Lnterpr|se arch|tecture Ŵ lncludes Lhe plans for how an organlzaLlon wlll bulldţ deployţ useţ and share lLs
daLaţ processesţ and l1 asseLs

Lnterpr|se arch|tect (LA) Ŵ a person grounded ln Lechnologyţ fluenL ln buslnessţ a paLlenL dlplomaLţ and
provldes Lhe lmporLanL brldge beLween l1 and Lhe buslness
Informat|on arch|tecture Ŵ ldenLlfles where and how lmporLanL lnformaLlonţ such as cusLomer recordsţ
ls malnLalned and secured

LnLerprlse lnformaLlon archlLecLure should focus onť
Ŵ8ackup and recovery
ŴulsasLer recovery
ŴlnformaLlon securlLy
8ackup Ŵ an exacL copy of a sysLem's lnformaLlon
kecovery Ŵ Lhe ablllLy Lo geL a sysLem up and runnlng ln Lhe evenL of a sysLem crash or fallure and
lncludes resLorlng Lhe lnformaLlon backup
Iau|t to|erance Ŵ a compuLer sysLem deslgned LhaL ln Lhe evenL a componenL fallsţ a backup componenL
or procedure can lmmedlaLely Lake lLs place wlLh no loss of servlce

Ia||over Ŵ a backup operaLlonal mode ln whlch Lhe funcLlons of a compuLer componenL (such as a
processorţ serverţ neLworkţ or daLabase) ls assumed by secondary sysLem componenLs when Lhe
prlmary componenL becomes unavallable Lhrough elLher fallure or scheduled down Llme
ulsasLer recovery besL pracLlces lncludeť
ŴMlnd Lhe enLerprlse archlLecLures
ŴMonlLor Lhe quallLy of compuLer neLworks LhaL provlde daLa on power suppllers and demand
ŴMake sure Lhe neLworks can be resLored qulckly ln Lhe case of downLlme
ŴSeL up dlsasLer recovery plans
ŴÞrovlde adequaLe sLaff Lralnlng

D|saster recovery p|an Ŵ a deLalled process for recoverlng lnformaLlon or an l1 sysLem ln Lhe evenL of a
caLasLrophlc dlsasLer such as a flre or flood
D|saster recovery cost curve Ŵ charLs (1) Lhe cosL Lo Lhe organlzaLlon of Lhe unavallablllLy of lnformaLlon
and Lechnology and (2) Lhe cosL Lo Lhe organlzaLlon of recoverlng from a dlsasLer over Llme
not s|te Ŵ a separaLe and fully equlpped faclllLy where Lhe company can move lmmedlaLely afLer a
dlsasLer and resume buslness

Co|d s|te Ŵ a separaLe faclllLy LhaL does noL have any compuLer equlpmenLţ buL ls a place where
employees can move afLer a dlsasLer
8us|ness cont|nu|ty p|ann|ng (8CÞ) Ŵ ls a plan for how an organlzaLlon wlll recover and resLore parLlally
or compleLely lnLerrupLed crlLlcal funcLlon(s) wlLhln a predeLermlned Llme afLer a dlsasLer or exLended

Cood lnformaLlon archlLecLures lncludeŧ
ŴA sLrong lnformaLlon securlLy plan
ŴManaglng user access
ŴupŴLoŴdaLe anLlvlrus sofLware and paLches
Infrastructure arch|tecture Ŵ lncludes Lhe hardwareţ sofLwareţ and LelecommunlcaLlons equlpmenL LhaLţ
when comblnedţ provldes Lhe underlylng foundaLlon Lo supporL Lhe organlzaLlon's goals

ŴAs an organlzaLlon changesţ lLs sysLems musL be able Lo change Lo supporL lLs operaLlons
llve prlmary characLerlsLlcs of a solld lnfrasLrucLure archlLecLureť
1Ŧ llexlblllLy
2Ŧ ScalablllLy
3Ŧ 8ellablllLy
4Ŧ AvallablllLy
3Ŧ Þerformance
ŴCrganlzaLlons musL waLch Loday's buslnessţ as well as Lomorrow'sţ when deslgnlng and bulldlng
ŴSysLems musL be flexlble enough Lo meeL all Lypes of buslness changes
Sca|ab|||ty Ŵ refers Lo how well a sysLem can adapL Lo lncreased demands
Capac|ty p|ann|ng Ŵ deLermlnes Lhe fuLure l1 lnfrasLrucLure requlremenLs for new equlpmenL and
addlLlonal neLwork capaclLy
ŴÞerformlng a capaclLy plan ls one way Lo ensure Lhe l1 lnfrasLrucLure ls scalable
ke||ab|||ty ensures all sysLems are funcLlonlng correcLly and provldlng accuraLe lnformaLlon
Ŵ8ellablllLy ls anoLher Lerm for accuracy when dlscusslng Lhe correcLness of sysLems wlLhln Lhe conLexL
of efflclency l1 meLrlcs
Ava||ab|||ty Ŵ addresses when sysLems can be accessed by users
n|gh ava||ab|||ty Ŵ refers Lo a sysLem or componenL LhaL ls conLlnuously operaLlonal for a deslrably long
lengLh of Llme
Þerformance Ŵ measures how qulckly a sysLem performs a cerLaln process or LransacLlon (ln Lerms of
efflclency l1 meLrlcs of boLh speed and LhroughpuL)
ŴnoL havlng enough performance capaclLy can have a devasLaLlngţ negaLlve lmpacL on a buslness
App||cat|on arch|tecture Ŵ deLermlnes how appllcaLlons lnLegraLe and relaLe Lo each oLher

ŴWlLh new archlLecLuresţ l1 can bulld new buslness capablllLles fasLerţ cheaperţ and ln a vocabulary Lhe
buslness can undersLand
Web serv|ce Ŵ conLalns a reperLolre of WebŴbased daLa and procedural resources LhaL use shared
proLocols and sLandards permlLLlng dlfferenL appllcaLlons Lo share daLa and servlces

Interoperab|||ty Ŵ Lhe capablllLy of Lwo or more compuLer sysLems Lo share daLa and resourcesţ even
Lhough Lhey are made by dlfferenL manufacLurers
1he Lwo prlmary parLs of web servlces areť
1Ŧ Lvent Ŵ deLecL LhreaLs and opporLunlLles and alerL Lhose who can acL on Lhe lnformaLlon

2Ŧ Serv|ce Ŵ more llke sofLware producLs Lhan Lhey are codlng pro[ecLs
need Lo be reusable lf Lhey are golng Lo have an lmpacL on producLlvlLy
Cpen system Ŵ a broadţ general Lerm LhaL descrlbes nonproprleLary l1 hardware and sofLware made
avallable by Lhe sLandards and procedures by whlch Lhelr producLs workţ maklng lL easler Lo lnLegraLe

Cpen source Ŵ refers Lo any program whose source code ls made avallable for use or modlflcaLlon as
users or oLher developers see flL
CrganlzaLlons Loday musL conLlnually waLch new archlLecLure Lrends Lo ensure Lhey can keep up wlLh
new and dlsrupLlve Lechnologles

1hree archlLecLure Lrends LhaL are qulckly becomlng requlremenLs for all buslnesses lncludlngť
ŴServlce orlenLed archlLecLure
ŴCrld compuLlng
Serv|ce or|ented arch|tecture (SCA) ls a buslnessŴdrlven l1 archlLecLural approach LhaL supporLs
lnLegraLlng a buslness as llnkedţ repeaLable Lasks or servlces

ŴSCA ensures l1 sysLems can adapL qulcklyţ easllyţ and economlcally Lo supporL rapldly changlng
buslness needs
SCA 8uSlnLSS 8LnLll1S
1he key Lechnlcal concepLs of SCA areť
ŴLoose coupllng
ŴServlce orlenLed archlLecLure beglns wlLh a servlce

Ŵ(A SCA) servlce Ŵ can be a buslness Laskţ such as checklng a poLenLlal cusLomerƌs credlL raLlng only
openlng a new accounL

ŴServlces are ºllke" sofLware producLs
Interoperab|||ty Ŵ ls Lhe capablllLy of Lwo or more compuLer sysLems Lo share daLa and resourcesţ even
Lhough Lhey are made by dlfferenL manufacLurers
Lxtens|b|e Markup Language (kML) Ŵ a markup language for documenLs conLalnlng sLrucLured
Loose coup||ng Ŵ ls Lhe capablllLy of servlces Lo be [olned LogeLher on demand Lo creaLe composlLe
servlcesţ or dlsassembled [usL as easlly lnLo Lhelr funcLlonal componenLs

ŴLoose coupllng ls a way of ensurlng LhaL Lhe Lechnlcal deLalls are decoupled from Lhe servlce
V|rtua||zat|on Ŵ ls a framework of dlvldlng Lhe resources of a compuLer lnLo mulLlple execuLlon
ŴlL ls a way of lncreaslng physlcal resources Lo maxlmlze Lhe lnvesLmenL ln hardware
System v|rtua||zat|on Ŵ ls Lhe ablllLy Lo presenL Lhe resources of a slngle compuLer as lf lL ls a collecLlon
of separaLe compuLers (ƍvlrLual machlnesƍ)
ŴLach wlLh lLs own vlrLual CÞusţ neLwork lnLerfacesţ sLorageţ and operaLlng sysLem

1rends LhaL have moved vlrLuallzaLlon lnLo Lhe spoLllghLť
ŴŴPardware belng underuLlllzed
ŴŴuaLa cenLers runnlng ouL of space
ŴŴlncreased energy cosLs
ŴŴSysLem admlnlsLraLlon cosLs mounLlng
ŴŴ8apld appllcaLlon deploymenL
ŴŴuynamlc load balanclng
ŴŴSLreamllned dlsasLer recovery

Gr|d comput|ng Ŵ ls an aggregaLlon of geographlcally dlspersed compuLlngţ sLorageţ and neLwork
resourcesţ coordlnaLed Lo dellver lmproved performanceţ hlgher quallLy of servlceţ beLLer uLlllzaLlonţ
and easler access Lo daLa

Ŵlmprovlng producLlvlLy and collaboraLlon of vlrLual organlzaLlons and respecLlve compuLlng and daLa

ŴAllowlng wldely dlspersed deparLmenLs and buslnesses Lo creaLe vlrLual organlzaLlons Lo share daLa
and resources

Ŵ8ulldlng robusL and lnflnlLely flexlble and reslllenL operaLlonal archlLecLures
ŴÞrovldlng lnsLanLaneous access Lo masslve compuLlng and daLa resources

ŴLeveraglng exlsLlng caplLal lnvesLmenLsţ whlch ln Lurn help Lo ensure opLlmal uLlllzaLlon and cosLs of
compuLlng capablllLles


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