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To Whom It May Concern:

I am a 54 year old retired Mechanical Engineering Technician manufacturing surgical

device. I had to stop working almost one year ago from disabilities involving an
accident which resulted in numerous surgeries, over a 10 to 12 year period, the last
on July 2nd of this year (2008) and now draw Social Security Disability Income.
Because of my condition, physical handicaps and medication regimen I have
developed almost total Erectile Dysfunction, (ED), which I usually never discuss with
anyone, not even my Wife, the subject is that sensitive to me. My Wife and I own
our home in Hobe Sound and have 5 children, 4 Daughters and a Son ranging from
36 to 19 the last Daughter attending Indian River Community College.

We shop at Wal-Mart, 4001 S.E. Federal Highway, Stuart, Florida, 34997-4909,

Telephone # 772-288-4749, and including time at the (Old) Wal-Mart that was
across the street, have done so, at least twice a week for approximately 15 years.

My Wife and I were planning to go on vacation, and were in your Super Store
Sunday, 10/19/08, in the checkout line when we realized that we had forgotten
something in the pet department. As I was on my way to the pet department I
passed some small packages that said "Finally" an answer to my (ED) problem. I am
very sensitive about this as I think most men would be, and without thinking I took
some of the product out of the package. I had the product in my hand in plain sight
and was placing the empty package back on another shelf when an Off Duty Officer
accused me of stealing it. Another gentleman identified as the Assistant Store
Manager, Jason Richardson, and another gentleman, an unidentified Wal-Mart
employee instructed that I go directly to an office at the main entrance of the store.
I tried to explain to them my condition and what had happened and offered several
times to pay for the product if they would just not tell my Wife. As we went to the
office we were in plain eye sight and calling distance of my Wife but I was not
allowed to summon her. I was taken into a dark office at the main entrance in front
of the store alone. My Wife was notified, but then not allowed to come into the
privacy of the office.

A Martin County Police Officer, Officer Matt Pope entered, and as I was standing
directly in front of him, he began to look me over, making rude remarks. I also tried
to talk to him, but he would not listen. He then started to handcuff me. I was never
told that I was under arrest or read my rights. I told him that I was totally disabled
and on Social Security Disability and asked that he please not handcuff me because
it would hurt me, he then said “You don’t look disabled to me, you’re standing aren’t
you?”, he then handcuffed, me started yanking on the center chain and pushing me
towards the metal bench against the wall and told me to sit down.

My poor Wife that knew nothing about this was made to sit across the main
entrance of the Wal-Mart Superstore with her cart load of perishables melting while
one of your employees yelled out that I had stolen some “penis erection potion “
and how much that it was piece by piece which came to under 100.00. I was also
illegally searched since I was never seen putting anything in my pockets or leaving
Wal-Mart premises with any non-purchased products. No one had reason to handcuff
me or put their hands in my pockets.

I have had several major spine surgeries, the last on 07/02/08 and under the care of
4 Doctors at this time. I quickly became very uncomfortable sitting on the metal
bench. The Officer and the Wal-Mart Employees were fully aware of this because I
could not help but start to make sounds of discomfort. Whenever I did this, they
would stop, slowly repeat what they were doing and make sure that I knew that they
were going to take EXTRA TIME again and again, every time I made a sound. Twice
Officer Pope asked if I wanted and ambulance because he said “YOU DON’T LOOK
GOOD”. At one point I asked him please hurry, and again he went slower saying that
I did not look disabled to him. Finally he said that if I made one more remark he was
taking me to jail.

This senseless act of Wal-Mart for no reason or real value has devastated my family.
On average we sent 200.00-500.00 per week. My picture is now on the wall of a
store that we have shopped at for 15 years and now we are banned from there! As I
have stated I am disabled and this incident has detrimentally worsened my mental
and physical condition. It has created a nightmare.

All that we want from Wal-Mart is to make this go away, just like it never happened.
We would like a letter of apology, all records and courts dates erased, to be able to
shop in that store again (Not that we will), and I want my picture taken down, just
like nothing ever happened. I will not place myself in that situation again.

The is a court hearing scheduled at the Martin County Florida court house on
11/13/08 which is at 100 S.E. Ocean Blvd., Stuart, Fla. 34997.

We have consulted our family Attorney but at this time do not want him involved in
any way, it has been very stressful. We do however; at his advice expect to hear a
response from you as soon as possible in preperation for the above date. If we do
not here a response my family and I will explore and pursue all legal, public, and
organizational avenues possible.

You may make contact by the following means:

Rickey McGuire

7230 S.E. Hobe Terrace

Hobe Sound, Fla, 33455



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