Actually, negotiation is necessary for to do anything. But, the mainly concept about negotiation is the communication process with the purpose of reaching a sustainable agreement about different idea and necessity. We can find many types of negotiations in many areas, for example: in the economic transactions, in the

cooperation between States, in diplomacy or when we need to sell a house to a person from outside the country. But, the focus is diplomacy. Because it’s a main type of negotiation between countries in the International Organization for to solve many problems around the world. And the English in the IO it’s necessary, first the main language in the world is the English, and it’s necessary one official language to the decisions makers to discussing anything, and this Language is that. Can you imagine in the discussing each decision makers speaking their language in the Security Council, without the spontaneous translations? Well, they can’t solve the problems. The second reason it’s about the rules for moderation the discussion, because it’s necessary to know all that’s rules for example: when the Brazil’s man need to speak anything he must to has permission to speak, he can’t speak when he wants. And I’ll try to explain that’s rules bellow:

  

Speech: No delegate can deliver a speech before the permission the Chair. Official Language : English will be the official language used during all UNSC’s activities. Quorum : Only after verifying the minimum quorum (through a roll call), it will be possible to open the session. It will be necessary the presence of both 2/3 of the delegations and all the permanent members for the debates to get started .

Limitation of speech time: The chair shall determine the time allowed for each speech, taking on account the convenience, or consulting the delegations so that they decide upon the subject.

It consists of his deputy chief of mission.  When the time the discussing over the Board of the UNSC say: Sr. must accept the special responsibility that comes with their privilege.) working under him in the "embassy community". and the Council to be a Security Council.  Country Team An American diplomatic term meaning the ambassador’s cabinet.Some expressions in the diplomacy: Imagine the IO and I’ll use the UN. USA delegate your time is over. If you want to speak again subscribe the mailing list. but he can speak only the moderator say : The board of the Council recognizes the U. A smaller country may require a one-officer desk only. It is the management committee. These offices are often called country desks.S.  The speech the Secretary – Genereal of the United Nations "All Council members. And they are discussing about the war in the Israel. the desk is likely to be staffed by a large number of officers. agricultural. of our fledgling collective security system." – Kofi Annnan. etc. and especially the major powers who are permanent members. if you will. and if a large country is involves and there is a large embassy to support there. seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations (1997-2007). Some terms in the diplomacy:  Country Desk State departments and foreign offices generally have an office for each country with which the have active dealings. to make his speech with a time of 1 minute. information. heads of all important embassy sections. and the chiefs of all other elements (military. and cultural.  Conciliation . The Security Council is not just another stage on which to act out national interests. aid.  The USA representing wants to speak about the war.

.  Persona Non Grata An individual who is unacceptable to or unwelcome by the host government. hopefully. increased goodwill between two opposed parties. or by an individual or an international body.An effort to achieve agreement and.  Good Offices An effort by a third state. designed to stimulate the processes of settlement in a dispute between two other states.

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