For my internship report, I have chosen to do a working report which basically covers all the subjects or projects I have worked on and talks about the tasks I have been assigned to do during my internship period. I have been assigned to work as an intern in the department of Human Resource in one of the best multinational companies called British American Tobacco (Bangladesh). During my stay as an intern I was assigned to work under my Line Manager, Mr Safwan Ahsan, an HR Executive in BATB. He has assigned me to do a number of important tasks for the company and has also involved me in some projects that have come up to be playing significant roles towards achieving some important company goals. The projects that I have worked for have been discussed below: 2.1) YOU’RE VOICE BAT uses a suite of diagnostic tools to help us to understand what is going well and what is not in the organization, as well as where there are issues (and the size of these issues). With the information gathered from these tools, we can begin to prioritize where resources should be focused to improve the organization and its performance. One of these diagnostic tools is Your Voice. Your Voice is a type of diagnostic instrument aimed at helping to support business changes and improvement. Its objective is to access employee opinion and insights within the business; to incorporate this feedback into plans for change and improvement of the business; and to provide formal and regular indicators of progress against the change agenda. Your Voice is an internal survey done within the organization whose samples are the organization employees themselves to find out issues regarding People Development, People Management, Performance and Rewards, Strategic Leadership, Efficiency and Productivity and so on. This works towards the strategic objective of the company as it helps to pin point the good and bad of the company according to the employees and helps the HR people to take actions against the cons in such a way that gives employees a proper environment and a positive mindset to work towards the mission and vision of the company. Your Voice is a development tool. It helps and gives employees a chance to speak their minds as their information is strictly kept confidential.

Your Voice deals with the following categories: 1) Innovation 2) Performance and Reward 3) Developing Talent 4) Communication and Information 5) Corporate Responsibility 6) Culture and Values 7) People Leadership 8) Managing Growth and Change 9) Engagement 10) Strategic Leadership 11) Efficiency and Productivity When the results from the project of Your Voice came in we calculated and took into account all of the answers given by the samples. The top six categories are as follows: 1) Engagement 2) Strategic Leadership 3) Efficiency and Productivity 4) Culture and Values 5) Innovation 6) Managing Growth and Change . We found out the top six categories among the eleven mentioned above. It helps the organization to understand their strengths and areas for development. who were the company employees themselves. and also found the bottom five categories which can turn into serious issues for the organization. which were highly rated and can be said to be sound and does not need much supervision in those areas.Your Voice plays an important part in helping BAT track progress against their Winning Organization strategy.

important Listers and employees who contribute a significant part in the company quit and thus the company is in loss of a huge asset when comes to contributing towards the organizational goals. Until and unless issues are pin pointed. 2. To solve problems regarding the bottom five issues we had to come up with quick and effective solutions which led us into our next project called "Mentoring".The bottom five categories are: 1) Developing Talent 2) Communication and Information 3) Corporate Responsibility 4) People Leadership 5) Performance and Reward After finding out the bottom five categories we immediately knew that these can become serious issues if they were not handled delicately. Your Voice has been a successful tool to find out about the issues that has to be dealt with in order to provide the employees with a perfect environment to work in and with enough satisfaction in their minds to retain them in the organization. they cannot be dealt with and in most cases because of unsatisfactory reasons and un dealt issues.3) MENTORING The bottom five categories as we saw were 1) Developing Talent: where employees think that there are hardly any scope for them to develop their talents 2) Communication and Information: where employees think that they are not being able to communicate properly with their colleagues or boss and are not getting substantial information when they are in need of it . Your Voice has made it possible to avoid these problems and help the company run in its usual flow by trying to resolve problems regarding different subjects and issues.

A mentee is someone who wants to learn from someone who knows and seeks their valuable advice in order to grow personally and/or professionally. To come up with a solid solution is critical. guide. tutor. councilor and trusted advisor. The solution we have come up with is my next topic of discussion of my project which is "Mentoring". why and how of becoming an exceptional manager or leader o people. People Leadership deals with leadership skills.3) Corporate Responsibility: where employees think that there is not enough guidance for them for someone proper who would tell them exactly what to do and what their job responsibilities are. apprentice and eager learner. But here at BATB we have come up with one solution which can deal with all the above problems in a very significant way. A mentor is someone willing to spend his or her time and expertise to guide the development of another person. Now let us look into some terms which will make it easier for anyone to understand more about this particular project Mentor Definitions What is a Mentor? A mentor is a coach. . the what. One of the best mental reward is to be known for ones performance which also is not being recognized according to employees. What is a Mentorship? A mentorship is a relationship formed between a mentor and mentee with the goal of sharing knowledge and expertise between the mentor and the mentee. facilitator. 5) Performance and Reward: According to the employees their performance is not guided by any personnel properly and they are not being able to share about their performance level information. What is a Mentee? A mentee is a student. It can be a formal relationship with written goals and scheduled meeting times or it can be as informal as an occasional chat or email exchange. 4) People Leadership: which deals with leading people to be highly motivated and committed is also missing to some extent according to the employees. protege.

preferred working hours. 2) Then we made a proper list of these employees who are in need of a mentor. Thus began our work on our project "Mentoring". 5) The next step that we did was make "Mentor Profiles" which would make it easier for us to assign the right mentee to the right mentors. and find out who were the higher officials who were ready to volunteer to become mentors. 4) We then made a list of the mentors who are willing to learn from the mentees as well and are willing to share their experience and help and guide the mentees in each and every way that is possible.Before commencing with our mentoring ideas we did a survey on this project that whether the employees think that their issues found in Your Voice can be solved through mentoring sessions or not and the result was highly positive and in favor to go ahead with our idea of our “Mentoring” project. the mentors will be able to see the change and can give them rewards if the mentees are contributing significantly and are working exceptionally well. It can help a mentee to gain information from the mentor which the mentee might not know about. When the performance level of the mentees will rise. Acknowledgement itself is a very big reward and a way of popularity and recognition which cannot ever be bought by money. For our project "Mentoring" we followed some steps which made it easier for us to go ahead with the project and make it a success. we first found out all those employees who want to be mentees and are in need of mentors. . give them a chance to communicate with a mentor with whatever issues they have. Mentors can guide mentees towards how to become a leader and the mentees can themselves observe and learn the leadership qualities from the mentors. The steps are as follows: 1) In the case of our project. career aspiration and the role models of the mentors themselves. 3) Our next step was to go to the higher officials of BATB who are termed as "Listers". Mentors can help the mentees in guiding them towards their job responsibilities and help them give information on what they are actually expected to do and in what ways. It also talks about their educational background. Mentoring can help a mentee gain important facts about how to develop their talents. 6) The mentor profiles talk about the hobbies.

according to Dr. Induction and Placement. He said that the Recruitment involves employing suitably trained work force. as well as their working background in the company. because without the employees no organization can perform its business properly.4) Recruitment Planning Besides the above two mentioned projects I have also successfully been able to work for making a structured and organized way of planning recruitment. Selection process . Dipak Kumar Bhattacharyya (Human Resource Planning. these four are very important tools for producing and effectively using human resources in an organization. It is a very lucid concept that all the owners of the organizations have. A proper and structured planning of our project "Mentoring" has turned out to be a huge success and the issues we found in the project "Your Voice" is now pretty much solved. Selection. Staffing is one of the very vital activities for any kind of organizations. An example of a mentor profile that I have made is shown in the next page Pic 7) Last but not the least we matched and assigned mentees to mentors by matching their interests with one another. 2002). Induction etc. Selection. The staffing includes activities like Recruitment. This project was called "Recruitment Planning". Recruitment.from which institutes they have studied in and finished their undergraduate and post graduates and other higher studies from(if there are any). 2. Excel Books.

So if an organization fails to retain its employees then it is very easy to assume that they are losing their most unique resources and strengths.helps in choosing the right candidate for the right job. At present. the recruitment policy of some organizations considers recruiting the employees or recruiting employees from the wards of the existing employees. the recruitment process we have come up with can be called a step-by-step .e. organizations have to find out that who would be their loyal employee. it should be adequately supported by effective manpower forecasting. which calls for review of manpower recruitment i. the environmental change and the change necessary in the organization to respond to such environmental change etc. possible change in the future working of the organization. Manpower planning and so also manpower forecasting of an organization depends on many important factors like present nature of work. the manpower records and information available in the organization for the present strength. The term recruitment may be defined as the process to discover sources of manpower to meet the recruitment or the staffing schedule and to employ effective measure for attracting that manpower in adequate number to facilitate the selection of an efficient working force. in principle. it has been observed that a lot of valuable time was spent in BATB after recruitment. Induction and Placement putting the human resources in the right job. To recover this matter. and this will be ensured by only a proper recruitment and selection process. Beforehand. However. the diversification plans and programs of the organization. The first important task of recruitment function is to frame a recruitment policy. We know that human resources are the only resources which are unique in nature and which cannot be copied easily. To increase the efficiency of an organization. Most of the organizations. The process was lengthy and sometimes confusing and employees responsible for recruitment were having a hard time to cope up with their other tasks because so much time was wasted in the recruitment process. now days it is very essential to retain the employees and continuously develop their capabilities. believe in recruiting the best possible manpower from outside the organization.

2) CV Screening: Sorting out CVs according to requirements and putting a CV summary into excel which would help screening through the CVs quickly and efficiently. which the candidates can go for if they have passed the Assessment Centre. This is the first step a candidate has to go through in BATB for an interview. After the presentation session the candidates are asked a few more questions that the . It is as follows: 1) CV or Resume Sourcing: Fishing for Cvs online (soft copy of Cvs) and hand delivered Resumes (hard copies of resumes) sent to the company from internal and external sources. A CV summary contains the following: -Candidate Name -Name of Current employer -Current designation -Name of all the previous employers -Previous Designations -Secondary School Educational Qualification -Graduate Educational Institute -Graduate Degree and Result -Post Graduate Degree and Institution -Extra Curricular Activities -Contact Information 3) Call and confirm eligible candidates to come in for interviews for specific posts to be filled. There are three steps of an interview: -PI: This is Preliminary Interview. If the candidate can satisfy the interviewer with his/her answers then he/she might be able to go on to the next step of the interview. Here the candidates are given a case to solve and come up with the best possible solutions to the problems mentioned in the case.Recruitment Planning Process. 4) Take interviews of eligible candidates. -AC: This is Assessment Centre. Only those candidates can go through this stage if they have passed the PI. Here the candidates are asked to give presentations on their previous case studies given to them and show and explain how exactly his/her ideas are helping solve the solution. -FI: Finally comes the Final Interview.

If the employees are not healthy and are fit to work. Medical tests are very important in almost all organizations nowadays. a Job Offer is given to the candidate.interviewers possible have in their mind to ask them. 5) After the Final Interview. 8) Induction: After the job offer is accepted comes the part of induction where the new employee is given a warm welcome and is introduced to everyone in the department he/she will be working in. The above steps have now turned out to be a successful Recruitment Planning system which has no hassles or chaos attached to it. 9) Then a detailed job description and a list of job responsibilities are explained to the new employee that he/she is to carry out. decisions are taken of who to take in for the job and who to keep in view (KIV) if the job offer is not taken by the first preference of candidate. 6) The next step is medical test of the considered perfect job candidate. third best for the position in case of any emergencies. 10) The final stage is to shred all the CVs of the rejected candidates and to keep in a separate folder the CVs and a soft copy of those candidates who were considered next in line for the job or would have been the second. It is obvious that an organization would want sound and healthy employees. 7) When the medical test is passed by the candidate. there is just no point in appointing them for respective responsibilities which they cannot take over. The diagram of a summary of a proper recruitment process is given below: CHART .

It also shows whether there is a difference between an individual’s personal and job grade. Below is shown a glimpse of how profiles of employees are made for “Organizational Headcount” for different departments. Headcount is generally making a proper list of employees of all the different departments that there are present in the organization. such as SMD (Secondary Manufacturing Department). A headcount and manpower planning also helps to understand whether the budget allocated for the salary and benefits of employees are under control or are triggering above the company budget. This project helps making sure that no unnecessary employees are recruited in any department of the company and that the right people are assigned to the right department and are getting the right salary paid for their respective jobs. This tool helps determining how much manpower is needed against machines. It not only contains each individual’s name and position but also talks about the department they work in and about their personal grade as well as their job grades. A head count is done to figure out whether the present numbers of employees are enough to reach the target of the company. It is very obvious that the departments that are highly dependent on machines. This project is mainly carried out to keep in track and record about how many employees the organization currently holds and whether anymore employees are needed in any department to handle work overloads and so on. Function/Area Name: Supply Chain . Because of this project the company budget for employees are kept in control and made sure that the targets and goals set for the company are met by the right number of employees. It is a tool used to simplify the decision making process of whether anymore employees are needed to supervise any work in a specific department. such as the HR department.5) “ORGANIZATIONAL HEADCOUNT” OR “MANPOWER PLANNING” This is basically a project that I have worked on to do a proper headcount of the organization. will need fewer employees than those that are not highly dependent on the automotive machinery works.2.

Because the workers did not know how to properly write an English complaint letter. most of the shareholders just came in for the food and did not attend the meeting but still there was a countable number of people present at the AGM as well as all the higher officials such as the Directors. in the morning and had a complimentary buffet breakfast which was sponsored by BATB itself. It was an amazing experience where we had to turn up in Hotel Sonargaon at 6:30 a. where we checked in the shareholders’ attendance in the computer by entering their Folio Numbers and gave them a lunch goodie pack and an entrance coupon to the AGM inside the Ball Room. Managing Director and Head of all the departments of BATB. After that we had to sit in registration booths. I was told to handle this problem and translate their complain and convert it into a written official complaint letter.m. After sending out the letter to the .5) OTHERS 38th Annual General Meeting of BATB Besides the above mentioned tasks I have also had the lucky opportunity to attend and be a part of the organization team of the 38th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of British American Tobacco Bangladesh. To my awe. set up in Sonargaon.PIC: DESIGNATION Shows that there is no difference between PG and GJ Shows that there is a difference between PG and GJ Shows that the position is to be filled in by the end of 2011 Shows that the vacancy position needs not to be filled in 2. Trade Union(TU) Another interesting problem I dealt with was a problem of TU For quite a few days there was a problem among the workers but the only way to resolve that was to send a written complain to some higher officials. The "icing on the sugar" was that we were able to see the Australian cricket team while we were having breakfast and even had a chance to take pictures with a few.

officials. proper actions were taken and the interruption and mental dissatisfaction faced by the labor level workers were gotten rid of by the administration officials. .