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Attached is a copy of the transcript of an interview of Larissa Stoffer, by William M. Buie on 1/13/03 .


, Jtrlerview Of: Larissa Stouffer ~onducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13·03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page 1 of 38


Bill Buie Larissa Stouffer


This is Bill Suie with the Attorney General's Office. Today is January 13th, 2003. The time is 10:24 a.m. I am at the Boise Airport. second floor, I'm with Larissa, and would you say your last name?


Stouffer. Okay, and would you spell your first and last name? First name: .L-A-R-I-S-S-A, Last name: S-T-O-U-F-F-E-R. Is that correct Larissa?



And, Larissa is employed for the Boise Airport. Correct.

Would you tell me a little bit about your job, and what your position is here, and how long you've been employed? Just give me some background.


I've been here since October of 99', and I'm the marketing coordinator for the airport. So, I do uh, advertising. I do public relations, community relations, and I MJ mair duties are

else de air service development.

more in the ma.ketiru,

and public relations side than they are the air service side.


Okay now. Let's elaborate a little bit on the marketing public relations. does that involve?


LS; •

When it comes to the marketing side, I'm, it's a lot of loo~ing at advertising to the community, the public relations side is anytime we have any public information

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page 2 of 38

we need to get out to the public.

Basically how to gat their way around the

airport, and then also I receive all the media calls, urn, they're filtered to me and I make arrangement for John Anderson to speak to the media. BB: Okay. In regards to the media, when you have a situation here at the airport and you

such as what's going on right now, for example, all the construction, have an opportunity

or you would like to make the public aware of maybe, .

changes, and what's going out here or anything, how do you make that, how do

you make the public aware of that? LS: When uh, for example I'll use the new security checkpoint relocation. That was a

press release that I put out urn, and with the PSA it was in conjunction with them, urn, made the arrangements that if they wanted, if the news media wanted to come out I would escort them to be able to go to the checkpoint and see the new . procedures something on how to get there.

Urn, we did not do a news conference


liKe that, but we did the pickup In the media.

Urn. they, no one

needed necessarily to speak to John, but urn, people did come out and speak to Julian Gonzales who is with the TSA. And I sometimes help out with PSA since they don't actually have a public relations person on site. BB: Okay. So. when you say contact the media, do you do that by phone?


Uh, we do. We send out a fax. urn. and then usually what they send out I do a
broadcast fax and send that out. The media usually picks up on it and contacts

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03
Case No.:

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If I don't hear anything, urn, if I haven't seen it in the newspaper or on

television, [ usually will follow up. everything I send out by fax. BB:

But so far the media has picked up on

When you fax something to the this one particular organization in the media or all of them?


It, it's all. It's like urn, I think there are thirty T.V., radio, newspaper, urn, it also includes a couple of public affairs people in other organizations, um, and we also

post it on our website.


Let's go back to around September of 2001. Which is a little bit over a year ago...


Mm Hm.


And you were employed for the airport at that time? Correct. In the same capacity as you are now? Correct.
Uh, at that time did you ever know of an individual by the name of Grant Jones?

I did not know of Grant until probably later in the, I believe it was in the spring of
2002. We did urn,

it was a travel fair, and urn, he was the one who coordinated


and John Anderson explained to me that it was, that all the procedures dealing with the media would be handled by Grant Jones. I did not know who he was

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By:
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until I saw him listed as airport spokesperson on one of the local news channels.

So he coordinated that entire event, urn, and again I believe that was in the spring of 2002.
BB: Were you involved at all in helping him?


No, I was not. So, what, do you know what involvement it was to coordinate it? From... That he had to do, excuse me. From what I understand, he contacted or, assuming, he contacted our Global Travel, which was, at the time was the travel agency here in the airport, and
through that agency they had hotels and cruise people come in urn, and they


themselves, Global Travel, urn, had a booth set up. And it was set up on the second floor of the terminal building. And them, urn he, I believe he sent out a
news release too or may have contacted the media because the media did come

out for that. BS: LS: Were, were you here the day of the fair? Yes, I was. Did you have an opportunity to observe it?



Uh, yes 1 did.
Is that when you first saw Grant Jones?


Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page 5 of 38


Mm, yes in person, uh huh. And how long was he here, do you recall? Urn ... That day. He was here very early that morning because

I know Larry Gebhardt from

. Channel 7 came in and that. I believe is the first time I actually met him. Uh, the event went most of, I think it was morning and into the early afternoon, I believe.


Urn, he, I would see him periodically. had to

He wasn't here the entire time, because I


help as a hindsight, the parking situation had not been worked out.

Urn, so my urn, supervisor Mike Odell and I had developed a coupon to allow people to come in and park for free. Um, I did have to do that, Grant did not do that. He did not make the arrangements for parking. So,

I, when I would go out

and hand out parking coupons to the participants couple times when he was not. So is that the first occasion you met him?

I noticed, so I, I was there a

I, I believe I may have met him when the governor had a press conference regarding the

national guard. Urn, that was, but I can't recall if he was here or

not. That was an event that was coordinated through urn, the national guard and

the may, and the governor's office to come out when the national guard was at our security checkpoint. I believe he may have been around at about that time,

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page 6 of3S

but I did not, I donTrecall actually meeting him at that time. I may have actually met him then, or at least spoken to him and not realized who he was. Because it wasn't until later that I realized who Grant Jones was. that travel fair that I realized who he was. BB: LS: BB: LS: • BB: LS: SB: So going back to the travelfair ... I don't think it was until

Mm Hm.
Uh, it's not that critical that we know if you met him on that date or not. Okay. But ~~u did know him by then?

I beli, yes. I did urn, I, I kinda knew who he was at that time.
Okay. When did you, I'd like to go back and talk a little bit about the conversation you had with John Anderson.


Okay. Prior to the travel fair, was that when it was?

Mrn Hm, yes.
How soon prior? It was a couple of days, I believe. Um, it, it kinda, to me um, it seemed to have Uh, because I had a short time to So, and I had not

been just on a whim to have the event.

actually get together making up a parking coupon to distribute.

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page 7 of 38

really heard about it until John had mentioned it to me. That there would be such

a thing.
BS: LS: And he said that Grant would be running it? Yes. The, the, kind of the impression that I got from John was that it may have idea.

been Grant's mentioned

Urn, because on something

like that John would


it to me.

Urn, because usually on other types of events John

mentions it to me to coordinate.


Okay. Urn, have you ever done a fair like that? Here? No.

Anyplace? I have been involved in um, doing business fairs through a chamber of commerce. so. I used to be on the coordinating committee for that. It was an expo,


Was it a similar type {air as we had here?


It was on a much larger scale.
Mm Hm. experience, Well on this particular level here, from your observations, from your

in your estimation or maybe you can't estimate it, how many hours it would take to put together

would you estimate uh, based on your experience,

such an event as this fair, which occurred uh, in the spring which Grant handled?

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page 8 of 38


On the scale that he, that, that the event was, I believe that there may have only been, at most, maybe ten participants. maybe two weeks urn, to put together. enough people urn. Urn, something To coordinate, like that I would think to make sure we had

I, I since I'm not sure on exactly how he gathered those

people, it may have been something that was done through Global Travel and it was just manned by Global Travel people. urn, I think it was mostly hotels. Um, instead of the actual hotels and I probably would have also

Um ..Local hotels.


put uh, but I would have put a little more time into seriously thinking about the type of booths to have. Again, I think it was a little bit too much local urn, if we're trying to get people to travel, we may wanna encourage them to also, you, you can fly out of the airport just as you can fly in. And I think that by the, tliere could have been a little bit more thought into, putting uh, maybe also getting airlines involved. I would have made it


of a, more widespread.

Instead of

necessarily a locsl focus. And when you say two weeks, are you talking about two weeks, eight hours a day? Yeah. I would, yeah. I would definitely think so because there would need to be the actual

some publicity involved in it. urn, the other thing urn, coordinating

location. downstairs.

We had it in kind of a congested


Urn, I would have put it

Urn, it was right at the top of the escalator, urn, and it was post 9-11

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page Q of 38

so we had a large number of people that would be in that area urn, but I, I would have had


little bit more spread out and a little less congested.


if we

would have a flight come in, it'd get quite crowded.

Urn, and also just to make

sure that we had adequate, cause I, adequate advertising and marketing for the event. I would want two weeks. Giving adequate time for people to put it on their

calendar. BB: Okay. Urn, are you confident, based on your experience local, that you could put

this together without anyone else's assistance? LS: BS: LS: Oh, most definitely. It's not something that you would find out of the ordinary for your qualifications? No. I find it totally,

urn, I would have enjoyed it. Urn, but I would have been

able to accomplish it...


I don't want to get too personal here ...
Sure. And

I hate to ask questions like this. But for two weeks in terms of your gross

salary, what would that have been? Approximately? LS: BS: Urn ... What would you have been, if you had put this together and you said, okay it took me two weeks to do it, we're talking about the salary that you get. Uh what, what . would that...

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03
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Well, I, I, it would probably only be maybe $1200. I mean, because of based on

my salary per month ... BS:

Okay. About $1200? Twelve, I mean, as to the amount of time that would be put there, I would say between, between urn, and take home, probably about tWelveto fifteen hundred. So...


Okay. So what's your gross annual salary?
My gross annual salary at that time I believe was $38,000 a year. so...



Okay. So we're talking about somewhere around 3,000 a month or so? A month, right, uh huh.
So, approximately 1500 gross every two' weeks. So at the most, $1500?


Right. Mm Hrn. Okay. Urn, in terms of other events which you, which Grant's been involved in out here, are you aware of any of those?


Urn... Any other situations? The, he's come out to, it, it seems anytime we have a press conference, Grant is here. Urn. we had urn. you have to forgive me. I believe it was Larry Craig, urn, came out to have a tour. Urn, and there was a press conference. And I didn't


know about that. Urn...

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By:
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Do you remernberwhen that was Larissa?


I believe it was weU, let me think a minute. We had to go through, I'm going to say that may have been April or May.




Of 2002. Okay. And it was, ah, because it was, I believe it was towards the end, or may have been after all the national guard. Because I don't recall there being many



national guard members still in the airport at that time. Urn, and then just in October, Grant came out and did a tour of, with the media of the new terminal
building. And again, I wasn't aware of that. At the end of October, the TSA urn,

had taken over the security checkpoint. Uh, again the, at that time the Secretary of Transportation, Secretary Norman Manetta's office had contacted me and was coordinating with me regarding the press conference and everything. But, again it had to be um, Grant had, needed to be included on that as well.
And how were you made known, how were you made aware of that?

John had reminded me you might want to include John, include him on it when I was sending out my news. uh sending out my appointments. Um. so he. he was

here for the event, but I don't believe he was contacted by anyone to coordinate that.

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer

Conducted By: Bill Suie Date of Interview: 1-13-03
Case No.:

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Let's go back again to the very first event, the fair.


Mm Hm. Mm Hm. Would that have been shortly after 9-11? Well, and I apologize. My thinking is, it, it was. But I don't believe it was very soon. It may have been as early as December. It could have been urn, but. ! don't believe it, it wasn't, it wasn't just a, a week or two after. It was, you know, couple weeks, couple months I think had passed by that time.


Okay. So, that was the first occasion that Grant helped?


Mm Hm. And just, I'm just trying to reiterate {inaudible]


So just part of that event was your, you were made aware by John that Grant would be...


Right. Handling that fair.


Did he tell you at that time that you shouldn't be involved?
Uh, no. No. John didn't tell me that I should not be involved. Urn, it kind of

happens that when something does occur here at the airport, urn, logistics wise, urn, I will step in where, you know if someone needs help. But no, there wasn't

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised ·By: Page 13 of 38
anytime, and it, when it came to the parking, we, what we did is they had allowed

people to come in and getum, a free hour worth of, 1 believe is a free hour's worth of parking in order to attend the event. But, when they came they had to get a coupon, un, from one of the booths in order to do that. So, I did all the designing of the coupons. BS: LS:

Okay. Urn, [inaudible] at the end... Yeah. Okay, then after event uh, with the fair. let's go back the second occasion when Grant was involved was, go back over that again. I forgot.


The, the next one that 1 recall was, was I believe it was when Senator Craig
. came to visit.


Okay. What did that involve? This is Senator Craig, not the Norman Manetta situation?


No this was, this was separate. Urn... Were, let's go back to your involvement in that. Were you involved in that at all?
Um, I, I have to be honest a second, I have to think. We had a press conference,

he had, he had a press conference where I was, what I did was made sure everyone had hardhats. I believe. because they were going to go to the

construction site. But I think due to time [pause] BB: Take your time. I've got plenty of time ....

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill BUle Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By:
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I believe there have been

two press conferences with Larry Craig. One may

have actually been I believe, wait a minute. Let me back up. One was Larry Craig. I believe the other one was Mike Simpson. The Larry Craig came in, both times Grant was here. Uh, on that one there was no media. Urn, until the very end. Urn, I had at that time, they were going to up the terminal building, the new terminal. In order to see it, but they had to have hardhats. Urn, I was scrounging around hardhats right at the end, right when the media was about to arrive. Uh,

a second time was a press conference, I believe. with Mike Simpson. And it had to do with a gentleman here in Idaho who had designed a, a full-body imager or something for security. Urn, and that was an established press conference at the
bottom of the escalator. And Grant was here for that as well. Again, I wasn't

aware of either of the press conferences until the day or the day of. Excuse me, the day before or the day of. Urn, and again, had to get, I believe, the, the

senator Craig's press conference was when urn, 1 needed to gather... 1 was getting phone calls. I got;"I would get phone calls, the way I would find out about
it was I would find out about it from the news media who would call me and ask

me where's the press conference being held today. Urn, so I would take those calls. find out about it. and then also at that time I found out they were going on a

tour, so I needed to arrange for hardhats. Urn. and safety glasses. BB: Did you instructions come from John or Grant?

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page 15 of 38


They, I don't believe John was here the one day, but uh, nothing, no. Grant has never, never given me any uh directions,


Have you ever had any discussion with Grant about what his involvement public relations?

is in


He has told me urn, he has come in, he was going to develop a public relations plan for the airport. He wanted to make sure he wasn't stepping on my toes.

Urn, because for the new building, it's a city, it's a

city project. And I completely


understand that. Urn, but he was writing a press, 1don't believe we've ever been given this public relations plan. At least I've not seen a copy of it. Urn, he came in, talked to me, talked to John, uh, talked to a couple of other people I believe. Um ... When was that Larissa? Sure. ~aughs] Before I forget to ask that question.

Again, I believe it was urn, I believe it was the spring of 2002.

Uh, I, not exactly sure, but I, I believe it was about, we' were about a year out from opening, or at least when we thought we would be opening. a kind of a drawn out process.

It, kind of was

Cause, when he came in and talked, and

mentioned it before, I didn't hear about it again until, you know about six weeks later and he actually came in and talked to me about it. He wanted to make sure

I, that we, that he wasn't going to be stepping on my toes. Urn, he didn't actually tell me that he would be handling any media relations. He didn't tell me he would


Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page 16 of 38

be the public, you know. become the spokesperson or anything for the airport. He just asked me uh, what goals 1 had in mind. uh, for public relations over the next year. Urn, and I don't know what happened with those, that plan that he had developed.


Did he call you up in advance and tell you he was coming? That, that he did do. out.

I believe he, we made the appointment a couple of days



Was John Anderson involved in that discussion with you and Grant?


Uh, he was not in the meeting, but I belleve John was aware of it, because he knew we were writing this public, or he knew that Grant was wanting to do a public relations plan.


And have you ever seen that plan? No

I have not.


Did he tell you he would provide you a copy of It?

I asked for a copy of it, but I didn't get a copy.
Do you know if one's been provided to anyone?

I don't


so, because

John Anderson

is fairly


about ~sharing

information like that with me. BB: Okay. So that was last spring, uh, going back to the two press conferences ... Mm Hm,



Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer

Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03
Case No.:

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The one with Senator Craig... MmHm. And the one with, Senator, Congressman... Uh, Mike Simpson. Mike Simpson. he's a Senator or Congressman? I think he's a Congressman. I think he is. I forgot. Excuse my...
It's okay.

Uh, lack of knowledge of politics in this state. [laughs] . But an'f'Nay, un, in regards to those press conferences, have you ever been involved in setting up a press conference? LS: BB: Oh yes. Mm Hm. What, how much time would that involve? Uh, let' about Senator Craig's and then let's talk about Congressman Simpson's. LS:
I think uh, Senator Craig's was a little bit more urn, off the cuff. i think he had

planned to come and visit and it was urn, probably, "let's invite the media to join
usn type of thing. Urn, I think what the purpose of it was to show him where we

are in the terminal· expansion and possibly dealing with some funding issues.


Especially regarding security. urn, I, J believe that's what that was in regards to.

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page 18 of 38

Probably both of those press conferences were.

Urn, that press conference I Urn, in advance to again.

probably would have given urn, you know, at least two days.

say, you know uh, if. if it was off the cuff like that. Urn, because

assignment editors and everybody need the time to appoint a reporter to it. Urn, with the Mike Simpson one, that seemed to be handled through Mike Simpson's office. Uh, and it was an established press conference. They had a,

I needed to

set up a podium for them.

Urn, I worked out the logistics on that. But I didn't,


again, those are kind of logistics need, probably on that one, probably a good week or so to actually coordinate. Because you do have the media, you want to know exactly where it's located. And we here at the airport, we like to know

where it's going to be. If it's going to be in one location so that we can have It clean, and uh, uncluttered. Well, when you say a week. would that be Grant's involvement, Congressman Simpson's staff? or Senator,

That would be from them·letting me know that it's happening to my involvement. That's what I would want for a week. I don't know .. Did you actually put a week involvement in that? No, I didn't. Do you know if Grant did?


Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page 19 of38


I'm on record, but I'm going to say I don't feel that Grant has very good follow through. I tend to have to come along and pick up the few little straggling pieces.

So, I don't believe he did. BB: LS: BB: I would, you know just to, let me turn the recorder off just a minute. Sure, okay. I'm gonna stop the recorder for just a second and talk to Larissa. ·The time is

10:50 a.m.


Okay, this is Bill Buie. We're back on tape again_ The time is 10:51 a.rn. The purpose of going off the tape was, I wanted to advise Larissa of the fact that Grant Jones was paid each check.

$20,000 uh, by two checks in the year 2002. $10,000
2002. And the purpose for

One in April and one in September

those payments was because of the public relations work he supposedly did here at the airport. What I informed Larissa off the record, and she's going to talk

about now, is the fact that uh, she has the ability, the knowledge, the experience, to perform these same services, and I'm wondering why she couldn't have done it, uh, and if for some reason I'm gonna have her explain that, if she will, is why she couldn't have done this and why they're paying someone like him to do it, and that's why it's so important for. for me to get, have Larissa talk about the time .

involved in preparation for such a press conference

as with Senator Craig or

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of 1 nterview: 1-13-03
Case No.:

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Or the fair, because, she has the experience to do that.

So, let's continue there Larissa. LS: 88: Okay. Uh. As I've indicated to you, Mr. Jones was paid $20,000 for the year 2002 to perform these services. Uh, do you see anything wrong with that, in terms of I mean, I, I I've asked that. I don't want, I don't want you to say that the city's wrong in paying him, I don't mean that.
LS: Mm Hm.

BB: . But, what I'm getting at is, based on your experience and your knowledge, could· you have done these services for your salary?
LS: I definitely

And I think that the reason I do believe that is not necessarily

in, just because I have the skills. Urn, because I'm on site. I'm logistics wise. Urn, a lot of the things Grant, I never saw him here at the building. Uh, he would come in from time to time and have a meeting with John, urn. But I never saw him here in the building.. { think a lot of the things that if you're going to have an
event here in the building, you need to be checking the venue out from time to


Uh, again 1 think that there are some logistics wise, urn were dropped.

Urn. it's. it's. it's as though when Grant would come in. he would be here to get

his, to be here and schmooze people, but when it came to all the work, I felt I at times was the one who was left hanging. Because I wasn't aware of any of the

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer

Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03
Case No.:

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work that was going on.

I wasn't always aware of the events that he was

participating in. And I don't, it, things were left un, incomplete. So I WOUld,you know without saying many things, just come in, see what needed to be done, and . go ahead and do it.


You say things were left incomplete? Again, with urn, coordinating for the media to go on a tour following a press conference, we had no hardhats. I didn't even, wasn't aware that the media was


going to be there. And the media needs to have, they can't wear tennis shoes.

Uh, 50 a couple of people weren't able to go. conference was held on the roof of the building.

I think eventually the news But urn, people were not

dressed appropriately to go out onto the site. Urn, they had tennis shoes, they

didn't have the hard-soled shoes that they needed.

They did, urn, I had to

scrounge for hardhats. I didn't realize I was gonna have about twelve to thirteen people to get hardhats for. Are we talking about, which conference?
This is the press conference with Larry Craig. Which was the one that was

probably on a whim, but it was still an item that could have been, urn,
encountered. Even if maybe I was just told we were having a press conference,

and following it we're going ona tour. I would have known, you need to have hardhats. They need to have the appropriate footwear .

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page 22 of 38


Okay. Okay, now after, Mike, can you discuss a little bit about the Mike Simpson press conference?


The, the Mike Simpson press conference was, I believe pretty much coordinated with. we were notified that he wanted to come and have the press conference. believe his press people took care of the media. work there, um ...


Uh, we did not do any media

BB: LS: • BB: LS: BB: LS:

Well, did Grant de any media work there? Grant didn't, but he showed up. And he... Now. what does he do when he shows up? Um ... What did he do in that case? When, in this case at the Mike, I was there as well. And, when um, Robbie

Johnson from Channel 7 was in attendance and, she stood with us and he, she said so is there anything else going on at the airport? wasn't, I think. town, Uh, at that time there

The, the Mike Simpson story regarding the gentleman who's in I think that was a pretty

Um, regarding his invention or whatever it was,

good story. Um ... [SIDE 2]


Go back over that story again, because my tape turned around.



Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1~13~03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page 23 of38


So, Grant stepped in and what... Grant stepped in and began speaking to her, and she says "do you have any secrets. or anything exciting going on here at the airport?" I could hear his conversation, I stood around just so the fact, kind of What, you He didn't


urn, and he was discussing

reiterating, what was going on uh, with the Mike Simpson conference. know, we're secure. really have anything, But he really didn't have much to say to her.

I don't think he knew anything to tell her. Urn ....


Her meaning Robbie Johnson? Robbie Johnson. With Channel 7? From Channel 7. And, urn, I was standing there uh, the entire time. And again, they were very appreciative of Grant and how his hard work that was put into the news conference. Where again, urn,

I was the one who had set everything up

with the press conference everything.

location, made sure we had easels and tables, and group even thanked him for

Uh, Mike Simpson's



everything all set up in the, in the lobby. When actually I was the one who did it BB: Okay, when you set all this up, had you talked to anyone at Mike Simpson's office?


No. I had not.
How did you know to set this stuff up?

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page 24 of 38


Urn. I believe, again about that one.


may have heard about it through,


believe John told me

Um, and I'm not always quite sure how, John is really good

about telling me things. So, I'm not quite sure if, how soon John knew about it. I don't know if it was something that he heard about at a, on a short notice. as well. Um,

And that's the way I heard about it. Urn, but no. Their offices did not

contact me, um ... BB: LS: And you don't think ... But I did talk to the gentleman, the gentleman who was. doing the presentation. He was the man who owns this equipment. press conference. He came in early, very early for the

I accommodated

him, took him to the conference room, was

showing him out the window telling him about the terminal expansion. Urn, and I think it was actually maybe through a phone call through him that I heard about it as well. Because he wanted to know if there would be easels,

urn, because he

was going to have some pictures. between that gentleman and John.

Urn, and, uh, so probably a combination
Uh, again I don't recall Grant being here to

do anything until the day of the press conference. BB: Do you know if Grant was contacted by Senator, or Congressman



The Mayor's office may have been contacted, and I think they may have given the information to Grant.

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03
Case No.:

Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: . Page 25 of38
BB: Okay. So, did it appear from you that the media as well as Congressman

Simpson's staff had been working with Grant inasmuch as they thanked him for his efforts?

Yes. And, did Grant ever communicate or ask for your assistance? No. He never did. But, on your own volition you went ahead and arranged for the easels and, and uh...



And the podium, and, yeah. And Grant had no involvement in that?
No. Actually he didn't even help me carry the podium. [laughs]



Did he, he showed up and everything was all ready pretty.well set up? Right. Because I had set it up probably about a half and hour, forty-five minutes before uh, the actual event happened. And it happened in the lower lobby of the building.


How long was this overall press conference last? Um, it probably lasted, maybe forty-five minutes. Urn, but my time probably was a little bit more because the gentlemanum. I believe his name was Tex. I think

his name was Tex, I can't remember. But anyway, he, he came in early. So, I

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill' Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By:
Page 26 of 38 Case No.:

accommodated him by making sure he was comfortable and show, was showing

him around. BB: Okay, the other. So we've talked about Senator Craig, Congressman Simpson, and the fair. LS: BB: LS: Mm Hrn. You said there was another conference involving urn Norman... That was Norman Manetta and that was at the, at the end of October.
Right, 2002?



Of 2002. Urn, and that is that day that urn, the, the security checkpoint was taken over by the TSA. And, I worked on that. I was contacted by, urn, Julian

Gonzales who is our Federal Security Director here in town. And, through him

Secretary Manetta's office contacted .me.

His public relations person was

arriving the day before the event, so he had scheduled with

me to come in, to

meet with me, to see the area, um, work on some logistic, just little logistics. Where we would set up, how many people would be involved. Urn, and I worked
on that, I kind of, we had, we had an idea when it was gonna happen, and then it

got pushed a couple of days. So I probably had a good ten-day leeway. But
when actually all said and done, it was a good three or four days pushing ahead

on getting things coordinated uh, through his office. His person arrived urn, as I say the day before. I mentioned it to John, let John know what was happening.

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03
Case No.:

Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By:
Page 27 of 38

And that, in conjunction with the press conference, there was a community leader

forum uh, to, to speak with Secretary Manetta. Urn, I worked with I believe it was Larry Craig's, again I believe it was Larry Craig's office that had.... [pause] I can't remember in my mind. Because Larry Craig came out for another thing that didn't involve Grant, so. I, to be honest with you I can't recall if it was Mike Anyw, I believe, no, I believe it was Mike

Simpson or Larry Craig's office.

Simpson's office. He, urn they came in again, but they contacted me this time.

Secretary Manetta's office had contacted me. But John had let me know that,

because the Mayor would be involved and because of something like this, we should let Grant know about it. Urn, so I did.
BB: You called him on the phone?


I called him and e-mailedhirn.Andlethimknowlsaidyouknow.this

is what's

going on. Urn, and also included Todd McKay, the public information officer in the city. I let them know of the event. Urn, they came out. .. BB:

Todd and Grant? Todd and Grant. And, Gary Lyman actually came out, met with Juilan Gonzales. the representative from Secretary Manetta's office, and myself. But, the next day
we were all gonna meet again and go over where we were going to be set up

and how things were going to be set up. And at it was just, um at that time it was gonna be Todd McKay, and urn, myself, and Grant, and the representative from

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page 28 of 38


Manetta's office.

It ended up just being Secretary Manetta's


information person and myself. Urn ...


Grant didn't show up? No. And uhf but by the time that h€! did, we were really

urn, Secretary Manetta's

office did not necessarily need Grant there. Urn. but he invited himself to show up. But, by the time he showed up, we had it aU set up. Urn, podium was in

place, urn, and the, I do know that Todd or Grant, I'm not sure which, they did arrange to get some lighting .. That was about the only thing I know that they did.

Urn, it, they, it took em' awhile before they actually got here. Oh, we had lunch,
and then that's when we knew Secretary Manetta's flight was a bit delayed. So

again, we just waited around until the media showed up and secretary came in.


Urn, and as soon as the press conference,

about time the press,

conference was over, urn, I began to clean up. I asked Grant to help me move the flags, but he wasn't there. He wasn't around to help me tear down.


Did he help you move theflacs? He moved them to in front of my office, because I asked him to, kinda hung out in my office, urn, uh, talked to a few people. the media up to the uh, checkpoint, But, urn, he

Because I escorted

because at that time the TSA said here's So I stood there with

your chance.

You can videotape the security checkpoint.

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page 29 of38

them to make sure that the media wasn't doing anything. And Grant urn, actually he just sat in the chair nearby and watched. BB: LS: BB: LS: BB: So, basically he did very little on the Norman Manetta press conference? Right.

In terms of, you did most of the preparation, and ...
Mm Hm. And so forth. Okay, well after that, has there been any other contact with Grant? This is October of this year, of last year. Since then, have you had any contact with Grant?


No. I haven't. To your knowledge, has he 'been out here to the airport and met with John or anyone else regarding any press conferences relations nature? or any other items of a public


Grant urn, made a, I guess made a proposal to John. services he could provide·to the airport for this year.

Urn, that of what he, what


2003? Right. 2003. And I'm, it happened soon before the holidays because he wanted, Christmas holiday, excuse me. Because he wanted to do a press conference,

send out a news release, and identify the travel tips to the public.

However, we

had already taken care of that urn, through the TSA and it was posted on our


Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: . Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page 30 of 38

website. We did a press release and the news media was using basically what they had from Thanksgiving regarding the, the pubilcity. And uh, from what I

understand and I, my supervisor shared with me that this was happening so that it didn't blindside me that Grant was urn, identifying some projects that he could do, uh for us. And in it was also things such as urn, security procedures, when it comes to security procedures, we don't discuss security procedures. and We

also, we at the airport do not comment on those, that's a TSA issue. And I don't,


Grant had some ideas that were out there that you know, we had, either done already, or that when we would do that, than probably what he had suggested.

1 would have taken care of if a lot sooner
Um, but we, urn, as I say we had done

the news release, urn, the media had called and actually had come out a couple of times just to see the holiday traffic, take some pictures. people of the tips, but that was about it. B8: LS: So, you haven't been in contact with Grant? No I saw him in the office Urn, and reminded the


couple days, or last week sometime. And ...


In John's office?
Yes. He had just come out of a meeting with John. Okay. Um, I guess I'm a little confused on why, and I want you to be very open on this if you have any opinions or anything else. As to why he has assumed the position that you've always had. I don't understand that.

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer


Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03
Case No.:

Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By:
Page 31 of 38


From what I understand, I don't know much about Grant. But, he has been urn, in television. He has been a public relations person through, I think, Ore-Ida.

Urn, even with, with them when they became Heinz and things like that. He's always done this type of a job. And I don't think he has that opportunity 'in his current position at BUS. Uh. I think his. complete honesty. Why is he doing it? Because I think he might be friends with certain people in certain places, urn, and because he's a guy. Urn...
BB: Friends with who?


I want, he's very close friends with Todd McKay. They're very chummy. Mm Hm. I've heard that". Seem to be very, you know, sidekicks. Urn, he, I, I think he misses having that type of position where he's urn, he's, he's no, he's, I think he likes to be a celebrity. And I think he misses that celebrity status. And because the airport . gets quite a bit of attention, especially lately. I think that urn, he might be trying to. to get that celebrity status urn. by doing some work for us.


But could, I mean I, I guess. Aren't you qualified to do this same work? Yes. I am. And I have a background in it. Urn, I have a communications degree
in broadcasting, similar to him. Um, and have been doing public relations since

urn, at least 1997. Urn... SS: Here at the airport [inaudible)

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page 32 of38


Not here at the airport, but in

my, in my past positions.

LS: BS: LS: BS: . LS:

Well let's talk about, at, at the airport since 1999 ... Mm Hm. So, almost four years. Mrn


Or will be sometime, right, this year? Right, in October, yeah. Okay. So prior to 1999, what type of work did you do? Prior to 1999? Before coming here. Before coming here. Urn, I was a non-for profit and did a lot of public relations. Did


a public

relations for the, for the EPA. Uh, in

a short

time .. Uh,until they take

away funding, which happens.

Urn, but I did uh, community relations for uh, the

March of Dimes foundation in Indiana. development

I also worked in economic, the economic

sector and again did public relations urn, and worked in community

relations with programs for residents.


So, you have a lot of experience and, involvement and it's your opinion that you could have done, handled this same job.


I've been writing news releases since

1994. I have been urn, interviewed by the

media and actually worked in radio since 1993. Urn, yeah. Totally.

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page 33 of 38


Has anyone ever toldyou that you were doing a poor job here? No. Has anyone ever complimented you on your job?


I have received compliments, yes .:
From, how about the airport manager, Mr. Anderson? Yes. John lets me know. He, if, if there's been, and you know on times there's between the news group, but he lets me know.
8, 8


been miscommunication

But at

the same time he lets me know when I'm doing an, concem first began on September the 12th.

good job. Urn, my my

! handled all the media on

September the 11th, but received directives throuqh John that Todd McKay was to handle the media following September 11th events. Urn, again, urn, but.that

was the only time up until then, which was fine with me after that. he handled the 11th, the 12th and the 13th•

I mean, after

And from then, you know those next

couple of days was probably where it's time for the Mayor's office to step in say you know okay, this is past, this is where we're gonna move forward. of a thing. That kind

But, um, the only negative feedback I received, and I a received quite

a bit of compliments from the public, who saw me on television on September 11"'. The only comment I was given, and I think it may have been in jest, was

that on the 9:00 news on the

11th on Channel 12 I stuttered.

But considering


Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page 34 of38

had been at that since 7 a.m. that morning, I think I am allowed a few stutters here and there. But I never received any negative, heavy negative feedback. SB: And that would, and I'm assuming that would be any feedback, include the Mayor's office and Todd McKay? LS: BS: Right. I've never received any kind of feedback from them. Okay. Alright. Weill think you've answered the questions very well. Thank you. Is there anything else that uh, that you can add to this conversation. What I'm interested in, you know to reiterate would that




little bit is the fact that here we have a

person who is paid $20,000

a year for services. And based on what you've said,

it appears that you could have done the same thing, but on your salary because that's what you're hired to do.


Mm Hm.
Am I correct in that? That's correct. And, uh, you could have done the same job because of your qualifications. Mm Hm And, in addition, it doesn't sound like to me that he's really done a lot except for maybe period ... the fair, which you, which you stated may have taken a two-week



Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page 35 of 38


Mm Hm. Uh, and maybe a week for the Larry Craig press conference. Mm Hm. Uh, going back to the Mike Simpson press conference, they did most of that for you as I understand, is that correct?



That's the impression I received.

And the reason was it seemed to be


And, urn, they [clears throat] excuse me. They had an actual location

where they had it, and they had this guest joining them. And, I, he contacted me.


I didn't know who he was, so he knew to contact me to make the arrangements.
Okay. that. .. LS: BB: LS: Mm Hm. Uh, GrantJones Yeah. That's, just showed up for that. And the only other one was Norman Manetta and it sounds like that,

I mean he, he would show up. And um, I always felt like when,

when Grant is around, he has to throw in his two cent's worth. but it's over usually issues I've already taken care of. comes to. Urn, and I used the example when it

There's another, it was not an event but was a the potential for an

event was in May when the urn. Air Force came in and started using our


Urn. I had given some urn, I had been given the task by John. We

were gonna be meeting with the Air National Guard. We were gonna be meeting

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of 1 nterview: 1-13-03
Case No.:

Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By:
Page 36 of 38

with the, that was public relations. Public relations from Air National Guard, the

Air Force, and was going to be Gary Frasey, John Anderson, myself, and Grant Jones was invited. Because again, I think our directive is to include Grant on big projects. So we all gathered but Grant called me, this is the only time I've ever known Grant to contact me, urn, or at least respond to my contact. He called me and said you know, I hear there's this meeting today, what is this about? I gave him the information regarding the fact, we want to be neighborly. We, the


national, excuse me. The Air Force is going to be here. They're going to be

making a lot of noise. We want to let the people know about it. Urn, I made a few comments 'to Grant that I heard him actually use as his own words in the
meeting with John. And everyone else.

But there was just a meeting? There was just a meeting. Grant urn, John had suggested. John had suggested and it was kinda to be the lead for Grant, because it was going to be a very political issue for us. Uh, I think that's why we wanted Grant to go ahead and handle it, because it would be coming from the Mayor's office. Mm Hm.
But it, we were gonna do a cookout for the families at Mountain Home. Uh, we

wanted to make sure that the when the media discussed it, they put a good spin

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer

Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1~13~03
Case No.:

Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By:
Page 37 of 38

on it. And he was gonna contact all the news directors. Urn, none of those things happened.

So there wasn't any preparation by Grant? He may have contacted the news, the news directors, but I think if he had contacted news directors the news direct, the news people would have picked up on it and did a story out of it. I think for our, the only thing that really came out of it urn, the whole public relations side all came from the Air Force.





Urn, he never did anything. I never, and again I think if he had talked to the news, they would have picked up on it and carried it as a positive story.


This was May of thls year, or was it 2002 I mean?


2002. 2002. Excuse me.
Okay, alright. Well, is there anything else you'd like to add to this interview that I haven't stated. Anything you'd like to comment on or...


I just would like to say that I'm thankful that other people see this. Because I
don't like to complain and point out where 1 feel I'm being treated unfairly. But i

think Grant Jones coming in and trying to do my job, is, is degrading to me. So,
I'm glad to know I'm not losing it.


Okay, is that all you've got to say? Okay. Well I'll terminate the interview. The time, is 11:18 a.m.

Interview Of: Larissa Stouffer Conducted By: Bill Buie Date of Interview: 1-13-03 Case No.: Transcribed By: Katie Madden Revised By: Page 38 of 38


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