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J232 final blog evaluation criteria 100 points 10 points for Theme The site should have a consistent

nt topic, a consistent personality, a consistent storyline that is reflected throughout its content and design. Audiences gather around common interests. The job of a journalist or commercial communicator is to engender and serve an audience. Could your blog hold an audience together? Is everything on the blog somehow related? Does it overall tell a story of some sort, even if that story is about your own professional opinions and capabilities? (Consider removing or updating content that is off topic.) 20 points for Design The sites design should facilitate the intended audience experience in terms of legibility, interface and functionality. Good design in modern media exists somewhere at the intersection of art and technology. Individual elements have to look good but also hold together when taken as a whole. This is what most people mean when they talk about whether something works for them. So does your blog work? (Refer to the list of minimum customizations discussed in class, such as an About page and your name on posts.) 15 points for Context Every entry on the blog should be fully contextualized using all available media types including headline, text and links to enhance the user experience and understanding. A podcast with only a play button, for instance, with no headline or explanation text, provides no context to the visitor. Would a total stranger who has never before visited your blog know what is going on and why? (A minimum of 12 posts are required plus the media embeds, all categorized.) 10 points for Interactivity This is the gold standard of modern media. Audiences are not passive beasts. They want to participate, explore, control, use or not, as they choose. But if not, you dont have a problem. It is when they do want to interact that they become dissatisfied over the lack of opportunity. So is your blog satisfying? Are there things they can do a poll, a quiz, things to click on and become involved with? And concerning your own interactivity, is there current content on the site or is it apparent that no one has updated it for a week or more? (Heres a biggie Do all clickable links work?) 25 points for Media This course is about using electronic technologies for journalism and commercial communications. Ultimately your blog must demonstrate your ability with all the media formats we have explored this semester. There needs to be at least one example of each posted/embedded on the site a photostory, an epaper layout, a podcast and a video. (These do NOT have to be exactly the same ones you completed for your miniprojects. You can improve or replace those for the final eval.) 20 points for Quality This course was not intended to teach writing or the finer points of storytelling. At the same time, a minimum standard of quality should be inherent in whatever you do. Meaning words should be spelled and capitalized correctly, sentences should use proper punctuation and grammar, text should make sense and a consistent, professional style should be applied. (Proofread, and then have someone else proofread it again for you.)