, IF: you plan to attend Summer Quarter 2011 at Lower Columbia College and wish to be awarded financial aid OR you will not attend Summer Quarter but would like to be awarded work study for Summer Quarter. DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM, IF: you plan to begin attending LCC during Fall Quarter 2011 or later. The financial aid office will process your financial aid per usual procedures. Students requesting Summer Quarter aid will be awarded all aid they are eligible for. Student’s who wish to be awarded only work study during Summer Quarter, may request so below. Your signature below declares your intent to enroll and attend at least half-time (6-8 credits) at LCC in Fall Quarter 2011. You understand that if you fail to enroll in the Fall Quarter classes as promised, additional student financial aid may be withheld, denied, reduced, or amended. You do NOT have to be enrolled full-time in any quarter to receive financial aid. Returning Pell Grant Students: There has been a change in federal regulations beginning 2011-12. Students are no longer able to receive their annual Pell Grant in three quarters plus an additional amount for the fourth quarter. If you choose to receive financial aid for four full quarters, your annual Pell Grant amount will be divided over four quarters. Example: your annual amount is $5,550 ÷ 4 quarters = $1387 per quarter. Financial Aid checks will be available for pickup after 12:00 pm, Thursday, July 7, 2011 in the Student Center. You must present a signed Certificate of Class Attendance to the cashier when requesting your check. The Certificate of Class Attendance is valid until 5 pm on July 19, 2011. After July 19, 2011, you must have all your instructors sign a Progress Report. Book vouchers will be available at the cashier’s window June 21-29th for students who have been awarded and accept their award in the Financial Aid Portal.
It is the policy of Lower Columbia College to provide equal opportunity in all facets of education, hiring and continued employment regardless of sex, race, marital status, creed, color, age, national origin, sexual orientation, the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability, Vietnam era or disabled veteran status, or religious preference.

 I will enroll Summer Quarter 2011 at LCC and wish to be awarded financial aid. (FAO: code 84) I wish to be awarded only work study for Summer Quarter 2011. I intend to enroll and attend LCC at least half-time (6-8 credits) in Fall Quarter 2011. (FAO: code 90)

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