To study of management means to get theoretical and practical knowledge. Today the world has become more competitive so struggle is more for human being. To get the job the theoretical as well as practical knowledge will come through experience so to get experience management arranges the training programme. It is true that management studies cannot be perfect without practical training and perfection is basic necessity of a management student. Management student is a coin. It has got two sides one is theoretical knowledge and other is practical knowledge. Both are Very important but theoretical knowledge is having less important but that practical knowledge. Do you not know that? “Practical makes man perfect” This report seeks to describe the functioning of various department of small-scale business organization. I am studying In T.Y.B.B.A in this year 21 days training for preparing project report. It was wonderful experience during the training. And I have come to that a big gape between theoretical knowledge that I learnt in practically. This report is prepared by good guideline of the “college business administration. Today this age is of companies & industries. So that management plays important role for increasing development of industries. In our B.B.A we have the subject of project study. For this purpose, we are to Under go industrial training at particular topic and prepare a project for the same. I have tried to include all the important information in present report. I had prepared the report on this project as far as my knowledge. If by any mistake any wrong information had been provided I beg your pardon.

I am very thankful to my college to provide me to this kind of precious opportunity to visit this NOKIA. Through this opportunity of visiting this great PRIORITY. And I also very thankful to NOKIA PRIORITY who permit me to visit their priority. And also the manager and other members in of NOKIA PRIORITY who guide during whole visit. I am thankful to university that give the opportunity be involved in such training of experience of NOKIA PRIORITY. I would like to sincere thanks and deep gratitude to manager of NOKIA PRIORITY. For providing valuable and important detailed information of their priority. I am also thankful to my project co-coordinator mr.Alpesh Soni, who provides the necessary guidance for making this project. And spared time from his valuable times.

The first Nokia century began with Fredrik Idestam's paper mill on the banks of the Nokianvirta river. Between 1865 and 1967, the company would become a major industrial force; but it took a merger with a cable company and a rubber firm to set the new Nokia Corporation on the path to electronics... The birth year of NOKIA is in 1865 and Fredrik Idestam establishes a paper mill aqt the tammerkoski Rapids in south western finland,from where the story of NOKIA begins. In 1982 Nokia makes its first digital telephone switch. The Nokia DX200, the company’s first digital switch goes into operation.In 1984 Nokia launches the mobira talk man phone. And in 1987 the birth of classic Nokia launches the Mobira city man which is the first handheld NMT phone. In 1991 Nokia equipment is used to make the world’s first GSM call. In 1992, Nokia decided to focus on its telecommunications business. This was probably the most important strategic decision in its history. As adoption of the GSM standard grew, new CEO Jorma Ollila put Nokia at the head of the mobile telephone industry’s global boom – and made it the world leader before the end of the decade...In 1992 Jorma Ollila becomes precident and CEO of Nokia,focusing the company on telecommunication. And in this year Nokia launches the first GSM handset,Nokia 1011. In 1994 Nokia launches the 2100, the first phone to feature the Nokia tune. And in this year the world’s first satellite call is made, using a Nokia GSM handset in 1997 the Nokia 6110 is the first phone to feature Nokia’s snake game. In 1998 Nokia becomes the world leader in mobile phones. In 1999 Nokia launches the world’s first WAP handset, the Nokia 7110. Now, Nokia’s story continues with 3G, mobile multiplayer gaming, multimedia devices and a look to the future... In 2002 Nokia launches its first 3G phone, the Nokia 6650. In 2003 Nokia lunches the mobile gaming goes multiplayer with the N-page. In 2005 Nokia introduce the next generation of multimedia devices, the Nokia Series. Nokia sells its billionth phone – a Nokia 1100 – in Nigeria. Global mobile phone

subscriptions pass 2 billion. In 2006 Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo becomes Nokia’s President and CEO; Jorma Ollila becomes Chairman of Nokia’s board. Nokia and Siemens announce plans for Nokia Siemens Networks. In 2007 Nokia recognized as 5th most valued brand in the world. Nokia Siemens Networks commences operations. Nokia launches Ovi, its new internet services brand. In 2008 Nokia's three mobile device business groups and the supporting horizontal groups are replaced by an integrated business segment, Devices & Services

SR NO.     



1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8

Research Objectives Research design Sample Area Sample Size Methods Used Assumptions Duration Limitation of the study

2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3

2.1 2.1.1 2.1.2 2.1.3 2.1.4 2.1.5 2.1.6 2.2

The Beginning Successfully Diversifying Into Premium Brands Profits & Position –At Home And Abroad Growth Of Technology Funding Temples Of Learning Awards Received By Dr. K.K.Patel

5 5 6 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 13

History Of The Company
2.2.1 Introduction To Nirma 2.2.2 Nirma Limited – A Profile 2.2.3 Vision And Mission


Product Information

2.3.1 Soaps 2.3.2 Detergents 2.3.3 Salt

13 16 19

3 4
4.1 4.2

Findings Suggestions

20 40
41 42

5 6 7


43 45 47


 Research objectives:
Any activity starts with identification of the specific objectives. Without clearly defining the objective an activity becomes direction less. Optimistically an objective provides a suitable direction to an activity.

► Secondary objective

To achieve the primary objective, some other secondary objectives are as under.  To know the preference & awareness of respondents about different scooterate.  To get suggestion from the current customer so that it will be helpful for company and in future how they improve their services or product.  To know whether customer would like to suggest any other to inform to their friend and relative in future.  To know what is the satisfaction level of the customer about their company product.  To know for which purpose the people purchase the product.  To know that people give more importance to which matters or factors while choose the scooterate.  To know the awareness of the company among the people.  To know the sources from where people get the information.

Research Design: -

Research is a process of getting the information about the product or service by using a strategy & plans so as to obtain answer of research question & control the variances. In the marketing there are three types of research design that are descriptive design, experimental design and quite experimental design. I am using in this report first one descriptive design. This descriptive design describes the characteristics of certain group to estimate the promotion to make a specific prediction and to develop the influences. The design could be used to study how customer behave when a new sales promotion program introduce it dose not however determine extends to association between different variable. Example, age and income of people association with response to sales promotion. In this

descriptive design there are two types of design that is the one is cross sectional design and second is focus group design. In this descriptive design I am using cross sectional design and that is gives the present picture of the situation at a given point of time. This cross sectional design is used when company want to know his position in the market between the large competitions and out of the total population of the viewers, the cross section design is to be employed to gather information.

 Research Plan

▪ Primary data-sources: - Questionnaire We collect primary data during the course of doing experiments in an experimental research but in case we do research of the descriptive type and perform survey whether sample survey or census survey. Then we can obtain primary data either through observation or through a direct communication with respondent. In another way was personal interview. ▪ Secondary data-sources: Promotional document of different company which is collected from news paper, magazines, etc. ▪ Method of data collection:

This method of data collection is quite popular product survey. In this method a questionnaire is sent to the person concerned with a request to answer the questions and return to the questionnaire. A Questionnaire consists of a number of questions printed or typed in a definite on a form of or set of forms. The Questionnaire is mailed to respondents who are expected to read and understand the Questions and write down the in your answer.


Primary data can be collected in five ways: observation, focus group, surveys, and behavior data and experiments. From the above ways the survey is best suitable approach for getting as much as possible accurate information. Surveys are best suitable for descriptive research. I undertake surveys to learn about the consumer beliefs, preferences, knowledge, and satisfaction. In short here survey method is more suitable and reliable to gathering information from the market relating to Nokia Priority


The questionnaire is prepared for the market survey. ▪ QUESTIONNAIRE DESIGNING The questionnaire was design keeping in mind the objective of the research. Thus most of the questions were being formulated to compare with other scooterate. The questions were closed ended once to get exact response from the responder. ▪ STEP IN DESIGNING QUESTIONNAIRE 1) Types of information to be collected While attempting to design a questionnaire, the researcher has to first ask what type of information he needed from survey. He should seriously consider this question, as it will have considerable repercussion on the usefulness of survey. For if he omits to collect information on some reverent and vital aspect of his survey, his research study is unlikely to be useful. The different types of information, which are generally sought in marketing research are, 1. Facts 2. Awareness 3. Opinions 4. Attitude 5. Reasons Both questionnaires designed for survey is mainly consist of facts, awareness information, opinions, and reasons.

2) Types of question The second important aspect in the designing a question is to decide which types of question are to be used. Question can be classified in various ways. Questionnaire contains following type information. 1. Close ended question 2. Open ended question 3. Multiple – choice question 4. Ranking & Rating question Mostly all questions are multiple type questions. There are only two openended type questions.

 Sampling plan

People are satisfied with the Nokia Priority or not.

Survey is conducted on 125 persons in patan city.

Probability Sampling:

Stratified sampling: “With stratified sampling, we are using quota sampling for consumers.” The population is divided into mutually exclusive groups like as area & random samples are drawn from each group. Random Sampling: under this sampling technique each member of the population as known and equals probability of being included in the sample. In consumer research survey I usually select customers of Nokia as the sampling units. It may not be easy to prepare as the sampling frame as it is very difficult to get list of customers although area may be completely represented through maps.


Personal interview or Field work. ▪ Personal Interview It is a direct from of investigation involving face-to-face communication feedback information. It offers a sense of participation. It is more flexible from of data collection. Use of unstructured open-end question is possible. Complex questions can be asked. The interview can have question to secure more information. Observation approach can be combined age. Can used to get views opinions and attitudes of responder.

Any things have its own limitation so this type this project has also little limitation which is as under. • • • • One and big limitation of the project is that I am taking few sample for the research and also it is on the particular specified area only. I am taking sample from the patan city only for the research purpose so it is not enough for taking any decision so it is limitation for that. The distribution of these 100 respondents is also not equally to the different geographic areas age, occupation etc. which can result in to misleading figures. Here time limit is also fixed so it is one limitation of the project.

• •

The information filled in the questionnaire by the respondents may be biased. Another problem that we have faced is the poor response of some consumers.

1. Which company's mobile instrument you have? Options NOKIA RELIANCE TATA LG SAMSUNG ANY OTHER TOTAL No. of respondent 125 12 8 7 19 3 125 Percentage 100 9.6 6.4 5.6 15.2 2.4 100

2 % 1% 1 4 % 5 % aN K ) O IA bR L N E ) E IA C 7 % CT T ) AA dL )G eS MU G ) A SN f)a y t e n ohr 7% 1

Interpretation:The above diagram shows the different percentage of having different company’s mobile, and it shows that which company’s mobiles get the majority so, as per the survey the maximum people are prefer Nokia mobile instrument, in this chart 71% people who have the instrument of Nokia mobile, and the other is 11% people are prefer to purchase the Samsung mobile instrument, and the 7% people are prefer Reliance mobile instrument, 5% people are prefer Tata mobiles and 4% people prefer other company’s mobile instrument which are not mentioned in the above diagram.

2. How many different mobile instrument do you have? Options One two three More than three Total No. of respondent 85 36 2 2 125 Percentage 68 28.8 1.6 1.6 100

2 % 2 %

2% 9 oe n t o w t re h e m t a t re o h nh e re 6% 7

Interpretation:As per the above diagram, it describes that how many different mobile instrument have an individual, so 67% people have only one mobile instrument of Nokia as per the survey and the 29% people having two different types of mobile instrument and the other 2% people having three different types of mobile instrument and the other 2% people having more than three differents types of mobile instruments including Nokia mobile instrument.

3. Have you any mobile instrument of NOKIA?
Options Yes No Total No. of respondent 125 0 125 Percentage 100 0 100

0 %

1 2

1% 0 0

Interpretation:The above diagram just mentioned about having any instrument of Nokia mobile, so the 100% respondent having the Nokia mobile instrument as per the survey.

4. If yes what is the reason and if no what is the reason? Options Yes No Total No. of respondent 125 0 125 Percentage 100 0 100

0 %

1 2

1% 0 0

Interpretation:The above chart describe the reason for having the mobile instrument of Nokia, so over here the 100% people having the reasons for having the Nokia mobile instrument.

5. Which factors are your priorities of purchasing NOKIA mobile instrument? Options No. of respondent Percentage
Price Strong body Styling and design Video & music system Long running battery 67 99 76 57 89 53.6 79.2 60.8 45.6 71.2

Resale value



p rice 1% 9 1% 4 stro gb d n oy stylin a dd sig g n e n 2% 0 1% 9 vid oa dm sic e n u syste m re leva e sa lu 1% 2 1% 6 lo gtim ru n g n e n in b tte a ry

Interpretation:The above diagram mentioned the factors which are the priority for purchasing Nokia mobile instrument. In the above chart the percentage as per the no. of respondent are given with its mentioned particular factor which are price-14%, strong body-20%, styling and design-16%, video and music system-12%, resale value-19%, and long time running battery -19%are given in the above diagram.

6. Which instrument of NOKIA Company would you prefer?

5130 5100 1110 1200 1206 6610 6600

No. of respondent
11 14 04 06 04 05 06

8.8 11.2 3.2 4.8 3.2 4 4.8

3110 N series E series Any other Total

07 17 06 45 125

5.6 13.6 4.8 36 100

5130 9% 11% 35% 3% 5% 3% 4% 5% 14% 6% 5% 5100 1110 1200 1206 6610 6600 3110 N series E series any other

Interpretation:In the above diagram it shows the different types of Nokia mobile instrument and the percentage as per the no. of respondent of the survey so here 5130-9%, 5100-11%, 1110-3%, 1200-5%, 1206-3%, 6610-4%, 6600-5%, 3110-6%, these are shows the priority of particular instrument of Nokia. And the 14% people are prefer N-series instrument of Nokia mobile and just 5% people having E-series mobile instrument of Nokia and the 35% people having the other Nokia mobile instrument which are not mentioned in this diagram.

8. Nokia mobile’s functional facility easy to operate or not? options Yes No Total No. of respondent 124 1 125 Percentage 99.2 0.8 100

1 %

1 2

9% 9

Interpretation:In the above chart it describe about the functional facility of Nokia mobiles are easy to operate or not, so here 99% people are says that the functional facilities are easy to operate and only 1% people are criticized.

9. NOKIA instrument is in your budget or not? Options Yes No No. of respondent 123 2 Percentage 98.4 1.6




2 %

1 2

9% 8

Interpretation:The above chart mention about Nokia instruments are in the budget of customers or not, so over here 98.4% people are saying that the Nokia mobile instruments are in the budget and only 2% people are criticized.

10. How do you know about NOKIA mobile instrument? Options Reference Advertisement No. of respondent 54 8 Percentage 43.2 6.4

Hand bill Brand name Total

2 61 125

1.6 48.8 100

43% 49%

refere ce n advertise h dbill an by NOKIA bran n e d am



Interpretation:The above chart describe that the people how do they know about Nokia mobile instrument. So here 43% people are prefer Nokia mobile instrument by reference, 6% people are prefer Nokia mobile instrument by advertisement, 2% people are prefer Nokia mobile instrument by hand bill, 49% people are prefer Nokia mobile instrument by brand name.

11. From which place do you want purchase Nokia mobile instrument? Options Nokia show room Shopping mall Any retailer shop Total No. of respondent 65 12 48 125 Percentage 52 9.6 38.4 100

38% 52%

NOKIA shoeroom/priority shopping mall any other retailer shop of mobile 10%

Interpretation: Above chart display the location ratio of purchase Nokia mobile instrument from the market. So over here 52% people want to purchase Nokia mobile instrument from the Nokia show room. And other above 10% people wants to purchase from the shopping mall. And rest of the people 38% wants to purchase from any other available resources.


In today's generation do you prefer NOKIA model 1110?why?


No. of respondent 54 71 125

Percentage 43.2 56.8 100

4% 3 1 2 5% 7

Above chart display the figure of prefer NOKIA model 1110. The ratio of liking of Nokia model 1110. And 43% positive response from the market review and less 57% negative response.

13. Is it requires internet facility in Nokia mobile instrument?
Options Yes No Total No. of respondent 87 38 125 Percentage 69.9 30.4 100

3% 0

1 2

7% 0

The above chart which is mentioned about the requirement of internet facility so, as per the chart 70% people give the positive answer and 30% people are not need the internet facility in the mobile instrument.

14. If there is similar mobile instrument of Nokia &would you like to buy it with well known brand? Options Yes No Total No. of respondent 85 40 125 Percentage 68 32 100

3% 2

1 2

6% 8

In current situation of Tele communication market there are many different types of mobile instruments are available so here the above diagram describes that how many people are prefer to purchase the another mobile except the Nokia mobile instrument, over here 68% people are prefer to purchase the mobile of other well known brands and 32% people are not prefer to purchase any other company’s mobile instruments.

15. For which purpose would you like to use Nokia mobile? Options Entertainment Internet Communication Total No. of respondent 78 19 97 194 Percentage 40.21 9.79 50 100

4% 0 e t r a mn net in e t 5% 0 inen t tre c m u ic t n o mn aio

1% 0

The above diagram it shows about the percentage of purpose for using the mobile so here as per the diagram 40% people are use the mobile instrument for the purpose of entertaining and 10% people are use the mobile for internet services and 50% people are use the mobile instrument for the purpose of commusation.

16. Can you search information before purchase Nokia mobile?

17. Can you prefer the bill to purchase Nokia mobile? Options Yes No Total No. of respondent 121 4 125 Percentage 96.8 3.2 100

3 %

1 2

9% 7

The above chart shows that how many people are prefer to purchase the mobile instrument with the bill, so here as per the diagram 97% people are prefer to purchase the mobile instrument with bill, and only 3% people are prefer to purchase the mobile instrument without bill.

18. Rate your mobile feature according to your preference?

Feature 1 Sound system 93 Picture clarity 75 Attractive design 72 Long life battery 86
60 50 40 30 20 10 0 sound system sound system, 48.5

2 21 42 48 36

3 7 7 4 1

4 4 1 1 2

Total 125 125 125 125

Percentage 48.5 38 36.5 43.5

pictute clarity, 38

atteractive design, 36.5

long life battery, 43.5

pictute clarity

atteractive design

long life battery

The above chart mention the percentage of different feature of Nokia mobile instrument by giving the ranking system so here the 48.5% people give the first rank of sound system of Nokia mobile and 38% people give the second rank of picture clarity and for attractive design 36.5% people give the third rank of Nokia mobile instrument and the remaining portion is for given the fourth rank of the particular feature of Nokia mobile instrument.


After making the survey on consumer buying behavior for purchasing Nokia mobile instrument the findings and suggestions are mentioned below as per the survey. • Most of respondents are prefer to purchase Nokia mobile instrument. Because as per the survey 98% respondents are believe that the mobile instrument of Nokia is in budget and it is easy to operate than the other mobile instrument of different company’s. As per the survey most of the person give the priority and majority to the Nokia mobile instrument. According to the survey in the current market situation of Tele communication there are so much competition of selling mobile instruments of different well known brands but even though as per the survey the selling of Nokia mobile instrument are better than other company.

• •