District Four – Project Briefing December 2011

BRIDGE REPLACEMENT – EAST HAVERHILL STREET OVER THE SPICKET RIVER Scope of Work: The project consists of the repair of the existing masonry arch bridge and its footings along with the demolition of the existing eastern fascia concrete beams and sidewalk. The existing solid face stone bridge/safety wall on both sides of the existing bridge will also be removed. A new structure will be constructed on new abutments that will span over the existing arch to carry the structural loads. The steel piles that will be used to support the new abutments will be pre-drilled and set rather than driven due to the sensitivity of the existing arch structure. The bridge will be constructed in stages with one lane open on the bridge for southbound travel, though provisions are in place to allow emergency vehicles to travel across the bridge in both directions. A pedestrian walkway will be used throughout construction. Contract No.: 58733 Funding Source: Federal Aid Bridge Program William Murphy 6/20/2012

Contractor: Budget: Spending to date:

MAS Building & Bridge $2.73 million $1.62 million

Resident Engineer: Completion Date:

Current Status: The project is 51% complete. The contractor has completed the first stage of bridge construction on the east side. Drivers are now traveling over the newly completed portion of the bridge. The traffic management plan has been adjusted to the second stage of construction and the Contractor has commenced the demolition work on the west side of the existing bridge. Once the demolition work is completed, the Contractor will begin the work associated with the construction of the remaining portions of the footings and abutments for the new bridge. Upcoming Work Activities: The demolition work is expected to continue through mid December. The excavation work associated with the will continue until week of Dec. 10th. The excavation of the existing bridge will then commence and is expected to continue through the end of December. The work associated with the construction of the bridge foundation will then take place and remain active for several months.

Note: Additional project information and history can be found by visiting MassDOT’s website at: http://www.massdot.state.ma.us and clicking on the Projects tab, then selecting “Current Road and Bridge Projects” and after entering the City of Lawrence, select Project No. 603718.

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District Four – Project Briefing December 2011

Progress Photo:

Photo looking north showing the newly constructed easterly portion of the bridge.

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