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The Armfield Series/Parallel Pump Test Set is designed for the study of the centrifugal pump and of the the performance and benefits of series and parallel operation. MEASUREMENT CAPABILITIES ➤ ➤ pump performance curves relating: flow rate, pressure, speed, power, hence efficiency for pumps operating singly or in series or parallel configuration in addition, the dynamic similarity of the pumps may be checked against any chosen parameter

V. The interconnecting pipework in P. The pumps and drive assembly are mounted above a sump tank from which water is drawn by each pump through vertical suction pipes provided with ball type nonreturn valves. or operated individually. In the former arrangement one pump may be switched off when demand is low. thereby operating the other at a higher efficiency and enabling maintenance to be done on the idle unit. requires connection to an electrical supply only. flow can be measured with an orifice plate and differential water/ mercury manometer calibrated in litres/ min. The common delivery pipe has a precise flow regulating valve. series. The pumps may be run together or driven singly by simply disconnecting the appropriate link. DESCRIPTION Two centrifugal pumps of identical design but opposite hand are driven by a central dynamometer motor. when two identical pumps are connected in series. M:H20 M:H20 RPM C B D Pump 1 A M:H20 M:H20 L/S Pump 2 A1 to V notch Series Operation M:H20 M:H20 RPM C B D Pump 1 A M:H20 M:H20 L/S Pump 2 A1 to V notch Parallel Operation R5 Schematic diagrams . one of which has a filling plug for priming the system initially. Two identical pumps operated in parallel approximately double the discharge while preserving the same head.C is fitted with ball valves which allow the pumps to be connected in parallel. Alternatively.INTRODUCTION Where pumping requirements are variable it is often more economical to fit two pumps in series or parallel operation rather than a single larger one which may be under-utilised for much of the time. The whole assembly is mounted on a steel frame and. Likewise. Pump speed is measured by an electronic tachometer with readout on the backboard and motor torque by direct weighing on the dynamometer torque arm. Flow is returned via an open channel incorporating a ‘V’ notch weir for flow measurement. the discharge rate is the same as that from one pump but the head is approximately doubled. The height of the water level above the apex of the notch is measured by a Vernier hook gauge in a stilling vessel connected by tubing to a tapping to the open channel. after filling the sump tank with water. This can be a useful route to the production of high heads. Pressures in the suction and delivery sides of the pumps are indicated on Bourdon type gauges mounted on the backboard.

P1 + P2 H P2 P1 Q Parallel Operation P1 + P2 H P2 P1 Q Series Operation Efficiency % Line of maximum efficiency 45 50 55 60 H 2900rpm 2000rpm 1000rpm 700rpm Q Performance curves of a single pump at different speeds .

80m 1. 500 litre sump tank. Operating manual includes theory and typical data on student laboratory sheets. Impellers. SERVICES REQUIRED Electrical Supply: R5-A: 220-240V/1ph/50Hz R5-B: 120V/1ph/60Hz R5-G: 220V/1ph/60Hz Water Supply: Initial supply of clean water.p.armfield. Pressures measured on Bourdon gauges.C motor.97m SHIPPING SPECIFICATIONS Volume: 4. central dynamometer with 2. centrifugal pumps with 120mm dia.7m3 Gross Weight: 450Kg Armfield Limited Bridge House West Street Ringwood Hampshire England BH24 1DY Tel: +44 (0)1425 478781 Fax: +44 (0)1425 470916 E mail: sales@armfield. Apparatus includes two ● Direct reading electronic tachometer .torque measurement by direct weighing. . Flow measurement devices comprise orifice plate with manometer and ‘V’ notch weir with hook and point URL: USA Office: Armfield Inc. 436 West Commodore Blvd (#2) Jackson NJ 08527 Tel: (732) 928-3332 Fax: (732) 928-3542 E mail: D. OVERALL DIMENSIONS Length: Width: Height: 1. but opposite hand.ORDERING SPECIFICATION ● Self-contained unit to demonstrate series and parallel pump operation.90m 0.m with connecting link for single or twin pump operation. variable speed Specifications may change without notice iss9/5k/0403/San.

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