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The Home Study Program of Angelicum College was conceptualized in 1996 basically as a system to meet the educational needs of learners who cannot be physically present in a usual classroom set-up. Since then, it has continuously evolved to accommodate learners who get displaced from schooling due to health reasons, family situations, and other personal reasons. Other factors such as the changing needs of the learners prompt some parents to allow their children to study at home in their own time and pace but they are guided by learning facilitators. In the Home Study Program, examinations are taken in school on a face-to-face basis for validation purposes. Curriculum Year in the Home Study Program starts upon enrollment and ends ten (10) months thereafter. So, if a learner who wants to avail of the HSP enrolls on June 16 this year, the 10-month period ends on April 16 the following year. In case the learner finishes all subjects for a year level before the ten (10) month period ends, the learner may enroll for the next level and begin another curriculum year. Department Objectives Consistent with the constitutional mandate of making quality education accessible to every Filipino, the Home Study Program (HSP) Department of Angelicum College aims to provide formal Basic Education to those who would like to finish school without attending formal classes (Elementary and Secondary drop-outs, Elementary graduates and Philippine Education Placement Test (PEPT) passers).

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Programs / Services Offered 1. Differentiated Instruction This refers to the learning facilitator’s way of focusing on the needs of varied learners by giving individualized instruction. 2. Distance Education Program Distance Education is a modern-day approach to meet the educational needs of learners who can not be in school physically due to medical reasons or other reasons. The program uses modern day learning technology like online instruction. The online learners take mastery activities on the computer but must be in school personally to take the achievement tests and hand-on classes.

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3. Intensive Individualized Instruction (TRIPLE I) Intensive Individualized Instruction or Triple I is a program designed to mainstream learners with special needs. It is also a program for learners who are having problems with their learning. It serves as a transient program to acquire the necessary skills essential for learning through the Home Study Program.

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All Rights Reserved 211 M. HSP learners participate in the annual feeding program of the School to educate and alleviate hunger to the poor members of the School’s Adopted Community. The YS 11 learners also experience Social Awareness through their Community Development Program (CDP) classes and Community Immersion activities.T.Quezon City. 2009 by ACQC Webmaster EMAIL: webmaster@angelcum. Speech. Speech and in the Science Laboratory. Page 2 5. The Testing Area is used exclusively for mastery tests or written examinations. which are offered for three consecutive Saturdays. YS 2 to YS 4 learners as well as YS 5 to YS 7 learners attend Hands-on classes in Musika. Sta. The Learning Station is where consultations.Angelicum College-Quezon City 4. Hands-on Classes Dominican Network HSP learners practice cooperative learning and experience regular classroom instruction during Hands-on Classes.angelicum. The program offers free education to outof-school youths and children who stopped schooling in order to work and to help meet the financial needs of their family.html 11/5/2011 12:27:37 PM . checking of modules and oral examinations are conducted. small group discussions. Cuenco St. It resorts to a unique kind of cooperative learning. The physical arrangement of the HSP Department is made up of two stations—the Learning Station and the Testing Area.J. HelpDesk Copyright Information Location Map Feedback Campus Map © Copyright 2010 Angelicum College. Re-entry Education Agenda for the Poor (REAP) The REAP Program is the answer of the College to the need of the country to lessen and eventually eliminate illiteracy of poor Filipinos who can not finish schooling due to poverty. Technology and Livelihood Economics (TLE).edu. Computer. Social Awareness and Community Outreach In support to the Mission-Vision of the College. Counseling Counseling is a process that focuses on enhancing the psychological well-being of the which is based on the notion that learners can learn from each other by coordinating efforts in a manner that promotes the exchange of ideas or dialogue relevant to their understanding of the lessons. Computer and in Science Laboratory. Mesa Heights Quezon City. The HSP Guidance Counselor offers regular counseling to learners who experience difficulty in their study habits. learners who have problems in dealing with their peers or family members. YS 8 to YS 11 learners attend Hands-on classes in Physical Education. 6. Head of the Home Study Program (HSP) Department: Joanna Sergio-Enguerra CONTACT DETAILS: 415-85-57 (telefax) 732-42-43 local 118 Home Study Program Admission Procedure Home Inquiries Directory I. Philippines This page was modified last September 22. Sining at Edukasyon Pangkatawan at Pampalakasan (MSEPP). Scenarios in the Home Study Program The Home Study Program has an area where learners from all levels can interact and develop academically. and learners who can not cope with the HSP way of learning. Health and Music (PEHM).