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Costing Setup

Pre Requisite : Make Sure following Concurrent Managers Are up 1. Sysadmin > Concurrent Managers search for Inventory Manager – INVMGR Standard Manager Has Workshift = Standard - Active 24 hours every day 2. Sysadmin > Concurrent Programs(Sysadmin mode) search for Cost Manager – CMCTCM Material cost transaction processor - INCTCC Has Executable Method = Immediate 3. Make sure Cost Manager Interface is up and running for V1 and M1 Org.Use change Organization form to flip b/w the orgs. Cost Management Resp > Setup > Interface Manager – Cost Manager and Material Transaction Manager should be Active
Cost Manger Warning : Ref Bug 7601544 Make Sure the Cost Price for Items are same/equal for all the orgs it is assigned.One time setup. For this given below is the example with new item. a. Create an Item – V1 Org 1. Use inv resp 2. Open Master Item form 3. Enter Item Name & Descp 4. From tools > Copy From 5. Give Templete as Purchased and name as AS54888 and Apply 6. In Purchasing Tab, Define List Price and Unit Of Issue = ‘Each’ option 7. Click on Org Assignment in the left side tab 8. Assign the item for V1 and M1 and Save – [Standard Costing]

b. Assign some quantity in V1 And M1 : for the above item through Miscellenious receipt.But make sure that the profile TP:INV Transaction processing mode is set to ‘Online Processing’ @ For Cost Management Resp to have M1 access , do the following steps @ --------------------------------------------------------------------@ Goto Inventory Vision Operations resp @ Setup>organizations > Organizattion Access and give, @ Org = M1 @ Application = Bills of Material @ Name = Cost Management @.

Or Material e. Search for Item and Cost Type = DPPCOst 4. Click on Costs button 5. Make Sure the Org Parameters are set properly. Make Sure Org’s Inv Parameters . Element = Material and Fix some rate [900] 6.@ Like this add Cost Managemnt to whatever Org you need access in Cost @ Management resp c. Choose Cost Management resp 2. Update the cost of the item 1. Open Item Cost form by selecting V1 as org 3. Unit Cost and Material Cost should be updated d. And Save 7.

f. Now Run Update standard cost with the following parameters 1. For M1. Account = Miscellenious 3. Now Create transaction using the above item and execute the Cost Update Process. Item Range = All itesms 5. Repeat steps c & d for M1 Org Verify whether Frozen cost is updated to the DPP cost value. . So For V1 . Descp = Some value 4. Item From . Cost Type =DPPCOst 2. search for each item and verify DPP cost and Frozen cost – both should be equal. To = all g. Update Option = 1st option 6. Again search for each item and verify DPP cost and Frozen cost – both should be equal.

TST1211:UNABLE TO POST DPP COSTUPDATES TO GL MTL_transaction_accounts MTL_material_transactions .If not the exec process shows warning message.Costing exec process works fine.So make sure that all the orgs to which the item is assigned has identical cost[one time activity] M1 M2 uses standard costing M3 M4 uses avg costing Cost Update Accounting Setup : Refer bug 7633681 . if all the inv orgs to which the item is assigned has same cost .

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