In Final Battle Everything else had been tried: proselytising, land warfare, biological warfare and finally diplomacy

. Yet still the three major religions—Judaism, Christianity and Islam—could not reach a compromise. There was only room for one of them on the planet, and so it was decided to resolve the question once and for all by the only means left: giant robot prophets would battle each other to the death. A massive stadium was built in the radioactive waste that lay across the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. All one million seats were filled by true believers of the respective faiths. The final battle between the cyberprophets was to be televised throughout the world, however—except in the Islamic territories where it would only be broadcast over radio, so that the faithful would not have to gaze on the image of MechaMohainmed. First blood, or in this case oil, went to the sixty-foot CybcrChrist and its stigmata beams, which turned the full polyethelene beard of the RoboRabbi into a raging fire. But the Judaic robot was not daunted. Enraged, it spun its Blazing Dreidal of Doom, five-foot-thick spinning chains ripping the Papally blessed titanium from the CyberChrist's legs. The CyberChrist toppled over into the dirt of the stadium, and lay prostrate at the feet of the MechaMohammed. The MechaMohammed unsheathed its Mighty Sword of Jihad and brought it down on the head of the CybcrChrist. The CyberChrist activated its Rotating Crown of Thorns, shredding the Mighty Sword of Jihad into a million razor-sharp shards, the bulk of which embedded themselves in the RoboRabbi. The latter uttered a tiny metallic oy vcy before exploding into a million pieces. The CyberChrist struggled to its feet, a panel opening in its chest. From within itself it pulled a fiftyfoot glowing crucifix. Startled, the MechaMohammed took a giant step backwards as the CyberChrist swung the cross at its head. But the blow connected and sparks flew from the Islamic terror's turbanned cranium. The MechaMohammed grabbed the CyberChrist by the ears and headbutted it. At that moment a shadow fell across the two combatants, a huge shape blocking out the sun. Cheers erupted from a gag of eco-terrorists who had smuggled themselves into the audience. At last their own prophet had arrived! Its massive saurian head turned heavenward as it let out an incredible roar that destroyed the hearing of the worldwide audience and overloaded the broadcasting equipment. The prophet of Gaia stomped MechaMohammed and CyberChrist into a thousand fragments. Then it turned its pitiless gaze on the audience. The Gaians' cries of joy turned to screams of terror as their prophet scooped them into its maw. After sating itself on the remainder of the audience, it lumbered back towards the Gulf, shitting human refuse along the refertilised Crescent.

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