterward, until his death in 1924. Notwithstanding the friars (understandable) biases of that sensitive period in Philippine history, this present edition shares this almost forgotten work in a new perspective, as an indispensable addition to Kapampangan historiography. The epistle is being reprinted in its original form and supplemented with translation notes and other background materials.

Arte Y Reglas
Fr. Edilberto V. Santos

971-92417-7-2 2001 $8.15

They wrote these for the benefit not of the natives, but of their fellow missionaries newly assigned to their respective missions and parishes, where they had to deliver homilies that no longer required someone standing beside them in the pulpit to do on-the-spot translations. The friars also needed to learn the vernacular so that they could understand the sins being confessed to them in the confession box and give the exact, corresponding punishment. We are lucky that because the friars dreaded being objects of the natives’ ridicule, they diligently studied our language and handed down to us these vocabularios and artes which reveal so much not only about our language in its pristine stage, but also about our ancestors’ way of life.

Changing the Way We Manage Change
Niceto Poblador

CenTer for KAPAmPAnGAn sTudIes

971-0546-07-7 2009 $14.00

Corporate Governance
Atty. Cesar Villanueva

Bergaño Arte
Fr. Edilberto V Santos

971-93672-9-1 2009 309 pages $18.60

Arte Benavente
Fr. Edilberto V Santos One of the reasons Filipinos did not learn the Spanish language like, for example, the Latin Americans did, even after 300 years of colonization, is that the friars—to whom the King had assigned the task of teaching the natives the Spanish language— decided that it was more convenient for them to learn the natives’ language than to teach them Spanish. This is also the reason the friars did not bother to translate the Bible into any of the Philippine languages, and the reason the natives wrote their own version of it (the pasyon). Instead, the friars wrote dictionaries (vocabulario) and grammars (arte)— Kapampangan, Tagalog, Hiligaynon, Cebuano, Ilonggo, Ilocano—name it, they wrote it.
971-93672-0-8 2006 $16.30

971-93672-5-3 2007 403 pages $18.60

One of the first things the Spanish missionaries did upon arriving in the new colony was to study the local language. They did not teach their converts Spanish because apparently, it was easier for the missionaries to learn the language of the natives, than for the natives to learn the language of the missionaries. This is the reason we never acquired proficiency in Spanish despite being a colony of Spain for over 300 years.

Ang lahat ng Wika sa Kapuluan ay sari-saring bulaklak na kung bagamat ay iba ang kanikanilang kulay at bango, ay tumutubo naman lahat sa Hardin ng Pilipinas; ang Kapangpangan at tagalong ay ganyan, dalawang mabangong bulaklak na palibhasa’y magkapatid ay tinuhog ninyo at ginawang kuwintas ng Inang Pilipinas, with that metaphor, the great Tagalog poet Jose Corazon de Jesus (a.k.a Huseng Batute) approved the Kapampangan translation of his verse novel Gloria by an obscure poet from Pampanga, Roman Leoncio.

Bergaño Dictionary
Fr. Venancio Samson This dictionary is intended to intellectuallize Kapampangan, i.e., make it an adequate medium not just in conversation and literary writing but also in formal discussion, intellectual discourse and technical writing.

971-92417-2-1 2003 267 pages $9.30

971-93672-1-5 2007 519 pages $28.00


This was in late 1920s, when the literary scene in Pampanga was percolating with publications and performances whose sheer number, variety and quality would invite comparison with Elizabethan Age. The same scene was occurring just across the Pampanga River, home of another ethno-linguistic tribe, the Tagalogs, whose destiny and role in history alternately merged and parted and sometimes collided with that of the Kapampangans. As Huseng Batute and Roman Leoncio showed the kinship of Tagalogs and Kapampangans, so have the people behind this publication crossed the river and other great divides to prove that regional languages are nothing but ways of expressing the same national spirit.

Kapm Pioneers in the Philippine Church
Dr. Luciano Santiago

Serenata, Treasury of Kapampangan Folk Songs
Edwin Lumanug

CenTer for KAPAmPAnGAn sTudIes

971-92417-1-3 2002 203 pages $8.15

971-0546-01-5 2009 135 pages $12.00

Kasapungul a Sampaga
Renato B. Alzadon

Ten: Coming Home
Albina Peczon Fernandez

971-93672-6-0 2008 245 pages $8.15

971-92417-9-9 2006 266 pages $9.30

Kawatasan Ing Cacanan ku Aldo Aldo
Anthony J. Paone SJ Joel P. Mallari

971-92417-2-3 2005 415 pages $8.15

971-0546-05-3 2010 247 pages $8.15


Pinatubo Kapampangan Dictionary
Fr. Venancio Samson Robert P Tantingco Kapampangans should get used to the idea of living with an active volcano in their backyard. Its future eruptions, which are certain, will always interrupt the region’s progress in a vicious cycle of growth and destruction. Pinatubo’s peak is gone for now, but in the next few years (or decades or centuries, who knows?) it will grow back, like it always has, in a process that may or may not be as explosive as the 1991 eruption.

Folkarts and Crafts

971-0546-07-7 2011 833 pages $54.00

971-0546-11-4 2011 280 pages $28.00

ISSN 1655-6305 120 pages $7.00


Turn of The Century
Gilda-Cordero Fernando and Nik Ricio The years between 1890 and 1910 are significant to the Filipino because more than 50 years of Spanish rule came to an end, the first Philippine Republic was inaugurated and obliterated, and the American occupation of the country was firmly established. Turn of the Century is a charming book is about how people lived during those times. The by-lines in this book are a Filipiniana scholar’s dream--National Artist Nick Joaquin; eminent historian Teodoro A. Agoncillo; professors Nicanor G. Tiongson, Doreen G. Fernandez and Imagine R. Medina; Filipiniana scholars Felice P. Sta. Maria and Sylvia Mendez Ventura; editors Lorna Kalaw-Tirol, Luning Bonifacio Ira and Gilda C. Fernando.

dIWA LeArnInG sYsTems, InC.


dIWA LeArnInG sYsTems, InC.
ISBN 971-659-045-8 1995 632 pages $24.00

PCPM Certificate Registration Number SP945 1978 / 1990 264 pages $78.00

The New Standard EnglishFilipino Dictionary
Martin Manser and Epifania Angeles The hardbound New Standard English-Filipino Dictionary that combines the expertise of writers and editors from Macmillan Education Ltd. and Diwa Learning Systems Inc. is the perfect tool for individuals who are learning the Filipino language. Through this dictionary, users can easily understand the meanings of words because they are given both in simple English and Filipino. Users will find both the English and Filipino spelling and pronunciation of each word. This dictionary also provides useful information such as common English names, word formation rules, and phonetic symbols, among others.

The seeds of Diwa were sown in 1983 when a group of enterprising young professionals founded Diwa Learning Systems Inc. (DLSI). Diwa Asia Publishing Group Inc., the leader in the educational publishing industry, was formally established in 1991 to rationalize and streamline operations of the different Diwa companies. Under one umbrella group, the union has given each company the corporate muscle to accomplish its goals.




Mga Piling Akda-Ibong Adarna

4/F SEDCCO 1 Bldg, Thiland corner Legazpi Sts., Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229 Philippines Tel no. (632) 8938501 Fax (632) 711-8852 Email jtpolicarpio@diwamail.com visit DiWa.ph

ISBN 971-460-156-7 2010 262 pages $22.00

Efren R. Abueg and Magdalena C. Sayas Mga Piling Akda is a collection of Philippine literary masterpieces that are required reading for Filipino junior high school students. The first book in the collection is the metrical romance Ibong Adarna, a colorful adventure of three princes in search of the mythical



bird Adarna. This textbook version contains pre- and post-reading activities and exercises for every chapter to facilitate understanding and appreciation among students. A Teacher’s Manual accompanies the textbook to help along mentors deliver the lesson in the classroom.

Mga Piling Akda Florante at Laura
Efren R. Abueg and Magdalena C. Sayas Mga Piling Akda is a collection of Philippine literary masterpieces that are required reading for Filipino junior high school students. The second book in the collection is Florante at Laura, an original work of Francisco Balagtas, and is considered as one of the masterpieces of Philippine literature. This textbook version contains pre- and post-reading activities and exercises for every chapter to facilitate understanding and appreciation among students. A Teacher’s Manual accompanies the textbook to help along mentors deliver the lesson in the classroom.

from the original novel of Philippine National Hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal first published in 1887. Noli Me Tangere vividly mirrors the corruption and abuse by the country’s Spanish government and clergy in the 1800s. This textbook version contains pre- and post-reading activities and exercises for every chapter to facilitate understanding and appreciation among students. A Teacher’s Manual accompanies the textbook to help along mentors deliver the lesson in the classroom.

dIWA LeArnInG sYsTems, InC.



ISBN 971-460-158-1 2010 150 pages $22.00

Mga Piling Akda El Filibusterismo
Efren R. Abueg and Magdalena C. Sayas
ISBN 971-460-162-8 2010 296 pages $22.00

Mga Piling Akda Noli Me Tangere
Efren R. Abueg and Magdalena C. Sayas Mga Piling Akda is a collection of Philippine literary masterpieces that are required reading for Filipino junior high school students. The third book in the collection is Noli Me Tangere. This textbook version is a translation

Mga Piling Akda is a collection of Philippine literary masterpieces that are required reading for Filipino junior high school students. The fourth book in the collection is El Filibusterismo, a sequel to Noli Me Tangere. Characterized as dark and angry, El Filibusterismo tackles the cancer of the Philippine political society during the last years of Spanish occupation of the country. This textbook version contains pre- and post-reading activities and exercises for every chapter to facilitate understanding and appreciation among students. A Teacher’s Manual accompanies the textbook to help along mentors deliver the lesson in the classroom.


GENYO v5 eLearning Filipino and Heograpiya, Kasaysayan, at Sibika for Grade School. Filipino and Araling Panlipunan for High School
DIWA Learning Systems Inc. GENYO v5 eLearning is a webbased digital module and learning management system for grade school and high school with thousands of tutorials, activities, eGames, videos, and more for teachers and learners. The Filipino module contains lessons and activities on Filipino language and literature, while Araling Panlipunan teaches about Philippine heritage, culture, history, government, and civics.

ISBN 971-460-160-4 2010 360 pages $22.00



feLTA muLTI-medIA, InC.

This documentary of the following Philippine famous destinations: Baguio, Bohol, Davao, Palawan, Ilocos, Rizal and Laguna, Cebu, Panay, Manila and Intramuros explores the weath of historical and cultural treasures found in these places. Discover the natural wonders and environment of these tourist spots as harmonized in this bountiful land...the Philippines.

Discover spiritually as manifested in the Cebuano’s Church architecture and folkarts. Experience Cebuano tradition in songs and dances. Move to pulse and drive of the region and finds its place in brillian tapestry of Philippine Culture and Arts.

feLTA muLTI-medIA, InC.

Sa Sariling Lupa: Rizal/Laguna: An ARC of Heritage and Art
A Documentary DVD on the unique Art and Heritage of Southern Rizal and Eastern Laguna. Trace the Route to the lakeside towns embracing the curve of Laguna De Baie and Discover Spectacular Setting that have nurtures heritage and Arts. Journey Through Antipolo , Angono, Binangonan, Morong and Baras Rizal and Glimpse the varies artistic and cultural treasures offered in these areas. Bohold the arts and crafts of Laguna and encounter the noble legacy of the past

Sa Sariling Lupa: Bohol: Treasures of the Soul
This documents the genteel cradle of culture and arts in Southern Visayas. A revelation on natural wonders, cultural treasures and eco-cultural adventure await one in Bohol. Learn about Bohol’s spiritual history through its churches.

DVD 2008 45-60 MINS $49.50

DVD 2008 45-60 MINS $49.50

The first to commercially produce Filipiniana Video Programs, FELTA works in association with the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Ayala Museum and the Philippine Information Agency to renew awareness and interest in the latent Filipino culture. Felta’s video programs includes: Encyclopedia Britannica, Library on Science and Technology, Math, Computer Science, Engineering, Values Education Videos, among a host of others. In its effort to secure relevant and world-class educational materials, FELTA has tied up with prestigious publishers worldwide.
DVD 2008 45-60 MINS $49.50

Sa Sariling Lupa: The Art and People of Ilocos: Bound to The Land
This documentary DVD features the unique charm and character of the Ilocano as shaped and influenced by the bounties of the land.

Sa Sariling Lupa: Cebu: Where Currents Meet
A documentary DVD on the rich, historical and social hub of the visayas. Learn beyond the commonplace, tourist-guidebook descriptions of Cebu and instead trace the proud roots of Filipino nationalism.

DVD 2008 45-60 MINS $49.50

Sa Sariling Lupa: Davao: Two Takes on Paradise
This explores the natural and cultural bounties of the Southern Philippines. It lets one discover the waelth of the philippine history, nature, culture , and the environment as he goes on an armchair tour around Davao with the majestic Mt. Apo as landmark.

#18 Notre Dame St.,Cubao Quezon City, Philippines Tel no. (632) 9121397 Email felta@pldtdsl.net v i s i t F E lt a . p h

DVD 2008 45-60 MINS $49.50


One enters the two worlds of the Davaienos-the realm of the Bagobos (traditional Davaoenos) and the urban Davao life and appreciates how their cultural and spiritual distinction are intertwined and harmonized in this bountiful land.

Sa Sariling Lupa: Panay: Natures Gift, History Wonders

Volume I : Stone Age
A trip back to Filipino pre-history and the first Filipinos,according to Filipino mythology and the modern day discoveries; includes their life and rirtes, their customs and beliefs, their flora and fauna.

feLTA muLTI-medIA, InC.

DVD 2008 45-60 MINS $49.50

CD ROM Format 10 Volumes $300.00/ 10 Vol

Sa Sariling Lupa: Baguio to Banaue: A Journey Thru the Cordilleras
This documents the proud and majestic highland culture and vistas of Northern Luzon. Follows the trail to cool mountain destinations starting from the hill station in Baguio to the World Heritage Site, Ifugao, Rice Terraces in Banaue. Acquaint oneself with the traditional people of the Northern Philippines, their customs and cultural insight guide you through the usual tourist sports to allows you a glimpse of the sweeping background of the Northern Philippine way of life.

Sa Sariling Lupa: Intramuros of Memory

Volume II : Metal Age
The stone tools give way to metal tools transforming the eraly Filipino society, especially with the forging of the bolo; covers the varied tribes, the great migration and fragmentations.

DVD 2008 45-60 MINS $49.50

DVD 2008 45-60 MINS $49.50

CD ROM Format 10 Volumes $300.00/ 10 Vol

Sa Sariling Lupa: Manila: Uptown And Dowtown

Volume III : Age of the Trade
A new epoch opens with the trade contacts by the Chinese and Arabs, bringing over the carabao, brass music, islam, with their commerce; put ot question are the Shri-Vijaya and the Madjapahit influences.

DVD 2008 45-60 MINS $49.50

CD ROM Format 10 Volumes $300.00/ 10 Vol

Sa Sariling Lupa: Palawan: A Brige to Many Worlds
This documentary DVD explores the wealth of historical and cultural treasures found in Palawan region. Experience Palawan’s Heritage, an environmental harminized by narutre and culture.


Volume IV: Spanish Period
The Filipinos enter the period of history with the coming of the conquistador and the missionary; the two sides of their psyche, proud warrior and pliant pacifist, evolve with the Spanish conquest.

DVD 2008 45-60 MINS $49.50

The 10 volumes of Filipino Heritage are rich with information. They contain a wealth of knowledge on Filipino History, culture, literature, and art. Learning about our  Heritage links us together as Filipinos and paves the way for a national identity. Every home or library should have this indispensible collection of Filipino Heritage.

CD ROM Format 10 Volumes $300.00/ 10 Vol


Volume V: Bajo Las Campanas
Filipinos towns take shape with the church, municipio and the plaza as the urban nucleus, as the missionaries take over from the conquistadores; always, they are within “call of the church bells”.

Volume IX: Under the School Bell
With the armes resistance lost, the Filipino struggle shifts to the political arena; the American way of life transplanted effectively.
CD ROM Format 10 Volumes $300.00/ 10 Vol

feLTA muLTI-medIA, InC.

CD ROM Format 10 Volumes $300.00/ 10 Vol

Volume VI: Roots of Nationalism
Filipino art, theatre, literature flower, setting the stage for the stirrings of Filipin nationalism, voiced first by the creol priest Fr. Pedro Pelaez and then Fr. Jose Burgos.

Volume X: War Baby
National Artist Nick Joaquin sketches the cultural image, the late Fr. Horacio de la Costa gives insight into the cultural identity of the Filipino.
CD ROM Format 10 Volumes $300.00/ 10 Vol

CD ROM Format 10 Volumes $300.00/ 10 Vol

Volume VII: The Awakening
‘Filipino’ as label is worn with pride by creols and indios as the elite among them meet Guardia Civil repression with assertion of the Filipino identity and the struggle for nationhood.
CD ROM Format 10 Volumes $300.00/ 10 Vol

Volume VIII: The Revolution
The national identity itself in the crucible of blood as the Katipunan rises on arms against Spain and then tries to repel the new coloizer, the US; here, too, are the internal Filipino strifes.

CD ROM Format 10 Volumes $300.00/ 10 Vol


Ang Sapatos Ni Mommy
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. Brother and sister Luigi and Chie discover why their mother refuses to order food for herself when they eat at Jollibee and why she has not bought the pair of shoes she likes very much.

Ang Aking Anghel
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. A mother-to be tells the story of what she feels and goes through during the nine months of her pregnancy and childbirth.



ISBN 971-518-324-0 A2011-73 32 pages $1.55

ISBN 971-518-452-6 32 pages $1.55

Sikat Ang Mommy Ko!
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. It focuses on the sacrifices a mother makes to care for and become a full time mother to her child.
ISBN 971-518-215-7 A2010-104 32 pages $1.55 ISBN 971-518-211-9 A2010-138 32 pages $1.55

Mahal Kita Inay
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. It focuses on a mother’s love for her child through endless and constant reminders.

NURTURING the mind while still young. Child development and values formation made enjoyable and interesting to kids with coloring, reading, drawing, writing, reasoning, storytelling and craft activities. Lampara-Easy to Learn Books—fully illustrated children’s story and work-activity books with an array of enjoyable learning exercises.

Superwoman Si Inay!
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. Mommy Doris is well known in town because of her big bayong filled with items “she sells on installment basis. As a mother, she has a quality that makes her” capable of providing anything her children need.

Sexy Ang Mommy Ko
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. Nicole’s mommy is fat, not as sexy as the mommies of her classmates. But” she soon discovers what makes a mommy really sexy.

ISBN 971-518-389-5 32 pages $1.55

ISBN 971-518-447-2 32 pages $1.55

May Magic Si Inay!
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. It confirms the truth about the natural occurrence that a mother’s attention,” love and presence are indeed the best medicines a child could ever received in times of sickness and pain.

Kuwentong Kotse
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. After having been passed on from one bad owner to another, a car ends up with a loving family. But a road accident occurs, and the car earns the anger of the owner’s young son.

83 Sgt. Rivera St.., SFDM, 1115 Quezon City, Philippines Tel no. (632) 367-62-22, (632)414-61-88 Email segundo_matias2@yahoo.com v i s i t l a m pa r a b o o k s.co m.p h

ISBN 971-518-247-8 A2010-139 32 pages $1.55

ISBN 971-518-418-2 32 pages $1.55


Alamat Ng Buwaya
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. It gives an explanation why it is a predator aside from being opportunistic likewise the rationale behind the saying “crocodile tears.”.

Alamat Ng Ilog Pasig
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. It focuses on the importance of love that is pure and without conditions, sacrifice, giving importance more to feelings than to material things and keeping a promise.

Alamat Ng Bawang
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. It tackles the origin of the garlic and how it became useful to people.
ISBN 971-518-345-1 32 pages $1.55


ISBN 971-518-206-5 32 pages $1.55

ISBN 971-518-191-4 A2010-34 32 pages $1.55

Alamat Ng Paniki
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. In the beginning, the bats had the most beautiful and colorful wings. When the goddess brings terrible news, the real feelings of the bats show-they become greedy and selfish.

Alamat Ng Duhat
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. A young woman, born with fair skin from the dark-skinned tribe of the Ata, goes to the city and meets a young man who brings her untold sadness. Because of this, she implores the king to make her as dark as the rest of her tribe.

Alamat Ng Sampaguita
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. It tackles the origin of the sampaguita and gives an explanation why it has a sweet and fragrant scent.
ISBN 971-518-262-1 32 pages $1.55

ISBN 971-518-397-0 32 pages $1.55

ISBN 971-518-412-2 32 pages $1.55

Alamat Ng Agila
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. It tackles the origin of the eagle and gives an explanation to its endless soaring flight as if with the intention of laying claim on the heavens.

Alamat Ng Lamok
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. It tackles the origin of the mosquito and gives an explanation why it buzzes on the ear and sucks blood.
ISBN 971-518-190-7 32 pages $1.55 ISBN 971-518-267-6 32 pages $1.55

Alamat Ng Kalabaw
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. It tackles the origin of the carabao and gives an explanation why it is a gentle and hardworking animal.

ISBN 971-518-266-9 32 pages $1.55

Alamat Ng Dugong
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. The kindhearted tribe Dugo allows two groups of outsiders to settle on their island. But war breaks out between the two groups, and the Dugo have to escape and seek refuge beneath the sea.

Alamat Ng Talangka
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. A fishpond owner gets sick and delegates his responsibilities to his overseers. However, the overseers only compete with one another with regard to the harvest, and because they put each other down, the business fails to succeed.

Alamat Ng Palay
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. It focuses on acts of sacrifice and heroism, the virtue of humility amid the judgmental attitude of others.
ISBN 971-518-221-8 A2010-136 32 pages $1.55

ISBN 971-518-377-2 32 pages $1.55

ISBN 971-518-301-7 32 pages $1.55


Alamat Ng Ahas
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. It tackles the origin of the snake and focuses on the importance of genuine friendship and also on a negative practice that should be avoided.

Alamat Ng Butanding
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. Tanding is a giant and ostracized from the village because of his massive size. Only Elay is brave enough to befriend him. When a catastrophe overruns the village, Tanding drowns in the sea as he tries to rescue the villagers.

The Dog And His Reflection
Boots S.A. Pastor Based on Aesop’s fable, a dog loses his bone when he barks at his reflection in the river.


ISBN 971-518-286-7 32 pages $1.55

ISBN 971-518-527-1 32 pages $1.55

ISBN 971-518-249-2 A2011-516 16 pages $1.33

Alamat Ng Kawayan
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. It tackles the origin of the bamboo and gives an explanation why it is eminently tall aside from being used as a material in building houses.

Alamat Ng Tipaklong
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. Paklong befriends the prince of the kingdom and is inspired to become a real prince, at the expense of denying and denouncing his parents and status in life.

The Country Mouse And The City Mouse
Boots S.A. Pastor The country mouse and the city mouse visit each other in their respective homes. While the city mouse has a lot to comment on the country mouse’s style of living in the country, the country mouse experiences the terror of living in the city.

ISBN 971-518-295-9 32 pages $1.55

ISBN 971-518-513-4 32 pages $1.55

ISBN 971-518-141-9 A2008-1008 16 pages $1.33

Alamat Ng Lansones
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. It tackles the origin of the lanzones fruit and gives explanation why it tastes sweet and why it is a favorite among all fruits.

Alamat Ng Paru-paro
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. It tackles the origin of the butterfly and why it flits from one flower to another.
ISBN 971-518-264-5 32 pages $1.55 ISBN 971-518-114-3 A2008-996 16 pages $1.33

The Mouse And The Lion
Boots S.A. Pastor A lowly mouse saves a mighty lion from the trap of a hintsman, making the lion realize that small creatures can be of big help to big creatures.

ISBN 971-518-273-7 32 pages $1.55

Alamat Ng Pagong
Segundo D. Matias, Jr. It tackles the origin of the turtle and explains why its shell is glued to its body.
ISBN 971-518-234-8 A2010-135 32 pages $1.55 ISBN 971-518-205-8 A2009-1000 16 pages $1.33

The Merchant And His Two Donkeys
Boots S.A. Pastor A merchant loads one of his donkeys with a sack of salt while he loads the other with a sack of sponge. When they cross a river, the donkey loaded with the sack of sponge nearly drowns while the donkey loaded with the sack of salt easily crosses the river.

The Cowardly Bat
Boots S.A. Pastor A war rages between the birds of prey and the beasts of prey. In trying to save himself, a bat keeps taking the side of the winning party in every battle, until his tragedy is discovered and he is ostracized.

ISBN 971-518-320-8 A2011-559 16 pages $1.33


Jupiter, Neptune, Minerva and Momus
Boots S.A. Pastor The God Momus is tasked to judge which among the creations of Jupiter, Nuptune and Minerva is the most faultless. He finds fault in the creations, and is actually banished by Jupiter, who maintains that anyone who finds faults in the works of others will never find contentment in anything at all.

The Unforgiving Servant
Boots S.A. Pastor The Biblical story of a servant who asks for forgiveness for not paying his debt on time but sends to prison his fellow servant who is unable to pay his debt to him.

The Old Miser
Boots S.A. Pastor An old miser converts all his properties to a bar of gold which he buries, and then finds it stolen by a thief.


ISBN 971-518-365-9 A2011-519 16 pages $1.33

ISBN 971-518-303-1 16 pages $1.33

ISBN 971-518-344-4 A2011-488 16 pages $1.33

A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
Boots S.A. Pastor Disguising himself as a sheep with a sheepskin he has found, a wolf joins a flock of sheep with the intention of devouring the fattest. But the shepherd brings in a butcher who brings wolf in sheep’s clothing to the slaughterhouse.
ISBN 971-518-366-6 A2011-563 16 pages $1.33

The Little Moth And The Light
Boots S.A. Pastor A little moth flirts with the light of a lamp, disobeying his mother’s warning not to go too near it, and ends up burned to death.

The Dog, The Rooster And The Fox
Boots S.A. Pastor Adapted from Aesop’s fable, a dog and his friend, a rooster, go on a trip and spend the night by a tree. The next day, a fox lures the rooster to come down from the branch, but the wiser rooster lures him instead to come beneath the tree, where he is promptly preyed upon by the dog.

ISBN 971-518-163-1 A2009-995 16 pages $1.33

ISBN 971-518-390-1 A2011-495 16 pages $1.33

The Fox And The Eagle
Boots S.A. Pastor The fox and the eagle are the best of friends, but when the eagle’s young nearly starve to death, she swoops down on the young of the fox, who threatens to burn the tree where the eagle nests.

The Stork And The Wolf
Boots S.A. Pastor A greedy wolf gobbles up a fish and gets the fish bone stuck in his throat. A stork offers to remove the fish bone with his long beak. But instead of thanking the stork, the wolf tells the stork she should be the one to thank him because he did not devour her.

Hercules And The Merchant
Boots S.A. Pastor Based on Aesop’s fable, a merchant calls upon the god Hercules to help him pull his cart out of a pothole, but Hercules contends that the merchant should help himself first before seeking the help of others.

ISBN 971-518-194-5 A2009-1004 16 pages $1.33

ISBN 971-518-305-5 A2011-514 16 pages $1.33

ISBN 971-518-292-8 A2011-518 16 pages $1.33

The Milkmaid And Her Jug
Boots S.A. Pastor A milkmaid goes to town to sell a jug of milk, and on the way she begins to count and imagine all the things she would buy with the money--until she slips and her jug of milk drops to the ground.

The Young Goat, The Nanny Goat And The Wolf
Boots S.A. Pastor When the nanny goat goes to market and leaves behind in the house her kid, she tells him to demand for the password from anyone who knocks on the door. When the wolf who has cunningly learned about the password knocks on the door pretends to be the kid’s mother.

The Turtle And The Monkey
Boots S.A. Pastor A turtle and a monkey divide between themselves a banana trunk. The monkey gets the upper part with leaves, while the turtle gets the lower part with roots. The monkey’s banana plant dies while the turtle’s grows and bears fruits, which the monkey harvests all for him- self.

ISBN 971-518-168-6 A2009-1001 16 pages $1.33

ISBN 971-518-182-2 A2009-1006 16 pages $133

ISBN 971-518-132-7 A2008-1003 16 pages $1.33


The Elves And The Shoemaker
Boots S.A. Pastor A poor but kind-hearted shoemaker and his wife earn the kindness of a group of dwarfs who come in the dead of night and make shoes the couple can sell.

The Heron And The Fox
Boots S.A. Pastor A fox invites a heron to his den and feeds her with soup served in a flat dish. Unable to peck at the soup, the heron gives up and passes the soup to the fox. The heron takes her revenge on the fox by inviting him to her house and feeding him soup served in a tall jug, preventing the fox to lap up at the soup.

The Good Samaritan
Boots S.A. Pastor Based on the Biblical story about a Samaritan who finds a wounded stranger bleeding along a road and does all he can to help him.


ISBN 971-518-139-6 A2008-1004 16 pages $1.33

ISBN 971-518-164-8 A2009-999 16 pages $1.33

ISBN 971-518-316-1 A2011-564 16 pages $1.33

The Old Man And His Five Sons
Boots S.A. Pastor A wise old man puts to test his five quarrelling sons by ordering them to break a bundle of sticks, then a single stick-proving that in unity there is strength.

The Ugly Duckling
Boots S.A. Pastor An ugly duckling is persecuted and ostracized from the farm. He runs away and lives alone in the marsh through winter. In the spring, he finds out he has grown into a lovely swan.

The Clam And The Snipe
Boots S.A. Pastor A snipe pecks at a clam, who quickly shuts down his shell, trapping the snipe’s beak. The snipe and the clam engage in a tug-of-war--until a fisherman comes along and catches both of them.

ISBN 971-518-306-2 16 pages $1.33

ISBN 971-518-125-9 16 pages $1.33

ISBN 971-518-400-7 A2011-513 16 pages $1.33

The Crow And The Fox
Boots S.A. Pastor Based on Aesop’s fable, a sly fox manages to convince, through flattery, a crow to sing. When the crow opens her beak, she promptly drops a piece of cheese which the hungry fox quickly devours.

The Feather Of The Swan
Boots S.A. Pastor A messenger is sent by a king to deliver a swan to a neighboring king. However, on the way the swan manages to fly away, leaving behind only a feather. The messenger delivers the feather to the king, with the message. However insignificant the gift may seem, it conveys the deep feelings of the sender.

The Lion And The Mosquito
Boots S.A. Pastor An arrogant mosquito pokes fun at a lion and would not stop until the lion admits defeat. When the mosquito flies away, he gets trapped in a spider’s web and is eventually devoured by the spider.

ISBN 971-518-177-8 A2009-996 16 pages $1.33

ISBN 971-518-446-5 16 pages $1.33

ISBN 971-518-218-8 A2011-515 16 pages $1.33

The Animal Judge
Boots S.A. Pastor Animals complain about the peace and order in the forest, and after the investigation by the animal judge, the mosquito turns out to be the root of the conflict. The mosquito is subsequently imprisoned, during which he loses his sting.

The Deer At The Pond
Boots S.A. Pastor A young deer realizes which between his beautiful antlers and his ugly legs can serve him better.
ISBN 971-518-183-9 A2009-997 16 pages $1.33

The Two Pots Boots
Boots S.A. Pastor Two pots bob up and down the river after a flood. The pot made of clay turns down the offer of the pot made of silver to stay close to him for protection, because he knows he will surely break to pieces once he bumps into the clay made of silver.

ISBN 971-518-481-6 16 pages $1.33

ISBN 971-518-174-7 A2009-1043 16 pages $133


The Ant And The Grasshopper
Boots S.A. Pastor The grasshopper taunts the ant for working so hard in the summer. When the rainy season arrives, the ant has plenty of food to eat, while the lazy grasshopper starves.

The Two Stubborn Goats
Boots S.A. Pastor Two stubborn goats meet in the middle of a bridge. As no one wants to give way, they engage in combat until both of them fall into the water below.


ISBN 971-518-110-5 16 pages $1.33

ISBN 971-518-181-5 A2009-1005 16 pages $1.33

The Rooster And The Hawk
Boots S.A. Pastor The origin why chickens scratch the ground and the hawk snatches chicks. A ring borrowed by a couple of chickens from the hawk is lost, and up to this time chickens continue searching for it by endlessly scratching the ground.

ISBN 971-518-195-2 A2009-1003 16 pages $1.33

The Heron And The Fish
Boots S.A. Pastor A proud heron refuses to catch mudfish, catfish and gobies for food, believing the fish are such lowly creatures. When finally hunger takes the better of her, the heron has no choice but to settle for a snail.

ISBN 971-518-207-2 A2009-998 16 pages $1.33

The Farmer And His Heirs
Boots S.A. Pastor Three sons dig a vineyard in search of their dead father’s bequeathal to them, and in so doing cultivate the land and the grapes that soon yield good harvest.

ISBN 971-518-258-0 A2011-490 16 pages $1.33


Sexy,Sassy, Singularly Happy: The Savvy Girls (Guide to enjoying the single life)
Marivi Soliven-Blanco

mILfLores PuBLIsHInG


mILfLores PuBLIsHInG

ISBN 971-828-035-9 165 pages $12.00

Outrageously funny essays on how to enjoy being single without ever feeling like you’ve missed the love boat.

Suddenly Stateside: Funny Essays on Pinoy Life in America
Marivi Soliven Blanco A collection of short essays on what it is like to create an identity as Filipino-American while maintaining Filipino traditions. Both hilarious and insightful.

My Fair Maladies: Funny essays and poems on various (Ailments and afflictions)
Cristina Pantoja-Hidalgo
ISBN 971-828-041-3 215 pages $12.00

ISBN 971-828-015-4 $12.00

“We create new worlds” Milflores was founded by Antonio A. Hidalgo to pioneer in mass education through the commercial production and sale of books. The best writers in the country are encouraged to surmount class barriers by sharing as much of their knowledge and insights as they can through information and literary books that meet the needs and wants of the Filipino masses.

Sleepless in Manila: Funny Essays, etc., on Insomnia
Cristina Pantoja-Hidalgo Essays and poems by 38 Filipino writers-not all of them writing from manila-humorously and imaginatively recounting their struggles with insomnia and offering valuable for fellow insomniacs.

64 funny and touching essays and poems by some of the country’s top writters, telling of coping, Pinoy stylei.e. with grace and good humor-with maladies, real both and imagined, edited by a multi-awarded fictionist/ essayist.

Sawi: Funny Essays, Stories and Poems on all kinds of heartbreaks
Ada J. Lorendo, BJ A. Patino and Rica Bolipata-Santos
ISBN 971-828-055-3 124 pages $12.00

ISBN 971-828-024-3 $14.00

Man Overboard: Essays by, for, and of the smart (Filipino male)
Butch Dalisay Urbane,witty, exquisitely crafted essays by multi-awarded author, dealing with diverse subjects, from techie gadgets to kenkoy kits, to Internet spam, to the literate libido, and many more.

A bi-lingual collection of reflections and memories on loving and losing, in both prose and poetry by some of the country’s top writers, young and not so young.

Isang Napakalaking Kaastigan
Vlad Bautista Gonzales Talagang astig sumulat si Vlad. Matatawa ka sa mga maikling sanysay; mag-iisip ka ng malalim. Tapos tatawa ka ulit. Kasi, joke lang pala ang kanyang sinabi.

21-D Gilmore Townhomes, Granada, Quezon City Tel no. (632) 721-6431 Fax (632) 721-3748 Email milflores@pldtdsl.net v i s i t m i l F l o r E s o N l i N E . b l o G s p o t. c o m

ISBN 971-828-034-0 178 pages $12.00

ISBN 971-828-064-5 118 pages $6.00


A-side/B-side (Ang mga piso sa jukebox ng buhay mo)
Vlad Bautista Gonzales Kung mahilig kang tumawa o kung natutuwa ka sa astig sumulat, basahin ang bagong koleksyon ng mga sanysay ni Vlad Gonzales

Ang Masayang Mundo ni Nestor D.
Antonio Hidalgo

mILfLores PuBLIsHInG

ISBN 971-828-010-3 121 pages $12.00

ISBN 971-828-075-1 96 pages $6.00

And The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth
Carljoe Javier A insider’s look at the world of a generation coming of age in today’s complex, chaotic Manila, told with intelligence ang humor

Laugh Trip / Dalawang Komedya
Chris Martinez Two plays by a multi-awarded award winning playwright, film scripwriter and director, who enjoys both critical acclaim and popular following

Very Short Stories for Harried Readers
Vicente Garcia-Groyon 41 examples of “flash fiction” or “sudden fiction” rendering complete, complex, engaging worlds by some of the country’s best writers, edited by a much-awarded writer.

ISBN 971-828-076-8 105 pages $8.00

ISBN 971-828-051-0 107 pages $12.00

ISBN 971-828-061-4 118 pages $12.00

Cockfighting Stories
Antonio Hidalgo A collection of moving stories about characters who rarely make it into Philippine Fiction in English, told with both humor, compassion, sensitivity and irony.

Mga Kuwentong Paspasan
Vicente Garcia-Groyon 30 examples of “sudden fiction” or “flash fiction” - mababasa sa ilang minuto lamang, kumpleto, masalimuot, kaakit-akit.

Spooky Mo: Horror Stories
Marivi Soliven Blanco A collection of scary, funny, unpredictable stories- a delightful visit to the best-selling author’s little shop of horrors.

ISBN 971-828-001-4 147 pages $8.00

ISBN 971-828-059-1 96 pages $12.00

ISBN 971-828-063-8 92 pages $12.00

The Hilarious world of Nestor D.
Antonio Hidalgo A collection of wacky tales and yarns set in the strange world of an ill-fated deluded sabungero, but touching much larger issues dealing with the Filipino human condition.

Our Lady of Arlegui: Isang Yugtong Dula
Chris Martinez Another prize winning one-act play by the multi-awarded playwright, screen writer and director, using the transaction between buyer and seller of pirated DVDs as a metaphor for the country’s perennial Christianmuslin conflict, with his usual and compassion.

ISBN 971-828-009-X 108 pages $12.00

ISBN 971-828-074-4 25 pages $6.00


Fiction For young Adults Tonyo’s wishes (Ages 8 up)
Lara Saguisag A charming, disarming tale for the young and the young at heart, about the littlest brother’s encounter with the monsters who have scared his older brothers witless.

Baklese Dos: Pinoy Pop Queer Dictionary
Louie Cano Ang pinakahihintay na sequel ng Baklese: Pinoy Pop and Queer Dictionary

Cockfighting Secrets
Antonio Hidalgo The 3rd volume of the best-selling series of books on the sport of cockfighting, containing articles which further flesh out the author’s theory on breeding and fighting game fowl, and humorous, magical tales about Nestor Divinagracia, which are part of the lore of the cockpit.

mILfLores PuBLIsHInG

ISBN 971-828-026-X 72 pages $6.00

ISBN 971-828-068-3 37 pages $5.00

ISBN 971-270-489-0 86 pages $12.00

Travesia Tips and Cockpits Stories

ISBN 971-828-007-3 71 pages $12.00

Antonio Hidalgo The 4th volume of the best-selling series of books on the sport of cockfighting, focused on the art of betting, a glaring gap in the documentation of the sport. Also included are some wacky fictional tales around Nestor Divinagracia, a sequel to the stories in Cockfighting Secrets, which entered the popular culture of the cockpit

Bongga ka ‘day: Pinoy Gay Quotes to Live By
Ronald Baytan, Ralph Semino Galan A survival kit for gay guys, full of precious nuggets, some outrageous, others campy and still others, both witty and wise-an empowering collection put together by 3 gay poets.

Sabong: A manual for breeding and fighting cocks
Antonio Hidalgo Describe by the late Ramon V. Mitra as “the bible which the sport of cockfighting needs-valuable secrets on every aspect of the sports, written by a professional breeder and cocker of its kind in the country.”

Sabong: Manwal sa Pagpapalahi at Paglalaban ng mga Tinali
Antonio Hidalgo Ang “groundbreaking” na libro kung saan tinatalakay ang lahat ng aspeto ng paglalahi at pagsasabong ng mga panabong.

ISBN 971-828-014-6 189 pages $6.00

ISBN 971-270-284-7 78 pages $12.00

ISBN 971-270-415-7 194 pages $6.00

Baklese: Pinoy Pop Queer Dictionary
Louie Cano Badutch vhaklers, botonessa, eclacoo, mascula-doll, pa-mhinta.. It’s not what you call me, but what I answer to.

Professional Cockfighting
Antonio Hidalgo The 2nd volume of the best-selling series of books on cockfighting by a professional breeder and cocker, who was also an economist, urban planner, teacher, diplomat, and professional writer and publisher.

Bihasang Pagsasabong
Antonio Hidalgo Ikapitong aklat sa popular na hanay ng mga aklat ng awtor tungkol sa ating pinaka mahal na pambansang laro ng sabong

ISBN 971-828-053-9 46 pages $5.00

ISBN 971-270-340-1 67 pages $12.00

ISBN 971-828-005-7 126 pages $6.00


Mga Sekreto sa Pagsasabong
Antonio Hidalgo Ikalimang libro ng awtor tungkol sa pagsasabong, kasama mahahalagang sekreto ukol sa pagpanalo sa sabong at mga maiikling katha tungkol sa mga mahiwagang pamahiin sa laro ng sabong, na nakapasok na sa kultura ng sabungan

mILfLores PuBLIsHInG

ISBN 971-828-002-2 168 pages $6.00

Mga Tip sa Trabesiya at Kuwentong Sabungan
Antonio Hidalgo Huling libro ng awtor tungkol sa sabong, kung saan ibinabahagi niya ang habang-buhay na karanasan ukol sa trabesiya; kasama rin ang mga bagong maiikling katha tungkol kay Nestor Divinagracia, na katumbas ni Juan Tamad sa kultura ng sabungan

ISBN 971-828-008-1 151 pages $6.00


English-Cebuano-Visayan Dictionary
Rodolfo Cabonce In the compilation of the Visayan words, besides my own knowlegde, I was aided by my vocabularies found in different publications and by lists submitted to me by interested Fathers and friends.

nATIonAL BooKsTore


nATIonAL BooKsTore

ISBN 971-086-766-0 1983 1135 pages $158.00

English Filipino Dictionary
Luciano L. Gabay This book contains entries with the corresponding meaning or equivalent in Filipino or Tagalog. I Tried to make the translation as coolest to the import of the English word, although I must admit that some translations may be loos or inexact.

New English-Pilipino-Bicolano Dictionary
Julio F. Silverio

ISBN 971-086-802-0 2008 833 pages $175.00

ISBN 971-081-772-8 1980 121 pages $7.00

Over sixty years of focused energy has brought National Book Store to where it is now: the pinnacle of the bookstore industry in the Philippines. More than that, the National Book Store family takes pride in its role as an institution that supports education and enhances lives by providing the best and widest selection of educational, professional, and social communication products.

New Eng-Fil/ Fil-Eng
J.B. Santos This “New English-Filipino/FilpinoEnglish” Dictionary is the latest edition and , probably, one of the most useful dictionaries of its kind, in the Filipino language education, today.


ISBN 971-086-656-7 2007 400 pages $26.00

English-Tagalog HB Dictionary
Leo James English The author of this dictionary, Father Leo English, is an Austalian priest who have served in the Philippines for the past 30 years. During that period he has become highly familiar with tagalog.

Filipino Cooking Here & Abroad
E.R Laquian & I.D. Sobrevinas As in most countries, food plays an important part in the Philippine social life. Dishes served in a Filipino home depend on such factors as the weather, the presence of visitors or “just family,” religious festivals, kinds of fruits and vegetables in season, and most important of all, the culinary skills of the wife or husband.

ISBN 971-082-962-9 1977 1211 pages $138.00

ISBN 971-081-812-0 1977 194 pages $21.00

v i s i t N at i o N a l b o o k s t o r E . c o m


Let’s Cook with Nora
Nora V. Daza This book is the culmination of some twenty years of work with food and people. It began in Batangas, in 1944, when my late grandmother, Doña Creseciana Reyes de Villanueva, taught me how to market, light a native stove, and cook rice.

Flowers of Baguio
R.G Gamboa and V.S Santos This colorful and engaging book captures the splendor of Baguio ang Benguet’s flowers - up close and in flower plantations, parks, and gardens.

nATIonAL BooKsTore

ISBN 971-271-046-7 2001 139 pages $99.00

ISBN 971-081-814-7 1969 194 pages $34.00

Favorite Filipino Recipes
NBSI Editorial Board This book offers a wide range of choices of recipes a homemaker may choose from - to sit her pocket, taste and desire to satisfy her visitors, be they family members, friends or acquaintances.

Sayaw: Philippine Dance
R. Gamboa & A. Abad Santos-Gana Dance is the Philippines’ best-known cultural export. Ever since the Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company (now the country’s National Folk Dance Company), the Filipinescas Dance Company, and the Far Eastern University Folkoric Dance Group captivated world audiences in the 50s and 60s, Filipino theatrical dancing has never been the same.

At Home with Filipino Art
Ma. Alessandra Hermano and J.L Hermano A book like this would not have been possible without the gracious art lovers and passionate collectors who shared their homes and the objects they love. We are grateful to these families and individuals for giving us new ways of looking at the objects and spaces that surround us daily.

ISBN 971-084-931-X 1991 110 pages $13.00

ISBN 971-271-168-4 2002 238 pages $120.00

ISBN 971-271-146-3 2001 273 pages $180.00

Galing Galing Philippine Cuisine
Nora & Mariles Daza In the first two editions, I included recipes that I liked to use in my home in the Philippines. It was to be a sort of handbook for woman at home wanted to use some tested recipes or one who needed to have her housemaid turned cook try her hand at the satifying, challenging though sometimes tedious art called cooking.

ISBN 971-082-474-0 1974 213 pages $35.00


Philippine Fiesta Recipes
L.R Belmonte & P.B Del Mundo The recipes in this book are a gathering of festive fares both Filipino anf foreign. These give our cooking aficionados a wide range of choices of what to prepare, when and how they should be cooked and served.

Philippine Christmas Art
R.G Alejandro Christmas in the Philippines is like no other in the world. It’s months-long celebration is colorful, exuberant and excessive - so typical of a Philippine fiesta.

ISBN 971-084-046-0 1993 204 pages $34.00

ISBN 971-271-246-X 2002 219 pages $185.00


Life in the Forest
Delbert Rice The book is a collection of stories about forest people called Ikalahan living in the Cordillera and Caraballo Mountains of North Luzon for centuries. Although they are closely related to the to the neighboring Ibaloy, Pangasinan, and I-wak peoples they have their own distinctive characteristics, most especially their desire for a peaceful and abundant life.

neW dAY PuBLIsHers, InC.


neW dAY PuBLIsHers, InC.
ISBN 971-10-1198-7 2009 108 pages $27.00

ISBN 971-10-1217-5 2011 158 pages $25 .00

B1 Gang Mysteries Case File No. 13 Sumpa ng Mombaki
Armin T. Santiaguel II The B1 Gang gears up for another case to solve, this time about mysterious appearances in the town of Batad, Ifugao. Is it for real or make-believe.

Only Pure Hearts Can Break the Spell
Eloisa Marie B. Hernandez In the course for her thesis, Azhena together with and Melanie R. Quilla the GSPub staff uncovered information leading to the discovery of an underground secret society of witches/warlocks composed of students, faculty, staff, and school administrators. This taglish juvenile fiction’s twists and turn will really thrill the hearts of every young reader and adventurous adults.

New Day Publishers is a not-for-profit publishing house that aims to strengthen the life and witness of the church through the publication and distribution of books that are culturally relevant and people-empowering. New Day believes in the talent and mind of the Filipino and supports it by publishing their notable works.

B1 Gang Mysteries Episode 1, Book 2: Tikbalang, Aswang Atbp.
Armin T. Santiaguel II
ISBN 971-10-1185-7 2005 156 pages $26.00

ISBN 971-10-1225-0 2011 $185.00

One of the several volumes in the Young Adult Book Series in Filipino by the author.

Color of Sky: Growing up Swiss with Chocolate Brown Skin
Lenny Kaye Bugayong This book contains several essays which can be read as individual stories or as chapters of a novel. The awarded author was born and raised in Switzerland of Filipino parentage. This book inspires people with a multicultural background to never forget their roots, while adapting to another culture.

11 Lands Street, VASRA, Quezon City Tel no. (632) 928-8046 / 927-5982 / 926-8049 Email sales@newdaypublishers.com v i s i t W W W.N E W DaY p U b l i s h E r s .co m

1222-9 2011 96 pages $25.00


Philippine Communication Today
Crispin C. Maslog

neW dAY PuBLIsHers, InC.




ISBN 971-10-1167-3 2007 504 pages $44.00

A good reference material on the present status of communication and journalism in the Philippines, including development journalism, community newspapers, electronic media, small media advertising, public relations, and the new media.

The Best of Pupung O
Tonton Young Tonton Young follows up his comic collection and provides humor with this latest edition of his popular comic strip.

Basic Upland Ecology
Delbert Rice The earth is rapidly being damaged. Forests are cut down and their soils eroded. Rivers are polluted by toxic wastes and fertilizers. Springs are drying up. Farms are eroded by wind and water. Many rivers have no fish. The air is polluted by toxic smoke. Much of the damage to environment is being caused by people’s ignorance on how the various parts of the


ISBN 971-10-1182-6 (Bookpaper) $13.00 ISBN 971-10-1183-3 (News print) $11.00 2008 84 pages

ISBN 971-10- 1165-9 2007 180 pages $24.00

New Day Collection
Bienvenido N.Santos A bookcase of nine of Santos’ books in celebration of his birth centenary.
ISBN 971-10-1225-0 2011 $185.00 ISBN 971-10-1169-7 2007 132 pages $33.00

Did You Know? Volume 1
Gina S. Morito An ideal book for those who are always looking for information about famous people, places and events. The first of two volumes.

Clara’s Diary, A Korean Student’s Philippine Experience
Clara (Hayoung) Ju The author shares her experiences, feelings, and perceptions during her stay in the Philippines, in particular, her observations about some differences of Filipinos from Koreans in the areas of Culture, Food, Language, Environment, and the People itself. Interesting illustrations by a Korean artist accompany the articles.

Roni Santiago’s Baltic & Company 2
Roni Santiago A collection of author’s comic strips that came out in Manila Bulletin.
ISBN 971-10-1189-5 2008 88 pages $185.00 ISBN 971-10-1199-4 2009 108 pages $31.00

Did You Know? Volume 2
Gina S. Morito The second volume of the series that aims to provide brief but significant information about famous things and places.

ISBN 978-971-101221-2 2010 92 pages $25.00


Sorry to Burst Your Bubble Life Leadership Lessons from the Greatest Dreamer
Yay Padua-Olmedo
ISBN 971-10-1184-4 2008 92 pages $23.00

Death of the English Zen Professor
Paulino Lim Jr. Neil Saguisag is just an average professor in the university where he is teaching when suddenly, one of his colleagues dies for unknown reason and Neil happens to solve the mystery.

neW dAY PuBLIsHers, InC.

The ride to your destination may be bumpy. Landmines of trials will surely litter your path. But victory is just around the bend. Yay Padua-Olmedo mines the life of Joseph of Genesis with a true believer’s heart, chisels her finds for their precious lessons, then juxtaposes them with familiar imagery, proving to today’s generation that success apart from God is empty.


ISBN 971-10-1233-5 2011 190 pages $29.00

Journey to the Andes and Other Places in Latin America
Miguel A. Bernad S. J.

ISBN 971-10-1180-2 2008 140 pages $28.00


A Philippine priest narrates his adventures (and misadventures) while travelling the length and breadth of Latin America; its people, ancient Inca cities, towering waterfalls, mountains lakes and beautiful cities.

A Tourist Guide to Notable Philippine Churches
Benjamin L. Layug

Flying on Broken Wings Stories of Courage in Overcoming Disability
Grace D. Chong
ISBN 971-10-1205-2 2009 184 pages $31.00

Coronel Sr. Eustacio Maloles De Chavez: Jefe Superior Militar Del Batallon Banajaw Tayabas Province
Col. Leonidas R. Maloles
ISBN 971-10-10229-8 2008 124 pages $20.00

This book tells of his participation in the Spanish-Filipino War of 1898 and the Philippine-American War of 18991901 as a colonel in active service in both wars.

Contains inspiring stories of courage by thirteen persons with disability who despite their handicap made their life count. Written by awardwinning writer Grace D. Chong, the book inspires and gives hope to people who are prevented by their limitations from exploring what can be. The book hopes to encourage people in power to create and pass laws that empower and enhance the life of the differently-abled.

ISBN 971-10-1168-0 2007 256 pages $58.00

The book showcases the most significant Philippine churches in the country, their aesthetic and historical significance, that were built as a result of four centuries of Spanish rule.

A Tourist Guide to Notable Philippine Historical Landmarks, Monuments, and Shrines
Benjamin Locsin Layug
ISBN 971-10-1201-4 2010 110 pages $24.00

A helpful guide to bring along when visiting important markers in our nation’s history.


Colonial Accounts
Compiled by the NHCP A collection of accounts by Spanish authors written in different times on different issues, and little known to all but the keenest historians

The Philippine Revolution in the Bicol Region Vol. 2
Elias M. Ataviado A book written for would-be-travelers to the Philippines in the 1880?s. The shipping companies, kind of ships, ports, and distances are described here with comments of the author with charts and weather predictions on certain dates and places.

neW dAY PuBLIsHers, InC.

ISBN 971-10-1237-3 2011 180 pages $18.00

ISBN 971-10-1211-8 2011 $34.00

Leyte-Samar Shadows: Essays on the Historyof Eastern Visayas
Rolando O. Borrinaga
ISBN 971-10-1188-8 2008 232 pages $61.00

Index Guide for Travelers in the Philippine Islands
Don Jose Escobar y Lozano Contains an insightful view of the economy back then and also reports a cultural and linguistic description that can be very useful in our understanding of the colonial Philippines.

The book gives greater focus on developments in the “shadows” or the periphery of nationally known historical events that involved the Leyte-Samar Region, and highlights the pivotal roles and viewpoints of the unknown and unsung heroes and actors in these events. It also provides a comprehensive inventory of journal articles and books on the history of the region that were published over40 years since the late 1960s.


ISBN 971-10-1218-2 2011 $34.00

Shadows from the Rising Sun
(New Edition)

An American Family’s Saga During the Japanese Occupation in the Philippines
Paul R. Lindholm
ISBN 971-10-1200-7 2009 200 pages $44.00

Love Grows: A Primer
Edward Gerlock A compilation of testimonies by older people, by community organizers and by others who have been part of the lives of the elderly and of the organizations supporting them. It is an affirmation that older people can still live meaningful lives and contribute much to society.

Wings Over the Philippines
Tony Dedal A narration of historical events in Filipino aviation since the first flight in the Philippines in 1911 to the more recent anti- terrorist air campaigns.

ISBN 971-10-1181-9 2008 172 pages $43.00 (5 COPIES)

Describes the experiences of the Lindholm family as they lived and worked with a very large Protestant Church deep in the mountains of Negros. Filipino families enabled the American to survive; and Mr. Lindholm continued to serve as a missionary throughout the four years of war. He was in touch with many Silliman students and faculty members–and with the guerrilla forces which were loyal to the cause of freedom.

ISBN 971-10-1203-8 2009 148 pages $33.00


Of Dreams, Sweat, and Tears: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Modern Filipino Heroes
Mariano A. Dumia
ISBN 971-10-1187-1 2009 260 pages $42.00

A Walk Through War Memories in Southeast Asia
Shinzo Hayase This book was initially written with the aim to inform the Japanese youth what the author has observed: the way the Southeast Asian people remember the war and their efforts to preserve and hand down their memories.

neW dAY PuBLIsHers, InC.

Mga Tanaga ng Buhay
Wilfreda P. Jorge-Legaspi The TANAGA is a type of short Filipino poem, consisting of four lines with several syllables each with the same rhyme at the end of each line–that is to say a 7-7-7-7 Syllabic verse (wikipedia). The author helps to keep this dying art form alive with her collection of 300 tanaga on themes of life, faith and values.

This book depicts the overall Saudi environment (history, political, social, and economic systems), the daily work and leisure activities of the Filipino OFWs, the various sociocultural and religious challenges (taboos, restrictions, etc.) that they face in their daily life, their successes, education of their children, sociocultural and sport activities, problems/concerns, sufferings, and failures.

ISBN 971-10-1211-3 2010 200 pages $43.00

ISBN 971-10-1173-4 2007 136 pages $27.00

Urbanization & Formation of Ethnicity in Southeast Asia
Toh Goda A presentation of comprehensive data which are products of field research focusing on urbanization and formationof ethnicity in southeast Asia–namely The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia,and Vietnam. The studies hopes to clarify the formation and transformation of ethnic identities adaptation of migrants to urban settings and processes of administration and management of specific ethnic dwellings or areas of concentration of population.


ISBN 971-10-1192-5 2009 330 pages $51.00

Lupang Tinubuan Mga Tula at Liham Pag-ibig nina Leoncio S. Gonzales at Montano D. Esguerra ng Marilao, Bulacan, 1926-1975
ISBN 971-10-1177-2 2007 228 pages $43.00

My Country’s Godly Heritage
Ferdinand V. Melendres This book narrates the history of Christianity and its earliest traces in Asia, in general, and in the Philippines, in particular, and how in the view of the author this is all part of God’s divine plan for the country and the significant role Filipinos play in bringing the whole world to Jesus Christ.

Jaime Salvador Corpuz The book is about the rich poetry of Leoncio Gonzales and Montano Esguerra. It showcases the poetic heritage of Bulacan.

ISBN 971-10-1208-3 2009 320 pages $55.00


neW dAY PuBLIsHers, InC.




O, Sintang Lupa at iba pang mga Kuwento
Genoveva Edroza-Matute A collection of short stories in Filipino.
ISBN 971-10-1196-3 2009 108 pages $31.00 ISBN 971-10-1206-9 2009 144 pages $33.00

The Passion of Jovita Fuentes
Peter Solis Nery A Palanca award-winning full-length play in English by Peter Solis Nery which revolves around the lives of well-known figures who played important roles in Philippine history– Jovita Fuentes, the international opera diva, and Manuel Roxas, who later become president of the Philippines.

Potluck Favorites with Tips for Young Parents
Eva Villanueva Cooking is very fun indeed, but the fun stops when you’ve got nothing new to cook. If you’re a cook at heart, and looking for new, delicious recipes, this book is certainly for you. This book, the revised version of the Filipino Family Cookbook, includes new recipes. A wonderful gift for families around the world so delighted to become acquainted with the unique and delicious cuisine of the Philippines.

ISBN 971-10-1226-7 2011 169 pages $19.00

Pira-pirasong Dula ng Buhay
Teresita Manaloto-Magnaye The varied facets of love and life are interwoven in the ten stories of this collection. This easy reading makes an otherwise dull afternoon interesting.

ISBN 971-10- 1162-8 2007 120 pages $19.00


omf LITerATure, InC.



omf LITerATure, InC.
ISBN 971-511-172-0 1990 136 pages $6.50

Filipino Values and our Christian Faith
Evelyn Miranda-Feliciano Author Evelyn Miranda-Feliciano challenged Filipino Christians to reflect and evaluate culturallyaccepted Filipino values and practices. Deep and hard-hitting, her questions are relevant today as when she first asked them.

Faith in the Corridors of Power
Evelyn Miranda-Feliciano In this thought-provoking collection of reflective entries, Evelyn MirandaFeliciano interacts with Former Senate President Dr Jovito Salonga on the issues of life and faith in the context of Filipino society.

ISBN 971-009-059-4 2010 214 pages $9.00

After half-a-century of publishing in the Philippines, OMF LITERATURE remains confident in God’s power to touch lives, impart truth, and effect change through Christian literature.
ISBN 971-009-069-3 2010 174 pages $6.50

How to Live the Way God Wants
William Girao Does God expect more from us other than to follow these three basic rules we’ve been taught since the day we first trusted Christ? What will it take for us to enjoy a growing relationship with the Lord and with our fellowmen?

The Heart of Healing
Ardy Roberto Well-known entrepreneur and speaker Ardy Roberto shares his and wife Tingting’s journey to healing after a dreaded illness tests their faith. Deeply personal and insightful.

ISBN 971-049-566-5 2008 268 pages $7.25

Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin
Ardy Roberto Bitin ba lagi ang pera mo? Lagi bang kulang ang sweldo o allowance mo? If you need a guide on how to best manage your money, get this easy-to-read and practical book for yourself and your family? Even your friends who are struggling or always borrowing money!

Back on Track
Ru dela Torre After getting on the road with God, what does a young person do when the excitement fizzles and he returns to his rebellious ways? This sequel of the bestselling Road Trip focuses on how grace and repentance can help the lost again find his way back to God.

776 Boni Ave, Mandaluyong City Philippines Tel no. 5316635 loc 309 Email jennytorres@omflit.com v i s i t o m F l i t. c o m

ISBN 971-009-066-2 2010 104 pages $2.50

ISBN 971-009-068-6 2010 116 pages $6.00


Road Trip
Ru dela Torre Some guys have all the luck. I should know, I was one of them... And yet, I was still bored. You’re young, full of energy, and bored. Is this all there is to life? Can you really be happy for more than five minutes? Discover how you can experience life to the fullest.

The Honeymoon Never Ends
Nelson Dy The secret to a never-ending honeymoon? Make it a marriage of three, not two.

omf LITerATure, InC.


ISBN 971-009-003-7 2009 120 pages $6.00

ISBN 971-009-038-9 2009 192 pages $7.25

How to Win Your Child’s Heart
Dr. Ruth C. Chang

Ang Buhay na Hindi Bitin
Ardy Roberto Many feel bitin, struggling with a nagging sense that there is more to life. In less than 30 pages, Ardy Roberto presents the simple answers to living a life that’s content, blessed, and worry-free.

ISBN 971-009-008-2 2009 128 pages $6.00

Compact and full of practical insight, this book helps you gain the confidence you need to be the best parent you can be. Dr. Ruth C. Chang discusses different parenting styles to help you discover which works best for you.

ISBN 971-511-990-0 2007 32 pages $0.60

Doing Theology in the Philippines
ATS Forum Contributors Fourteen chapters range over varied topics. Contributors share their sense of urgency and practical experience of reading and applying Scripture from Filipino viewpoint and in Filipino setting.



ISBN 971-511-901-8 2005 252 pages $9.00

Grace Found Me
Grace D. Chong

Going Up?
Yay Olmedo You’re trying to make your mark in the corporate world. The workplace will test your character and your faith. You either go with the flow? You compromise. Or you go away? You resign. But there’s another way. You go up you submit to God and trust Him to mold you as you do your job .


It is easy for busy women to drown in a sea of responsibilities and to be faced with doubt and worry each day. In Grace Found Me, author Grace D. Chong points you to Him who can give rest to your heart and soul.

ISBN 971-009-052-5 2010 156 pages $7.25


Ang Paglalakbay ni Butirik
A.C. Balmes

omf LITerATure, InC.



ISBN 971-511-317-5 1993 32 pages $2.65

Butirik takes off to his dream place and gets more than what he has bargained for. 1993 Palanca 3rd Prize winner.

This is My Story
Various Contributors Thirty-one reasons to believe that no matter how far we’ve wandered, we can never be too far from the love of God. Featuring the stories of Gary V. and Donita Rose in a collection of first-person accounts demonstrating God’s power and grace to transform people.

Sandosenang Sapatos
Luis P. Gatmaitan, MD A father’s boundless love for a disabled daughter magically crosses over the young girl’s dreams. 2001 Palanca 1st Prize winner.

Big Brother
Grace D. Chong Bunsoy is about to be the elementary class valedictorian?all he has to do is top his final exams! But with his mother working abroad as a caregiver, Bunsoy already has his hands full taking care of his Kuya Tinuy.

ISBN 971-511-852-6 2004 244 pages $6.50

ISBN 971-511-741-8 2002 32 pages $2.65

ISBN 971-049-556-6 2008 32 pages $2.65

May mga Lihim kami ni Ingkong
Luis P. Gatmaitan, MD

Peter and Ahmed
Jojie Wong Peter’s neighbor say that Ahmed and his family are bad people because they are Muslims. Peter feels sad because he wishes to befriend Ahmed, since they are about the same age. But is it really possible for a Christian and a Muslim to be friends?

ISBN 971-511-696-1 2001 32 pages $2.65

A boy comes to terms with his grandfather’s dementia. Based on the author’s childhood experience. 2000 Palanca 2nd Prize winner.

ISBN 971-511-812-5 2004 32 pages $2.65

Ronald Molmisa Kendisbilab? Yan ang lagi mong tinatanong sa sarili mo. Every time you feel yourself falling for someone, you always wonder if it’s the real thing. Paano nga ba malalaman kung siya ang the one? Kung lovestruck ka, take it slow.

The Magic of Apo Mayor
Grace D. Chong Apo Mayor sees Teo’s good deeds and exclaims “Es Wes!” to express his pleasure. 2001 Palanca 1st Prize winner.

Nico and Alug in Manoboland
Jojie Wong Nico doesn’t like living in Manoboland. He misses his Manila friends. But one day, Alug gets sick and comes to stay with Nico and his mom and dad. Will Nico change his mind about the jungle? Or about Alug?

ISBN 971-009-074-7 2011 100 pages $3.00

ISBN 971-511-708-1 2001 32 pages $2.65

ISBN 971-009-009-9 2009 32 pages $2.65


Si Joey at ang Gulay Gang
Beng Alba Joey’s body needs vegetables and huge talking vegetables are out to prove it!

Mga Kuwento ni Tito Dok #2: Aray, Nasugatan Ako!
Luis P. Gatmaitan, MD Playful Zikki is so curious about sharp objects. But what will happen when Zikki accidentally cuts himself?

Mga Kuwento ni Tito Dok #6: Kraaak! Nabali ang Buto ni Ferdie!
Luis P. Gatmaitan, MD
ISBN 971-511-794-4 2003 32 pages $2.65

omf LITerATure, InC.

ISBN 971-511-634-3 2000 32 pages $2.65

ISBN 971-511-658-9 2001 32 pages $2.65

It’s good thing that a doctor can fix a broken bone. Tito Dok tells the story of a boy who broke his arm and how he eventually got well.

Bullysaurus Rex
Robert Magnuson What do you do when there’s a big bully in your neighbourhood? Rex is the biggest dino on the block and he makes sure everyone knows it! He gets a kick out of scaring others, and no one can stand up to him.

Mga Kuwento ni Tito Dok #3: Aba, May Baby sa Loob ng Tiyan ni Mommy!
Luis P. Gatmaitan, MD
ISBN 971-511-659-6 2001 32 pages $2.65

Mga Kuwento ni Tito Dok #7: Ngiii! Ang Kati-Kati ng Ulo Ko!
Luis P. Gatmaitan, MD Janet has lots of lice! Kids will learn how to keep lice off their heads as they read about Janet and some funny, talking lice.

ISBN 971-009-024-2 2009 32 pages $2.65

Jenny wonders about her mommy’s growing tummy. Winner 2002 Catholic Mass Media Awards -- Best Short Story for Children.

ISBN 971-511-795-1 2003 32 pages $2.65

No Lipstick for Mother
Grace D. Chong Did you ever feel ashamed of your own mother? Mayang did. Just because her mother wears no lipstick. Many times Mayang wished her mother would look smarter and be something else.

Mga Kuwento ni Tito Dok #4: Naku, ang Pula ng Mata Ko!
Luis P. Gatmaitan, MD Tricia panics when she wakes up one school day with an itchy red eye. Kids will learn about sore eyes from Tricia’s story.

Mga Kuwento ni Tito Dok #8: Ayan na si Bolet Bulate!
Luis P. Gatmaitan, MD Joshua and sister KC always go barefoot, leave their feet and hands dirty, and eat without washing their hands! Who can stop the menacing Bolet Bulate?

ISBN 971-511-980-1 2006 32 pages $3.00

ISBN 971-511-736-4 2002 32 pages $2.65

ISBN 971-511-491-2 1998 32 pages $2.65

Mga Kuwento ni Tito Dok #1: Ay! May Bukbok ang Ngipin ni Ani!
Luis P. Gatmaitan, MD Ani has a toothache yet refuses to see a dentist! Kids learn to take care of their teeth from her story.

Mga Kuwento ni Tito Dok #5: Ha - Ha ? Hatsinggg!
Luis P. Gatmaitan, MD Ha-ha-hatsing! Patrick is nursing a cold. Why do people get colds? Tito Dok explains.

Mga Kuwento ni Tito Dok #9: Oooppss, Kumukulo ang Tiyan ni Jimbo!
Luis P. Gatmaitan, MD Tito Dok uses Jimbo’s story to explain what is happening inside the stomach when a child has diarrhea or LBM. This story shows how we can avoid getting diarrhea and what we can do when it attacks.

ISBN 971-511-647-3 2000 32 pages $ 2.65

ISBN 971-511-793-7 2003 32 pages $2.65

ISBN 971-511-839-2 2004 32 pages $2.65


Mga Kuwento ni Tito Dok #10: Waaah! Nakagat ako ng Aso!
Luis P. Gatmaitan, MD Tito Dok uses the story of Janella and her pet dog Bruna to explain what to do in case someone gets bitten by dog. This story also shows the danger and symptoms of rabies, and the proper care of pets.

Mga Kuwento ni Tito Dok #15: Nakupo! Hinihika si Hermie!
Luis P. Gatmaitan, MD
ISBN 971-009-002-0 2009 32 pages $2.65

Oh, Mateo! #3: Big Eyes, Small Eyes
Grace D. Chong Pearlie, a balikbayan girl, exclaims, “Cool” at the sight of local delights. Will Teo, with his little eyes, be able to see what Pearlie’s big eyes see?

omf LITerATure, InC.

ISBN 971-511-843-9 2004 32 pages $2.65

Tito Dok Luis Gatmaitan helps parents and children understand the basics of asthma. Learn what triggers asthma attacks and how you can prevent them through the story of Scout Hermie.

ISBN 971-511-796-8 2003 32 pages $2.65

Mga Kuwento ni Tito Dok #11: Basta, Ayoko Pang Matulog!
Luis P. Gatmaitan, MD
ISBN 971-511-910-8 2005 32 pages $2.65

Mga Kuwento ni Tito Dok #16: Aha! May Allergy Ka Pala!
Luis P. Gatmaitan, MD Julia is excited! She will be able to play with her cousins during the reunion of their relatives at the beach. But after tasting prawns for the first time, she learns something about herself when her body starts displaying strange symptoms.

Oh, Mateo! #4: Teo’s Trash Can
Grace D. Chong Teo’s trash can is priceless. It can even make his wish come true. Magic? Not quite.
ISBN 971-511-797-5 2003 32 pages $2.65

Tito Dok uses Joshua’s story to explain why it is important for kids to sleep early. Is it only to grow taller? Tips on how to enjoy sleep are also included.

ISBN 971-009-064-8 2010 32 pages $2.65

Mga Kuwento ni Tito Dok #12: Ulkkk! Di Ko Malunok ang Tableta!
Luis P. Gatmaitan, MD
ISBN 971-511-945-0 2006 32 pages $2.65

Oh, Mateo! #1: Half and Half
Grace D. Chong Teo has a good reason for drawing his half-fruits. A heartwarming story about the beauty of sharing.

Oh, Mateo! #5: The Growling Tummy
Grace D. Chong Teo’s lunch was snatched by Arsab, the fruit-eating dog of the old woman Cion. Teo finds himself tired and hungry, inside Apong Cion’s orchard, where he sees his classmates stealing fruits from her trees.

Will Jeremy finally get to swallow that huge tablet? Family and friends have given their tips and ideas to help him. Find out if Jeremy can do it in this twelfth story in the informative and fun Mga Kwento ni Tito Dok series.

ISBN 971-511-751-7 2002 32 pages $2.65

ISBN 971-511-840-8 2004 32 pages $2.65

Mga Kuwento ni Tito Dok #13: Yakkk, Bulutong-Tubig!
Luis P. Gatmaitan, MD The itchy skin, the spots all over who can forget chicken pox? Jaycee has always dreaded this sickness.Good thing her cousin Franz can help her get through it.

Oh, Mateo! #2: When Flowers Bloom
Grace D. Chong How will the sleepy town of Umingan wake up? Teo and Teacher Milagring help Umingan folk use their time wisely.

Oh, Mateo! #6: Look for the Star
Grace D. Chong Teo is alarmed. From his window he can’t see the giant parol that Ka Iking and Ka Ostang hung in their acacia tree. Where could the star be? And why is it important that the big star continue to shine, day and night?

ISBN 971-511-954-2 2006 32 pages $ 2.65

ISBN 971-511-753-1 2002 32 pages $2.65

ISBN 971-511-885-9 2005 32 pages $2.65


Oh, Mateo! #7: All Aboard with Five Lolas
Grace D. Chong Teo is riding a ship for the first time and his five lolas are going with him! Five grandmothers? Yes, five! In this adventure at sea, Teo gets caught in more mishaps than he can count his lolas.

Oh, Mateo! #11: Crying Children
Grace D. Chong Palanca award-winning author Grace D. Chong adds another story to the adventures of the endearing Mateo. Teo volunteers to take care of the children at the Day Care Center.

omf LITerATure, InC.

ISBN 971-511-886-6 2005 32 pages $2.65

ISBN 971-009-011-2 2009 32 pages $2.65

Oh, Mateo! #8: Money Mystery
Grace D. Chong 1,2,3... Can you solve the money mystery? A super wealthy but super stingy couple dies, leaving no one with clue to where their money is! Teo finds himself in their “”old spooky house.”” Does he have what it takes to unravel the mystery?

Oh, Mateo! #12: Angel with One Foot
Grace D. Chong For many years, Manang Pacita, Teo?s friend, has been searching for the angel who helped her when she was a little girl. One day, Teo spots the angel! Will Teo catch the angel? And how will Teo make the angel meet Manang Pacita?

ISBN 971-511-956-6 2006 32 pages $2.65

ISBN 971-009-063-1 2010 32 pages $2.65

Oh, Mateo! #9: The Secret Ingredient
Grace D. Chong After Tatay Ador meets an accident, the roles are reversed. Now it’s Teo’s turn to take care of his father. Teo gets the chance to cook and maybe discover the secret ingredient that makes every dish from their kitchen delicious.

ISBN 971-511-955-9 2006 32 pages $2.65

Oh, Mateo! #10: Teo’s Cockatoo
Grace D. Chong Bad morning, ugly face!? squawks the green cockatoo. Caged and maltreated by its owners, this bird has only bad words to say. But what happens when Teo befriends this lonely bird? And what surprise does it bring?

ISBN 971-049-505-4 2007 32 pages $ 2.65


unIVersIT Y of sAnTo TomAs Press



unIVersIT Y of sAnTo TomAs Press
University of Santo Tomas Publishing House (USTPH) was established in 1996 through the merger of the Santo Tomas University Press (STUP) and the UST Printing Office (USTPO). The publishing house evolved from the UST Press, which was founded in 1593 by Fr. Francisco de San Jose, O.P. As such, it is the oldest continuing press in the world today, next to Cambridge University in England. As a publishing house, the USTPH has released a multitude of textbooks as well as religious, literary, and scholarly titles. It is equipped with state-of-theart printing machines and top-of-the-line computers. It has won the highly-coveted honor of “Publisher of the Year” from the Manila Critics Circle twice in a row, 2003 and 2004.
Ground Floor Beato Angelico Building, Espana St., Sampaloc, Manila Philippines Tel no. (632) 7313522 Email jackwigley2004@yahoo.com publishing@mnl.ust.edu.ph visit UstpUblishiNGhoUsE.EDU.com
ISBN 971-506-615-0 2011 236 pages $11.00

A Calendar of Rizaliana
Ambeth Ocampo

Alien to Any Skin
Jim Pascual Agustin A book of poetry, Jim Pascual Agustin’s Alien to Any Skin captures the sensibilities of readers, Filipino or not, with precise observations from the author who is now based in Africa. Evidently manifested in the book is Agustin’s broadened horizon from the experiences he earned in and out of the Philippines.

ISBN 971-506-591-7 2011 98 pages $13.00

Talking History: Conversation with T. Agoncillo
Ambeth Ocampo

Baha-bahagdang Karupukan
Jim Pascual Agustin Hindi mapagkakaila ang husay sa panulat ng makatang si Jim Pascual Agustin sa librong Baha-bahagdang Karupukan. Iba-iba man ang kaniyang mga paksa, mababanaag pa rin ang pakay niyang bigyan ng boses ang mga aspekto ng buhay na kadalasan ay nakakaligtaan o kinakaligtaan.

ISBN 971-506-594-8 2011 218 pages $10.00

ISBN 907-506-583-2 2011 146 pages $13.00

Chinese Merchants of Binondo in the Nineteenth Century
Richard Chu With this book, brings back his readers to the turn of the nineteenth century to the twentieth by featuring two individual biographies and family histories of Chinese merchants in Manila.

Teo T. Antonio Teo Antonio, a veteran poet and one of the country’s most distinguished “mambabalagtas,” releases her new book on poetry. Explaining his collection’s title, Antonio writes: “Sabihin man ng iba ang atin

ISBN 971-506-564-1 2010 $10.00

ISBN 971-506-599-3 2011 128 pages $7.00


pagkakamali’t kakulangan, naroroon ang lantay na pagbaklas sa sarili upang maibahagi ang dinistrugkang pagkatao at maging makabuluhan para sa iba.
ISBN 971-506-510-8 2010 128 pages $9.00

Everyday Things
Fidelito C. Cortes Fidelito Cortes, a Stegner Fellow in poetry at Stanford University, lives in Long Island, New York, with his wife and fellow-poet Nerissa Balce. In the words of another Fil-am poet Eugene Gloria, his poems “honor our mundane and daily rituals through sincerity and (an) abiding faith in the magic of language.” The late Ophelia Alcantara- Dimalanta described them as being “about ordinary things perceived with extraordinary rich insights.”

The House of True Desire
Cirilo Bautista Cirilo Bautista’s The House of True Desire, collects 115 of his widely-read articles from his weekly column entitled “Breaking Signs,” in the Sunday magazine Philippine Panorama published by the Manila Bulletin. For 17 years now, his essays interlink life and literature with his masterful style in writing. This collection reveals how literature, even in a nation not known for literary patronage, becomes significant and reflective of the society.

unIVersIT Y of sAnTo TomAs Press

ISBN 971-506-570-2 2010 420 pages $10.00

Geographies of Light
Dinah Roma-Sianturi

Imagination’s Way
ISBN 971-506-602-0 2011 94 pages $6.00

Gemino Abad Imagination’s Way is a collection of critical and personal essays by acclaimed writer and scholar, Gémino Abad. Interweaving literature and history, the poet and his country, the essays illuminate the heart of Abad’s poetics gleaned from a life devoted to the exploration of the imagination.

A Theory of Echoes and Other Poems
Albert B. Casuga This is collection of poems of an Australian-based Filipino traverses on themes of nostalgia, reminiscences and home. Like full grown children who desire to move out of the house, these poems Casuga offers to the world, on their own.

Tales of the Spiderwoman
Merlie M. Alunan Award-winning Filipino poet, Merlie Alunan shares her genius in the poetic medium with her collection Tales of the Spiderwoman. Her masterful style and use of contemporary English is showcased in her every poem. The poet shares diverse personas evoked through one woven image after another. The collection is divided into six parts, each telling magnificently portrayed experiences and ideals created by the poet using medium.

ISBN 971-506-571-9 2010 90 pages $11.00

ISBN 971-506-500-9 2009 60 pages $5.00

ISBN 971-506-584-9 2011 114 pages $10.00

Pitong Bundok ng Haraya
Rio Alma Sa kaniyang bagong lathalang akda, Pitong Bundok ng Haraya, tinalakay ni Virgilio Almario ang para sa kaniya ay mga landasin tungo sa kritikal na pang-unawa sa panitikan. Iwinangis ng gawa ng Pambansang Alagad ng Sining sa Panitikan ang mga nasabing daan sa lubos na paggagap ng kalinangan ng wika at panitikan.

At Home in Unhomeliness (An Anthology of Philippine Postcolonial Poetry in English)
J. Neil C. Garcia
ISBN 971-506-444-6 2007 146 pages $8.00

ISBN 971-506-581-8 2010 170 pages $7.00

This book is an anthology of Philippine postcolonial poetry in English. Released in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Philippines’ Poets, Playwrights, Essayists, Novelists (Philippine PEN).


Isang Daa’t Isang Ligaya at Lungkot
Teo T. Antonio Teo Antonio’s book of poetry narrates the paths traversed by the author as a poet. Antonio looks back and honors valuable experiences that have contributed in his wisdom and knowledge as a master of words.


ISBN 971-506-287-X 2004 228 pages $9.00

her future son-in-law, observing mandates, and cheering for tennis players. Equally witty and humorous, Lilles’ essays reflect her belief that men, despite being “the most complex of (supposedly) rational beings— impossible to classify, qualify, quantify, or second-guess,” are as interesting and riveting as women are to the male order.

unIVersIT Y of sAnTo TomAs Press

Mga Lagot na Liwanag (Mga Tula)
Michael M. Coroza Michael M. Coroza, regarded as one of the champions of the oral tradition of poetry, “reinvigorates” Tagalog poetry by infusing fresh perspective to its classical framework. Unlike writers of the younger generation who deem it necessary to destroy what the elders have built to etch their own mark in literature, Coroza uses the freshness of his voice as a poet with traditional viewpoint created by his predecessors.

Catholic and Emancipated
Elizabeth Lolarga Julia is excited! She will be able to play with her cousins during the reunion of their relatives at the beach. But after tasting prawns for the first time, she learns something about herself when her body starts displaying strange symptoms.

Gleanings from a Literary Life

ISBN 971-506-187-7 2002 74 pages $6.00

ISBN 971-506-604-4 2011 248 pages $11.00


Showbiz Seriously
Emmie G. Velarde

Virgilio S. Almario

ISBN 971-506-603-7 2011 242 pages $12.00

ISBN 971-506-613-6 2011 86 pages $9.00

Victor Emmanuel Carmelo D. Nadera, Jr. V.E. Carmelo (Vim) Nadera publishes a book which is a must-read for psychotherapists and healers who are willing to venture and take a “less traveled road” like poetry therapy.

Cecile Lopez Lilles This collection of essays, FortyFied, follows Cecile Lopez Lilles as she attempts to understand the male psyche—from adventures at the hardware store, potential suitors who ran away after a midnight screening of The Amityville Horror, meeting


ISBN 971-506-128-1 2000 172 pages $ 8.00

ISBN 971-506-601-3 2011 178 pages $9.00


Librong Pagaaralan nang mganga Tagalog nang uicang Castila
Edited by Damon Woods
ISBN 971-506-612-9 2011 156 pages $7.00 ISBN 971-506-562-7 2010 498 pages $18.00

A History of Bataan (15871900) Scanning its Geographic, Social, Political and Economic Terrain
Cornelio Bascara
ISBN 971-506-363-2 2005 236 pages $11.00

Bayan at Lipunan / Ang Krisismo ni Bienvenido Lumbera
Rosario T. Yu This collection of the best critical essays of National Artist Lumbera, gathered by Rosario Torres Yu, centers on language, literature and culture. They are discourses that critique our quest for nationhood, national identity and state politics.

unIVersIT Y of sAnTo TomAs Press

Pinoy Septech
Jose Dalisay

Ang Pang-araw-araw na Buhay sa Panahon ng Digmaang Pilipino-Americano
Ronaldo Mactal
ISBN 971-506-560-3 2010 204 pages $10.00 ISBN 971-506-157-5 2001 84 pages $34.00

Apples and Ampalaya: Bittersweet Glimpse of the American Period in the Philippines
Augusto V. de Viana This historical book, laden with photographs and illustrations, locates the Philippines in the late 18th century at the crossroads of modernization.


Tomas Pinpin and Tagalog Survival in Early Spanish Philippines
Edited by Damon Woods

Between the Homeland and the Diaspora
S. Lily Mendoza

ISBN 971-506-585-6 2011 213 pages $7.00 ISBN 971-506-362-4 2006 232 pages $11.00

Anticipating Filipinas
edited by Charlie S. Veric

Surreality 2nd Edition
Carissa Villacorta New York-based writer Villacorta comes up with a collection of essays that insightfully renders thoughts about everyday passions and timeless truths, matters obscured by our quest for money and success or shoved aside by our mundane priorities.

ISBN 971-506-398-2 2006 480 pages $14.00

Yale University graduate Charlie Veric studies the criticism of National Artist Lumbera which focuses on his essays in English. He pays special attention to Lumbera’s political stance as critic and editor during the Martial Law regime and problematizes the nationalist writer’s predicament in a repressive historical period.

ISBN 971-506-508-5 2009 168 pages $11.00



ISBN 971-506-448-4 2007 258 pages $9.00

A Different Voice (Fiction by Young Filipino Writers)
Vicente Groyon Vicente Groyon edits this compendium of 20 new pieces of fiction published in the year of the 50th anniversary of Philippine PEN. The anthology consists stories penned y Filipino writers born after 1962—all creating a definitive picture of contemporary Philippine Fiction in English. The collection includes works by Ian Casocot, Pocholo Goitia, Lakambini Sitoy and Carljoe Javier.

unIVersIT Y of sAnTo TomAs Press


Travels with Tania
Cristina Pantoja-Hidalgo Prize-winning author and Professor Emeritus Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo records in this opus some of her observations and annotations about places and the people who happened to be in those places. They are simply vignettes and stories about the “global pinoy.”

Past and Present (A Philippine PEN Anthology Vol. 1)
Elmer A. Ordo¤ez, Marjorie Evasco, Susie Tan, Lilia Ramos de Leon
ISBN 971-506-478-1 2008 160 pages $16.00

ISBN 971-506-518-4 2009 256 pages $11.00

Passages: Selected Travel Essays
Cristina Pantoja-Hidalgo Travel writing is about human experience as imagined and remembered by someone who has tried to make sense of it and put it down in memorable words.” Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo’s Passages is composed of essays culled from 6 books published in a span of 6 years and covering a 15-year traveling life. This volume enables the younger generation access to the valued works of the pioneering writer and teacher of travel literature whose exemplary works in fiction and literary criticism have already gone out of print.

Elmer Ordoñez leads the collection of essential works from various authors, canonical and emerging, in different literary forms in this 50th anniversary edition anthology of the Philippine Center for PEN International. Writers who contributed in this compendium of literary excellence short fiction, poetry and play include Cirilo Bautista, Ric de Ungria, Charlson Ong, Alejandro Roces and Amelia Bonifacio.


ISBN 971-506-462-0 2008 196 pages $9.00

Stage Presence ( A Philippine PEN Anthology of Drama)
Jose Victor Z. Torres Historian and playwright Jose Victor Torres figures as the editor of this book, the 50th Anniversary Edition of the Philippine PEN (Poets, Playwrights, Essayists, Novelists) anthology of Drama. It has six materials from both the budding and the veteran playwrights of the country.

The Kapampañgan Mystique
Rudy Ordonez Rudy Ordonez writes this book which has been regarded as one of the most detailed documentations of the rich history of the terrains of Pampanga— its people, their culture, their land.

ISBN 971-506-479-8 2008 224 pages $13.00

ISBN 971-506-546-7 2009 376 pages $18.00


unIVersIT Y of sAnTo TomAs Press




The Imperial Tapestry: The American Colonial Architecture in the Philippines
Norma Alarcon
ISBN 971-506-474-3 2008 184 pages $20.00

This book deals with the assimilating influences of American architecture in the Philippine landscape, characterized in the construction of the capitol and municipal buildings, schools and important government edifices.


Mesa Para Sa Isa
Ruth Elynia S. Mabangko Ruth Elynia S. Mabanglo, the first woman who found her rightful place in the Hall of Fame of the Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, writes this book in the foreign regions of Hawaii, which is miles away from her country.

ISBN 971-506-194-X 2002 110 pages $ 6.00


Antonio, Teo T. Ito ang pangwalong aklat ng tula ng makata na nagwagi ng Unang Gantimpala sa Centennial Literary Prize noong Agosto 19, 1998.Tinalakay sa akdang ito ang pinagdaanang buhay ng “Dakilang Propagandista” Marcelo H. del Pilar.

unIVersIT Y of THe PHILIPPInes Press


unIVersIT Y of THe PHILIPPInes Press
ISBN 971-542-362-0 2002 106 pages $5.25

ISBN 971-542-251-9 2000 132 pages $8.50

(A)lamat at (H)istorya
Alma, Rio Pinairal ni Rio Alma sa koleksyong ito ang pansariling pagbasa sa kasaysayan at kasalukuyang pangyayari, ang kanyang pagsinop sa katutubo at makabagong pamamaraang pampanulaan, at ang kanyang katangi-tanging paggamit ng siste.

Pira-Pirasong Bituin
Antonio, Teo T. “To return to the past, to one’s roots, is to discover not only the past’s meaning but also the significance of the present. It is through this dialectics between the past and the present that the persona in Antonio’s poems is able to make sense of much life.” - Soledad S. Reyes

ISBN 971-542-113-X 1996 142 pages $8.00

The University of the Philippines Press is the official publishing house for all constituent units of the UP system, and is the first university press in the country. They are mandated to encourage, publish, and disseminate scholarly, creative, and scientific works which commercial publishers would not ordinarily undertake to publish.

Memo Mulang Gimokudan Aklat ng Tulang Tuluyan
Almario, Virgilio S. Koleksiyon ni Rio Alma ng kaniyang mga sariling tula na nalathala magmula nang siya ay maging Pambansang Alagad ng Sining.

Poetika/Politika: Tinipong mga Tula
Lumbera, Bienvenido Dalawang naunang koleksiyon ni Bienvenido Lumbera ang pinaghanguan ng mga tulang ipinasok sa Poetika/Politika. Mula sa Likhang Dila, Likhang Diwa (1993) at Balaybay, mga Tulang Lunot at Manibalang (2002).

ISBN 971-542-459-7 2005 266 pages $20.00

ISBN 971-542-565-0 2008 108 pages $15.00

Our Scene So Fair: Filipino Poetry in English, 1905 to 1955
Abad, Gemino H.
E. de los Santos St., UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City 1101, Philippines Tel no. 632-926-6642 Fax 632-928-2558; 632-9284391 E-mail press@up.edu.ph; uppressbooks@gmail.com visit WEbsitE UpprEss.com.ph

Sonetos Postumos
Almario, Virgilio S. Journey into the strange biblical landscape of Sonetos Postumos. Strewn with relics of the past, it is also scattered with keys and clues to looking at the present and contemplating the future. Gethsemane, the Bible can speak like the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

ISBN 971-542-559-9 2008 248 pages $16.50

Our Scene So Fair consists of nine critical essays which seek to clarify the poetic tradition that our poets in English have established over the first half of the last century. After a historical overview of transformative phases in the course of our poetry .

ISBN 971-542-503-8 2006 108 pages $50.00


Tilad na Dalit (Mga Piling Tula: 1973-1999)
Antonio, Teo T. Sa koleksiyong ito ng makata ay kabilang ang mga unang panghuhuli ng talinghaga sa panahon ng Batas Militar hanggang sa pagsiklab ng unang pagbalikwas ng madla sa EDSA.

Nadera, Victor Emmanuel D. Mula sa historya o istorya ng isang lalakeng babae o babaeng lalake, nobela itong di-nobela. Pinaghalong peryodismo at panitikan, ang kasaysayang ito ay kuwentong diyurnalistiko at pampanitikan.

unIVersIT Y of THe PHILIPPInes Press

ISBN 971-542-387-6 2003 120 pages $5.75

ISBN 971-542-257-8 2006 278 pages $12.50

It provides essential bibliographical information for each novel, which taken collectively offers a record of the literary activity and production insofar as the genre is concerned during the period covered. The lists of novels allow convenient access to qualitative and quantitative data on what has been written, how these have appeared, who did the writing, and who did the publishing.

Una Kong Milenyum, 1963-1981
Alma, Rio Koleksiyon ng dalawang tomo ng nailimbag nang mga tula ni Rio Alma sa loob ng tatlumpung taon. Si Rio Alma ay hinirang na Pambansang Alagad ng Sining noong 2003 .

Best Filipino Stories: The NVM Gonzales Awards, 2000-2005
Abad, Gemino H. and Gregorio C. Brillantes (Editors)
ISBN 971-542-555-1 2007 $17.50

Fabulists and Chroniclers
Hidalgo, Cristina Pantoja Has its close connections with academe enriched or diminished Philippine literature in English? Are there alternatives to academe as literary arbiters? Is Latin American fiction the source of Philippine marvelous realism, or are our own novelists in English mining a more powerful, native lode? How do contemporary Filipino women writers perform? The modern wonder tale? How do women’s memoirs and travel essays function as social history? Are literary blogs part of a long tradition of chronicling or are they breaking new ground? These are some of the questions that Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo asks in her latest, and perhaps most provocative, book.

ISBN 971-542-180-6 1998 388 pages $17.50

Una Kong Milenyum, 1982-1993
Alma, Rio

ISBN 971-542-181-4 1998 360 pages $16.50

Here are seventeen of the best short stories in English over the first six years of the NVM Gonzalez Awards (2000 to 2005), among them, Menchu Aquino Sarmiento’s Good Intentions 101: SY 72-73, Charlson Ong’s Days of Darkness, White Nights, Socorro A. Villanueva’s We Won’t Cry about This, Janet Baclayon Villa’s Undercurrents, Angelo R. Lacuesta’s Rest Stop, and Alexis Abola’s At the Ends of the Hyphen. All these stories are, says Gregorio C. Brillantes in his splendid Preface, astonishingly varied in vision, voice, mode, manner and consummation, each a vivid dream sustained by language; everyone a shining performance.

ISBN 971-542-586-5 2008 184 pages $12.50

Bibliography of Filipino Novels
Jurilla, Patricia The most comprehensive bibliography of Filipino novels compiled so far, this book lists the novels in Tagalog (Filipino), Tagalog (Filipino) translation, and English published in the Philippines during the twentieth century.

Mujer Indigena
Nadera, Vim Muier Indigena-ang katawagan ng mga Kastila sa mga katutubong babae- ang pagbabalik-tanaw o pagbabalik-pananaw sa kasaysayan mula sa punto de bista ng kababaihan.

ISBN 971-542-633-6 2010 176 pages $12.50

ISBN 971-542-258-6 2000 108 pages $7.50


Inilarawan siya sa ilalim ng lilim ng nara habang sinasaniban ng mga punong espirituwal na tulad nina Babaylan na isang Bisaya, Catalonan na isang Tagalog, Baliana na isang Bikolana, Manganito na isang Pangasinense, Mangaalisig na isang Kalinga, Almono na isang B’laan, Mabalion na isang Bagobo, Doronakit na isang Isneg, Anitero na isang Gaddang, Madre na isang Romano Katoliko, Diacona na isang Protestante, at Suprema na isang Rizalista. Pagpupugay ito sa mga kasariang sumailalim sa sari-saring pagiitsapuwera, pambabalewala at pagbura ng mga historyador na walang iniwan sa papel na ginampanan ng mga monanakop.

Quibilan, Zosimo Jr. Mala-nobela ang kalipunan ng maiigsing maikling kuwento ni Quibilan. Pinamagatang Pagluwas, tila binubuksan nito ang isang puwerto at inihaharap sa atin ang maraming daigdig na nagpapakilala ng maraming iba-ibang naratibo na ipinauubaya ng anyong dagli.Kawili-wiling sundan at subaybayan ang mga naratino, hindi lamang dahil magaan ang kolokyal na wikang ginamit ng awtor kundi dahil eksperto si Quibilan sa pagbitag sa ating kuryosidad bilang mambabasa. Hindi kuwentistang nagsusubo sa mambabasa ng mga detalye dinadala niya tayo sa “wakas” na hindi naman katapusan, at iniiwan tayong tumatahi sa mga retaso ng naratibo ayon sa talas at tabas ng ating sariling mapanlikhang imahinasyon.

Philippine Short Stories 1925-1940
Yabes, Leopoldo Y. This anthology puts together some sixty-six short stories in English written by Filipino authors within forty years following the introduction of English in the Philippines. Originally published in periodicals now long out of circulation, they have been given this more enduring form through the efforts of Leopoldo Y. Yabes, a well-known literary critic, scholar, and educator.Students of Philippine literature will find this anthology invaluable as a reference and will appreciate the discussion and information provided by the editor in his introductory essays.

unIVersIT Y of THe PHILIPPInes Press

ISBN 971-542-526-1 2006 136 pages $7.50

ISBN 971-542-083-9 2008 502 pages $37.50

Pablo Neruda: Mga Piling Tula
Almario, Virgilio S. and Romulo P. Baquiran, Jr. Si PABLO NERUDA ang isa sa pinakapopular na makata ng ika-20 siglo. Isinilang siya noong 12 Hulyo 1904 at namatay noong 23 Setyembre 1973 sa Chile ngunit bilang konsul at noong sikat na siya bilang kinatawang pangkultura ng Chile ay nagtira at nakarating sa maraming bahagi ng mundo. Nalathala ang kaniyang unang aklat noong edad beinte anyos lamang siya at sinundan ito pagkalipas lamang ng isang taon ng Veinte poemas de amor y una cancion desesperada?ang librong nagpakilala sa kaniya sa hanay ng mga manunulat sa Espanyol. Prolipiko at may iba?t ibang estilo ng pagtula si Neruda. Iginawad sa kaniya ang Premyong Nobel noong 1971.

Pagsunog ng Dayami
Antonio, Teo T. Ang koleksiyong ito ay pampitong aklat ng tula ng makata. Pangalawang koleksiyon na tumalakay sa pagkawasak ng kalikasan. Nauna ang kanyang ikatlong aklat na Bagaybagay na inihandog niya sa Inang Lupa. Sa aklat na ito’y naghunos ang kanyang karanasan sa paggunta sa iba’t ibang lugar sa Filipinas habang may taping sila sa programang AgriSiyete para sa telebisyon sa papel na Ka Temyong. Naranasang umakyat sa bundok at gubat at abutan ng ulan sa loob ng kagubatan habang may shooting sa mga bayan sa Mindanao.

Philippine Short Stories 1941-1949, Part I
Yabes, Leopoldo Y. Philippine Short Stories: 1941-1955, is a sequel to Philippine Short Stories: 1925-1940, which came out in 1975. As in the first volume, it contains stories originally written in English by Filipinos, and all published originally, with one exception, in Philippine periodicals during the period 19411955 .The fifteen-year period covered by this anthology constitutes a most critical era in the history of the nation war and Japanese occupation, restoration of the Commonwealth government in Manila, proclamation of independence, birth of the Republic, euphoria and disenchantment. The stories deal with various aspects of Philippine life all over the archipelago.

ISBN 971-542-453-8 2004 204 pages $16.00

ISBN 971-542-382-5 2003 116 pages $8.50

ISBN 971-542-084-6 2008 566 pages $35.00


Philippine Short Stories 19501955, Part II
Yabes, Leopoldo Y. The present anthology, Philippine Short Stories: 1941-1955, is a sequel to Philippine Short Stories: 19251940, which came out in 1975. As in the first volume, it contains stories originally written in English by Filipinos, and all published originally, with one exception, in Philippine periodicals during the period 19411955 . . . The fifteen-year period covered by this anthology constitutes a most critical era in the history of the nation- war and Japanese occupation, restoration of the Commonwealth government in Manila, proclamation of independence, birth of the Republic, euphoria and disenchantment.

ISBN 971-542-085-3 2008 766 pages $42.50

ethnic minority (Igorot, Mangyan, Tausug; the Chinese); old and lonely people, social outcasts (the town idiot); supernatural beings (fairies, ogres, ghosts); lovers and children; social gatherings and festivities (fiestas, processions, carnivals, rallies); War (the Revolution against Spain, the Filipino-American War, the Japanese Occupation) and death.

controversial because of its racist and imperialistic features, and the stigma it inflicted on Filipinos a disgrace that is still felt after a hundred years. Mr. Fermin’s impressive, well-researched book unearths new and explosive historical material pertaining not only to that fair but also to expositions held during American colonial rule in the Philippines.

unIVersIT Y of THe PHILIPPInes Press

Upon Our Own Ground: Filipino Short Stories in English, Vol. 2: 1965-1972
Abad, Gemino H.
ISBN 971-542-585-8 2008 512 pages $30.00

Americanization of Manila
Torres, Cristina E. This book makes use of the historical descriptive method to describe the origins and evolution of the Americanization process in Manila in the first two decades of American rule. It seeks to describe the transformation of the city in the light of the American colonial objectives. It focuses on the sociopolitical dynamics of administrative policy on three important components of American social modernization program: city planning and infrastructure, health and sanitation, and education.The book adopts an entirely different framework by examining colonization from the perspective of cross-cultural relations.

This two-volume historical anthology of our short stories in English bears the title, Upon Our Own Ground, as to say: This is how we Filipinos live, this is the way we think and feel about our reality, our world.

ISBN 971-542-613-8 2010 266 pages $17.50

Upon Our Own Ground: Filipino Short Stories in English, Vol. 1: 1956-1964
Abad, Gemino H.
ISBN 971-542-584-1 2008 510 pages $30.00

This two-volume historical anthology of our short stories in English bears the title, Upon Our Own Ground, as to say: This is how we Filipinos live, this is the way we think and feel about our reality, our world. We stand upon our own ground; we shall endure. The two volumes are one whole: a kind of tapestry or kaleidoscope – various patterns and pictorial designs, so to speak, depicting rural and urban landscapes; the common tao – fishermen, farmers, jeepney drivers, squatters, beggars, neighborhood toughies; the middle class and the elite or upper class (landowners, teachers, politicians); the cultural or


1904 World’s Fair The Filipino Experience
Fermin, Jose D. In 1904, the Americans exhibited over 1,100 native Filipinos at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in Saint Louis, Missouri. Dubbed as the largest and the finest colonial exhibit, the Philippine Exhibition proved

Balatik: Etnoastronomiya Kalangitan sa Kabihasnang Pilipino
Ambrosio, Dante L. Sa aklat na ito, tinipon at pinag-aralan ng may-akda ang mga kaalamang astronomiko (at meteorolohiko) ng mga grupong etniko sa Pilipinas. Ang Balatik ay patibong na panghuli ng

ISBN 971-542-439-2 2005 248 pages $20.00

ISBN 971-542-646-6 2010 398 pages $20.00


baboy-damo sa lupa ngunit iniakyat sa langit ng mga grupong etniko para maging isang asterismo o talampad ng mga bituin na nagsisilbi namang giya sa pagtatanim. Samantala, ang etnoastronomiya ay pag-aaral ng pananaw, paniniwala, kaalaman, at gawi ng iba’t ibang pangkat ng mga tao ukol sa astronomiya na nakapaloob sa kanilang kabihasnan.

forged the direction of the indigenous social science movement in the Philippines. This book is a pioneering attempt to apply indigenous Philippine psychology to the different areas of Filipino life, such as health, education, language, agriculture, law, arts, and sports.

Professor Evangelista presents vignettes of UP history through the icons of his time: Father John Patrick Delaney, SJ, chaplain of the UP Community, 1950?1956; Salvador P. Lopez, university president during the tumultuous years, 1969-1975; and Armando J. Malay, dean of students, 1970-1977.

unIVersIT Y of THe PHILIPPInes Press

Fellow Traveler: Essays on Filipino Communism
Abinales, Patricio N. Fellow Traveler: Essays on Filipino Communism is a collection of essays on one of the most enduring political forces in post-war Philippines, the communist movement that was reborn in the late 1960’s.
ISBN 971-542-505-4 2006 216 pages $16.00

Iconography of the New Empire: Race and Gender Images and the American Colonization of the Philippines
Halili, Servando Jr. D. This book makes a postcolonial reading of the American invasion and colonization of the Philippines in 1898. It considers how nineteenth century American popular culture, specifically political cartoons and caricatures, influenced American foreign policy. These sources, drawn from several US libraries and archives, show how race and gender ideologies significantly influenced the move of the USA to annex the Philippines.
ISBN 971-542-211-X 1998 208 pages $11.50

Images of State Power: Essays on Philippine Politics from the Margins
Abinales, Patricio N. Political essays that explore Philippine state building and the political roles played by entities like the Philippine military, the Communist Party of the Philippines the Catholic Church and the Historically crucial class.

ISBN 971-542-273-X 2001 292 pages $15.00

From Colonial to Liberation Psychology: The Philippine Experience
Enriquez, Virgilio G.
ISBN 971-542-588-9 2008 208 pages $17.50

Manila Men in the New World
Mercene, Floro L. The Filipino diaspora is at least 400 years old. Since the sixteenth century, Filipinos have been going to foreign lands to find their place in the sun. In the beginning they were known as the Manila Men. It was only in the nineteenth century that they assumed their present identity as Filipinos.

The book is an organized material of indigenous psychology concepts culled from different treatises by the author based on his interviews of psychology professors, practitioners, and social researchers as well as his knowledge acquired in the course of teaching in the different universities in the Philippines and other countries. The book includes a discussion on the colonial background of psychology in the Philippines and the subsequent development of psychological thought in the country. The author traced this development against the backdrop of historical events and issues that

Icons and Institutions: Essays on the History of the University of the Philippines, 1952-2000
Evangelista, Oscar L.
ISBN 971-542-569-8 2008 200 pages $14.00

ISBN 971-542-529-2 2007 178 pages $15.00

This book offers a very personal view of the University of the Philippines over a fifty-year period.
ISBN 971-542-629-9 2010 176 pages $12.00

Muling-Pagkatha sa Ating Bansa Almario, Virgilio S.
Bakit pinakamahabang tulay sa buong mundo ang Tulay Calumpit?Ang sagot: Dahil pagtawid mo mula sa Calumpit, Bulacan, at may dala kang itlog, pagdating mo sa kabila sa Apalit, Pampanga, ang itlog mo ay


“ebon” na.Itinatanghal ng palaisipang-bayang ito ayon sa may-akda ang mga espasyong nakapagitan at naghihiwalay sa mga bayan, mga lalawigan, mga rehiyon, at mga pulo sa buong Filipinas. Sa kalipunang ito ng mga sanaysay hinggil sa nasyonalismo, kasaysayan, edukasyon, wika, at panitikan, nagmumungkahi ang Pambansang Alagad ng Sining kung paano lilikha ng mga bagong tulay sa pagbuo ng pambansang kultura na higit na magbibigkis sa bayan at magpapaigting ng ating pagkabansa.

teachers do, but ever so gently – Bob disturbs and critiques us with his observations. It’s hard to imagine how a visitor from the snowbound American Midwest could connect so well with sun-baked Pinoys, but Bob Boyer did – and does again, through this eminently enjoyable book. Jose Y. Dalisay Jr. PhD. (Professor, University of the Philippines, Diliman).

Hooker, Ishaq and Mahmood in an intricate synthesis. It is an account that shows clear evidence of wide reading and research. The sources cited in the footnotes and the very impressive bibliography demonstrate that Mr. Santos has been able to capture most important English language sources relevant to his topic.

unIVersIT Y of THe PHILIPPInes Press

The Communist Party of the Philippines 1968-1993: A Story of Its Theory and Practice
Weekley, Kathleen
ISBN 971-542-305-1 2001 320 pages $17.50

The Roots of the Filipino Nation Vol. I
Corpuz, Onofre D. The Roots is above all a Filipino story. It begins as the story of our ancestors, their differentiation into Muslims and non-Muslims, and then the division of the non-Muslims into Christians and non-Christians. It tells of their separation for centuries, and then of how the natives, Chinese and Spanish mestizos, and even some full-blooded Spaniards born in Filipinas, united to form the Christian Filipino nation. It tells of the imperfect joining of Christians and Muslims during the American colonial regime, as distinguished from the vision of Rizal and Aguinaldo of a fraternal, allarchipelago union.

Sundays in Manila
Boyer, Robert H. Bob Boyer offers affectionate – often intimate – portraits of Filipino life and culture, formed over many visits to a country that many, if not most, Americans know only in the broadest terms: as a staunch ally in the Pacific and its other wars, as the rack of Imelda’s shoes, and as the home of Manny Pacquiao. Bob sharpens that picture with factual detail, but also softens the resulting image of the Filipino with his sympathy and understanding. Whether he’s riding a jeepney, sipping iced tea at the Chocolate Kiss, exploring the mysteries of Quiapo, or marching up Bataan and Corregidor, Dr. Boyer invariably delights and inevitably instructs; sometimes – like all good

ISBN 971-542-630-5 2010 262 pages $16.25

This is a story about the Communist Party of the Philippine (CPP) from its founding in 1968 to its devastating splits in the early 1990s. Weekley asks why the CPP was not able to adjust to the changed political condition of EDSA, when it was necessary to do so. Using official and unofficial CPP documents, and information from her in-depth interviews with ranking party cadres (former and present), Weekley tells a story that is critical of and yet sympathetic to the dilemmas of the CPP.

ISBN 971-542-460-0 2005 776 pages $35.00

The Moro Islamic Challenge
Santos, Soliman M. Jr. This is a reflective, carefullyconsidered and very sophisticated comparative and constitutional law thesis. Mr. Santos has drawn the work of Tribe and Tully together with scholars of Islam such as Hefner,

The Roots of the Filipino Nation, Vol. II
Corpuz, Onofre D.

ISBN 971-542-302-7 2001 244 pages $15.00

ISBN 971-542-461-9 2006 836 pages $40.00


UP Diliman: Home and Campus
Gonzalez, Narita & Los Baños, Gerardo
ISBN 971-542-619-0 2010 240 pages $22.50

The articles in this collection range from heartfelt reminiscences of daily encounters from the early days, to carefully crafted tales of youthful adventure and mischief, to personal accounts of historical campus events, and sentimental tributes to beloved community figures. All of these essays pieced together form a colorful tapestry of experiences that not only captures a pocket history of the University of the Philippines, but reflects the pioneering spirit and rich character of those who, literally, first broke ground in this campus and laid the foundations of what Narita Gonzalez sometimes refers to as a campus “communiversity.”

culture and politics, such as essays on Joseph Estrada and Fernando Poe Jr. Its overall thrust is to throw light on the specific ways in which popular literature, popular culture, and popular icons can serve as indices to the manner in which the majority of the people have responded to various realities they need to confront and make sense of in their daily lives.

A Handbook of Philippine Folklore
Lopez, Mellie Leandicho Mellie Lopez’s A Handbook of Philippine Folklore provides a range of international theories and methodologies in analytical folklore investigations and a classification scheme based on genre is offered as the system of taxonomy for Philippine traditional materials. Lopez counts on the regional folklorists to refine the classification according to the texts of their respective areas. The different genres, too, are explained and examined in another part of Lopez’s study. The reader will definitely find interesting and useful, the illustrative examples for each genre.

ISBN 971-542-514-8 2007 520 pages $35.00


Filipino at, sa ibang pagkakataon, sa wikang Ingles. Danas ng panunuri sa akademya at maging sa labas nito, ang natitipon dito. Batis ang mga panulat nina Lumbera, Almario, Ricarte, Antillon, Abad, San Juan Jr., Hosillos, Reyes, P. M. Cruz, I. Cruz, Maceda, Guillermo, Ordo¤ez, Yu, Tolentino, Barrios, Zafra, Evasco, Respeto, at A¤onuevo sa aklat na ito ng mga babasahin. Naiiba ito sa karaniwang sanggunian ng kritisismo sa pagtanaw sa kabuuang karanasan. Itinututok nito ang lente sa kontemporaneong praktika ng mga kritikong Filipino na napapangalanan ang mga nilandas at nilalandas ng praktikang ito. Sang-ayon dito, may latag nang praktikang tulad ng pormalistang pagbasa at ng makalipunang pagbasa. Mayroon namang mga bagong paggamit ng mga konseptong hatid ng mga bagong pagteteoryang ukol sa panitikan, kultura, at lipunan mula sa Kanluraning sentro ng kaalaman, gaya ng Postestrukturalismo, Postkolonyalismo, Feminismo, Cultural Studies, Teorya ng Resepsiyon, at Neo-Marxismo. Ang iba?t ibang panunuring natitipon dito ay inaasahang magbibigay sa mga mag-aaral ng mga pananda sa lawas ng kontemporaneong panunuri sa Pilipinas.

unIVersIT Y of THe PHILIPPInes Press

A Dark Tinge to the World: Selected Essays (1987-2005)
Reyes, Soledad S.
ISBN 971-542-475-9 2005 316 pages $ 15.00

Kilates: Panunuring Pampanitikan ng Pilipinas
Torres-Yu, Rosario Sanggunian para sa panimulang pag-aaral ng panunuri ng Panitikan ng Pilipinas ang Kilates. Binubuo ito ng mga praktikal na panunuri ng mga kritikong Filipino at mag-aaral ng panitikan na isinulat sa wikang

Paano Magbasa ng Panitikang Filipino: Mga Babasahing Pangkolehiyo
Lumbera, Bienvenido, et al. Paano Magbasa ng Panitikang Filipino? Bakit tanong ang pamagat ng koleksiyong ito ng mga babasahing nakatuon sa estudyante sa kolehiyo at unibersidad? Nagpapapansin, dahil tatlo-sampera ang mga teksbuk

These fifteen essays include studies on key issues in literary studies such as canon formation, critical thinking, and cultural production as well as analyses of some figures that straddle

ISBN 971-542-497-X 2006 536 pages $22.50

ISBN 971-542-284-5 2000 484 pages $15.00


na nakatinda sa mga bookstore. Gumigimik, dahil madalas ituring ang ganitong teksbuk na walang ikinaiba sa mga nauna nang teksbuk. Pero higit sa lahat, Paano Magbasa ng Panitikang Filipino dahil may partikular na katangian ang teksbuk?

Philippine Folk Literature: The Proverbs
Eugenio, Damiana L. Philippine Folk Literature. The Proverbs is Volume VI of the author’s eight-volume Philippine Folk Literature Series. This collection focuses on the proverb-a terse didactic statement, handed down through generations, the wisdom of many and the wit of one. It ordinarily suggests a course of action or passes judgment on a situation. As an introduction to the collection, the essay “Philippine Proverb Lore” is reprinted here, to provide readers with an overview.

Philippine Folk Literature: The Folktales (2001 Edition)
Eugenio, Damiana L. Philippine Folk Literature. The Folktales is Volume IV in the eight volume Philippine Folk Literature Series. This collection focuses on folktales, defined in this work as fictional folk narratives, which are not considered as dogma or history; they may or may not have happened and are not to be taken seriously. But though they are told mostly for amusement, they perform an important teaching function as well.

unIVersIT Y of THe PHILIPPInes Press

ISBN 971-542-289-6 2002 734 pages $37.50

ISBN 971-542-288-8 2001 464 pages $30.00

Philippine Folk Literature : An Anthology
Eugenio, Damiana L. Philippine Folk Literature: An Anthology, a pioneering work in Philippine folklore studies, is the first volume of an eight-volume Philippine Folk Literature Series. The Introduction gives a helpful discussion of folk literature in general, defines terms, and briefly surveys the different types of Philippine folk literature: Folk Narratives, under which are given myths, heroic narratives (mostly folk epics), legends, and folktales; Folk Speech, represented by proverbs and riddles; and Folk Songs, of the narrative, lyric, and miscellaneous types. Within each type, selections are presented in geographic order, from north to south.

ISBN 971-542-536-0 2007 544 pages $35.00

Philippine Folk Literature: The Epics
Eugenio, Damiana L. Philippine Folk Literature: The Epics presents twenty-three folk epics collected from some fourteen ethnolinguistic groups in the country. This is the eighth volume being added to the original seven-volume Philippine Folk Literature Series.Folk epics are long heroic narratives in verse which recount the adventures of tribal heroes and in the process express the customs, beliefs, and ideals of the people who sing them.

Philippine Folk Literature: The Legends
Eugenio, Damiana L. Philippine Folk Literature. The Legends constitutes Volume III of the author’s eight-volume Philippine Folk Literature Series.This volume focuses on the legend, which may simply be defined as an account of an extraordinary happening believed to have actually occurred. The Introduction gives a more detailed characterization of the legend, distinguishes it from the folktale, offers a system of classification, and gives a detailed description, with examples from the collection, of the different types of Philippine legends.

ISBN 971-542-294-2 2001 660 pages $35.00

ISBN 971-542-357-4 2002 542 pages $35.00

Philippine Folk Literature : The Riddles
Eugenio, Damiana L. Philippine Folk Literature: The Riddles constitutes Volume V of the author’s eight-volume Philippine Folk Literature Series.The collection concentrates on the riddle, which may be defined as a question stated

ISBN 971-542-290-X 2005 1220 pages $ 60.00


Philippine Folk Literature: The Myths
Eugenio, Damiana L. Philippine Folk Literature: The Myths constitutes Volume II of the author’s eight-volume Philippine Folk Literature Series.This volume focuses on myths, simply defined as sacred narratives explaining how the world and man came to be in their present form. An “introduction” distinguishes myth from legend, with which it is usually confused, and offers a system of classification of myths, which follows the arrangement of mythological motifs in Stith Thompson’s Motif-Index of Folk Literature.

A History of the Philippines
Tan, Samuel K.

unIVersIT Y of THe PHILIPPInes Press

ISBN 971-542-568-1 2008 136 pages $8.50

ISBN 971-542-291-8 2001 570 pages $35.00

A Guide to Families of Common Flowering Plants in the Philippines
Castro, Irma Remo
ISBN 971-542-525-4 2006 214 pages $22.50

Si Rizal: Nobelista (Pagbasa sa Noli at Fili Bilang Nobela)
Almario, Virgilio S. Mga sanaysay na naglalayong suriin ang sari-sari’t pambihirang katangiang pampanitikan ng Noli at Fili at kung bakit kailangang patuloy na basahin ang mga ito.

ISBN 971-542-566-7 2008 280 pages $17.50

This book is an introduction to the science of plant classification and identification or plant taxonomy. It defines the terms used in describing a flowering plant and its parts and presents the characteristics of families of common flowering plants in the Philippines. For a clearer understanding, descriptions are supplemented by drawings and photographs. Plants commonly found in gardens, parks, and vacant lots are used as examples and, therefore, are readily available for study. A section has also been devoted to the establishment and maintenance of an herbarium.

A History of the Philippines, herein offered by Dr. Samuel K. Tan offers a conceptual framework of what he calls the story of man in the Philippines in the context of the specific ecological system and distinctive historical experience that have shaped his particular character and identity. Dr. Tan provides in this slim volume a picture of Philippine culture which ought to be understood from the totality of the ethnolinguistic varieties which constitute the fabric of Filipino society. Bernardita Reyes Churchill

The Filipino-American War, 1899-1913
Tan, Samuel K.

ISBN 971-542-339-6 2002 416 pages $37.50

Writing the Nation / Pag-akda ng Bansa
Lumbera, Bienvenido Lumbera has always made culture and nationalism the advocacy of his teaching and writing.


ISBN 971-542-244-6 2000 430 pages $ 22.50

This volume on the FilipinoAmerican war is an attempt to bring together, in a general perspective, the struggle and travail of the Filipino people after their shortlived emancipation from over three hundred years of Spanish rule. Important in this task is not only the survey of a reasonable amount of both primary and secondary sources on the war, but also the integration of the otherwise neglected struggle of the non-Christian sector especially that of the Filipino Muslims.

The Modern Principalia: The Historical Evolution of the Philippine Ruling Oligarchy
Simbulan, Dante C.
ISBN 971-542-496-1 2005 372 pages $25.00

An Isteytsayd Life
Paran III, Lorenzo An Isteytsayd Life is an immigrant’s journal shot with anecdotal and vernacular verve. Filipinos across the shores will see in Paran’s homey welter of vignettes and stocktakings an articulation of the everyday tensions, easements, and joys accompanying their often selfwilled displacements, re-settings, and resettlings. An armchair treat for balikbayans, Filipinologists, and Pinoys-at-heart alike. - PAR PATACSIL, Art Critic and Palanca Awardee.

unIVersIT Y of THe PHILIPPInes Press

The Modern Principalia is about the Philippine ruling elite-who they are and how they evolved in history. It tells us about their economic interests as well as their lifestyles, how they acquired their wealth and built a world of their own, separating themselves from the world of the common tao. It describes their family links and their interlocking interests with other elites and foreign partners. The book also tells us about the values and behavior of the elite in politics and government, how they exploit the poverty and ignorance of the masses to win political power and what they do with that power.

ISBN 971-542-652-7 2010 180 pages $12.50

A Study of Philippine Games (2001 Edition)
Lopez, Mellie Leandicho There is no doubt that this marvelous compilation of Philippine games will take its rightful place in the history of folklore research as one of the major collections of traditional games, perhaps ranking with Stewart Culin’s Games of the North American Indians (1907) and Lady Alice Gomme’s Traditional Games of England, Scotland, and Ireland (1894-1898). For this reason, folklorists of the present and of the future stand greatly indebted to Mellie Leandicho Lopez for her remarkable achievement in recording and preserving so important a portion of the traditional heritage of the Philippines.

ISBN 971-542-295-0 2001 650 pages $37.50

UP in the Time of People Power
Llanes, Ferdinand A sequel to an earlier volume, University of the Philippines: The First 75 Years (1908-1983), this book covers the period from the closing years of Martial Law to the spirited days of People Power under the leadership of UP presidents Edgardo J. Angara, Jose B. Abueva, Emil Q. Javier, and Francisco Nemenzo Jr. For these presidents, it was a momentous period for self-examination, innovation, and renewal in all spheres of academic life and national engagement. Historians from the UP Department of History utilized voluminous records and testimonies to narrate how UP met the demands of its calling as premier academic institution and social critic amid the people?s clamor for government and social reforms.


ISBN 971-542-623-7 2009 248 pages $13.50

Bagets: an Anthology of Filipino Young Adult Fiction
Pacis, Carla M. and Eugene Y. Evasco

ISBN 971-542-517-9 2006 176 pages $7.50

Here, finally, is a collection of short stories written in both English and Filipino for Filipino teenagers that discuss their issues and concerns in well-told narratives that are funny, poignant, cautionary, and even a bit risky.


Beautiful Accidents: Stories
Casocot, Ian Rosales In twelve stories collected from a decade of writing fiction, the much-awarded Dumaguete writer Ian Rosales Casocot attempts to rescue personal experience from the ephemera of travel and sexual limbo, and in the process makes his stories a fixative art, each one a grand evocation of style. Beautiful accidents litter his stories, like glass shards from a collision. He uses language amorously, as a lover savors a kiss, so that passion becomes as real as the rhythm of his sentences writes Timothy R. Montes of this collection of stories, where once proud fathers fade after the golden age of sugarcane in Negros, where mothers are fossilized in the celluloid memories of old movies, and where the very young play dangerous games as they hustle for sex, love, and attention in the small and weary world of university towns.

ISBN 971-542-658-9 2011 202 pages $13.50

the rebel leader Prof. Hassan, the soldier Capt. Rodolfo as well as in the quest of the book’s narrator. The personal is political as war fuels the clash of emotions, histories, and cultures. - Charlson Ong

Duguang Kamay sa Nilulumot na Pader
Munsayac, Jose Rey Nakaugat ang Duguang Kamay sa Nilulumot na Pader sa kolonyal na kasaysayan ng bansa at sa mayamang alamat ng lahing Pilipino. Magpapatuloy ang paghihimagsik ng lahi ng Sol hanggang umiiral sa balintunang lipunan ang mga puwersa ng pang-aalipin at pagsasamantala hanggang makarating at makapamuhay ang masang sambayanan sa pinakamimithing Komunidad ng Liwanag?isang sosyedad na mapayapa, makatarungan, maunlad, demokratiko, at pinamamayanihan ng lantay na hustisya sosyal.

emboldened by fantasy but also tenderized by youth. His characters come coated with a veneer of Western Pop Culture, but at heart they’re still just people looking for connections, for consequence. He dreamed of touching her, Javier writes in one story. She would bring him the things the arcade could not. Welcome to the arcade, and welcome to him and her. Butch Dalisay

unIVersIT Y of THe PHILIPPInes Press

Sarena’s Story
Yabes, Criselda More stories like this should be written, and written this waydramatic and sensitive renditions of history that take us to a Philippines most Filipinos know nothing about, but whose tribulations and triumphs continue to bear a profound impact on the nation- indeed, on our sense of a nation.

ISBN 971-542-649-7 2010 256 pages $17.50

ISBN 971-542-626-8 2010 106 pages $9.00

Smaller & Smaller Circles
Batacan, F.H. Smaller and Smaller Circles is a Pinoy detective novel, both fast-paced and intelligent, with a Jesuit priest who also happens to be a forensic anthropologist as the sleuth. When it won the Carlos Palanca Grand Prize for the English Novel in 1999, it proved that fiction can be both “popular” and “literary.”

Below the Crying Mountain
Yabes, Criselda In Below the Crying Mountain the Moro rebellion that broke out in Sulu in the 1970s and that continues to wound the nation is seen vividly through the lives of the mestiza Rosy Wright, the Tausug girl Nahla,

ISBN 971-542-364-7 2002 160 pages $7.50

Geek Tragedies
Javier, Carljoe Like any sharp writer, Carljoe Javier articulates the aches and painsand the occasional pleasures of his generation. His typical persona is that of a comic book character driven to the edge, speaking in a voice

ISBN 971-542-642-8 2010 168 pages $ 12.50

Underground Spirit Vol. I: Philippine Short Stories in English 1973 to 1989
Abad, Gemino This two-volume sequel anthology to Upon Our Own Ground (2008) continues our people’s story – the same complex tapestry, as in the previous anthology, of how we

ISBN 971-542-660-2 2011 184 pages $12.50

ISBN 971-542-638-1 2010 684 pages $42.50


Filipinos think and feel about our world and so, justify the way we live. Because of the ever-present danger of arrest and torture during the years of the Marcos dictatorship (1972 to 1986), the writers were driven to other forms or guises of the short story, such as fantasy and sci-fi, tale and parable. But whatever the form, you come away from the story with an image of a lifetime or a moment lived that the story’s words have evocatively forged; and that image sums up and makes into a whole the story’s meaningfulness by which its form has been achieved. That meaningfulness too is what raises the story to a universal plane, which is not the realm of eternal verities but rather, the site of everlasting questioning. Thus, illustratively, it would appear in a number of stories that the country’s true hero is the common tao for their underground spirit of endurance; the rebel, too, the NPA cadre, would be ennobled during those oppressive years of martial law by their struggle for a just and humane society.

unIVersIT Y of THe PHILIPPInes Press


Ang Aklat Likhaan ng Dula 1997-2003
Villanueva, Rene O. and Nadera Victor Emmanuel D.
ISBN 971-542-507-0 2006 630 pages $25.00

The Nusantao is a formulation that attempts answers why we see so many clear similarities and patterns in the archaeology of the region. The main answer to this question places the sea and the maritime tradition of the region at center stage. Solheim draws on his wide and profound knowledge of the archaeological data of the region and builds his arguments for networks of interactions existing in various time depths, peopled by what he generally labels Nusantao.

Ang Aklat Likhaan ng Dula 19972003 ay antolohiya ng mga dula na sinulat ng mga estudynate at kabataan o nagsisimulang mandudula.Maituturing itong rekord ng pinakamasisiglang pintig na maaaring magbigay-buhay sa sining ng pagkatha ng dula sa bansa.


Underground Spirit Vol. II: Philippine Short Stories in English 1973 to 1989
Abad, Gemino

Arkitekturang Filipino A History of Architecture and Urbanism in the Philippines
Lico, Gerard It is more than just a catalogue of facts and figures; it is a compelling scheme that charts the direction of the study of architecture in the Philippines. With copious photographs and archival materials

ISBN 971-542-639-8 2010 652 pages $42.50 ISBN 971-542-508-9 2006 336 pages $25.00

Archaeology and Culture in Southeast Asia: Unraveling the Nusantao
Solheim, Wilhelm II G. This is the long-awaited synthesis of almost four decades of articulation on the Nusantao by the most senior practitioner of archaeology in Southeast Asia.

ISBN 971-542-579-1 2008 618 pages $60.00


sorted out and analyzed in relation to ideas and propositions, this turns out to be a vital contribution to our understanding of the abode of a most inhabited art. Indeed, with a sense of breadth and attention to the details of terrain, a horizon has been decidedly set. - Patrick D. Flores (Professor, Department of Arts Studies - University of the Philippines, Diliman)

Filipinos themselves. An enriching interaction of viewpoints, it also includes cross-cultural perceptions of the themes from neighboring cultures outside the Philippines. Since the essays are the result of the authors’ field research, they provide authentic data that could clarify theoretical discourse. Presented in the language they were written in, the essays are in Filipino or English with abstracts in the other language.

The Filipino Family (Second Edition)
Medina, Belen T.G. This book is designed to fill the need for an introductory text on the sociology of the family as applied to the Philippine setting. Books on the sociology of the family which are available locally are foreign-based and therefore the concerns are not within the Filipino experience.

unIVersIT Y of THe PHILIPPInes Press

ISBN 971-542-301-0 2010 322 pages $17.50

Revisiting, Usog, Pasma, Kulam


Tan, Michael T. This book looks at folk illnesses in the Philippines including, as the title suggests, usog, pasma, and kulam. Rather than looking at these folk illnesses as “superstitions,” Tan explains the broader social and cultural contexts of these concepts. Tan uses different social science perspectives to explore the deeper meanings of these illnesses, including their links to social norms, tensions, and conflicts. He emphasizes, too, that far from being static, these folk illnesses continue to evolve, influenced by western medicine as well as new images around health and illnesses that come with mass media and advertising. Finally, he calls attention to a medical ecological perspective, looking at how our changing relationships with the natural environment also lead to modifications in the folk illnesses.


Ginhawa, Dalamhati, Kapalaran: Essays on Well-Being, Opportunity/Destiny and Anguish
Paz, Consuelo J.
ISBN 971-542-556-8 2008 210 pages $15.00

ISBN 971-542-570-4 2008 136 pages $9.50

Philippine FermentedFoods
Chinte-Sanchez, Priscilla The book is the first consolidated information on food bioprocessing in the country. It discusses the fermentation process from its beginnings as an ancient art to its development into several applications as a result of new knowledge from researches all over the world. It is organized into six sections that cover nineteen chapters on fermentation principles and local technologies for the manufacture of fermented foods in the Philippines. Its approach provides the reader an adequate introduction to the different fermented products, the principles underlying the techniques, the essential microorganisms involved and how their interactions produce the needed type of reactions

This anthology of essays by a multidisciplinal group of authors contributes to the discourse on human emotions and efforts to understand human emotions in a cultural and social setting. It reveals perceptions of the concepts, ginhawa (well-being), kapalaran (destiny) and dalamhati (anguish) of Filipinos belonging to marginalized and often ignored ethnolinguistic groups and those whose perceptions are often blurred by westernized lifestyles and an education that has buried indigenous thought. It is a contribution to the knowledge of the Filipino based on the views of

ISBN 971-542-554-4 2008 516 pages $42.50



The Lovely Bienvenido N. Santos
Cruz, Isagani R. A Creative Nonfictional Biographical Play in Two Acts.
ISBN 971-542-470-8 2005 108 pages $9.00

The four essays that comprise the book are intended to address professional musicians, scholars, and advanced students in musicology, composition, theory, art studies, and the social sciences, offering a composite insight into aspects of systematic, historical, and ethnomusicology.The ultimate goal of this book is to encourage Filipino music scholars and composers to explore the wide spectrum of Filipino musical expression and its institutional agencies, and seek a level of enlightenment, understanding, and creativity in their dialectic, poetic, ideological, philosophical, as well as social and cultural realms.

It attempts to answer these questions, aware that more questions ought to be further asked. Each section traces the recesses of the pond that is dance, the water within, the sky, the passing clouds, and the faces reflected above.

unIVersIT Y of THe PHILIPPInes Press

Treading Through: 45 Years of Philippine Dance
Villaruz, Basilio Esteban S.

ISBN 971-542-509-7 2006 588 pages $25.00

Tunugan: Four Essays on Filipino Music (w/ CD)
Santos, Ramon P. Tunugan: Four Essays on Filipino Music is intended to fill in a void in critical writing on Philippine musical literature-reflective and analytical discussions of important markers in contemporary Filipino musical life.

ISBN 971-542-488-0 2006 238 pages $ 40.00

Watching dance is stepping into a pond. Writing on dance traces vanishing imprints beneath the waters. A dancing body disappears as it appears. Creating dance inscribes that body in a temporal-spatial landscape. Knowing dance in society hopes to understand a cultural and communal body, a crossing of currents of visible and invisible forces, even felt, if not reducible to a verbal discourse. This book is a first reader in Philippine dance, observed through forty-five years of viewing, reviewing, and doing. It is one observer’s understanding of what, where, or how is dance, and who makes it and why we dance.


Science, Health & Environment


Exploring and Protecting Our World Grade 3
Modular Approach 2nd ed.


Carmelita Coronel, et.al
ISBN 971-07-2629-5 2010 368 pages $20.00

ISBN - 971-07-2627-1 2010 320 pages $20.00

Science, Health & Environment

Exploring and Protecting Our World (Grade 1)
Modular Approach 2nd ed.

With science at its core, the SHE Series emphasizes the fundamental role of health in ensuring the survival of the society, the importance of increased environmental awareness in sustaining the quality of life, and the contributions of technology to the country`s economic development.
Science, Health & Environment

Carmelita Coronel, et.al Develops learners higher order thinking skills through practical exercises. Each Exploring and Protecting Our World worktext of the Vibal Science, Health and Environment (SHE) Series takes pride in its use of the modern, learner-centered modular approach in teaching science.
Science, Health & Environment

Exploring and Protecting Our World Grade 4
Modular Approach 2nd ed.

Carmelita Coronel, et.al
ISBN 971-07-2630-1 2010 352 pages $23.00

Vibal Publishing House, Inc. (VPHI) is the Philippine’s leading developer of innovative educational resources and systems, keeping abreast with changing technologies in order to make teaching and learning truly borderless.

Exploring and Protecting Our World Grade 2
Modular Approach 2nd ed.

Carmelita Coronel, et.al
G. Araneta Ave., cor. Ma. Clara St., Quezon City, Philippines Tel no. (632) 712-2722 · 712-9156 to 59 Fax (632) 711-8852 www.vibalpublishing.com Contact Persons Nila V. Mata nvm@vibalpublishing.com Carina M. Espino cme@vibalpublishing.com visit vibalpUblishiNG.com/ v i b a l F o U N D at i o N . o r G
ISBN 971-07-2628-8 2010 336 pages $20.00

In this approach, main topics in each chapter are broken down into smaller subtopics for easy development and to ensure mastery. Each lesson or module is a complete learning material - with its own topic development, follow-up questions, sets of exercises and activities, trivias and tests.
ISBN 971-07-2631-8 2010 368 pages $22.00

Introduces learners to the different science process skills Helps learners identify the concepts developed through Main Idea Provides prompt learning assesments through Answer These and Self-check, the answers to which can be found in Answers to Questions and Answers to Self-check Questions respectively. Provides classroom activities through Do This in Grades 1-4 and nonclassroom work through Task in Grades 5-6.
Science, Health & Environment

Exploring and Protecting Our World Grade 5
Modular Approach 2nd ed.

Carmelita Coronel, et.al Enriches learners` knowledge of science and health through the Did You Know? portion. Impresses on the learners the significance of technology


through a relevant Technological Feature in each chapter. Facilitates reviewing through a list of concepts in Remeber These, Key Concepts, and Summary.
Science, Health & Environment

double-layer audio that allows viewers to choose between English and Filipino; includes quizzes, trivia about each region for easy retention of main points; promotes sociocultural and civic responsibilities.

Lazy Bug A Love Fable
Lina Diaz de Rivera A strange creature called Lazybug is always doing things lazily and selfishly not until she discovers something one day. This book stresses the value of recognizing one’s unique traits so he/ she can willingly serve others.


Exploring and Protecting Our World Grade 6
Modular Approach 2nd ed.

Mga Tradisyunal na Awiting Pilipino
Produced by Nila V. Mata A three-CD package that showcases Filipino folk songs from various ethnic groups from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao with accompanying lyric sheets. Inspires understanding and appreciation of the unique cultures and traditions of the country’s various ethnic groups

ISBN 971-0422-55-5 2007 32 pages $7.00

Carmelita Coronel, et.al
ISBN - 971-07-2632-5 2010 312 pages $22.00

Uldok The War Hero
Lina Diaz de Rivera It was war time. This story shows that you don’t have to be a man to be a hero. A courageous dog proves once again that indeed, dog is man’s best friend.

Checks learners` mastery of lessons taken up in each chapter through Quiz Time and Review Develops in learners an environmentfriendly attitude through the From Your Friendly Environment Officer portion.

3 Audio-CD Package 2010 $22.00

ISBN 971-0314-55-6 2005 28 pages $7.00

“His Friend, Eric”

Dinah Ocampo This is a touching story of Jaime, a kid belonging to middle-class family, and his friend Eric, who lived in a poor neighborhood. It shows the young’s real emotions about life and friendship.


Chikiting Books are collection of fascinating stories in English and Filipino by some of the country’s award-winning authors. • Includes wonderful illustrations of multi-awarded artists • Provides young readers with a wide scope of imagination • Enchances creativity and literary skills

ISBN 971-0422-28-9 2007 28 pages $7.00

When Time Turned
Lina Diaz de Rivera This is the story of a boy who travelled back in time to see how the city where he lives in has changed through the years.

Regions of the Philippines DVD
National Finalist and official Philippine entry to the 2005 World Summit Awards’ e-learning category

Produced by VPHI Take a virtual guided tour of the Philippines. Unique features include: presents film clips on the geography, people, products, cultures, industries and attractions of the country’s 17 regions; features interactive and userfriendly interface with a three-level menu offering options on language, religion and topic; provides a unique

Pipo the Clown
Christine Bellen A clown named Pipo is different from other clowns. He pulls out scarves and does something magical and fun!
ISBN 971-0422-50-0 2007 24 pages $7.00 ISBN 971-0422-26-5 2006 32 pages $7.00

10 DVD Set 2006 $204.00


Why Do Birds Build Their Nests?
Jomike Tejido Maya is a bird with big voice who screams to warn fellow animals not to trample her eggs which are scattered on the forest floor. When Deer breaks out one of them, Maya set out to find what made him do so. Maya thought of building a nest for her eggs so that other animals can run and play freely.

A Dream and A Melody
Becky Santos-Gerodias Find out how Malaya thought of a way to save their land from detractors through her music!
ISBN 971-015-004-5 2010 32 pages $7.00 ISBN 971-0314-57-2 2005 24 pages $7.00

Once Upon a Toy Box
Lina Diaz de Rivera If toys could talk, what do you think do they talk about? If toys had feelings, how do you think they’d feel when a child stops playing with them? This book is about four abandoned toys that brought joy to needy children and, in the process, rediscovered their purpose.


ISBN 971-0422-27-2 2006 28 pages $7.00

Pipit and the Kamagong Tree
Becky Santos-Gerodias A little bird’s curiosity brings him to an interesting life in the woods where he meets a lonely old tree. Together, they learn about friendship and the beautiful lesson of giving.

Why Do Turtles Carry Their Home?
Jomike Tejido This is about a selfish turtle who always want things for himself and never shares them with fellow sea creatures. Skillfully told, it teaches readers to adapt a generous attitude towards others.
ISBN 971-015-006-9 2010 24 pages $7.00

Pangako ng Nalandangan (The Promise of Nalandangan)
Eugene Evasco This epic from the Manobos tells of the adventure of the hero, Agyu, and his people who have benn driven out their land. Agyu leads his people to Nalandangan, a place where they found peace and freedom.

ISBN 971-0422-31-9 2006 28 pages $7.00

Ayel, The Star Angel
Portia P. Padilla Ayel was the brightest star in the sky. She shone day and night. Nobody knew the secret of her bright light. Not even Ayel herself? Why was Ayel so bright? Why did she shine day and night? Didn’t she ever get dull or tired? Read this glowing story to find out.

English/ Filipino/ Hiligaynon ISBN 971-0422-51-7 2008 32 pages $7.00

The Rain is Here
Lina Diaz de Rivera How do you feel when a gentle rain falls? What do you do when you hear its pitter-patter? and whoosh-wheesh of the wind makes the leaves dance and the earth sing? Join the children in this tale as they welcome the rain!
ISBN 971-0422-82-1 2008 28 pages $7.00

Kata-Kata: Paghahanap kay Ma’ajarat-Tornorka
Eugene Evasco Kata-Kata is an example of an oral literature in Tawi-Tawi. It is about the magical adventures of a son in search of his mother.

ISBN 971-015-011-3 2011 28 pages $7.00

The Butterfly Who Did Not Want to Fly
Portia P. Padilla Coco is the only butterfly who did not want to fly. Could his wings be broken? Could he want to do something else? Or maybe he did not want to be with other butterflies anymore? Find out what happened that made him fly again.

The Proud Little Island
Lina Diaz de Rivera This is a story of a proud island who believes that he doesn’t need anyone. This story teaches children the value of humility and the importance of people in their lives. The book introduces children to symbiotic relationships in nature.

English/ Filipino/ Hiligaynon ISBN 971-0422-86-9 2009 32 pages $7.00

Naglalakbay si Tulalang sa Araw at Buwan
Eugene Evasco This story tells about the adventures of Tulalang, epic hero of the Ilianen Manobo in North Cotabato, and his marriage to the daughter of the sun and the moon.

ISBN 971-015-012-0 2011 24 pages $7.00

971-0314-26-2 2004 32 pages $7.00

English/ Filipino/ Hiligaynon ISBN 971-0422-52-4 2007 32 pages $7.00


Carla Pacis Travel with Mayi and her friends as they unfold many interesting facts about our country’s golden past: great culture, timeless values of people, and our natural wonders.

Mga Selyo ni Lolo Benicio
Eugene Evasco Join Lolo Benicio and his grandchildren as they travel the world with his stamps. Discover how simple objects like stamps can bring joy to us.

Mariang Sinukuan
Eugene Evasco Mariang Sinukuan is a fairy who takes care of Mount Arayat. She is very kind. She provides everything that the people on the mountain need. Discover how she feels and what happens when people start to abused her kindness.


Filipino with English translation ISBN 971-07-2232-8 2003 80 pages HB $21.00

Filipino ISBN 971-0422-25-8 2006 32 pages $7.00

Filipino ISBN 971-0422-21-9 2006 32 pages $7.00

May Alaga Akong Butanding Amansinaya: Ang Diwata ng Dagat (Goddess Of The Sea)
Eugene Evasco Amansinaya: Ang Diwata Ng Dagat talks about the legend of a young woman who has inspired fishermen to celebrate the New Year by offering their first catch to the sea. Eugene Evasco The story is about Isabel and her wish of having a pet butanding. She went to Donsol, her father’s hometown and saw for the first time a live butanding.
Filipino ISBN 971-0422-24-3 2006 $7.00

Ang Bahaghari
Genaro Gojo Cruz This is a heartwarming story of a laundrywoman and her daughter who lacks a lof ot things in life but still make the most out of it.

Filipino with English translation ISBN 971-0422-49-4 2007 32 pages $7.00

Filipino ISBN 971-0422-29-6 2006 32 pages $7.00

Mga Laruang Papel Maningning
A girl named Maningning falls into an adventure of a lifetime when she encounters a Sea God who wants to adopt her as a daughter. Find out how she discovers new friendship as she finds her way back to her family. Genaro Gojo-Cruz Mga Laruang Papel teaches children how to make paper toys. It encourages readers to be creative and discover the simple joys that come from making toys through the art of paper-folding.

Tag-araw ng Mga Ibong Hilaga
Eugene Evasco The birds sing during the flight. The moon is a mute witness to their flight. At times, the birds look like fans floating in the heavens. They sing about autumn, about flaming red leaves, a sleeping river, and of a growing cold across the land. Then they sing of the hope that the warm days bring – of emerald forests and sapphire waves. The birds sing of a promise to return.

Filipino ISBN 971-0422-30-2 2006 32 pages $7.00

Filipino ISBN 971-0422-57-9 2007 32 pages $7.00

Baha! Mahiwagang Kamiseta
Eugene Evasco This is the story of a boy named Juancho who owns a magical shirt. But what will happen if Juancho loses his magical shirt? Will he still be the best?
Filipino ISBN 9171-0314-84-X 2005 32 pages $7.00

Filipino ISBN 971-015-014-4 2011 32 pages $7.00

Eugene Evasco This book will touch young readers one very important lesson: that they cannot get everything through tantrum.

Ang Hardinerong Tipaklong
Rosario Torres-Yu Hardinerong Tipaklong tells the story of Mang Atong who owns a garden full of plants, flowers and vegetables. He found the best helper to tend his garden- whoa, a grasshopper!

Filipino ISBN 971-0422-85-2 2009 32 pages $7.00

Filipino ISBN 971-0422-37-1 2007 32 pages $7.00


Ang Tahimik na Mundo ni Bunso
Kristin Canon Bunso is a very active and happy kid! He runs, he plays, and dances too! But his family starts to wonder why he seems mindless of the noise around him. Let’s join them in finding out why he’s that way.


The Life and Art of

Botong Francisco
Patrick D. Flores, Alice Guillermo, Ino N. Manolo, Roberto G. Paulino, and D.M Reyes
ISBN - 971-0538-04-1 2010 258 pages $88.00

Filipino ISBN 971-0422-83-8 2005 32 pages $7.00


Apat na Mata
Eugene Evasco It is said that a person who has a third eye sees unexplainable things and events. But what will he or she see if he/she has four eyes? Find out what things were discovered by a boy who has four eyes.

Lolo Jose, 2nd ed.
An Intimate and Illustrated Portrait of Jose Rizal

Asuncion Lopez-Bantug Philippine National Hero Jose Rizal’s grandniece Asuncion Lopez-Bantug writes the vivid life story of the First Filipino as culled from family lore and personal anecdotes. This biography enables us to see, hear and feel how an acutely sensitive and prodigiously talented boy became the national hero of the Philippines in an epoch of great suffering and danger.

Filipino ISBN971-0314-80-7 2005 32 pages $7.00

ISBN - 971-9398-53-0 2007 254 pages $66.00

Aliguyon at si Pumbakhayon
Eugene Evasco This is a summarized epic about the warrior heroes of the Ifugao. They were to test each other’s strength and skill as enemies until they end up uniting their kingdoms prosperity.
Filipiniana ClásiCa

A National Artist of the Philippines and a veritable hero in his hometown of Angono, Carlos “Botong” Francisco devoted his life to art. After spending the 1930s immersed in graphic art and modernism, he embarked on large-scale mural painting for which he became renowned. This art book is a rich panoply of his masterpieces, both large and small. An extensive selection of his most notable painting, sketches, and costume designs in beautifully supplemented with vintage photographs, documents and film stills from over thirty public and private collections. Finally, forty years after Botong’s death, his work is the subject of the sweeping retrospective it deserves.

PhiliPPine CartograPhy 1320-1899

Filipino with English and Ilocano translations ISBN 971-0422-53-1 2007 32 pages $7.00

n this landmark history of Philippine maps and their cartographers, National Artist Carlos Quirino recounts how the concept of the Philippines emerged in the late sixteenth century as a nebulous speck in the vast Pacific Ocean and evolved in fits and starts over four centuries into its current iconography. The Philippines as a geographical and ideological concept is given form by a long line of illustrious cartographers from many cultures and times, among them Gerardus Mercator, Sebastian Münster, Robert Dudley, Pedro Murillo Velarde, and homegrown José Algué, SJ. Ranging from ancient Chinese scrolls to intricate atlases, Quirino writes a history full of heroics and everyday routine, of personal and national rivalries, of influential mistakes and brilliant insights. First published in a limited edition in 1959 and published a second time in Amsterdam, the third edition of Philippine Cartography showcases more than 120 maps from the finest collections in the Philippines and the most comprehensive bibliography of Philippine maps. This edition also contains a fresh and authoritative introduction by map collector and scholar Dr. Leovino Ma. Garcia. With its erudite text and unparalleled reproductions of rare maps and views, the book will delight everyone with an interest in antiquities, history, geography, and maps as instruments of power and vessels of beauty. Today it remains the lone comprehensive work on Philippine maps and their history... The third edition of Philippine Cartography is a longawaited reissue of an eminent work. Rudolf J.H. Lietz, E.R.G.S. This book is a brilliantly illustrated analysis of the slow process by which the Philippine Islands were first incorporated in the world map. Paul Wheatley, Geographer


Philippine Cartography, 3rd ed.
Carlos Quirino

The Life and Art of

Francisco Coching
Patrick D. Flores, Justino Dormiendo, Alice Guillermo, D.M Reyes and Soledad Reyes
ISBN - 971-0538-07-1 2009 234 pages $75.00

Carlos Quirino (1910-1999) became National Artist for Historical Literature in 1997, a fitting tribute to his groundbreaking historical and biographical writings. Among his works are The Great Malayan (1940), a prizewinning biography of José Rizal; Lives of the Philippine Presidents (1952); The Young Aguinaldo (1969); and Filipinos at War (1981). Quirino was director of the National Library, founding curator of the Ayala Museum and Iconographic Archives, and fellow of the Royal Geographic Society of the United Kingdom. He was the only Filipino to twice win the prestigious Republic Cultural Heritage Award.
Vibal Foundation’s Filipiniana Clásica series aims to uphold the continuity of the Filipino reading canon. Culturally significant books are kept continuously in print by Filipiniana Clásica.

ISBN - 971-0538-03-4 2009 264 pages $94.00

In this landmark history of Philippine maps and their cartographers, National Artist for Historical Literature Carlos Quirino recounts how the concept of the Philippines emerged in the late sixteenth century as a nebulous speck in the vast Pacific Ocean and evolved in fits and starts over four centuries into its current iconography. The Philippines as a geographical and ideological concept is given form by a long line of cartographers from diverse cultures and times, among them Gerardus Mercator, Sebastian Munster, Robert Dudley, Pedro Murillo Velarde, and homegrown Jose Algue.

A born storyteller with a flair for the dramatic, a self-taught illustrator who schooled his genius with discipline and hardwork, Francisco V. Coching created Komiks that transformed ordinary lives to vivid adventures. He nurtured a generation of readers who found in his stories not fleeting fantasies or escapist romance, but a world where they loomed large as the makers of their fate and the tellers of their tales.


The Art of Duddley Diaz
Alice Guillermo Duddley Diaz has defied categorization, with sculptures that challenge notions of identity, sexuality, culture, and history. This book follows his development from a child prodigy, fashioning santos from sardine cans, to the monumental San Lorenzo Ruiz and enthroned goddesses of his maturity.

The Life and Art of


The Life, Art and Times of

Lee Aguinaldo
The Life and Art of Lee Aguinaldo brings the full range of Aguinaldo’s work to light. Essays by leading art critics examine his creative vision and the tumultuous personal history that shaped his approach to art. Illustrated with over a thousand artworks and photographs, this is the first fulllength biography and tribute to a great modern artist who has been all too little understood.

Damian Domingo
Luciano P.R. Santiago An era-defining artist known for his costume albums and religious paintings, Damián Domingo was the first Filipino master of the portrait, a pioneer art teacher, and director of the first Philippine art academy. This book is the first full-length documentary biography of a Filipino master before Luna or Hidalgo.

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El Indio
Francisco Coching Serialized in 1953, Francisco Coching’s komiks masterpiece is now restored and collected in its entirety. A young mestizo travels to the Philippines where he finds conflict, injustice, love, and the startling truth behind his identity.

Philippine Church Facades
Fr. Pedro G. Galende, OSA Containing over 600 new and 160 archival photographs, Philippine Church Facades is the largest visual compendium of Philippine churches built between 1565 and 1898. The 160 churches featured in the book come from practically all regions of the Philippines, from Luzon to Mindanao. A glossary of architectural terms appended on the book guides readers in studying these churches, while archival photos that parallel contemporary colored photos help them assess the improvement or havoc wrought on the churches in the last 100 years.

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More Pinay Than We Admit
Edited by Maria Luisa T. Camagay Today’s Filipina exists in a continuing discourse with Maria Clara and Gabriela Silang, the housewife and the politician, the artist and the OFW, the dalagang bukid and the wild woman. These essays explore how even in the face of prejudice and injustice, women have exerted their agency and shaped the world we live in.

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