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One of the greatest driving changes to the American way of life was the American Revolution.

The monumental changes sparked by this revolution changed all aspects of American way of life. The greatest examples you can see of these, can be seen in changes of labor, the structure of the rich and the poor, and on the family unit. The sparking force behind the revolution had a huge impact on the rich poor class structure in America. New inventions like the cotton gin, the wind and water mill, the steam engine, and the telegraph all these alowed the well to do and rich the ability to diversify their products and gain more wealth. This would mean nothing if you couldnt move these new products around the country or the world. For years a massive canal had greatly improved the ability for the rich and the poor to get their textile and produce around at a greater pace then just 40 years before and the rapid standardization of the railroads greatly increased that even more. This new transportation combined with new machines and the migration to cities spurred by the change in the economic structure forever. It aloud the most cutthroat, adaptive, and luckiest to gain wealth and gain bigger share of wealth, but most importantly started the largest growth of a new class, Americans the middle class. All these change would have huge impacts on the class structures of America as well as the family and the labor force of America. With new inventions such as the cotton gin and new modes transportation becoming more available to everyone, people were able create some revolutionary ideas. Such as wage labor. Factory work would bring on new ways of production and new forms of laborers. The new textile industry brought large machinery powered by new steam engines allowing textile producers to make more products during longer periods of the day. In new buildings called factories, and with these factories spawned the idea of wage labor. All these changes, though they came at a cost, allowed factories could mass-produce products that traditional were made by

Journeymen and master craftsmen. These highly skilled, highly paid workers now had to compete against employers who could compartmentalize work in a factory, and higher unskilled undereducated woman and child to run machines in these factories at a fraction of the cost of highly skilled journeymen and master craftsmen. The Industrial revolution permanently changed the face of labor in America. More and more laborers moved to the city from rural countryside. Communities and unskilled workers would be needed for this new economy spawned thereof. This also led to some strife to a society that as a whole was doing some soul searching. Sociologic questions arose, such as, how would wage labor affect the traditional patriarchal household? If slaves were sent to do wage labors for their masters would it give them new dangerous ideas, would they cause unfair competition for free white workers? All these rapid changes to the labor force and changes in social location would come together to change the most basic part of the Americans family. The American Industrial Revolution had a very significant impact on the family unit in several ways. The structural changes caused by wage labor would be functional changes in the way family network with each other. No longer would families need to rely on their neighbors or themselves to be self-sufficient. A semi steady flow of capital, one could buy the supplies they needed instead of the need to barter for them. The wage labor system also changed the micro economy of the rural family. Less and less work would be done out of home as woman and children were need for factory work. With wage labor becoming more popular and the need of more workers, came a big change of location for a large margin of families. Large migrations to city were spawned by the needs of factories from the rural countryside changing the very face of the country. These shifts in location and economics led to greater and greater changes in the idea of the family that still affect Americans to this day.

For better or for worse, the American Industrial revolution may have single handedly been one of the biggest driving forces behind the identity of America today. The changes to the family unit, the rich, poor, in the way labor was done, and even the policy of the time helped sculpt us from the past into the future. The revolution would lead us to become, at one time, the biggest producer of the world. The industrial revolution allowed us to out produce and out innovate all others and too create a mighty nation that stands to this very day.