LUMS Application 2011

LUMS Online Admissions Open your online application and follow along as you read these instructions – they will not be clear otherwise. Read the instructions for each section carefully. Sections that are self explanatory have been skipped. These instructions will not repeat any instructions on the LUMS website unless we believe that clarification is needed. GENERAL INFORMATION Open and read carefully “Admission Criteria,” “FAQ,” “Checklist for Supporting Documents” and “Important Dates for Admission.” APPLICATION FORM Academic Information: 1. Open a new academic record for each O and AS-Level certificate that you have. (Ex: Pak Studies and Islamiat, through school in June 2009, will be #1. The rest of your O-Levels, through school in June 2010, will be #2. Statistics, taken privately in June 2010, will be #3, and so on. a. You must have an attested copy of each certificate, to either upload or mail. Scan the Certificate, and not the Statement of Results. If you wish to also upload a Statement with percentages from your June 2010 O-Levels, then it must be included with your certificate in a single scan. 2. To upload, scan each certificate separately so that it can be uploaded into the corresponding academic record. a. If you do not upload the certificate when you fill out the academic record, then you will get an error message. To upload the document later, click “Will post copy of transcript/result card” so that you can save your record. To upload your document later, simply unclick this option. b. If you choose to mail your documents, leave it selected. 3. When you select O-Level or A-Level in “Examination Type” the rest of the section will open. O-Level Certificates – LUMS calls O-Levels “Secondary” 1. Create one academic record for each certificate that you have. a. Enter your school information or “British Council” for private examinations. b. Put August 2008 as the “From” date for all O-Level records. c. Put the specific exam date (June 2009, Nov 2009, June 2010) in the “To” section. AS/A-Level Certificates – LUMS calls AS and A-Levels “Post Secondary” 1. Create one academic record for each certificate that you have. 2. Check the “Results Awaiting” box ONLY for October 2011 session examinations. a. Exams through school – type in “The Lyceum School” in “School Information.” i. In “Marks Information” enter all subjects for which you took AS-Level exams through school. Do not list subjects for which you did not take the external exam, (Accounting, Art, Literature, Further Mathematics, General Paper, English Language). Enter grades received from CIE. ii. In “Subject Information” enter each of the subjects in which you will take the A-Level exam in June 2012, even if you did not list it in “Marks Information” (list above). b. Accelerated Mathematics (or any full A-Level subject already graded) i. Make a separate record, listing Lyceum or British Council in school information, as appropriate 1. Enter dates as From August 2010 to June 2011. 2. In “Have you completed your Post Secondary Degree?” click “Yes”. This will allow you to enter your final grade for the full A-Level exam. a. Even though the Accelerated Maths grade appears on the Certificate you have uploaded with your main Lyceum record, you will have to re-upload it here. c. Exams taken privately – type in “British Council” in “School Information” i. For subjects that you are taking at both the AS and A-Level, enter the subject name in both “Marks Information” and “Subject Information.” This is the same whether you are taking the A- Level privately or through school (in the case of AS re-sits.) ii. For subjects that you are giving only to the AS-Level, you still have to enter it in “Subject Information” (which asks what you will be taking in A2) or your record will not be saved. Send a letter with your paper documents explaining which subject(s) you will not give at the A-Level. iii. If you are giving the A-Level but not the AS-Level (ex: Further Mathematics) 1. In “Type of Exam taken in A1?” click “No Exam.” You will then be able to enter the subject without a grade.

” (The online application says “I acknowledge that I will send the Teacher Evaluation(s).if Applicable 1. If not. Text responses may be sent online. School Plays. What do you want them to know that is not represented elsewhere in the application? Be interesting. Go to the Lyceum library and ask Mr. (We will have sent them to him. Financial Aid 1. Principals’/counsellors’ recommendations are not accepted.Teacher Evaluation(s) 1. and the role you played in it. SAT Score report copy (if you are sharing your scores with LUMS) 2. This is unstructured. they “strongly encourage you to submit at least two. 11and 13. Print out the LUMS form and give a copy to each teacher with an envelope. Financial Aid documents (if applying for aid). and there is no “no” option!) They must be submitted on the LUMS form. You may print it out AFTER you submit your application online. Work Experience 1. CIE Certificates for all completed examinations (if not uploaded) 2. Proof of Payment (see Application Fee section) or Bank Draft (if this is your method of payment). Helped initiate recycling campaign in school and took part in beach clean up. Ex: House Throwball Team. Optional. If you send more than one envelope or do not use the mailing label. Creative Space/Essay/Personal Statement 1. Captain 11. (if not done online) 4. but it seems that they really want them. If you want to send them. Team member grade 10 Environment Society. Azeem 80 rupees for TCS delivery. 5. worked backstage. List is at counselling office. Not Required 1.11. Extracurricular Activities 1. Teacher evaluations must come from teachers at The Lyceum (“your last institute”). Documentation required is listed in the Supporting Documents List. and must be sent with other documents to LUMS. Complete this section if you wish to apply for financial aid. 10.) 3. 9-11 Transcripts from your previous school MAILING PROCEDURE 1. . they will not process your application. Creative Space response. Required . and you have a lot. The teacher should complete and seal the recommendation and return it directly to you to mail with your other documents. send only the most important. Do not flood them with certificates. Azeem for your LUMS transcript. Optional 1. This is an extremely detailed form. Azeem. 2. and/or Work Experience. Collect all of the documents you must send to LUMS in ONE envelope. Print out the mailing label from the application website and affix to your envelope. 2. The Lyceum Transcript. Pay Mr. mail with your other documents. Prefect.Everyone 1.) 4. acted. If you have any questions about this form or documentation. 4 color photographs with your name on the back done so already. You may put internships here. John Bernard.” Required . 3. 3. 3. The package will be delivered the next day. 11. Member 10. Contributed article to club newsletter. “Strongly Encouraged” They are trying to get to know you better. Two Teacher Evaluations (They say optional. ask LUMS directly. Attended Leadership Workshop. with dates of participation. 5. (this is “A Level first year results”) Sign up for your transcript if you have not 2. Statement of Entry for Nov 2011 examinations (for those who have taken them). Seal the Lyceum transcript inside your envelope and return it to Mr. Or the teacher may submit the completed form to Mr. You may provide more description if you want. Results for November 2011 Examinations must be submitted to LUMS within 3 days of release. DOCUMENT SUBMISSION Follow the instructions on the “Checklist for Supporting Documents. It is best to name the activity. including any teacher references. Extracurricular Activities. Certificate copies for Awards/Honors.

Sindh Tel: 021-3582-1741 .Deadline for LUMS to receive your application and documents: 12 Jan 2011 5:00pm Pak Standard Time Do NOT Leave mailing to the last day! FYI The Lyceum School 78 Clifton Karachi.