In the summer of 2010, the H+ Summit was held at Harvard University. One of the tenets of the H+ Society is “We advocate the well-being of all sentience, including humans, non-human animals, and any future artificial intellects, modified life forms, or other intelligences to which technological and scientific advance may give rise. It states that “humanity stands to be profoundly affected by science and technology in the future. We envision the possibility of broadening human potential by overcoming aging, cognitive shortcomings, involuntary suffering, and our confinement to planet Earth.” These two statements are part of a “transhumanist declaration” that the H+ Society has issued. (1) The statements are both very broad and very unusual in that they are claiming this group’s position as “advocating for the “well being” of that which doesn’t exist, including future artificial intellects, modified life forms or other intelligences to which technological and scientific advance may give rise. However, “modified life forms”, including the physical enhancement of human thought that the group advocates, in and of itself, destroys the well being of humanity as a species, by working to destroy human beings as human beings as a species to make them into something else. The H+ Summit at Harvard was sponsored by the Harvard College Future Society. The Harvard College Future Society’s purpose statement noted on it’s website is: “The purpose of the Harvard College Future Society is to promote awareness and further understanding of the link between accelerating technological growth and future society and to encourage the use of rational assessment methods in the evaluation of relevant technologies. In the presence of rapidly expanding human intelligence and vastly augmented capabilities, humanity will be soon be compelled to radically revaluate many of its most fundamental principles involving its very nature….The Harvard College Future Society is committed to providing a forum for discussion regarding the various visions for the future of humanity in light of technological growth, and in encouraging future technologies to be used for the betterment of humankind. Some topics of interest include Transhumanism, the Technological Singularity, Artificial General Intelligence, Mind Uploading, Simulated Reality, Cryonic Suspension, Immortality and Nanotechnology, among others.

Mind uploading is the mapping and capture of human minds so that they can be transferred to robots. Immortality involves making human beings no longer human and nanotechnology is increasingly involving research mixing life with materials at the molecular level. Although the H+ Society and the Harvard Future Society are both very “pro change” and enthusiastic and boosterish about vague things such as “encouraging future technologies to be used for the “betterment of mankind”, it is difficult to know in what way mankind can be “better than it is” and what will be done to the human species in order to reach what they describe as “the various visions for the future of humanity in light of technological growth”. These are important issues because research and experimentation is currently being done that is not being done for the “betterment of mankind” or for the “well being of humanity” as noted above, but to make human beings into something that they are not, including part human and part computer or robot, and research that is involving cross genetic research between human beings and other species, that are serving to destroy the intact wholeness of species, and for no valid reason. A number of these groups, and these do include some researchers, are arguing for technology that is not based on helping human beings regain health if they are ill, but developing technology to make human beings into “something else”. And as noted, this could be would be based on the “various “visions” that individuals or groups think that “humanity should be” “according to them”. This group advocates destroying human beings as human beings to as they describe “enhance human beings and human thinking”. Not by working to enhance our innate capabilities by ourselves through effort but externally by joining brain function with computer function. Other writings by this and similar groups describe as well wanting to create a “group brain” where human being’s brains are “linked together” to “function together”, thereby destroying individual human thought and the base of what we are as human beings and individuals. The focus on “moving beyond the confines of the planet Earth, noted in the H+ Summit Transhumanist Declaration and the topic of simulated reality, involves “mind uploading” into forms that can navigate or relate within environments that are either not conducive to human life or are actually “virtual”. This means the mapping and uploading of the contents of the human brain through computer capture and the transfer of the human mind into robots that can go into outer space or interact in a “virtual computer modulated world”.

The summit being held at Harvard is no coincidence. A number of these groups are pushing for social acceptance of that which has never been acceptable to us as human beings. The destruction of humanity as humanity to “enact the visions of a few individuals” who are willing to destroy human beings as human beings in order to enact their own personal or personal group “visions” shouldn’t be acceptable to any of us. It is not by accident that the Hippocratic Oath, which has been the basis for medicine, the field which has had direct physical contact and involvement with humanity and it’s physical well being, has had as it’s inviolate base, “first do no harm”. Throughout history, any one of a number of groups, and governments including Nazi Germany in World War Two and World War Two Japan have been interested in changing human beings into “something else” to satisfy their own personal or “group personal “visions”. The absolute essential necessary base that we as human beings have required of one another as exemplified in the Hippocratic Oath, is that those involved directly with the human body physically have the mandate to “first do no harm”. We require it of physicians because they have been historically the ones involved with procedures involving human beings that could possibly give them the capability to harm human beings physically. It is the base that we must require of researchers as well in regard to the human species. As mentioned in both documents, technological capabilities and ongoing research and experimentation are pushing the boundaries of what we are able to do to human beings, other species, life itself, and all of matter. Whether it is human embryonic stem cell research and experimentation which is providing the capability to use human embryos as the base for changing human beings into something else at the genetic embryonic base of what we are as human beings; or the increasingly “co-fused” research that is being done on making computers and robots more “human like” at the same time, working to be able to digitally quantify and record human thought and human activity to be translated into computer and machine functions; what is occurring is research that is increasingly blurring the lines between what is human and what are other species, and what is human and what is machine and computer function. In regard to nanotechnology, research and experimentation is working to reduce both life and material to the molecular and atomic level to “intermix” both at the very smallest levels of particles, and molecules. What is not being discussed is why much of this research is being done and what right there is to use life, whether at the molecular level, or the embryonic level or at the level of mentation, and to use human beings and other existing species for the purpose of “making us into something else.” The reality is that this research and experimentation is in and of itself destructive and in many cases it appears to be not for the purpose of bringing people back to a state of health if they are ill, but for the purpose of making human beings into something they aren’t, and have never been. We have never granted ourselves the right to destroy human beings as human beings for no valid reason and the right certainly shouldn’t be because some individuals want to destroy humanity itself as a species to make it into something else. 1. 2. Harvard College Future Society at below:

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