Pan Seared Wagyu, Alba Truffle and Porcini Jus (Price: ` 12000 )
Photo Courtesy-The Taj West End, Bangalore

Ingredients Wagyu beef Porcini mushrooms Baby spinach Shallots Tomato Butter Rosemary Seasoning Garlic Meat jus Balsamic vinegar Forvm (cabernet sauvignon wine vinegar) Demerara sugar Olive oil Potato White alba truffle Elle and vire cooking cream Meat jus

Quantity 300gms 20gms 100gms 35gms 1no. 20gms 2gms 5gms 1gm 20ml 5ml 5ml 2gms 10ml 100gms 1gm 15ml 20ml

Method Of Cooking a Sprinkle rosemary salt and crushed pepper on the wagyu fillet a Heat a heavy bottom pan,sear the wagyu turning it at intervals till the meat is sealed generously basting it with frozen butter a Rest the beef and flash it the oven 6 minutes Confit tomato a cut tomato into half lengthwise a neatly place thin shavings of garlic, sprig of rosemary on it a sprinkle salt, crushed pepper, balsamic vinegar, olive oil,demerara sugar and wine vinegar on the tomato half and cook in the oven for 6 minutes at 180 degree centigrade Wilted spinach a heat a heavy bottom pan a add butter and throw in some crushed garlic a take the pan away from naked fire and put baby spinach cooking them just enough to remove the raw flavour,season.

confit potato a cut one large size potato lengthwise and turn each halves a marinate the potato with rosemary,shallots,garlic cloves,salt and freshly milled black pepper a place the potatoes and duck fat in a deep dish a place the dish in a pre heated oven at a temperature of 76 degrees Celsius Shallot puree a butter poach the shallots with thyme a season, add fresh cream and puree in a blender. Porcini jus a rehydrate dry porcini with luke warm water a add the porcini mushrooms and porcini liquor into the meat jus Tip: Serve the wagyu on wilted spinach with confit tomato, porcini mushrooms, potatoes, puree of shallots and shaved alba truffle

Photo Courtesy-ITC Grand Central, Mumbai

Caviar (Price: ` 10000 )
ITC Grand Central has recently introduced Caviar. Though it is not mentioned on the menu, one can place an order for the Caviar. It is served at Point of View Lounge, a premium lounge for the hotel’s in-house guests, Frederick’s Lounge and Hornby’s Pavilion, the all-day dining restaurant. Caviar was once served as an appetizer in saloons of the Old West. In another time it was considered extremely valuable and only suitable to be served to royalty and the upper class. At ITC Grand Central, Caviar is served along with Blinis or Toasted Brown Bread, Chopped Onion, sieved egg yolk & white (separately), chopped parsley, Cayenne Pepper, pepper mill and lemon wedges. It is paired with a glass of champagne. “These accompaniments are most traditional and are served since the time of the royalty. The logical reason being they are all served to complement the taste of expensive delicacy”, says Chef Bhaskar Sankhari, Executive Chef, ITC Grand Central.


Food and Nightlife Magazine Volume 2 Issue 12 September 2011