Civil Procedure Timeline File complaint - starts the clock in fed court 120 days to serve ∆ - action dismissed

serve or request waiver of service - if served D has D 21 days to respond to summons and complaint - 60 days for US or US officials P 21 days after service or after responsive pleading or after rule 12 motion as a matter of right to amend complaint once P/D 14 days to respond to amended pleading after service of such if request for waiver of service, then D 30 days to respond, if done within 30 days then (60 if foreign) D 60 days to answer (after complaint was sent) (90 days if foreign) D has 30 days to remove to federal court after service of initial pleading OR within 30 days of case becoming removable except (under 1332) not beyond 1 year after commencement. Motion to remand must be made within 30 days of the filing of the notice to remove (unless for SMJ) if D makes a rule 12 motion then 14 days after courts ruling or more definite complaint is served. P 21 days to reply to answer or rule 11 motion - P has 21 days to withdraw or modify a challenged pleading After pleadings are closed but before delay, party may move for judgment on the pleadings 14 days after last pleading directed to the issue is served max time to demand trial by jury. D 14 days to file rule 14 impleader- court may give leave to file 3rd party complaint later. rule 15 allows for amendment “relation back” to date of original pleading for purposes of statutes of limitations if the amendment arises out the same transactions/occurences ALSO, court may allow extension of time limits for amendments in the interests of justice - these are default rules, parties may grant leave to amend as well Intervention may not be done if not timely! P/D 26(f) conference of the parties as soon as possible & at least 21 days before rule 16 pretrial conference report of 26(f) conference submitted to court within 14 days P/D Initial Disclosures at or within 14 days of rule 26(f) conference if parties joined later - within 30 days of being joined rule 16 pretrial conference either 120 days after D has been served or 90 days after D has appeared; whichever is earlier - after receiving rule 26(f) report all expert testimony disclosures must be made 90 days before trial date or for contradictory/rebut testimony 30 days after other party’s disclosure. pretrial disclosures must be made at least 30 days before the trial objections to to disclosure materials proposed use must be made within 14 days after being made.

requests for admission . document requests.30 days to respond to Interrogatories.

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