Get Low Cost Cystocele Repair Surgery in India through high skilled medical team

Cystocele Repair Surgery in India has emerged as a low cost option for international patient, wherein they get the best of the care and cure of high quality benchmark. The reason behind hordes of global patients flying for various medical treatments and surgeries including the Cystocele Repair Surgery in India is the presence of strong medical infrastructure abreast with world-class medical team comprising of qualified professionals popular for treating patients regardless of the complexity involved. And above all, these medical treatments come at affordable costs. We at Medsurge Healthcare Group are into the domain of medical tourism since quiet sometime and had been arranging hundreds of such treatments in India of countless international patients. They take mesmerizing memories with them. Unlike many, Mrs. Smith from Nigeria also visited and had herCystocele Repair Surgery in India. She shares their experience with us. Hi, I am Mrs. Smith from Nigeria. Recently, I had my Cystocele Repair Surgery in India. So at the outset, before I jot down my experiences of being in India, I must thank my medical consultant Medsurge Healthcare Group, as without their presence my treatment in India, couldn’t had been made possible. I got them right on time; otherwise, I still remember the mess around my life which bugged me a lot. I often encountered unending pressure at my vaginal area, along with frequent urinary, with little bit of constant pain at the back and front side of my body. Now with these symptoms, I visited my gynecologist, she after hearing all my symptoms, did some physical examination of the vagina and medical tests like voiding cystourethrogram, which reveled that I have Cystocele and would therefore require Cystocele Repair Surgery to get rid of this problem. I was really unnerved to learn this, and wanted to get away from this medical ailment as soon as possible, hence didn’t wait too long to find solutions back at my place. On my friend’s suggestion I and my husband browsed the internet to find a solution, I realized that having my Cystocele Repair Surgery in Indiawould be a right decision to make, since it’s economical and comes with high quality. Later during my further search for Cystocele Repair Surgery in India, we came across a medical consultant called Medsurge Healthcare Group. After going through its site, I realized that the packages offered were quiet affordable and within our reach, and traveling for the Cystocele Repair Surgery in India is an easy affair. I then dropped them an e-mail pertaining to my Cystocele Repair Surgery in India. The response was instant which also followed by a call. The executive explained me the procedure of getting treated inIndia, and requested me to send all the medical reports. After having an expert opinion on the same, he called me again in the next 48 hours with competent packages pertaining to the Cystocele Repair Surgery in India. After discussing further with my husband we made our minds to fly for the treatment and thus applied for my medical visa, and in the next coming week, we were seen moving to the airport to board the flight. Soon I along with my husband was in Delhi for my Cystocele Repair Surgery in India. Visited the gynecological surgeon, and discussed the case at length, I found the surgeon practical and sharp enough to have a fair understanding of my case. With the surgeon’s confidence and assurance, I was quiet relieved and so was my husband. Also, was pleased to see the ambient and good infrastructure of the Delhi hospital where I was treated. Soon the day dawned when I was scheduled to have my Cystocele Repair Surgery in India. The goal of Cystocele Repair Surgery is to relieve a patient's symptoms, to improve or maintain urinary and sexual function, to return pelvic structures to their original position, and to prevent the formation of new defects. This procedure will repair the lateral and central facial defects as well as the associated urethral hyper-mobility. The lateral facial defect is repaired by non-absorbable sutures placed through the ligamentous supports of the bladder and urethra and then suspended to the anterior rectus fascia. Thanks to my surgeon, my Cystocele Repair Surgery in India went smooth and systematic. Following my Cystocele Repair Surgery in India, I had my Foley catheter for one day, was advised to have liquid food till I recover to the best. Later when I returned home, I was asked to take a couple of precautions which included lifting anything heavy. As I have recovered now, at this point, let me thank everyone including my medical consultantMedsurge Healthcare Group, and the surgeon who performed my Cystocele Repair Surgery in India. I would certainly recommend them to any of my friend and relative. May God bless them all! Thankyou, Mrs.Smith Nigeria