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Sasaran Kompetensi yang hendak dicapai • • • • Mahasiswa memahami resources and resources pool Mahasiswa memahami flow rate measurement Mahasiswa memahami efek dari product mix Mahasiswa memahami faktor lain yang berpengaruh pada kapasitas proses • Mahasiswa memahami levers untuk managing throughput Industrial Engineering-ITS 2 .

Case study (southwest airlines and toyota) • Most successful airlines and most consistency profitable airlines – Load factors – Number of passenger miles flown • Most successful automotive company – Production rate (Takt time and cycle time) Industrial Engineering-ITS 3 .

• Airbus A380-800 • Capacity = 800 • Load factors Industrial Engineering-ITS 4 .

Flow rate and process capacity • Average flow rate: is the average number of flow units that flow through the process per unit of time • Process capacity is the maximum sustainable flow rate of a process Industrial Engineering-ITS 5 .

Resources and resource pool • Resource pool: is a collection of interchangeable resources that can perform an identical set of activities • Resource unit: is each unit in a resources pool • Unit loads: total amount of time the resources works to process each flow unit 6 Industrial Engineering-ITS .

1 and 5.Computing • Table 5.2 Industrial Engineering-ITS 7 .

Theoretical capacity • Theoretical capacity of a resources unit is its maximum sustainable flow rate if it were fully utilized (without interruptions. time wasted etc) • Theoretical capacity of a resources pool is the sum of the theoretical capacities of all the resource unit in pool Industrial Engineering-ITS 8 . downtime.

Computing theoretical capacity Theoretical capacity of a resource unit (in resource pool p) = 1/unit load = 1/Tp Rp = Cp/Tp .

3 Industrial Engineering-ITS 10 .Computing • Table 5.

Others factors • Load batching resources can process several flow units simultaneously • Scheduled availability : the amount of time that a resource is scheduled for operation Industrial Engineering-ITS 11 .

Computing theoretical capacity Theoretical capacity of a resource unit = 1/Tp x load batch x scheduled availability Rp = Cp/Tp x load batch x scheduled availability .

4 Industrial Engineering-ITS 13 .Computing • table 5.

Throughput and capacity utilization • Throughput of a process is the average number of flow units processed over a given period of time • Capacity utilization : the degree to which resources are effectively utilized by a process Industrial Engineering-ITS 14 .

Computing theoretical capacity capacity utilization of resource pool p = throughput/theoretical capacity of resource pool p Pp = R/Rp .

Computing • table 5.5 Industrial Engineering-ITS 16 .

learning • Effect of product mix on theoretical capacity and profitability of a process .

THANK YOU Industrial Engineering-ITS 18 .