Akiune krumurik

Source: http://gunocristi,bIogspot,com/Z011/1Z/souIspeuk-with-ukiune-krumurik,htmI
Source: http://www,urtukiune,com/home,htm
O 8orn underwofer of home, on JuIy 9, I994, in Mounf Morris,
IIIinois, fo fhe ofheisfic sfoy-of-home Lifhuonion homemoker
mofher, ond on Americon fofher, chef ond diefory monoger.
O Lived in IIIinois, Missouri, CoIorodo ond Idoho, experiencing
poverfy ond offIuence.
O oving offended bofh pubIic ond privofe schooIs now is home-
schooIed wifh her four brofhers, DeIfini I8, Jeon Lu Io, IIio 8,
ond AureIius Z yeors oId.
O 8egon drowing of 4, ond poinfing of o, feoching herseIf ond
Ieorning mosfIy from her own keen observofion ond sfudy.
O $peoks four Ionguoges: Lifhuonion, Pussion, EngIish ond $ign
O Af 4, hod o Iife-chonging spirifuoI fronsformofion, bringing fhe
fomiIy fo 0od.
O Af oge 7 begon wrifing poefry ond ophorisms.
O er poems offen orrive fuIIy conceived.
O %he inspirofion for her orf ond Iiferofure comes from her visions,
dreoms, ond observofions of peopIe, nofure ond 0od.
O !oinfs from imoginofion, reference moferioIs ond modeIs.
O ovorife si;e convoses: 48 x o0 inches.
Akiune krumurik

O Considers her sfyIe: Akionism -o universoI bIend of reoIism ond
O onfs peopIe fo find hope in her poinfings.
O os fhe some gooI wifh eoch poinfing: fo be inspirofion for ofhers
ond fo be fhe giff fo 0od.
O ovorife medium: ocryIics for fuII figures, ond oiI poinfs for Iorge
O Pises of 4 o.m. five-six doys o week fo gef reody fo poinf in fhe
sfudio ond wrife, works for obouf 4-b hours eoch doy.
O ffen works over o hundred fo fwo hundred hours on o poinfing,
producing 8 fo Z0 poinfings o yeor.
O &suoIIy mokes mony skefches before poinfing.
O orks on one poinfing of o fime.
O ovorife subjecf: peopIe ond spirifuoI subjecfs.
O ove "sforf-fo-finish" demonsfrofion videos of her poinfing.
O ovorife ocfivifies ond hobbies: orf, poefry, piono, reoding ond
heIping peopIe.
O Likes obouf herseIf: "sensifivify fo peopIe".
O Does nof Iike obouf herseIf: "impofience".
O Assesses her own chorocfer: "doring heorf ond coufious mind".
O er biggesf wish: "fhof everyone wouId Iove 0od ond one
Akiune krumurik

er Iife gooI: fo shore her Iove for 0od ond peopIe oround fhe
"Akione Iromorik on CMM"
"%here were o few fimes I couIdn´f go ony furfher-- foo much pressure ond no
inspirofion fhof wos weokening me. 8uf fhen fhinking of fhe peopIe I con heIp ond
inspire wos o mofivofion. n fhe ofher hond, if's virfuoIIy impossibIe for me fo sfop
poinfing, if is in my bIood. I'm on orfisf, fhof's whof I om,If I hove o sfumbIing
bIock fhof Iosfs no more fhon o few doys."
mbrucing the Sift
$he is o seIf foughf orfisf, her poinfings, mosf of which depicf Iife, Iondscope, ond
peopIe, ore so breofhfoking --- fhey oImosf Iook reoI. A giffed chiId who begon
drowing visions of 0od, heoven ond expressions of her spirifuoI connecfion of fhe
of 4, Akione Iromorik hos fouched fhe Iives of so mony peopIe wifh her works
which oIso incIudes poefry, pIoying fhe piono, ond wrifing books in which she
furfher shores fo fhe worId her Iife ond dreoms.

I firsf found ouf obouf Akione when she oppeored on o feofure video: CMM eofure
- "Drowing eoven". $he wos IZ bock fhen ond when she foIked obouf her dreoms,
her foifh 0od so possionofeIy, if onIy confirmed my beIief fhof divinify is reoI ond if
fIows wifhin us, monifesfing undeniobIy fhrough fhe heorfs of fhe young ond
innocenf ones.
Akiune krumurik

Af I7, she hos now bIossomed info o fine young Iody who confinues fo inspire fhe
worId wifh her orf. I om fruIy bIown owoy by fhis girI´s Iighf ond wisdom. $uch on
honor ond o dreom oIike fo feofure her here on $ouI speok, oIong wifh ofher
´feochers´ who consfonfIy porficipofe in fhe creofive force of fhe &niverse ond in
spreoding oworeness of our giffs fhrough fheir experiences, foIenfs, ond orf.
ow hus Iife chunged for you since thut duy you shured your gift with the
worId? Are the dreums und visions the sume? us it been intensified or Iess
8esides fhe feIevision oppeoronces, orf exhibifs ond meefing peopIe from oII over
fhe worId my Iife hos nof chonged foo much. I sfiII seIf educofe ond I om sfiII using
simiIor orfisfic mefhods ond righf now becouse of my fwo oIder brofhers moving
ouf, I become o feocher fo my fwo younger brofhers. %hrough my froveIing fo
differenf counfries ond experiencing differenf cuIfures I become more owore of
fhe worId ond exifed obouf depicfing if unique woy.

$ince I wos bIessed wifh fwo younger brofhers: AureIius, four ond IIio, I0, mosf of
my spore fime I end up feoching fhem. IIio hos dicfofed over 40 books ond
pubIished his firsf book of oge o which I om very proud of (www.
iIiopoefry.com). Mosf of my open visions ond dreoms foded. 8uf fhey hove
monifesfed in mosf profound orfisfic impressions fhof ore subconscious. In ofher
words, I end up poinfing differenf dimensions wifhouf consciousIy remembering

Akiune krumurik

I've seen some of your interviews where you tuIked ubout the critics¸ some
huve been reuIIy hursh - cun you tuIk ubout this e×perience¸ und how you huve
kept yourseIf strong und steudy to this duy?
$ome soid reoIIy nosfy fhings Iike, ´´ 8urn your poinfings~ fhey ore fhe works of
fhe deviI´´ -´´You ore fhe $ofin´s doughfer´´-´´ Akione hosn´f poinfed ony of her
works ´´ -$he´s o foke´´- ond efc . My fomiIy ond fhe over fIowing posifive fon
Ieffers ond emoiIs, hod kepf me going fhroughouf yeors. I simpIy do nof poy
offenfion fo hofe. I surround myseIf wifh onIy posifive god´s Iighf ond energy.

our dreums und uspirutions other thun whut you huve embruced so fur {urt¸
music¸ poetry}¸ do you see yourseIf embrucing other pussions?
I om very inferesfed in cooking, CIoymofion, phofogrophy ond fexfiIe/design orfs.

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