Replacing the Top Burn Plate Gasket

MaxFire < 5000 Tools needed to replace the upper burn plate gasket:
• • • • • • Drill with a 1/8” bit Awl Utility scissors Scraper Vacuum cleaner Rivet gun

Removing the upper burn plate gasket:
• • • • • • Unplug the stove. Open the fire box door. Remove the fuel deflector and vacuum any ash from the firebox. Lift out the upper burn plate. Vacuum any ash from the bottom of the fire box area. Remove the old gasket by drilling out the existing rivets. Note where the seam of the gasket is located. • Using the scrapper, remove any remaining gasket from the upper burn plate and steel gasket retainer. • Vacuum up the debris.

Replacing the upper burn plate gasket:
• Starting at the front edge of the upper burn plate, install the new gasket by removing the adhesive liner from the new gasket (a little at a time) as you apply the gasket to the bottom perimeter edge. The seam of the gasket should be as it was on the old gasket.

• The bulb of the gasket should fit closely to the outer edge of the plate.
DWG. NO. 4001442 Rev C 10/2008 Kit P/N 4001434

• Trim any excess length after applying the gasket to the entire perimeter of the upper burn plate.

• Punch mounting holes in the gasket with the awl over the existing thirteen rivet locations.

• Assemble the steel gasket retainer to the bottom of the upper burn plate with rivets included in the kit using the rivet gun. • Install the upper burn plate in the stove. • Install the fuel deflector. • Close the firebox door. • Plug the stove in. • Check for proper operation.

DWG. NO. 4001442 Rev C


Kit P/N 4001434

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