Marketing Project & Report Writing

Marketing - 20 Marks Each group has been assigned one of the following topics. You are supposed to design the questionnaire and actual marketing plan and launch the assigned product to you in the class. You have to use your creative instincts, apply combination of deliverables. Mode of Submission – a 25 – 30 Page report in Soft Copy + Hard Copy duly formatted Mode of Presentation – PPT, Role Play, Theme, Act, Drama In Presentation combination of costumes, drama, communication skills has to be kept in mind. Launch has to be innovative, not in traditional style. Each group will get 20 Minutes for Presentation. Topics:
1. Marketing Plan for Opening a New Hotel Launch on 31st

December - (Grp 7 – Srijit) -

Changing Price Mechanism in Hotels – Off Season Vs Peak Seasons Why there is so much rush during this time Comparison data for various categories of Hotel (3 to 5 Star) Tariff Comparison for Minimal 50 + Hotels & Tariff card collection Survey of 100 customers as well. Marketing Efforts & Promotional Campaign


2. Marketing Plan to Launch a Travel Agency Based at Jaipur


(Grp 1 – Madhav)


Jaipur: Most Preferred Destination of Tourist

Marketing Plan to Launch a Product for Working Women – (Grp 5 – Anusha) .Which are the different types of packages preferred by consumers? . Marketing Plan to Launch a New Diesel Car .A Study on variety of Packages .How many variety you can collect? .Sample size 150 Minimum .Consumer Survey why Diesel Car is becoming popular .Categorization of consumer preference vs other factors .- What are the factors that make Jaipur popular among tourist and also preferred destination? On what basis Jaipur attracts tourist Any Campaigns What you will adopt to launch your travel agency? Inputs from other states - 3.) .Why they prefer Diesel car vs Non Diesel car? .(Grp 3 – Rajiv) .On What grounds you will launch .Class of People vs Type of Car . Marketing Plan to Launch a New Packaging House – (Grp 2 – Amrita J.What will be your USP & STP 5.Conversations with Dealers 4.

Marketing Plan to Start a New Bank Branch of a MNC (Grp 6 – Vaibhav) - You need to identify minimal 3 top priorities of customers about availing Banking services today Which are the services they are no longer effectively using with Banks What are the improvement factors desired by them in banks. Marketing Plan to Launch a New Footwear Brand Store .(Grp 4 – Sneha) Which is most popular footwear brand among the customers? why they prefer a particular brand above any other brands? which are the different variety of footwear & which one among it is popular? What are the other important consideration factor going to footwear store On what grounds you will launch your store? . How you will incorporate all these things & launch the bank. - 7. Preferred bank is Public sector/ Private Sector/ MNC.- Identify 10 -15 products which could be differentiator Do a research on What working women vs Housewives prefer among them ( ratio of Working Women vs Housewife should b approx 50 – 50 little bit variations is fine) Will you pick same product for launch or do you think of choosing some other product for working women? Complete Marketing Strategy - 6.

Dr. or any preferred methodology and collect and analyze the data. 2. and Detailed 45 Day – Weekly Schedule with the Group Name.Expectations – 1. 3. imagination and thinking out of box within context will be suitably rewarded. Methodology. Objectives. interview schedule. Final Report of 25 – 30 Pages is to be submitted by 21 st Lecture and group Presentations will be made. Sheenu Jain . 4. Creativity. Each Group has to decide its sample size and develop Questionnaire. Initial Information Report – 1 Page – Submission by 10th November (Hard Copy) It includes – Title.