No other watch is engineered quite like a Rolex.

The GMT-Master, introduced in 1955, was developed in collaboration with Pan Am to meet the needs of their international pilots. The GMT-Master II has proved to be even more invaluable as it features a rotatable 24-hour graduated bezel that allows those who travel the world to read three different time zones. Two simultaneously. The 40 mm GMT-Master II is fitted with a virtually scratch-resistant black Cerachrom disc and is presented here in Rolex signature Rolesor, a unique combination of 904L steel and 18 ct gold.


Steely determination. Definitive moment: the Masters Tournament. except to look at the future in front of him.TREVOR IMMELMAN Champion rising.COM AND EXPLORE THE GMT-MASTER II PAGE 2 . From top-ranked amateur to world-ranked pro. Not one to take his eye off the ball. VISIT ROLEX.

THE SPIRIT OF THE GMT-MASTER II cHucK yeAGer No person has pushed the limits of man and technology like Chuck Yeager. His résumé of military and civilian accomplishments is comprehensive enough to consume chapters in aviation history books. He was already a legend among WWII fighter pilots when he took off in the X-1. In an era of supersonic flight. SuperSonic Luxury When Concorde performed its final test flights in the 1960s. in 1955. it prepared them to perform as flawlessly as their instruments. these travellers admired the robustness and versatile appearance that made the GMT-Master eminently suitable for globe-trotting and. was both cause for celebration and confirmation that such training and tools were a winning combination. While the “Pan-Am smile” was the face known to the public. As well as appreciating its ability to display different time zones. the GMT-Master had become invaluable. Not only did he reach Mach 1 creating the first man-made sonic boom that day. The first transcontinental commercial flight. its combination of peerless functionality and rugged good looks led to it being adopted by a wider travelling public. KeepinG pAce WiTH cHAnGinG TiMeS Although the GMT-Master was designed essentially for professional use. he did it again 50 years later in an F-15 fighter. The year was 1947. Or even whether a human could survive the tremendous force of that kind of speed. indeed. The GMT-Master became the official watch of Pan Am pilots. THe FirST TrAnSconTinenTAL FLiGHTS When the legendary airline Pan-Am trained its flight crews. Nobody knew if a fixed-wing aeroplane could break the sound barrier. for any occasion.COM AND EXPLORE THE GMT-MASTER II PAGE 3 . VISIT ROLEX. behind the scenes Pilots were trained in challenging techniques such as astral navigation. Rolex proudly announced that both the French and British test pilots (Brian Trubshaw and André Turcat) wore GMT-Masters.


maintaining the exact time. Today. without any possibility of an intermediate stop. THe pArAcHroM HAirSprinG A watch is only as precise as its oscillator is regular. VISIT ROLEX. Historically. precise movements in both directions. Rolex created the blue Parachrom is imperative that there be only 24 possible positions in its rotation. The bezel must move cleanly from one position to another. it guarantees the accuracy of your Rolex. After five years of research. The two hour hands allow the time in any two time zones to be read simultaneously.AN OBSESSION WITH PERFECTION MuLTipLe TiMezoneS The GMT-Master II has a 24-hour hand and an independent.COM AND EXPLORE THE GMT-MASTER II PAGE 5 . This challenge has been met thanks to a powerful spring that allows crisp. leaving them vulnerable to magnetic fields and shocks. Conventional oscillator hairsprings are made of ferromagnetic alloys. with virtually no wear. Crafted from a paramagnetic alloy. it is unaffected by magnetic fields and up to 10 times more resistant to shocks. the unique blue colour of the hairspring has been a sign of prestige reserved for only the most accurate timepieces. THe 24-Hour BezeL For the bezel to properly fulfil its function – indication of the time in a third time zone . adjustable 12-hour hand that makes it possible to set the hour for a new time zone while the watch continues to function.

whereas the time indicated by the 24-hour hand is read on the bezel. Its colour remains unaffected by ultraviolet rays and it is virtually scratchproof. eASyLinK An increase in temperature. Perfectly integrated into the watch’s design. THe cerAMic BezeL A bezel with a blue or black Cerachrom insert graces the GMT-Master II’s 40 mm case.AN OBSESSION WITH PERFECTION TrAVeLLinG THe WorLD The time indicated by the hour hand is read on the dial. altitude or physical activity may cause your wrists to expand and can even make wearing a watch uncomfortable. the Easylink system is tested to open and close thousands of times in the most extreme conditions. Fashioned from extremely hard ceramic material. the Rolex Cerachrom insert has excellent corrosion-resistant properties. The numerals and graduations are in yellow gold or platinum. without sacrificing reliability. This is why Rolex invented and patented Easylink.COM AND EXPLORE THE GMT-MASTER II PAGE 6 . an extension system that folds out to let the wearer increase the length of the bracelet by about 5 mm to regain maximum comfort. VISIT ROLEX.

COM AND EXPLORE THE GMT-MASTER II PAGE 7 .AN OBSESSION WITH PERFECTION GMT-MASTer ii 40 mm COSC certification chronometer Black ceramic rotatable bezel Sapphire cystal Waterproof to 100 m/330 feet Self-winding Oysterlock bracelet with Oysterclasp with Easylink STEEL Black Dial 116710LN STEEL AND YELLOW GOLD Black Dial 116713LN VISIT ROLEX.

COM AND EXPLORE THE GMT-MASTER II PAGE 8 .AN OBSESSION WITH PERFECTION GMT-MASTer ii 40 mm COSC certification chronometer Black ceramic rotatable bezel Sapphire cystal Waterproof to 100 m/330 feet Self-winding Oysterlock bracelet with Oysterclasp with Easylink YELLOW GOLD Black Dial 116718LN YELLOW GOLD Green Dial 116718LN VISIT ROLEX.

COM AND EXPLORE MORE All intellectual property rights such as TRADE MARKS. DESIGNS.VISIT ROLEX. and COPYRIGHTS are reserved. . Nothing contained in this website may be reproduced without written permission. SERVICE MARKS. TRADE NAMES. Rolex reserves the right at all times to modify the models featured in the present website.

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