BBA 214: Computer Applications Lab - II

Orientation to the Front Page environment and building web sites 1. Create a new site. Start with a web page using Your Name to name the page. Make it the home page and view the web in navigation and folder. View record your observation. 2. On the home page, give a brief description about yourself & type the following sub heading “qualification”, “Hobbiew”, & “Interest”, “Future Plans”, & “Address for communication” 3. Apply the most appropriate theme at the web page and the web site. 4. Apply font and color styles on to your web page and preview. 5. Create a new web paged using the Front Page explorer and write your academic and professional qualification. Places a bookmark at an appropriate place and save the page as “qualification”. 6. Link the page, qualification.htm, with the sub-heading “qualification” in the home page. 7. Create a new page using the front page editor and write your hobbies and interest on it. Save the page as “Hobbies.htm”. 8. Link the page, Hobbies.htm, with the sub-heading “hobbies” & “interest” in the home page. 9. Create a new page and write a few lines on your future plans and save the page as “future plan”. 10. Link the page. Future-plan.htm, with the sub heading “future plan” in the home page. 11. Create a new page, write your address for communication & save the page as “address” 12. Link the page, “address.htm” to the sub-heading “address” for communication page in the page. 13. Interest a navigation bar in the page. 14. Test all hyperlink in the front page editor and record your observation. Adding Images and special feature to web 15. Import an image, if it is not available on the local drive. Use clipart on each page and use image to link to the home page. 16. Make the image brighter and lower the contrast. 17. Make the color transparent and assign alternate text with a suitable caption to the image. 18. Open the web page “future.htm” and insert a background sound file into the page.

Assign a drop down menu for the credit cards fields. Open the page. Enter data into the table and adjust the font as book antiqua and font size as “12”. Split the column named cell phone no into two and name them as “off” and “Resi” Creating Forms and connecting to the database 24. Open the web page “hobbies. Advanced Topics 28. “hobbies. Open the page. The form should contain the following fields as mentioned below Personal Profile Name: Address: Phone_Off: Phone_Resi: Mobile: E_Mail: Fax: Passport no.htm” and insert a table of at least column and fire rows. Open the page.txt” format. 22. 23. bearing your name and insert a form. 25. bearing your name and insert marque to display the message “Welcome to my site”.: Insurance Policy No: Blood Group: Credit Cards: 26. Assign the base name as “personal details” and save the file as “personal.htm” and apply animation (as animated GIF) to the image or clipart (if inserted) Working with tables and frame 20. Address. . Assign a one line text driving license No.19. Phone no and date of Birth. Insert “Address Book” as caption for the table. with column heading as Name. 27. 29.: Driving License No. with column and fire rows. Open each and every page “apply suitable page transitions and animations. 21. Align the table to the center of the webpage and text flow at center.