WORK When you want to race down the road and a bullock-cart crosses your path, its

ha rd to be nice. I've seen that most of us envy the wealth and status of successful people withou t realizing the hard work that has gone into it. Some of us tend to discount the success of an individual crediting it to team ef fort. Without undermining the team, credit for success or failure goes to the le ader. He is the visionary, risk-strategist and motivator. I've learnt that when you take an aggressive stand at work, its important to kee p your boss posted so that he bats for you. I've learnt that not leading a balanced life could lead to stress during high pr essure at Work. I've learnt that it is important for the boss to value the time of his subordina tes. He must not keep them waiting outside his room or otherwise. I've learnt to be careful of people who try and put words into my mouth. I've learnt that in a negotiation, it pays to speak less and let body language d o the talking. I've realized that management is all about people and need not necessarily mean being a technical expert in the business. I've learnt that when you take a new job, the first eight weeks is when everyone is watching, assessing and forming opinions of you. I've realized that the best way of effecting change is by taking the affected pe ople into confidence earlier. I've realized that you must allow your subordinates to speak while interacting w ith them. I've learnt that not reading a paper before signing it could expose my company t o greater risks than anticipated. I've realized that global corporations are built through vision, people, excelle nt financial management, guts and satisfied consumers. I've realized that a business head can assume ownership of the finance guy or el se let him become a pain in the neck.

I've learnt that when you tell your operator you do not want to take a call. I've observed that your secretary knows you as well as your avoided.I've learnt that reading continuously speeds up the learning process. . I've realized that having your predecessor working in the same company and inter acting with your subordinates continuously could be a challenging proposition. do not commit yourself to the exte nt that it makes it impossible to extricate yourself later or else you could bec ome like Abhimanyu who having got into a Chakravyuv failed to get out of it. a CEO has delicate job of striking the right ba lance between these departments. anticipate questions that you might b e asked and prepare your replies. I've learnt that a competent individual will need to live with other trying to d emotivate him by picking holes in his personality. I've observed that your secretary knows you as well as your spouse. When you are taking a controversial decision. I've learnt to keep away from the boss s wife especially if she s fond of you. I've decided to look smart. I've realized that music in my room. I've learnt that you have to get off the high horse to succeed in India. along with a good sea view sees my producti vity going up 50 %. In a Marketing . It s eq uivalent to playing with fire. I've learnt that cash-rich companies call the shots in business. I've realized that a consultant who knows that you know more than him would tend to avoid you and work with your less knowledgeable colleagues. wear bright clothes on every Monday morning.Finance battle. thereby setting the tone for the week. you must ensure that the caller does not hear your conversation. sit down. Before making your presentation. I've realized that one of ways of disarming your opponent is to have his childre n dote on you.

Simply put. why do Indian men get intimidated by a woman in a busines s suit ? I said . from boss to subordinate and vice versa. You could be the boss and get work done by virtue of being one. I've realized that when you enter a room for a negotiation. supposedly impressive image at work. At work. . I've learnt that your first job should be a three to five year stint with a prof essionally managed. Similarly. apprehensive that a c arefully cultivated image may change overnight. Like you cannot choose your parents. Having said that. It is important to trust your employees.I've learnt that you should not move out of your house until it is in order to p revent yourself from being attacked from behind. How do you handle a colleague you like but cannot trust completel y? Take him by surprise. keep him on his toes and sparingly let him have the big picture. After hearing you everyone knows w here you ve come from. I believe that alth ough some bit of cribbing is healthy. a high fly ing designation could get you into a meeting. some hesitate inviting our colleagues home. A lot of us build up this very different. H aving done so. Ask a Behanji why she feels insecure in the company a suave guy. well run company laying the foundation for a bright future. Let him keep on doing so til l his deeds catch up with him. Do not stop an evil colleague from making mistakes. Someone once asked me. you cannot select your boss. A line of degrees could get you a job but not a promotion. In a competitive situation. beyond a point you should look for another job. Remember to use the words "Thanks You" after a job is done. could determine how the meeting goes.e. keep your eyes close to the ground. where you sit. victory could be achieved by using unexpected tactic s. some of us have the habit of cribbing continuously. it means do your ho mework. cover your flanks before moving forward to prevent your opponents from f inding chinks in your armor. It could make of a difference. I've realized that for an appraisal to be effective it must be two-way i.

My advice is. I've learnt that your office room and how you work is a reflection of what you a re. so that he saves for a rainy day. sooner or later it will show. By lunch you should be closer to your normal self. I've learnt that every professional earns the respect of all by being dispassion ate. . you are likely to lose your temper at the slightest pretex t. I've realized that people who take short-cuts to success lose it as soon as they get it. keeps his standard of living the same. avoid getting into a discussi on. get engrossed in work. Sensible is the person who having realized so.When you come to work. upset about something that has gone wrong or had an argum ent with your spouse. I've learnt that if your employer pays you more than what you are worth. but to take t hem on one by one. I've learnt never to simultaneously declare war on all my enemies. stay cool. objective and fair.

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