HERAA Newsletter

Harriet E. Richards Alumnae Association Volume 13, Issue 1 Fall/Winter 2009

Letter from the HERAA President
Dear HER Alumnae,
June Ritterbusch (L) and Dawn Stapleton (R), both Class of 1992, in the Dining Room at the 2009 Annual Meeting.

It is with great pleasure that we bring to you this year's Newsletter. Our pleasure stems in part from memories of earlier years when we were living in the House as students. We were involved in our studies and in "keeping house" in this incredible mansion that amazed us with its beauty when we arrived here. We learned to live, work and have fun together with others we did not know. Our housemates came from other cities and towns, became our friends and in many cases, kept in touch with us over the years as they moved on to other places and important careers. For me personally, and for others I believe as well, staying connected to the House and one another through our Alumnae Association, HERAA, is an even more heartwarming pleasure. Those of us who serve on the Board are privileged to visit the House about once a month for our meetings. We sit in the dining room at the large oval table. We can look out at the Charles River. We enjoy interacting with current students and hearing how they feel about living in the House. (Truth be known, this is an opportunity for us to re-live our own experiences vicariously through theirs!) These feelings motivate the Board members to give time and energy, contributions and encouragement to the women who spend their formative years in this House. It is unique among BU’s housing options. It is transformative in what we and new students learn here: opportunities for cooperation, friendship, interacting with respect for the spirit of the group, and not of the least importance, how to shop and prepare meals for 24 people, organize fun activities and live well on a small budget. We have a dedicated Board again this year: Zomana Majid is Vice President, Clara Herrero is Co-Treasurer with me, Rebecca Martin is Database Secretary and Hillary Johnson is Corresponding Secretary. We all have special interests, such as the website development (Zomana), the Red Book, which has current information about our members (Marjorie and Rebecca) and archiving the rich history of the House and its activities (Hillary). Clara is re-joining us this year, but I am sure she will jump back in soon with her special interests as well. Student non-voting Board members this year are Katie Bailey, the current House President, and Ali Roussilhes, the current House Director. Student representatives are such an important part of the Board; they truly help us to understand what the House and its current members need. You will note that our Treasury is doing quite well despite the downturn in the economy. It is noteworthy that over the past two-to-three years, we have purchased new furniture for the foyer, dining room curtains, a digital camera to record pictures with student’s names for our archives and printers for the Alumnae Room available to students. We have also repaired the dining room’s antique buffet, table and chairs in the dining room. We always buy on sale! Our early years of penny-pinching are ingrained! Yet there are alumnae who are very generous in their support of HERAA and to them we are very deeply appreciative. Thank You! This heartfelt idea I started with, as you can see, has spread to all of you who used to live here and to the women who live here now! The mantle of love and caring about this House and its residents needs to be cast wide to cover all who have experienced cooperative living at this special place in the BU community. Please consider sharing your presence, reminiscences and current life story – all are a great source of interest and pleasure for each of us. Best wishes, Marjorie Kettell, PhD, HERAA President

In this Issue
[2] Alumnae Personal Updates Thank You to Our Donors Save the Dates In Memoriam: Benson Bowditch State of the HER House Report Student Notes from Abroad Meet this year’s House Women Red Book Questionnaire 2010 Student Award Winners Class of 2009 Portrait



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HERAA Board of Directors
President Vice President Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Database Secretary House President House Director Marjorie Kettell, PhD, ‘47 Zomana Majid, ‘91 Clara Herrero, ‘06 Hillary Johnson, ‘01 Rebecca Martin, ‘07 Katie Bailey, ‘10 Ali Roussilhes, ‘13

Contact Information
Web: www.her-house.org Email: heralums.191@gmail.com Mail: c/o HER Cooperative House 191 Bay State Road Boston, MA 02215

HERAA Newsletter Fall/Winter 2009


Alumnae Personal Updates (Listed below are alumnae and respective years of graduation. Updates are from 12/08 – 11/09)
Shoshanah Rothkopf Garshick, 1947 This is our third year in Newton. We moved from a close-knit neighborhood of 54 years to a condo development! At least we're not shoveling snow! Someone else's job now! Kathleen Sheehan Davenport, 1949 I live on the "left coast" so I'm very far from Boston. The memory of life at the HER House remains vivid - the friends I made there are still close in touch - most of us are over 80 years old now, but still able to enjoy life. Our life at HER was very special! I wish I were close so I could revisit scenes of my youth more often. The spirit is willing, etc. But long-distance travel is such a big hassle! (Alas.) Mary Castellano White, 1951 I'm suffering from Reverse Memory Syndrome the older I get, the clearer are my youthful memories. Otherwise, I am in good health and spirits here in the frozen north. (Callicoon, NY) Winifred Bruce Luhrmann, 1956 My memories are of us all being emotional, social and active. We certainly made each other's lives richer. Marilyn Estabrook Downes, 1957 I’ve been keeping very busy directing all music at First Baptist Church in Westwood (since 1965!). I am leaving 1-11-09 for a three-week safari vacation in South Africa. Dian Peterson Robbins, 1964 Six years ago Ed and Dian moved to a new home out in the country. They own 65 acres alongside the Nippersink Creek in NE Illinois, 53 of which they rent to a local farmer who raises corn and soybeans. On the remaining acres, they have planted 2600 mixed hardwood trees for conservation purposes in cooperation with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Ed is an actuarial consultant in insurance taxation at a midsized accounting firm and has already retired from three other positions! He plans on final retirement in 2010 at 70 ½. Dian has held down the home front all these years and done much volunteer work. We have three children, four grandchildren and two grand-dogs. All lives more than five hours away so we do not see them as often as we wish. Janette Misdom Kline, 1966 Do you still do the Dante bowing during initiation of new girls? We had to kowtow on hands and knees before the bust on a pedestal (reputed to be Dante) saying, "I know my heart, I know my mind. I know that I stick out behind." Kathleen Foley Bennett, 1969 I work as a school nurse and health teacher in an elementary school. Plan to go on a missionary trip to Africa in June. I have eight children – youngest entering college this year. I have been married 40 years this August, and we have 17 grandchildren. Noreen Grice, 1985 I continue to make astronomy accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired. My website is www.youcandoastronomy.com. Karen Scher, 1995 Engaged to be married 9/5/09 at Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC! Audrey Lucero, 1996 I live in Seattle near my two best friends and fellow HER alumnae Gaylynn Turnage and Jen Oschner. Alyssa Amico Richard, 1997 Expecting our first child in March 2009! Hoping to see you all at the April Tea! Rebekah Kilman Liu, 2006 This year was exciting as I was married to KaiPing Liu on 4 April 2008! I am also continuing my work in the domestic violence movement at the Center for the Pacific Asian Family in Los Angeles. Hannah Warner, 2007 Getting married in June 2009 to my best friend and high school love! Not sure where we’ll end up just yet!

Thank you for your generous gifts to HERAA
Since December 2008, you have collectively contributed approximately $5000 to HERAA. We use your dues and donations to fund this newsletter, continually furnish the House, provide current residents with scholarships and awards, maintain a House archive, offer assistance for House activities and events and more. HERAA and the HER House greatly appreciate your contributions. Thank you! This year, we would like to dedicate a special thank you to Irene Gesiak Kelley, Class of 1954. Irene has been exceptionally generous in her gifts to HERAA and the HER House. Since December 2008, Irene has donated $2000 in gifts; and over the past few years, she has given more than $10,000 total. We are grateful for her altruism and her continuing cooperative spirit. Thank you, Irene. Listed below are donors and respective years of graduation Shoshanah Rothkopf Garshick, 1947 (IMO: Thalia Callichy Mandel) Marjorie Kettell, 1947* Virginia Peterson Lamana, 1947 Kathleen Sheehan Davenport, 1949* Barbara Lowe Stewart, 1949 Elaine P. Bowditch, 1950 Mary Castellano White, 1951 Helene Edel Buker, 1953 Lorna Lecrenier, 1953 Irene Gesiak Kelley, 1954^ Winifred Bruce Luhrmann, 1956 Marilyn Downes, 1957 Elaine Moore Kirk, 1960 Betty Athanasoulas, 1961 Hope Reilly Tyler, 1963 Dian Robbins, 1964^ Laura Barros Bumpus, 1965 Janette Misdom Kline, 1966 (IMO: Jenny Alma Mignault) Karen E. Daly, 1967 Carol Gerjuoy, 1967 Elizabeth Waldron, 1968 Kathleen Foley Bennett, 1969 Pam Hixon, 1977* Theresa MulQueeny-Stern, 1978 Denise Alix Kinsley, 1981 Lisa Macdonnell, 1982 Alicia White, 1982 Wendy Fitzgerald, 1983 Mariann Bonarrigo, 1984 Noreen A. Grice, 1985 Denise McCool, 1990* Jennifer Mathieu, 1993 Karen Scher, 1995 Audrey Lucero, 1996 Alyssa Amico Richard, 1997 Shellie Dacko Rucinski, 1998 Jaime Gillette, 2001 Clara Herrero, 2006 (IHO: Class of 2006 HER Alums) Rebekah Kilman Liu, 2006 Holly Masek, 2006 Carol Masek (Mother of Heidi Masek, 2001 and Holly Masek, 2006) Stephanie Frana, 2007 Rebecca Martin, 2007 Hannah E. Warner, 2007
*contributed $150 - $299 ^ contributed $300 or more IMO: in memory of IHO: in honor of All donors listed gave between 12/08 and 11/09

HERAA Newsletter Fall/Winter 2009


Alumnae at the 2009 Annual Meeting and Tea
Back Row (L – R): Zomana Majid, Diana Pupillo, Laura Kloepper, Marjorie Kettell, Carol Guerjoy, Lydia Witt, Barbara Dougherty, Rachel Fletcher, Martha Munoz and Mary Breckeridge. Middle Row: Hillary Johnson. Front Row (L – R): Kendra Engel, Nora Rasman, Clara Herrero, Mary Pike and Rebecca Martin. Please consider joining us next year!

Save the Dates!
Please join us for the

Annual Meeting and Alumnae Tea Saturday, April 17, 1-4pm
and a

Valentine’s Day Tea Sunday, February 7, 1-3pm
You can expect your invitations in the coming months. Please call or email the HER House with questions at (617) 352-7000 or her.cooperative@gmail.com

In Memoriam
Elaine Panaretos Bowditch, Class of 1950, recently informed us of the passing of her husband, Benson. Below is a short announcement about her husband as well as a special note to Elaine from her former housemates at HER. Benson Bowditch, age 90, W.W.II Marine Corps veteran died April 4, 2009 at the Soldier’s Home in Holyoke. He was a graduate of Swarthmore College and received a Master's degree in education from George Washington University in 1942. Then he joined the Marine Corps, served the South Pacific, and later was in occupied Japan, retiring after 20 years as a Major. He taught history and geography at Muzzy Junior High School in Lexington, MA. He was an avid biker, canoeist and kayaker, exploring the Canadian Arctic, and at age 70, biking across the country from Seattle, WA to Conway, MA. Dear Elaine, We send you our love and compassion at this time of loss. We have fond memories of you at HER, when your beautiful voice could be heard as you sang at the piano in the foyer and in our Christmas pageants. You wrote us that you are trying to decide what to do with the rest of your life. We wish you happiness and peace, creativity and fulfillment. On behalf of all of us who were housemates at HER, 1945-1950. Marjorie Kettell, 1947

HERAA Newsletter Fall/Winter 2009


State of the House: a letter from the House President and House Director
Dear Alumnae, This semester, the HER House welcomes 13 new girls, of which six are sophomores, four are juniors and two are seniors. And this year, our House Director is a first year medical student. The repertoire of house majors includes engineers, international relations majors, economics majors, pre-meds, etc. We have many house members involved in exciting extracurricular activities this year! Our Vice President, Gabby, just released her first Christian hip-hop single on Amazon.com and iTunes. Our Steward, Ashley, is traveling to Honduras with a program called the Global Medical Brigades. We also have two women, Delia and Zoe, training for the Boston Marathon. And these are just a few of the many adventurous endeavors of our current house members! We kicked off the school year with the much needed All-House Clean, which has proven successful in that, months later, the house has REMAINED clean! That same weekend, our V.P. coordinated a House Retreat that included ice breaker games, an orientation to the House for the new members and an exciting and thrilling adventure at a local Boston archaeological experience called “The Tomb,” of which we all had to use logic and cunning to escape with our lives! This year’s house members have been sharing their backgrounds and cultures through their cook nights. Various cuisines have included Indonesian, Korean, French, and Indian themed dinners. Not only have they been sharing their backgrounds, but they have also been working together in the new “Study Space,” a.k.a. The Dining Room, as each girl takes pride in her many academic accomplishments. Several house Committees have been established, and all have put themselves to work. Our PR/Interview Committee has planned several open-house events to take place throughout the academic year and has been advertising the house and its many benefits. The Activities Committee planned several fun events to allow house members to socialize outside of the kitchen, some of which included movie nights, group aerobics, an “Eat for Equity” fundraising dinner and a music night. The Renovations Committee is working on buying a bike shelter for the back patio area for the many house members who bike through Boston on a day-to-day basis. As per annual events, for Halloween, the Activities Committee organized a pumpkin carving social at which the house women seasonally decorated the house and bonded over caramel apples. Our Fall Faculty Welcome, which took place on October 29th, was a lovely evening with our many talented professors and staff members at Boston University. As you can see, we’ve had a busy semester thus far and will continue to keep you updated! We hope you have enjoyed learning about the house and its current members and activities. As always, Katie Bailey, House President ENG 2010 Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Ali Roussilhes, House Director MED 2013 M.D. Candidate Contact us: her.cooperative@gmail.com

Student Notes from Abroad
Rachel Vannice in Dublin, Ireland and Paris, France, Class of 2010 I can’t quite seem to shake this urge to travel! I spent the spring semester of 2009 in Dublin, Ireland studying Irish History, Irish Society, plays, and even learned to play the bodhran (the traditional Irish hand drum) and played a session with some Irish traditional musicians! I also had the amazing opportunity to work with Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders in their Dublin office. It was an incredible experience and one of the reasons I’m now in Paris trying to improve my French and enjoy as many cafés, museums and baguettes as I can. I’m currently working at the Réseau Médicaments et Développement, an NGO that works with doctors, pharmacists and health officials to get proper treatments to African countries. Paris is amazing, but I also can’t wait to get back to my amazing HER House! Ariana Alisjahbana in Québec, Class of 2011 This past summer I had the opportunity to cross the northern American Border into Québec, Canada. I stayed for five weeks in the beautiful capital Québec City, Québec, the French-speaking Canadian Province. I participated in the French Language Immersion Program (FLE) in Université Laval. It was my first time in a francophone environment, and I was there to deepen my French language skills. The program itself is quite rigorous; we learned more than a semester's worth of material in only five weeks! Besides studying, I travelled around the city, and experienced the best of what Québec has to offer, namely maple syrup and Cirque du Soleil!

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HERAA Newsletter Fall/Winter 2009


Meet this year’s HER House Women
Ariana Alisjahbana is from Bandung, Indonesia. She is a junior studying Economics and Environmental Analysis and Policy, and is the current House Treasurer. She loves photography and riding bikes, and is very excited to go abroad next spring to Paris! Jacqueline Argueta is double majoring in Economics and French, and her passions in life include volunteering at community based programs and traveling throughout Latin America. She hopes to study abroad next semester, perhaps in Paris or in Grenoble. After graduation in2012, Jacqueline plans to move to Guatemala (her native country) and work for the American Embassy or Guatemalan government to focus on economic policies and development in the country. Irma Ayala is a senior from Houston, TX majoring in Political Science. She hopes to go to graduate school and obtain a Master’s in Educational Policy. This is her first year at the HER House, and she enjoys going to local music shows and baking with house mates. Deena Baig is a sophomore studying Biology and Classical Civilization. Although she was born in Canada, she spent most of her life in Massachusetts where she grew up admiring the brilliance of New England autumns (which is coincidentally her favorite season). After the crispness of a fall day, she enjoys late night baking in the kitchen. Katie Bailey is a senior studying Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. Born and raised in central Arkansas, she loves dancing the night away with her girls, spending long hours in the kitchen cooking wonderful food, and watching movies. Katie plans to continue living in Boston after graduating from BU in order to pursue her Master’s in Engineering. Katie is this year’s House President. Nicole Duffy is a senior in Anthropology and Archaeology from Whittier, CA. Nicole—better known as Cole—enjoys art, thinking theoretically and hanging out with HER friends. This past summer, she worked on an archaeological site in Syria and plans to get her doctorate after spending two years in the Teach for America program in the Las Vegas Valley. Carly Fleming is a sophomore from PA majoring in Political Science and Economics with a minor in Statistical Methods. She is enjoying her first semester in the house and serving as the Chair of the Renovations and Lifebook Committee. Caroline Fong grew up in Fiji and lives in Boston. She is studying advertising with a Japanese language minor. She likes to divide her time amongst being the HER House Secretary, COM and Japanese classes, internships and sleeping. She is most happy when busy. Luwam Ghidei is a junior from Dallas, Texas, who wouldn’t trade her BU experience for anything. She is exploring her premedical interest by majoring in Human Physiology and researching in a biochemistry lab. She moved into the HER House thinking she knew what to expect since she comes from a house of five women, but she miscalculated all of the great food, fun personalities and infinite learning experiences. Jen He is originally from China and now lives in Reading, MA. She is a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Energy Technology. It is her first year living in the house, and her best house memory so far is the All House Clean at the beginning of the year. Caitlin Howe is a junior from Springfield, OR. She is studying International Relations and is eager to explore the rest of the world. She paints, writes, reads and loves sharing stories over steaming cups of tea. Somewhat of an old soul, she finds that the best mode for stress relief is baking! It is her first year in the HER House, and she loves it! Rae Lathrop has just entered her last of seven semesters in the HER House. She is most recently from Las Vegas, NV and studies Environmental Science and Policy. When she's not worrying about finding a job for January, she enjoys baking, biking, dancing in the kitchen and eating fresh fruit. Ashley Lytwyn is nearing the end as she approaches her last fall semester at BU. Last year she studied in Salamanca, Spain and hopes to return to Europe after graduation for another amazing experience. She will be graduating with a bachelor's in Biology, in hopes of pursuing a career in nutrition and fitness. Caitlin McGuire is a junior double majoring in International Relations (environment and development and Africa and the Middle East tracks) and Anthropology. She is from Washington State and loves to snowboard in the winter and hike and camp in the summer when she is home. After graduating from BU, Caitlin plans to travel as much as possible and hopes to live in a foreign country. Ura Nahar is a junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering. She was raised in southern Texas and loves being around friends. She spends her time enjoying a cup of tea or watching her favorite shows when she is not in a lab. Ura is looking forward to becoming a professor in the future. Rachel Paul is a sophomore from St. Louis studying Economics, and she is also a Pre-Med student. This is Rachel's first semester in the house, and she loves the HER ladies, all the cookies left on the kitchen table and climbing to the top floor of the house multiple times a day! Ali Roussilhes of Voorhees, New Jersey is this year’s House Director. She is a first year student at the School of Medicine, and it’s her second year as a Resident Assistant. Ali is a dual citizen of the United States and France and travels to Europe every summer! Delia Shanahan-Roberge is a senior from upstate NY, studying Anthropology and Biology. She is a marathoner, oboist and EMT. Last fall she studied abroad in Germany and although she misses the trains and bakeries, she is thrilled to be in the HER House this year with such fabulous people. She enjoys her weekly food shopping excursions to Haymarket and Trader Joe's for the house. Zoe Shei is a senior majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Sociology. She hails from Long Island, NY and enjoys running by the Esplanade, exploring Boston, traveling to different countries and eating delicious meals cooked by HER women. This is her third and final year living in the house, and she will miss it dearly! Natasia Sidarta is a sophomore from Bensalem, PA excited to be living her first semester at the HER House! She is double majoring in Environmental Science and Environmental Analysis/Policy. She enjoys sampling new foods, going to concerts and hugging puppies. She hopes to study abroad in the Ecuador Tropical Ecology Program her junior year. My name is Kendra Toole, and I am from Portland, Oregon. I am currently in my third year studying Aerospace Engineering. I have lived in the house since September 2008, and this year I am serving as the Clerk. I enjoy hanging out in the fourth floor storage closet, which I have turned into a study lounge. Gabriella Williams, better known as Gabby, is a junior studying Business Administration and Religious Studies. Currently the House Vice President, Gabby hails from Salinas, California. Her interests include music, sports and spending time with family. She enjoys being an activist in present causes and truly giving to others.

HERAA Newsletter Fall/Winter 2009


Red Book Questionnaire 2010
The Red Book was created by Marjorie Kettell (CLA ‘47, GRS ‘54 & ‘64) in 1988 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the HER House. The Red Book compiles experiences and memories about living at HER and is a personalized representation of the House’s history. We are continuing our efforts of collecting more archival material about HER alumnae and would like very much to hear from you about what you are doing today. Please consider providing us with current information on your career, accomplishments, news of family and significant others, education after you left BU undergraduate school, travel and creative pursuits. (There is no limit on number of pages!) We are interested in all of your information and especially in how the role of HER women at home and in careers may have changed over the past 82 years! The following list of questions is also available on our website at www.her-house.org under “Alumnae.” (1) Name: First, Middle, Maiden, Married (2) Year of Graduation/College at BU (3) Current Address (4) Telephone Number (5) Email Address (6) Current, Previous or Desired Occupation/Field (7) Were you an officer while living at HER? If so, which one(s)? Which year(s)? (8) Please share any recollections of people and events at HER you may have. (9) Is there anyone you would like to find from our list of alumnae? (10) In retrospect, what did living at the HER House mean to you? How has it influenced your life? (11) Please add anything that you would like to share with HER Alumnae. (12) Please indicate with a signature or initials whether you give permission to include your information in the Red Book, available only to HER Alumnae: a. Permission to include your information in the print edition b. Permission to include your information in BOTH the print and e-mail edition (13) Please indicate how you would like to receive your copy of the 2010 Red Book: via email or post. Please return typed freestyle replies by Monday, February 15, 2010. You can send your replies via email to: heralums.191@gmail.com OR by postal mail to: Rebecca Martin/HERAA Redbook c/o HER House 191 Bay State Road Boston, MA 02215 Thank you for your interest in HER and the HERAA Red Book! If you have any questions, please email us at heralums.191@gmail.com. Please return your replies to us by Monday, February 15, 2010. Best wishes, Marjorie Kettell, PhD, HERAA President and Rebecca Martin, HERAA Database Secretary

HERAA Newsletter Fall/Winter 2009


Student Award Winners 2009
Ruth Manwaring grants ($250) were given to Kelsey Grover and Zoe Shei. In order to receive this grant, applicants write letters to the HERAA Board and are chosen on the basis of merit, need and explanation of how the funds would be used. Miss Cooperative ($100), given to a current house member and is voted on by HER House women, was awarded to Alexandra Bledsoe. The Emma Sleeper Award ($100), given in honor of an early House Mother from the 1920s and in recognition of cooperative spirit, was awarded to Rae Lathrop. Current house members vote a graduating senior for the award. Rebecca Hehn was awarded $100 for Highest GPA; this award was available thanks to the generosity of alumnae Marjorie Kettell, PhD (CLA 1947, GRS 1954, GRS 1964).

Join us in congratulating the student award winners of 2009!
Back Row (L – R): Tijy Thankachan, Gabriella Williams, Caroline Fong, Zomana Majid, Marjorie Kettell, Jessica Schmidt, Antonia Roberts and Zoe Shei. Front Row (L – R): Rebecca Hehn, Ashley Lytwyn, Rae Lathrop, Kelsey Grover and Alexandra Bledsoe.

Due to the great generosity of our donors this past year, we were able to provide several one-time awards to students this year. We awarded six women discretionary HERAA Cooperative Spirit Awards ($50), acknowledging the students’ cooperative spirit throughout the year based on house votes. The award winners included Caroline Fong, Ashley Lytwyn, Antonia Roberts, Jessica Schmidt, Tijy Thankachan and Gabriella Williams.

Please welcome the Class of 2009 to HERAA!

Back row (L - R): Antonia Roberts, Morgan Morentz, Marjorie Kettell, Rebecca Hehn, Kelsey Grover, Sarah Fong and Tijy Thankachan. Front row (L – R): Farah Mohammadzadeh, Rae Lathrop, Alexandra Bledsoe and Jessica Schmidt. Not pictured: Ayan Dirir, Myescha Joell, Makeda Marshall, Elizabeth Motta and Ava Rawski.

HERAA Newsletter Fall/Winter 2009


2009-2010 Dues & Donations Form
HERAA greatly appreciates your continued support over the years. Your dues and generous donations allow us to continually support HER House residents and to refurbish the beautiful home generations of us have come to love. Your gift helps to ensure the enduring vitality of our beloved House – that which connects us all as Alumnae.

HERAA Membership Dues: $25
In addition to your dues, we greatly appreciate any gifts you are able to provide to help support preserving the House and funding student activities. If you would like to have your contribution used for a specific purpose (e.g., needed household items, student scholarships and grants, archiving materials, etc.) please indicate so below, and we will allocate your donation accordingly.

Giving Levels (please circle one):
Gold: $300 + Silver: $150 - $299 Bronze: $25 - $149
Other amount:

My contribution is given in memory of: My contribution is given in honor of: I would like my contribution used for:
Please make checks payable to HERAA. All dues and donations to HERAA are tax-deductible to the limits of the law as we are a tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Please mail all dues and donations to: HERAA, c/o Harriet E. Richards Cooperative House, 191 Bay State Road, Boston, MA 02215

2009-2010 Address Update Form
In an effort to keep our Alumnae Database up to date, we ask that along with your dues and donations, you send us your current contact information and a personal update or special anecdote to share with your fellow alumnae in the next newsletter. First Name: Street Address: City: Phone: Occupation: Major(s) at BU: Graduation Year: Years at HER (e.g., 1978-1981): State: Email: Retired: Y or N School at BU: Zip: Maiden Name: Last Name:

House officer positions held and dates of office (if applicable): Please initial if you give HERAA permission to share your contact information with fellow HER House alumnae if requested: Please share any personal updates, anecdotes, memories or suggestions for HERAA you may have (use an additional sheet if necessary):

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