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District Four Project Briefing December 2011

BRIDGE REPLACEMENT CANAL STREET OVER THE SPICKET RIVER Scope of Work: The project consists of the construction of a new single span composite bridge totaling 204 feet that will span over the existing historical stone masonry arch bridge. The historic bridge will then be rehabilitated and converted to a garden for pedestrian use. The new gateway bridge will begin at the intersection of Canal Street with Prospect and Marston Streets. Canal Street will be widened in this area to provide two travel lanes in each direction along with appropriate turning lanes. The roadway will be divided with sidewalks on each side. After crossing the new bridge, Canal Street will taper down to a single lane in each direction. The work also includes roadway reconstruction along Canal Street, including at its intersection with Union Street. Contract No.: 67947 Funding Source: Federal Aid Bridge Program Robert Bosy 3/23/2014

Consultant: Budget: Spending to Date:

ET&L Corporation $10.5 million $1.25 million

Resident Engineer: Completion date:

Current Status: The project is approximately 14% complete. The Contractor is currently working on the first of six stages of the project. These operations primarily consist of constructing the new bridge. The pre-loading for the proposed abutments is complete. The Contractor is presently awaiting the completion of the utility relocation work which is expected to occur in early December. Once the utility lines are out of the way, the Contractor will mobilize for the placement of the driven piles for the abutments, as well as the installation of the permanent sheet piles for a Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) wall in the northwest corner. This will be followed by the construction of the actual abutments and MSE walls and then the construction of the bridge superstructure. The Contractor is concurrently working on the roadway construction associated with the widening of Marston Street and Canal Street, including the installation of the new drainage and traffic signal systems and field stone retaining walls. The first stage of construction is expected to be completed in mid summer 2012. At that time traffic will be switched over to the new bridge to allow the remaining reconstruction work to take place on the roadway approaches. Upcoming Work Activities: Over the next few months the Contractor will be installing the driven piles for the abutments and will be installing the permanent sheet piles for the MSE wall in the northwest corner. Depending on weather conditions, the Contractor may continue with roadway reconstruction activities over a portion of the winter months. Note: Additional project information and history can be found by visiting MassDOTs website at: and clicking on the Projects tab, then selecting Current Road and Bridge Projects and after entering the City of Lawrence, select Project No. 602299.


District Four Project Briefing December 2011

Progress Photos:

View of field stone masonry retaining wall being constructed along a portion of Marston Street.


District Four Project Briefing December 2011

View of new bridge alignment standing on the east side. Photo shows new canal wall facing along with steel sheeting being used in support of construction of the new bridge abutment.