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DOC. NO.: P/HJTL/078/2011


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SECTION F, ANNEXURES ANNEXURE VI: APPROVED VENDOR & SUB CONTRACTOR LIST Notes: 1. All materials shall be of North American, Japanese, Europe only, except for deviations mentioned in the list below. For Carbon steel plates & pipes South Korea, South Africa and Saudi Arabian origin may also be considered. 2. 3. 4. In case of deviations, if any to the below list, shall be highlighted in the tender offer for Employers evaluation. If the item is not listed below,, the Contractor shall obtain prior approval for any Vendor from Employers Representative Contractor shall follow the approved vendor list for procurement and supply of material to the extent possible. Supply, acceptance and installation of any alternative Product / Vendor shall be subject to prior approval of the Employer / Employers Representative (Refer Note:5). Tenderer may propose alternate Vendors along with the bid for consideration. Alternate proposals shall be from reputed Manufacturers/experienced Vendors in the field/material considered, for minimum of last ten years. Tenderer will be required to submit all necessary documentary evidence/credentials as required by the Employer for pre-qualification / verification leading to approval of Vendor. Tenderer may also be required to arrange for inspection of the proposed Vendors facility by Employer / Employers Representative, if required. Bids received with no deviation stipulated for the above list will be considered as acceptance of the approved vendor and sub-contractor list and no deviation will be permitted after award of contract. A. List of Approved Vendors :Mechanical & Piping Works : Item No. 1


Description Air Compressor

Ball Valves

Manufacturer Atlas Copco Kaeser Ingersoll Rand Borsig Crane Grinnel / Hindle J.C. Fluid Flow FZE Kitz

Country of Origin Sweden USA USA Germany UK / USA UK / USA UAE Japan

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Item No.


Manufacturer ECON Klinger Neles Jamesburg OMB Orbit Valves Walworth Tyco SWI Virgo Sern Crane KSB Orbit Vanessa Tomoe Orion Tyco Virgo Wallworth Crane Flowcheck Goodwin Grinnel / Hindle Hattersley Heaton J.C. Fluid Flow FZE Walworth KITZ KTM Lazaro Ituarte Muller Orion Stockham Triangle Valvosider Velan TYCO Brooks Valves Fisher Emerson Smith Valves Tyco Flowserve General/Orbit Tyco

Country of Origin Netherlands USA UK Italy UK USA Italy Korea Italy France USA/UK Italy USA Italy Japan Europe Italy Italy USA UK / USA UK UK UK / USA UK UAE USA Japan Japan Spain Canada / USA Italy U.K. Italy Canada Italy UK USA /Europe Germany Italy Italy / USA USA Italy

Butterfly Valves (Triple eccentric metal seated Zero leakage)

Check Valves

Control Valves

Double Block & Bleed Valve / Twin Seal Valve

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Item No. 7

Description Fire-Protection Equipment

Manufacturer Angus Chemguard Saval SKUM Protego Groth Whessoe Varec Sand & Jurs Akahagi Flange Bebitiz FAD Flange Geldbech Loire Industrie Melesi Metalfar MGI Nicola Galperti & Figlio Seo Koatsu Shimoda Iron Works The Rokude Ulma Forja Wilhelm Geldbech Nupigec OPW UPP Gilbarco Veeder Root Wayne Pumps Crane Grove Hattersley Heaton J.C. Fluid Flow FZE KITZ ECON KTM Lazaro Ituarte Malbranque Orion Walworth Valvosider Velan Tyco Virgo

Country of Origin UK USA NETHERLANDS Sweden Germany USA Italy USA Japan Germany Italy Germany France Italy Italy France Italy Japan Japan Japan Spain Germany Italy USA UK USA USA UK / USA Italy UK UAE Japan Netherlands Japan Spain France Italy USA Italy Canada Italy Italy

Flame Arrestors


10 11

Flexible Fuel Piping Fuel Dispensing Unit Gas Oil Gate Valves


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Item No. 13 14 15

Description GRE Tanks, Pipes & Fittings (Underground) Hammer Blind Level gauge-Mechanical (Float Type)

Manufacturer Gulf Eternit Amiantit Fetterolf Sammi Strahman Vlaves Inc Schand & Jurs Krohne Mobrey Emerson Whessoe Varec Klinger Brentwood Industries Facet International Hydrasep Inc Klargester Hydro-Flo Technologies Kingspan Environmental Pacific Marine Pan America Environmental K-pack Ameron Hempels International Paints Jotun Leighs Paints Sigma Pipeline Engg & Supply Co Perry Equipment Corpn Forain S.R.L Oil States Industries Inc T.D. Williamsons Avesta Sheffield Bentler Bergrohr British Steel Corpn Dalmine SPA DMV Hyundai - Hysco Eisembau Kramer Europipe

Country of Origin UAE Saudi Arabia USA Korea USA USA Germany USA Italy Austria USA USA USA UK USA UK USA USA Netherlands


Oil Water Separator Coalescer Plate type



18 Pig Launcher Quick Closures / Pig Alert / Insulating joints


Italy USA USA Sweden Germany Germany UK Italy France Korea Germany Germany


Pipe (Carbon Steel)

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Item No.


Manufacturer General Sider Italiana Kwasaki Mannesmann Nippon Steel NKK Corp Osaks Tokushu Pietra Siderca Sumitomo Metals Tamsa US Steel Vallourec International / Starval Wemarenberg Zeljezara Sisak Arabian Pipes Tubos Seah Husteel Avesta Sandwik Bentham International British Steel Corpn Butting Dalmine Mannesmann Marubeni Itoctru Steel Nippon Steel NKK Corp RGB/Eurotube Sterling Tube Sumitomo Metals Vallourec International Posco Tubacex Awaji Sangyo K.K. Benkan Corp. BKL BSL Chero Coprosider Delcore / Deltinox ERNE

Country of Origin Italy Japan Germany, Brazil Japan Japan Japan Italy Argentina Japan Mexico USA France Germany Croatia Saudi Arabia Italy Korea Korea Sweden UK UK Germany Italy Germany Japan Japan Japan UK UK Japan France Korea Spain Japan Japan U.K. France France Italy France Austria


Pipe (Stainless Steel)


Pipe Fittings

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Item No.


Manufacturer Gam Raccordi Geldbach IRC Interfit Metalfar Korea Flange Ladish Ulma OMR Reccordi Forgiatti Sumikin Kikoh Co. Ltd Technoforge Tecnobend Tectubi Thyssen Stahlunion Toyo Fitting Co. Ltd Vallourec / Interfit Vanleeuwen JD Arcelormills Charleroi Corus Posco Illyich Dongkuk Alchevsk Steel Mill Ruukki Mittal Steel Dillinger Hutte GTS HIGHVELD ISCOR Kwasaki Corporation Nippon Steel CLA-VAL OCV Control Valves Tyco Emerson Viking Corp Watts ACV Flowserve Gorman Rupp

Country of Origin Italy Germany Italy France Italy Korea USA Spain Italy Italy Japan Italy Italy Italy Germany Japan France NETHERLANDS France Europe Belgium UK Korea Ukraine Korea Ukraine Finland S. Africa, Romania Germany France South Africa South Africa Japan Japan USA USA USA USA USA USA France USA


Plates (Carbon Steel)


Pressure reducing Valve-Fire Service (to be UL listed)


Pumps- Centrifugal Type Product Pumps

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Item No.

Description KSB

Manufacturer Allweiller Ebara Goulds - ITT Leistritz Sterling-SIHI Sulzer David Brown Clyde Union Pumps United Pumps Albany Pumps Bornemann Flowserve Gorman Rupp Leistritz Plenty Allweiller IMO Warren Pumps Houttuin Patterson Flowserve Blackmer Gorman Rupp Goulds - ITT Grundfos Clyde Union Pumps Gilbarco Veeder Root F E Petro AURORA PATTERSON Tyco Dresser Weir Valves Broady Bailey Birkett Muller Orion Spirax Sarco Pacific PBV

Country of Origin France Germany Australia USA Germany Germany International USA /U.K USA Germany Germany France USA Germany UK Germany USA USA Netherlands USA France USA USA USA USA USA /U.K. USA USA USA USA Italy UK UK /USA UK U.K. Canada / USA Italy UK UK USA


Pumps- PD Screw Pumps


Pumps- Drain Sump & Other Utility Pumps


Pumps- Submersible (for U/G Mogas/Gas Oil Tanks) Fire Pumps Relief Valves

28 29



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Item No.


31 32

Tank Calibration Tank Roof - Aluminum Geodesic Dome


Tank Roof/ Internal Aluminum Floater


Third Party Inspection & Certification Agency


Truck loading arms


Marine Loading Arms


Truck Loading Drop Ladder for access to truck top/ Fall protection system

Manufacturer Plenty Velan Barton Firtop Eaton Fabrotech SGS ITS Calibrett Conservatek HMT Vacono Temcor CTS Ultraflote Conservatek HMT Baillie Vacono Ultraflote ABS Bureau Veritas Germanischer Lloyd Lloyds Register TUV EMCO FMC Liquip Oilco OPW FMC TECHNOLOGIES WOODFIELD KANON Loading Equipment EMCO FMC Liquip International Oilco Kanon OPW

Country of Origin UK Canada U.K. Germany USA

USA USA Germany USA USA USA USA Australia Germany USA

Germany France Germany USA USA FRANCE U.K NETHERLANDS Germany France Germany USA NETHERLANDS USA

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B. List of Approved Vendors for Electrical & Instrumentation : Itm No. 1 Description Power Cables/Control Cables/Earthing Cables Manufacturer ABB BICC/Ducab Draka Nexans Kerpen Cables Prysmian Riyad Cables ABB Emerson Rosemount Foxboro Honeywell Yokogawa BICC Crouse Hinds CMP Hawke Swift Vantrunk Abahsain Cope Tolmega Gersan Wibe ABB Cutler Hammer Powell Areva Merlin Gerin (Schneider) Emirates Transformers Siemens Larsen and Toubro Caterpillar Cummins ABB Siemens/Loher Vacon WEG VEM ABB Siemens Westinghouse Weg VEM ABB Siemens Vacon Country of Origin Sweden UK/Dubai UK France Germany Italy Saudi Arabia Belgium USA USA USA Japan UK UK UK UK UK UK Saudi Arabia France Turkey Sweden Italy/ Finland Germany USA France Germany UAE Germany India USA UK Finland Germany Finland Brazil Germany Finland Germany USA Brazil Germany Finland Germany Finland

Pressure/Temperature/ Flow Transmitters

Cable Glands

Cable Support System

Medium Voltage Switchgear, Transformers, Low Voltage Switchgear

6 7

Diesel Power Generator Induction Motors (690Volts)

Induction Motors (415Volts)

Variable Frequency Drives

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Itm No.


Manufacturer Schneider Electric Budenberg Wika Bourdon Sedeme Weksler Tel-Tru Baumer Draka Belden Nexans Delta Crompton BICC/Ducab Kerpen Cables Magnetrol E&H EMERSON SAAB Rosemount Honeywell ENRAF Magnetrol E&H Vega Draeger Honeywell - Sieger Siemens CEAG Legrand / Appleton Philips Stahl Thorn Sonpak CEAG Stahl Rose Weildmuller Bartec Stahl CEAG Feam Rose Cooper Crouse Hinds Furse Wallis Belden


Pressure Gauges


Instrumentation Cables


Level and Flow Switches

13 14

Radar Tank Gauging System Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Gas Detection System



Lighting Fixtures and Small Power Equipment/ Push Button Stations/ ESD Push Button Stations Junction Boxes



Explosion Proof Distribution Boards

19 20

Earthing Materials Communication Cables, Multi-drop Mob-bus loop cables Relays

Country of Origin France USA USA France USA USA France UK UK France UK UAE Germany USA Germany USA Sweden USA USA Germany Germany USA/Canada USA Switzerland UK France Netherlands Germany UK UK Germany UK Germany Germany Germany UK UK UK UK UK UK UK




Omron/Idec Telemechanique/Allen Bradley Honeywell


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Itm No.

Description System and Camera

Manufacturer Johnson Control Hernis Pelco Siemens Sony Tyco Bosh Honeywell Siemens Johnson Control Tyco Emerson (Daniel) Smith ( FMC) Emerson (Danload/Petrocount) Smith (Accuload) Emerson (Daniel) Smith (FMC) Earth-Rite Scully EH Dell Hewlett Packard (HP) ABB CSI Emerson Yokogawa Honeywell Invensys Schneider Siemens Rotork BIFFI ATMOSI INTL EFA TECHNOLOGIES CASON ENG TELVENT ENERGIA KROHNE TYCO / TRACETEKInternational

Country of Origin UK Norway UK Germany Japan UK Germany USA Germany UK UK USA Germany USA UK USA Germany UK UK USA USA USA Sweden UK USA Japan USA UK France Germany USA ITALY UK/SINGAPORE USA Hungary Europe Germany


Access Control System

24 25

Turbine Flow Meter Batch Controller

26 27 28

Digital Set Stop Valve Truck Overfill/ Earthing system Computers and Monitors


Central Control System (SCADA / PLC)

30 31

Electric Actuators Leak Detection System

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C. List of Approved Vendors for Domestic Water Supply System : Item No. 1 Description Make BSI Reference BS 3505- 1986 BS 4346 -1969

uPVC HP Class E Pipes + all Hepworth - UK accessories G+ F - UK, KEYTERAIN - UK

BS 2871 Part 1 Preinsulated copper pipes Inter, including all brass Everhot, BS 864 Part 2. accessories. Arison glass lined Italy Water heater glass lined 80 Arison & 100 litres horizontal + vertical type Gate valve bronze Crane, Peggler CEIStd latest amended BS 853-1981 + BS 5500 1982 BS 1400 SCB6 BS 3396 + BS 3749 amended

4 5

GRP - Hot pressed panel Gulf Eternite tank Solico FBI Pressurized Booster pump Grundfos set. SMC DPL - NETHERLANDS


D. List of Approved Vendors for Drainage Installation : Item No. 1 Description Make BSI Reference BS 4660, 5481 (1989)

Underground uPVC pipes and Hepworth, fittings / polyprolyvan Terrain, Marley uPVC pipes and fittings 32 & 40 Hepworth, mm & 50 p trap etc. / Terrain, vitreous clay pipes fittings Marley uPVC pipes and fittings 82, 110, Hepworth, 160 and gully traps, rain pipe Terrain, adaptor etc. Marley Sanitary ware Twyford - UK Ideal Standard RAK Ceramic - UAE

BS 3943 BS 5254 BS 5255 BS 4514 -1983

BS 34021969

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Drainage sump pump with stainless steel body and impeller 1.5 Litres discharge at 20.0 Mts head

Grundfos, SMC - UK, DPL NETHERLANDS, Wire - Germany

Dl manhole covers and frames Stanton - UK, ( To approvals ) Elington - UK, DI street gully covers RSI - India, ( To approvals ) Ducast - UAE E. List of Approved Vendors for Air Conditioning System : 1. Window A/C 2 Split Unit A/Cs

BS 497 Part-1

: O General, Carrier, National, York : York, Trane, Carrier : Muller Brass : Nippon Japan : Armaflex / Insulux : GI Sheeting as per specification to approvals : Atlas (USA), KIMCO : Crane UK, Peggler - UK : Honeywell, Climaterial : Foster USA : 6 Oz. Indoor and 8 Oz Outdoor : Green heck, Nuaire, Woods/approved

3. Copper pipes 4. MS pipes & Fittings 5. Piping insulations 6. Duct work 7. Duct insulations 8. All Valves 9. Thermo-stats 10. Coating on Canvas 11. CANVAS 12. Industrial Extract Fans equivalent

13. Wall mounted propeller fans: Xpelair, Ventaxia, Vortice/approved equivalent Notes: All external refrigeration pipes shall have overall coating with Aluminium sheets of min 2.0 mm thick with hammer tome finish, after providing the foam insulation on pipes with canvas cloth and foster coating.

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F. List of Approved Vendors for Fire Alarm & Fire Protection System : Sr. 1 Description Fire alarm System Make Cerebrus UK Gent - UK Simplex - UK Synchro UK Thorn - UK Eurocal - UK Photain- UK TYCO - France AFAMinerva UK Honeywell - USA Eurocal, Photain, GENT, TYCO, AFA Minerva - UK Angus UK, Walter, Unitor UAE, BS Ref. Remarks

Smoke Detectors / Heat Detectors/Fire Alarm bell/ Break Glass Co2 extinguishers 5 Kgs., hose reel

5750 Part 2 1987, 34021969, 4662 + 5839 Part 2 NFPA (UL/FM approved) NFPA (UL/FM approved)

Dry powder Angus UK, extinguishers 5 Walter, Kgs. Hose reel Unitor UAE Unitor helios, Angus,

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G. List of Approved Makes for Electrical Installation (Building MEP Works) : Sr. 1 2 3 4 5 Description HD PVC rigid conduits And accessories Rigid GI Conduits and accessories Rigid GI Trunking and accessories GI switch boxes Switches Make EGA Tube Marhsall Tuflex UK or equivalent Barton UK Davies UK Vantruck - UK MK / Delta /Crabtree UK MK / Delta / Crabtree UK Stahl / O-Z Gedney MK / Delta / CrabtreeUK MK / Delta / Crabtree UK MK / Delta / CrabtreeUK MK / Delta / CrabtreeUK MK / Delta / Crabtree UK MK / Delta / CrabtreeUK MK / Delta / Crabtree UK MK / Delta / Crabtree UK BICC UK / DUCAB UAE BICC UK / DUCAB DUBAI / Delta / Pirelli UK ABB Sweden / MERLIN GERIN France / Mitsubishi / GDS Sharjah Metallic Plate Cover (out door) Metallic plate cover ( out door ) Metallic plate cover (out door ) Metallic plate cover (out door ) Metallic plate cover (out door) Metallic plate cover (out door ) WHI plastic cover 1363/A 546-1950 3676part For indoor Plastic cover switches For indoor plastic cover switches For indoor plastic cover switches For indoor plastic cover switches For indoor plastic cover switches For indoor plastic cover switches For indoor plastic cover Switches For indoor plastic cover switches Cat # BS Ref. 4607 and 6099 Remarks

4662 Metallic Plate Cover (out door) 3676 For indoor plastic cover switches

6 7

Switches Ex proof 13 Amps. Switch sockets outlets 15 Amp switches sockets outlets 20 Amps DP switches with neon indication Flex outlets 20 A with fuse Cooker connection units 45 Amps. 45 Amps DP switched for cooker With neon indication Telephone outlet

8 9 10

11 12 13

57331979 3676part-1 1987

14 15 16 17

TV coaxial cable outlet Single core PVC Cu wires XLPE / SWA PVC Cu Cable MCB - DBs

6004 IEC 502 5467 + 6346 (pvc) 5486 Part 12+13 IEC 439

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Sr. 18 19 20 21

Description (LBS) Isolator in w/p IP 55 Enclosure Brass cable gland with E - tags Earthing Material Exhaust fan central exhaust fan

22 23 24 25

Emergency Lights Light Fittings Light Fittings Ex proof Cable Trays and accessories (Building MEP)

Make MERLIN GERIN, France / ABB - Sweden BICC UK CMP UK Furse UK, BICC UK Wallis UK Xpelair France, Ventaxia, Vortice, Elicent Merchant Adventure, Menveir UK Pescara Saudi Lighting FITZ, Gerald Philips / Lite Tech, Dubai Stahl / O-Z Gedney / CEAG BICC, GEC, Tolmega - France Wibe Sweden Swift UK Vantruck UK Gersan ,Turkey Oglaend, Norway Mita-U.K. Cope- KSA

Cat #

BS Ref. 5419 IEC 408


5499 Part -1 + 3, 2560

NOTES MDBs, SMDBs, sub DBs shall be assembled with components from one manufacturer. The panel boards SMDBs, sub DBs shall also be either assembled by the principals of the manufacturer at abroad or by the authorized local agents workshop. All shop tests shall be carried out by the manufacturer at free of cost, as requested by the Engineer, includes all necessary test certificates of laboratories. An inspection at assembled shop shall be arranged by the contractor for final approval of the main panels, sub DBs prior to delivery to site. APPROVED MAKES FOR ELECTRICAL ITEMS The Approved Makes for materials are included in particular specification are preferred to maintain the standards for all materials, but tenderer shall price his offer to the similar materials to the standards those are specified. Contractor to submit material list / samples etc. to the Engineers approval which is final.

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H. List of Approved Vendors for Miscellaneous Items : Item No. 1 2 3 4 Description Paints False Ceiling False Flooring Water Plant Make JOTUN, National Paints, International Paints. Sigma, Leigh Paints AMF Unicorn

Treatment Water Bird UAE, Facet U.K., K.Pack -Netherlands


Approved Sub Contractors : i. Building Works 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. ii. Khansaheb Civil Engineering Six Construct Al Futtaim Carillion Convergent Value Engineering LLC Ranya General Construction Co. LLC Engineering Contracting Co LLC System Construct LLC

Civil Works 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Sands Contracting Khansaheb Civil Engineering Six Construct Al Futtaim Carillion ITC Contracting LLC Arcade Star


Storage Tanks (API 650) 1. 2. Belleli Energy , UAE CB&I, UAE


Vessels 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Belleli Energy , UAE GMMOS MIS Deustche Bobcock Adyard Abudhabi

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Electrical & Instrumentation 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Kentech International Ltd. Kharafi National Control & Applications Emirates Danway LLC Consilium Honeywell ABB Larsen & Toubro Ltd Audex Pte Ltd Toledo Electrical & Mechanical Works Schneider / Cimac


Mechanical & Piping 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Maritime Ind. Services (MIS) NICO / Topaz Engineering Contracting and Trading (CAT) Albanna Engineering Descon Engineering Petron Emirates Mfg & Contracting Tata Projects

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