by Scott Guinn
Comments: A routine with two cups and (apparently) one ball, this is based on Gary Ouellet’s "The Two Goblets". Here are some nice features of this routine: • • • • It can be done standing or seated. There are no false transfers. There is no lapping or topiting. It resets quickly and easily

Requirements: From a combo cups and balls set, you will need the chop cup (CC), one regular cup (RC), the magnetic ball (MB) and one regular ball (RB). Also required are three final load balls, preferably two of the same color (SCL) and one different color (DCL). In my table-hopping work (which is, after all, what this routine was designed for), I use the miniature two-inch combo cups, available from Bob James’ Magic Shop. These take up very little room, and are still highly visible in a table-hopping environment. For the final loads, I use silicone balls from my Fakini multiplying billiard balls (two white and one yellow). They fit the cups perfectly. You will also need an opaque handkerchief and a magic wand. Set up: Place the MB in the CC and the RB in the RC. Nest the RC into the CC, then place the handkerchief into the RC above the RB. Place the nested cups in the drawstring bag that came with the cups. Place the two SCL in your left pants pocket, the DCL in your right pants pocket, and the wand in your inner breast coat pocket. You should be performing this routine on some type of close up pad. Method and performance: Begin by introducing the props. Bring out the wand, display it and then set it on the table to your far right. Introduce the drawstring bag. Open it, remove the nested cups, and place the bag aside, off of the pad. Remove the handkerchief and comment that you won’t need it until later as you place it in your left pants pocket. With your left hand, pick up the nested cups and dump the RB into your right hand. Place the RB at the center of the pad. Hold the nested cups in your palm up left hand so that the mouth of the RC faces straight ahead. Grasp the CC at its center with your palm down right hand. Simultaneously pivot the left hand palm down and the right hand palm up, causing the cups to rotate 180 degrees in opposite directions, where they nest again with the mouth of the CC facing you. Reverse the procedure to bring he cups back to starting position. Remark that each cup can nest within the other. This sequence is Mr. Ouellet’s “Cenotaph Illusion,” which implicitly proves the cups are empty. It looks very fair, because the audience subconsciously thinks they have seen both cups inside and out. Hold the nested cups briefly in your palm down right hand, so that your left hand can turn palm down and regrip the RC. Separate the cups, their mouths downward. Lightly set the CC (which is in your right hand and has the MB clinging inside) on the table over the RB. Move the cup slowly in a flowing counterclockwise circle of about a four-inch diameter. Lift the CC off the ball and move it about six inches to the right of the RB, setting it down firmly to dislodge the MB. Set the RC (still held in your palm down left hand) over the RB and move it in a clockwise circle. Lift the

past your right hand to the other end. Allow the CC to pivot mouth up in your left hand. move the rim of the cup forward so that it knocks the RB off the CC. creating the illusion that the ball penetrated through the cup. Keeping the cup trapped between your palms.” credited to Herb Morrissey. Pick the ball up with your left hand and set it on the CC. This gives you plenty of misdirection for your left hand to dip into your pocket and obtain one SCL ball. Pick up the MB with your right hand and set it on the RC. As your right hand continues to grip the cup. Slide your left hand along the wand. Turn the fist knuckles up and work the RB into heel clip as your left hand picks up the wand. as all eyes follow the RB. Now place the RC in your left hand onto the CC. As the left hand passes your right. Wave the wand over the cups. Move the RC off to the right front and set the RB on top of it. Close your right hand into a fist around the RB. Push the wand halfway into your fist. nesting the cups with the ball between them. place the RC in your left hand over the SCL. Move your hands and the cup down as one unit until the back of the left hand contacts the table at a point about a foot to the left of the RC. Pull the wand from the right end out of the fist. Wave the wand over the cups and tap the top cup. Cover the mouth of the cup with your palm down left hand. slide your left hand out from under it. Obtain the hanky from your pocket and drape it over the CC. Pick up the wand with your right hand as your left hand slides the nested cup s to center and moves them in a clockwise circle. Your right hand then picks up the RC and sets it on the CC. dislodging the MB. table it about six inches to the right. With the left hand. As you do. Set the loaded cup on the front left of the pad as all your attention is focused on your right hand picking up the RB. letting its rim scrape across the bottom cup and dragging the ball off into the tipped cup. Take the RB with your right hand and set it atop the CC. Your right hand picks up the wand and does a wand spin or vigorous wave over the cups. but this time. Set the cup (with the RB inside) mouth down on the table about three inches to the right of the CC. slide the nested cups to center with your left and circle them as before. move the RB from the RC and set it on the covered CC. here is a brief description: Hold the CC near the rim with your left hand. Place the RC on top with your right hand. Grasp the bottom of the CC with your palm up right hand and let go of the cup with your left. Lift the CC with your left hand (carrying away the MB) and table it to the left firmly enough to dislodge the MB. . Pick up the wand. Set the wand down as the empty right hand opens. Do the “Tip-off Move. Set the wand down and lift the RC with your right hand. your left sets the CC on the RC and slides the nested cups in a circle. As your right hand obtains the wand. Tap the back of the fist and then the CC. Pick up the ball with your right hand and drop it in the cup. Your left hand remains on your hip as you turn your body slightly to the left. Lift the CC with your left hand to reveal the MB. As your left hand carries out this action. Place both hands on your hips as you comment that the ball now has to penetrate both the cup and the hanky. Meanwhile. tap the top cup with the wand and then return the wand to its former resting place. Pick up the CC by the rim with your left hand to reveal the third penetration. sending it rolling forward as you feign disappointment.RC. With your right hand. tip the top cup forward. As you reach for the wand with your right hand. Release the right hand’s grip and show both hands clearly empty. the right hand replaces the wand so it can pick up the RC to reveal the RB. Wave the wand and set it aside. Lightly tap the CC and then move the wand in a rainbow arc over to the RC and tap it. Lift the CC with the left hand—no ball! Lift the RC with the right hand—ball! Replace the CC at center. drop the RB onto the left fingers. Do the Tip-off Move. Set the wand aside. turn both wrists to the left so the CC is mouth down. In case you aren’t familiar with this move.

State to Vandella that you will make the ball travel under the cup of her choice. As the hand comes out of the pocket. takes the hanky off the CC and stuffs it in your pants pocket. put both hands into your pockets as the audience is reacting to the final loads. Pick up the wand in your left hand and openly put the MB in your pocket. Nest the empty cup onto the loaded one. drop the balls inside. do a spin with it and then use it to tip over the nested cups. Put the cups into the drawstring bag and close it. showing the SCL. keeping the RB in finger palm. bring the right hand out of the pocket with the DCL.Your left hand. Remove the hanky from your left pocket and stuff it into the RC. there are no “dead spots. Drop the left cup into the right and hold the nested pair in your right hand. Put the two SCL in the left pocket and the DCL in the right pocket and you’re reset! Final comments: I think you’ll really enjoy this routine. the CC in the right. loading it as your right hand picks up the MB. your right hand (still in the pocket) has released the MB and obtained the DCL. your right hand lifts the CC to reveal the MB. Pick up the wand. Do not remove your hand from your pocket. Set the loaded CC on the pad about a foot to the right of the loaded RC. Hold the cups mouth up and clink them together in a toasting motion as you thank your audience. loading it. To reset. Place the wand aside. Meanwhile. Bring your hands out and take the RC in the left. and table it front and center as the left hand lifts the other cup to reveal the other SCL. the right the MB. The left hand finger palms the RB. where you release the ball with the hanky and grab the second SCL. revealing the DCL for the climax! Set the wand down horizontally behind the cups and final loads for a nice display. pass the cup to the right hand. As you pivot the cups mouth up. It has a nice flow. Under cover of the reaction. Tap the wand against your pant leg and then the chosen cup. As your left hand reaches for the selected cup. Lift the cup. Pass the cup to your left hand.” all the loads are motivated and it’s very easy! Try it out and see if you don’t agree .

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